Mart 24, 2021

Elise Ch. 07: Sam’s Day Out

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It was a Sunday on a cloudy humid day in August. Even the harbour was barely visible. Lisa was day off and Elise had gone down to Sogo, the large Japanese Department Store in Causeway Bay. Angel had invited her friend Samantha over for the day. They had been at kinder and then Kowloon Junior School [KJS] together before Angel moved to The Mount in York, England. Jacques had been on his fax machine all day catching up with his business colleagues across the border in Shum Chun. Now evening was drawing in.

The doorbell chimed and Jacques realised he was the only one to answer it. He opened the door and found there a pleasant-looking man in his late 40’s. Black as the ace of spades. Shiny black skin. Perfect white teeth. Cannot have been more than 5-foot-5 but built as they say ‘like a brick shithouse’: solid and stocky with muscles everywhere. “Hi. I’m Tom, Sam’s dad, remember me?” Jacques memory reeled back: where did he know this man from? Samoa? Fiji! Right! Fiji! Now it all came flooding back.

Tom had been a member of the Fijian 7’s and had come to Hong Kong twice for the Rugby 7’s. On the second occasion, he had stayed and married a local Chinese girl. Sam was the product. Sam had inherited mainly the Chinese DNA and had beautiful slanted eyes, high cheek-bones and was just a tad off-white. Perfect colour! The last time he had seen Tom was probably at that kinder function about 14 years ago. No wait. How could he forget? The LAST time was right here in this house!

Jacques had spent one Tuesday night all those years ago briefly with a business colleague at the Bottom’s Up in Tsim Sha Tsui [Chimsy to the gweilos], of 007 fame. He saw Tom there with several other members of the Fijian Rugby 7’s sitting round one of those circular bars ogling a very buxom topless Latina. Jacques had a very naughty idea: he got his guest seated at a sparsely-populated bar, excused himself for a moment and joined the 7’s group, parking himself next to Tom. Jacques then broached his plan to Tom. Jacques knew full well that the next day was Wednesday and that Hong Ling and the young Elise would be having their weekly fun in the small guest bedroom, and nowadays Jacques was a regular attendee. “Tom. Good to see all you guys! Do you think the boys would like some fun tomorrow afternoon? I will need seven of you to take care of a couple of sexy ladies,” said Jacques.

“How could we refuse?” replied Tom.

“O.K. 3 p.m. at my place. Here is the address. No need to doorbell, I shall be waiting,” replied Jacques.

The next day at 3 p.m. sharp the team arrived at Jacques’ door. Tom was among them and Jacques counted 9. He grinned and invited them all in. In the lounge, he outlined the plan: they were to organise themselves into two groups. One group of 5 to be the biggest dicks, and the other group of 4 would be the smaller dicks. He himself would be in the smaller group making 5. The ladies would be across the bed in 69 but he had no idea who was where, and so on arrival he would check and advise them which side of the bed was for the big guys and which for the small. Elise was to be on the small side, being only 20 years old at the time.

The team undressed in the double bedroom noiselessly and sponged off in the en-suite bathroom. Jacques then led the way to the small bedroom. Jacques peeped in and found Hong Ling was on the far side, so it was Left for the Big Dicks and Right for the smaller. They tiptoed in and lined up 5 aside.

“Hi girls! Stay put. We have something interesting for you both, enjoy,” spoke Jacques. The team rolled the ball of girls down the bed until they were lined up with the first guy on each side. Elise was face-up and therefore Hong Ling was face down. A stiff muscular cock entered each woman simultaneously and moved into fast-paced fucking with a messy finale a couple of minutes later. The girls were then dropped back onto each other faces before being rolled along to the next sperm donor. And so the girls were fucked and rolled along until the messy finale at number 5. No 5 on the right was of course Jacques.

The guys thanked the girls and returned to the bathroom to clean-up and dress before going down for a cold beer with Jacques.

Meanwhile the two ladies upstairs were recovering and discussing the recent event. Hong Ling spoke first, “How are you now Elise?”

