Mart 23, 2021

Educating Mom: Andy’s Story Ch. 08

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Ah shit. Just as I started pulling at my tie, my cell phone rang. I hated all those different distinctive cell phone rings that people put on—I just wanted mine plain and simple, so it sounded just like a regular old phone. As much as I wanted to let it ring, the number of people that had the number of my cell was limited to a select few, so I figured this call might be important.

“Hello,” I said as I pulled it out of my jacket pocket.

“Andy, we need your help—right now.” A distressed voice that sounded familiar came over the phone.


“Yeah Andy, it’s me,” replied Bob McBride, the IT Director at The Luxor. “We’re up shit’s creek and I need you to get your ass over here as soon as you can.”

I’d never heard Bob sound so frantic before. The Luxor was one of my regular clients, but he’d never spoken to me in such a harried tone before. Either something was seriously wrong, or one of those hookers he liked to fool around with had his balls clamped in a rusty vice. But since his voice wasn’t as high-pitched as the second scenario would indicate, I figured he was having a genuine problem with his systems.

“Whoa, slow down there, Bob,” I said as tried to calm him. “Now tell me what’s going on.”

“Okay, sorry.” I heard him take a deep breath. “All of our systems are running way too slow. I’ve never seen it bogged down like this. I’ve had our guys try a bunch of different things but nothing seems to be working.” He paused for a second before speaking again, a pleading tone in his voice this time. “Andy, I really need your help. Can you come right away?”

The last time I’d done some work there I’d told Bob that his systems were outdated and should be replaced. I had told him that something like this might happen if he wasn’t proactive. But I knew this was not the time to start saying ‘I told you so’—it sounded like he was in enough of a mess as it was. I looked over at my mother who was still kneeling on the floor. Her eyes looked at me longingly as I talked on the phone, her fingers scooping up the wads of cum from her face and chest as she fed my warm manly cream to herself. As I watched her with perverted lust, I felt my cock twitch again, my erection refusing to go down, and I felt torn—torn between my incestuous desire for my sexy mother, and the professional reputation I’d fought so hard to build. As a professional consultant, I had no choice. I’d told Bob—as I had with all my other clients of that stature—to call me anytime they had a true emergency. I’d basically given my word, and I wasn’t going to break it now. The Luxor had been good to me, and now they were calling for my help. As I watched my mother close her lips down on her semen-coated finger, with a groan of displeasure, I made my decision. “Yeah Bob, I’m coming. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Andy, that’s fantastic. Thanks so much. I’ll meet you in the lobby,” Bob said just before I hung up.

“You have to go?” my mother asked, the look on her face telling me she was anxious to continue what we’d just started.

“Yes. I’m sorry. That was a guy from The Luxor. They’ve got a huge problem.”

She sighed, sadness spreading over her pretty face. “That’s okay, Andy. I know how hard you’ve worked to build up your business. I was really looking forward to having the whole day together, but it can wait.” She looked at me lovingly, wads of my fresh cum still dangling from her pretty face and huge tits. Her eyes drifted down to my throbbing member, still sticking out from my open fly. “You’re…you’re still hard.” She raised her eyes back up to mine, a devilish glint in her gaze. And then she said the kind of thing I’d always dreamed of her saying. “I don’t think you should go to work like that. It looks like it would be very uncomfortable.”

I knew my cock was still rock-hard, even though I’d just climaxed. They didn’t call me “Triple-A” just because my name was Andrew Alexander Adelson—it was also because an old girlfriend had once told Connor that I can keep cumming and cumming—just like the Energizer Bunny. I’d been hoping we’d be able to spend the whole day together too, as I definitely had some specific plans to move forward with my mother’s sexual education. But unfortunately, duty called. My mother was right about one thing—I definitely had no intention of leaving until I got rid of another load—but I also knew I didn’t have a lot of time. As I looked at her and her pile of discarded clothes lying on the floor next to her, I knew just the thing to get this load off in a hurry.

“You’re right, Mom, it would be very uncomfortable to go to work like this,” I said as I stepped in front of her kneeling form and wrapped my hand around my pulsing dick. “Give me your panties.”