“Surprisingly fine, actually”, replied Elise. “Bit of a shock at first, really. As you know I have never been exposd to a GB before, and it is not that long since Jacques brought me back to a hetero life. But now I have been exposed, I feel sort of liberated and realise that sex pendik escort has now a lot to offer me,” she continued.

“Very interesting, very,” replied Hong Ling. “Look,” she continued. “We were never introduced to our black playmates who I am sure are still around and having a beer downstairs. I suggest we go down and introduce ourselves,” she concluded.

“Well, O.K. then, if you are game, so am I, but you do realise we are likely to be fucked all over again,” said Elise.

“Indeed I am well aware of that probability and I suppose I am inviting it. Would be a pity to let all that wonderful manhood go to waste, would it not?”

So they both dressed quickly. Elise donned a frilly, stretchy boob tube and a short flared skirt with an elasticated waist. Nothing else. Not even shoes. Hong Ling opted for a one-piece loose dress with a low neckline and soft slippers, and then they headed for the stairs.

Sure enough, as the living room came into view, the Fijians and Jacques were strewn around on the chairs and sofa with some even sitting on the floor with their backs against the furniture.

As the girls came into view, a loud cheer went up from the gang and space was made for them: Elise on the sofa and Hong Ling on one of the two easy chairs.

The guys briefly introduced themselves, and then there was an awkward silence. Tom decided to break the ice and liven things up somewhat, and so he crawled over to Hong Ling, who had been on the other side upstairs. He removed her slippers and started to caress her feet moving slowly up the insides of her legs.

Hong Ling was perfectly at ease and automatically opened her legs for Tom to gain more access to forage as he moved higher. As he got near to the sweet spot, cleariy visible with a mass of black curly hair, Tom carefully lifted Hong Ling’s legs one by one over the chair arms. Hong Ling did not resist and smiled back at Tom who was searching for approval.

Tom now slid his hands up Hong Lings dress and under her buttocks, easing her forward so that her pussy was even more accessible, and as he did so her simple shift dress naturally rode up so that now the whole of her lower body was exposed. The room was silent as they watched the action unfolding, and two of the team came alongside, one on each side of Hong Ling and each picked up a leg and caressed it from the foot up.

Tom now buried his head between Hong Ling’s legs and gently licked the swollen vulva from top to bottom over and over until pussy juice started to ooze out. Wrapping his tongue around the clit and then sucking the clit caused Hong Ling to gasp and as Tom then drove his tongue deep into her cunt, Hong Ling reached down and pulled Tom’s head even closer in. Now was the time. Now Hong Ling was ready. Tom could even hear her whispering, “Fuck me now. Fuck me now”. Tom needed no more bidding. He dropped his shorts and boxers and kicked them off. His cock was hard and ready.

Hong Ling’s cunt was hot and wet, a match made in Heaven. His cock slipped in straight to the hilt. Tom gripped Hong Ling’s legs and started to fuck with long fast strokes, his massive balls slapping her cunt with a loud sound. Hong Ling was in exctasy and was moaning loudly. Tom never slowed down but just kept his rapid long plowing until he shot his load way down inside.

The two helpers holding Hong Ling’s legs were getting very excited and had also cast off their lower garments, displaying their rock hard meat. As Tom retracted the one to the left moved in and inserted hs rigid cock into the hot wet depths that Tom had just vacated. Tom moved around and took over the free leg and offered his cock to Hong Ling’s mouth, so she turned her head sideways to accommodate him. Of course the new sperm donor was following Tom’s plan and fucking hard with long strokes before shooting another load into the void. You can guess the next step with the guy on the right taking over and repeating the same plan. As he retracted, Jacques was immediately on the scene on his knees to dine on the copious amount of juice oozing from Hong Ling’s cunt. So Hong Ling got another round of hard fucking and was truly satisfied, but what had been happening to Elise all this time?

As we know, Elise was sitting on the sofa between two of the guys and was enjoying watching the unfolding drama with Hong Ling. Subconsciously, she drew her legs up onto the sofa and clasped her hands around her legs. The short skirt of of course had slipped back and as we know she was panty free. No surprise then when she found one of the gang was crawling towards silivri escort her and very soon his lips were searching for that highly-visible little forest between her legs. Her two companions on the sofa gently took one hand each and removed it from her legs and started to caress it. Without her hands clasped around her knees, the guy below had no trouble deveoping his cunnilingus routine between Elise’s legs. A girl does not resist cunningus for long, even if she wants to, and Elise was no exception. Vey soon she found herself opening her legs wider to receive deeper tongue penetration, and the two companions alongside were treated to extended French kissing. Elise was becoming aroused.

She heard Hong Ling whispering “Fuck me now” followed by the loud slapping sound of Tom’s balls on Hong Ling’s cunt. Elise could stand it no longer. She shouted, “Guys, you can fuck me too any way you like. Right now. Any of you. All of you”.

The response was immediate. All the remaining guys immediately ditched their lower garments. The guy down below providing the cunnilingus was the first and he went straight in whilst the two companions alongside Elise lifted a leg each to provide better access. They stood up and offered their cocks to Elise to suck.

Events then rapidly became a whirl as Elise was fucked every possible way: two guys held her horizontal face down whilst a third held her legs and rammed his cock up from below. Another picked her up face-to-face and, while French kissing her, slipped her down his slippery pole and filled her with steaming hot cum. Another had her in wheelbarrow mode on the sofa arm and yet another placed her kneeling on the sofa and fucked her with a deep doggy. Finally, the last few guys threw a towel on the coffee table and just fucked her one by one.

As the last guy wihdrew, Jacques was quickly in place doing his clean-up routine as the exhausted girl rested on the table.

Tom came over to Elise as Jacques was still in clean-up mode. “That girl is exhausted, Jacques. Let’s get her upstairs”. As Jacques arose, Tom picked up Elise in his arms like a baby and carried her upstairs to the guest room. Once there, Jacques threw back the duvet and laid a big white towel on the bed. Tom carefully laid Elise down and Jacques pulled up the duvet and closed the blinds.

Back in the living room all was returning to normal. The gang lined up and thanked Hong Ling one by one and then retired to the kitchen for a final beer.

But wait, that was 14 years ago. And THIS was NOW. “Come in, Tom,” said Jacques, “Good to see you again after all these years. Make yourself at home. I will see if I can find the girls.” Jacques then disappeared but was back very quickly. “Tom,” said Jacques, “The girls are busy with quality time. I did not want to disturb them.”

Tom looked at Jacques and realised that the answer was not quite as straightforward as he had expected. “What do you mean?” said Tom.

“Well, OK, I will call a spade a spade. The girls are having girly time. They are having a very active 69,” replied Jacques.

Tom gave a wry smile, “Interesting. Very,” said Tom.

Jacques paused a moment and then looked directly at Tom. “What do you think? Shall we join them? I am pretty sure my Angel would be happy if you were to help out,” he said.

Tom looked up sharply and said, “Are you really suggesting that I could make out with Angel? I am a black guy remember?”

Jacques paused, and then replied, “Well, yes, I s’pose I am. Would you like that? The fact that you are a different colour makes the situation much more interesting, for me, and knowing my daughter, for her too, and she is now already 18.”

Tom’s heart missed a beat, “Does a donkey like strawberries,” he replied rhetorically.

“But hows about Sam?” said Jacques.

“Not too sure. She is also 18 and I know she has had several boyfriends. Let’s go and find out,” replied Tom.

The two men went quietly upstairs and removed their shoes, trousers and underwear and placed them in the guest bathroom. The girls were across the bed in a 69 with Angel on top, her pussy facing the door, writhing on the face of Sam.

Tom moved in quickly behind Angel. Placing his hands under her buttocks, he lifted her slightly off Sam’s face, the tip of his throbbing black dick probing into her pussy. “What IS going on?” exclaimed Sam, seeing a black dick immediately above her face.

“It’s OK, Sam, that’s your dad working his way into Angel”, said Jacques.

“Really? My dad? Oh my God,” said Sam. “I have never seen şirinevler escort my dad’s glorious black dick before, the dick that brought ME into the World, and now it’s right in my face! Not only that but I also now have a window seat watching him fuck my pal, and feeling his massive balls flick over my lips. Cool. Really cool,” she continued.