I was happy to see that she didn’t question my instruction at all, she simply rose to her feet and reached beneath her skirt. I started to stroke my cock slowly back and forth, my hand circling my truncheon-like dick in a warm loving corridor. She shimmied her hips and then drew her warm panties down over her glistening çapa escort legs and those sexy bone-colored high heels.

“That’s a good girl.” I praised her as she handed me the lacy white panties. They were nice and warm, and completely drenched with her womanly nectar. I brought them to my face and breathed deeply, the intense musky scent of her cunt-honey settling luxuriously into my senses. “That smells really nice. Now get back on your knees.”

She did exactly as I asked, instantly dropping to her knees, her cum-coated face and tits mere inches in front of my dripping cockhead. I slipped her sodden panties over my throbbing erection and resumed stroking, the damp silky fabric arousing me even more as I moved it back and forth along the rigid shaft. I loved the look of wicked surprise in her eyes, but jerking off with my mother’s soiled panties was something I’d been doing for years—and having her watch me do it now just made it even more exciting.

“Now pull your skirt up and spread your knees…that’s it…just spread ’em a little wider,” I said as she pulled her skirt up and shifted her knees out to each side. Her swollen pussy-lips came into view, the pink labial curtains shining with her sticky juices. “That’s it—perfect. Now put your fingers between your legs and play with yourself while I jerk off.” An incestuous thrill went through me as her hand slid between her legs, her fingers finding their way between her gooey lips. I stepped closer and drew the enflamed head of my cock all around her face, the crimson helmet sliding sensually through the milky semen I’d deposited there just minutes ago.

“Do you like that, Mom?” I asked as I moved my long thick erection all over her pretty face, my hard dick snowplowing through the pearly gobs of cum.

“Yes,” she replied in a breathy whisper as her fingers worked feverishly between the slick petals of warm flesh.

“Give me your bra.” I looked down at the sexy garment, the huge formed cups staring up at me from the floor beside her. She reached down and quickly passed me her bra. As I took it in my hand, I could feel the wire piping beneath the white fabric of the heavily-structured piece of apparel. I stepped back and pulled my engorged member off her face, the tip dripping with flowing precum and milky remnants of my previous discharge. I held one of the massive bra cups before me as I vigorously stroked my hand back and forth, the smooth curved lining of the 32G cup beckoning for my cum—just as it had many times when I was younger.

“Oh yeah,” I groaned as I felt the tingling contractions start in my midsection. I stroked faster, the boiling semen inside me starting to speed up the shaft of my surging erection.

“OH FUCK, MOM…HERE YOU GO,” I said as I started to cum. I could see her watching intently, her eyes alive with animalistic rapture as the first shot of thick rich jizz spurted forth into her bra cup.

“Aaaaaahhhh,” she gasped and I saw her fingers working feverishly between her legs as I continued to cum, flooding her bra cup with a massive load. A second, third and fourth shot spat forth, my pearly cock-juice pooling in the bottom of the huge cup.

“OHHHHHHHHNNNN,” she moaned deep in her throat as she climaxed. I saw her body twitching and her eyes closed in bliss as the rocking sensations of a tingling orgasm raced through her body, every nerve-ending alive with pleasure. The warm earthy scent of her oozing cunt filled the room, the intense fragrance of her flowing juices firing my burning libido even more.

“This is all for you, Mom,” I said as I continued to jack away at my spitting cock, her damp panties sliding salaciously along my throbbing shaft while I pumped out wad after wad of viscous goo. I stroked and stroked until I had no more, my balls drained, at least for now. My hand slowed, before I turned to her and drew the last creamy drop of my precious seed along her parted red lips. It made me smile to see her tongue quickly slide out and run all around her pouty lips, drawing my savory nectar back into her mouth.

“Here you go, Mom,” I said as I handed the cum-filled bra to her. She withdrew her sticky hand from between her legs and cradled the big structured cup, her eyes staring intently at the cloudy puddle of warm semen filling the bottom. As she looked at the swirling pool of sperm-laden goo, I saw a shiver of desire run through her body as her tongue ran instinctively around her wet lips. I dropped her panties on the floor and put my hand gently on her head. “Like I said, it’s all for you. Go ahead, lick it up.” I softly pushed her head towards the bra, but she needed no coaxing. A lecherous smile crossed my face as she lowered her head, her whole face fitting inside the massive bra cup.