“Oh my God. Black? So this is Sam’s dad working his way into me,” said Angel. “This is a very special adventure: I am about to be fucked by some black dude I have never met and whose face I have never seen! I am sure mum would get a kick out of this too,” continued Angel.

“I am sure that can be arranged”, quipped Jacques.

“I had assumed it was YOU dad: I had been dreaming about being fucked as a finale to this wonderful day, and you were foremost in my mind,” continued Angel.

“Well, Tom and I discussed things and I told him I thought you would appreciate his attention. So first things first. The introductions can wait until later,” said Jacques.

“Oh. Really? As I said, I had assumed it was you, dad. I was really aching for a dick to climax our fun and hoped that somehow you would turn up, but THIS is just GREAT,” continued Angel.

Tom now understood that he had been given full permission to continue, and started to ease his stiff black erection inside Angel’s hot, wet pink cunt. “Mmmm, this is SO nice,” said Angel. “Thanks a million, dad, I’m sure this was YOUR idea,” she continued. “Sam, hows about you? Can my dad shag you too?”

“I thought you would never ask,” replied Sam. “Ya think YOU are going to get shagged and leave me out? Your dad is here waiting in the wings. Look, if MY dad is allowed to shag you, how can I refuse YOUR dad?. And anyway I NEED it too,” replied Sam.

Jacques smiled and said, “I see that Tom has found Angel’s wings and is making the most of it. I had hoped to be able to find your wings too, Sam”.

“Be my guest,” replied Sam.

“Just give me a minute, Sam,”said Jacques. “I want to watch your dad fucking Angel. It is such a turn-on seeing that handsome black dick pumping in and out of Angel’s willing pussy. I don’t get this chance everyday,” he continued.

“Oh please be quick uncle Jacques,” exclaimed Sam, “I am getting SO horny watching my dad too,” she continued.

Jacques needed no more prompting, and moved directly in front of Sam. Her legs were already held upright by Angel, so he took them and spread them wide. Then he eased his engorged dick slowly inside her swollen pussy. She was very tight. “Of course, she has probably been weaned on little boys’ dicks,” he surmised to himself.

Angel spoke up, “I cannot believe this is happening: I am being well and truly fucked by a stranger and at the same time I have a window seat watching my dad shag my schoolfriend. Is this real or I am imagining it? I’m gonna check.” With that she leaned forward and French-kissed Jacques. “Yup, he is real O.K. So let’s just go with the flow,” she continued.

Soon all that could be heard were the dads’ balls slapping against their daughters’ welcoming cunts, and the little oohs and ahs from the girls. “Can I cum inside?” said Jacques.

“I’m OK,” replied Sam.

“Me too,” shouted Angel. So both dads fucked the daughters hard until they ejaculated deep. As they withdrew, the girls resumed their 69 and cleaned each other out.

“That was brill,” ventured Angel, “We must do this again soon,” she continued. Both dads laughed and shook hands.

“What a wonderful end to my day out,” said Sam, “I am already thinking ahead to our next encounter, but NEXT time I get to get the doggy, Angel, and YOU can have the mish,” she continued.

“Whatever it takes, Sam, as long as we make it, plus with the mish I shall get the chance to see that beautiful black cock coming in,” replied Angel.

Elise arrived back from Sogo with a mountain of bags. “How was your day with Sam, Angel?” Elise asked.

“Oh, brill! Sam’s dad came by and we had lots of fun,” replied Angel.

Elise looked over quickly at Jacques who was pretending to be busy with his newspaper. “OK, guys, spill the beans. I want to know what you have all been up to,” replied Elise.

So gradually Elise prised the full story out of Jacques and Angel. When they had finished, Elise paused in silence for a minute and then said, “Jacques, I need to see you alone. Angel, run along now please.” Once Angel was out of earshot Elise said, “That HAS to be the same Tom in the gang that fucked ME 14 years ago when I was about the same age as Angel and Sam are now. Very well. I am SO glad you all had fun without me. So, Jacques, you had better tell that friend of yours, Tom, that he and you are online to fuck me together at the earliest possible opportunity. I need to thank him personally for the kind way he treated me way back then in the only way I know how. No excuses. Sort it,” she concluded.

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