“Mmmmm,” she purred like a little kitten as her tongue slid forward and delved into the pearly mass of quivering fluid. I watched her tongue slide all around the puddle of milky discharge before she lowered her face even further inside the structured cup and put her lips right cihangir escort into the cloudy pool.

“SLUPPPPPPPPPP…” It sounded just like someone sucking up a strand of spaghetti as she eagerly vacuumed up my sperm-filled cum. She made a second wet sucking sound, and then a third before I saw the muscles in her neck contract as she swallowed, my warm cream slipping smoothly down her throat.

“Mmmmmmm,” she mewed again as I saw her tongue press flat against the inside of her sexy bra and lick at the soft smooth material lining the cup.

“That’s my girl, get it all,” I encouraged as her tongue lapped eagerly at the sodden fabric. She finally got as much as she could, then looked up at me as she licked her lips, a look of hungry desire on face—she wanted more. This was the perfect time to leave, knowing she’d be anxious for me to feed her more when I returned.

“I’ve gotta go,” I said, tucking my slowly deflating member back into my pants. “You’ll get some more when I come back later, okay?”

She nodded happily as I zipped up and grabbed my keys.

“Good. In the meantime, lick the rest off your breasts—that should keep you until I get back.”

As I went out the door, I turned and looked back. A tingle of perverted pleasure ran through me as I saw my sexy mother lift one of her huge tits to her mouth, her pursed lips seeking out and sucking hungrily on her cum-covered nipple.

I closed the door behind me, a shit-eating grin on my face. Yes, things were coming along perfectly with this re-education of my mother. She was happily agreeing to everything I wanted—I only had to break down her resistance to actual intercourse to make things absolutely perfect. It seemed like it was only going to be a matter of time, and I had hoped that time was going to be today. As I hopped in my Ford Fusion and headed to The Luxor, I was anxious to help Bob McBride with his problem and get back.

“Bob, what’s going on?” I said as he met me in the entrance lobby and started to lead me to their main systems room.

“Like I said on the phone,” he replied, his long gangly arms waving frantically as he rushed forward. He looked like a cartoon character of a frantic bird, gesticulating and flailing his arms about as he talked. “Everything is totally bogged down. Something seems to be malfunctioning but I can’t determine what. I don’t understand it. I know what you said before about our systems being outdated, but I thought they were still good enough to take some additional load.”

“What additional load?” I asked as I entered the systems room behind him and closed the door. I could see his tech guys rushing everywhere, grim looks on their faces.

“We set up a number of new stations in one of the convention rooms. You know, everybody brings their own computers to these things nowadays.”

“Oh Jesus,” I thought to myself. Their system was far too antiquated to add any more load on it. This is one of the things I had told him previously. But again, I wasn’t going to lecture him. Bob was a nice guy, but if I wanted to really know what was going on, I figured I’d get the right answers from his main tech guy. That guy knew his stuff, Bob was mostly an administrator. “Bob, is Yamal here? I want to talk to him.”

“Yeah, he’s over there,” he said as he pointed across the room. I saw Yamal busy typing away at his keyboard, his eyes fixed on data scrolling across his monitor.

“Yamal,” I said as I hurriedly walked up and looked over his shoulder. “What’s going on?”

“Oh Andy, hi,” her replied as he turned around and quickly shook my hand. He held up his hands in an exasperated fashion. “They’ve overloaded the whole system when they hooked all those new stations up in that convention room. I told Bob it wasn’t going to work but he insisted.”

“Have you run a diagnostic?”

“Yeah. I ran one earlier and made a few changes to see if it would improve things. This is a new one running right now. It should be finished in a…aaahh…there we go. Let’s take a look.”

I pulled the chair from the next station over and sat beside Yamal as we looked at the data.

“Oh shit,” he muttered under his breath as he scrolled from the initial screen to the next. His statement was right on the mark. As we looked at the next few pages of diagnostic results, it just seemed to get worse.

“You know what this means, don’t you?” I asked.

“I know exactly,” replied Yamal with a resigned shake of his head.

“Bob,” I said as I stood up and called over the director, who’d been anxiously watching us. “To put it mildly, you’re fucked. If you want the rest of the hotel to operate properly, you’re going to have to unplug all those new terminals from that room. And even then, at this point, your old systems might not work as fast as they did.”

“But I can’t do that,” he replied, his long arms waving frantically once more as he paced back and forth. “We need that room this week and then next week, we’ve got an even bigger convention. We’re esenyurt escort using that room, plus the one right next to it, and it’s even bigger. By next weekend, we’re going to need similar systems in both of those rooms.” He paused for a second to let me think about what he’d just said. “Andy, please, can you fix this?”

I couldn’t stop shaking my head at the mess they’d gotten themselves into. “There’s no way. Not with the servers you’re running now.” I saw him shrug in despair, knowing he was going to be in deep shit if things didn’t get straightened out. The poor bastard might even get fired. Although he was a bit of dolt sometimes, Bob was a decent guy, and I knew he’d been directed to keep his eye on the bottom line. I figured I needed to try and save his sorry ass as best as I could. “Look, I’ll tell you right now, if you want me to take this job, I’m going to need carte blanche when it comes to ordering the equipment you need.”

“I think I can arrange that. I know you told me before our equipment was outdated,” he added sheepishly.

I looked around, my eyes meeting Yamal’s. At least there was one guy here who knew the score. “And Bob,” I continued, “this is going to take at least two weeks to be up and running the way you want it.”

I saw his shoulders slump once more. “Uh…hang on,” he said, hurrying from the room.

“Let me take a look at that information again,” I said to Yamal as I sat next to him once more. As we discussed the problem and what the diagnostics were showing, Bob rushed back in a few minutes later.

“Andy,” he said as he beckoned for me to join him. I walked over and stood next to him, wondering what was going on. “Look, I know how much your usual rates are. I’ve been authorized to let you know we’ll pay you this much if you can get everything up and running properly by this coming Friday.” He handed me a folded slip of paper.

I opened it and almost gasped out loud as I looked at the dollar figure that was written down—it was half of the income I’d made the previous year, and that was no small figure. My mind raced as I thought about the work that needed to be done and what that would entail.

“Okay,” I said as I took the piece of paper and slipped it into my pocket. “I’m going to need free access to this room at any time.”

“No problem,” Bob replied, a look of pure joy coming over his face as I agreed to help. He pulled a PDA from his pocket and started making notes as I spoke.

“And I’m going to need two of your suites.”

“Two suites?”

“If you want this done by this coming Friday, then I’m going to need to be here 24 hours straight until then. And I’m going to have to bring in a couple of other people to help out. I’ll need that second room for them to take turns crashing until we can get this sorted out for you. Plus, our meals are all going to be here. And you guys will be covering that too.”

“Uh…okay, I can arrange that.”

“I want Yamal here all the time until this crisis is resolved. And he gets paid triple time.” I saw Yamal look at me, a pleased smile on his face.

“Okay.” Bob nodded.

“And one other thing,” I said as Bob held his phone out, wondering what I was going to ask for next. “I want a steady supply of cold Dr. Pepper on hand at all times, starting right now.” Bob looked surprised at that one but quickly made a note.

“Is there an actual period in Dr. Pepper?” he asked. Yamal and I smiled.

“I don’t think so, but I don’t really care. I just want one here now.” I turned and faced Yamal as I took out my phone and pulled off my jacket. “Okay, let’s get to work.”

Yamal and I discussed the situation intently for the next half hour before we agreed on a plan of attack. A waitress had brought in my Dr. Pepper as requested and I was almost finished before I made my first phone call. I made two calls, one right after the other to two guys who were my main competitors in the freelance market, Chet and Doug. I knew in order to get this job done by Friday, I’d need help from both of them. I’d pay them directly out of my bonus. Being competitors, we knew each other very well but had never worked together. They were surprised to get my call. I told each of them if they weren’t able to help, I’d be calling the other. Neither one seemed to want to be the odd one out. They were surprised when they both showed up and knew I’d played each of them against the other to get them to agree.

“Andy, you’re a clever bastard, that’s for sure,” Chet said as Doug walked in. They knew they’d been had.

“Hey, I needed both of you for this job.” We shook hands all around as Doug gave me a playful poke in the ribs. I quickly explained the plan I’d previously discussed with Yamal. “Chet, I’m going to need you to write some new code and Doug, I want you to ensure the integration of the new systems. Yamal will be working with both of you. He’ll see to it that everybody else in here gives you whatever you need.”

There were nods of agreement all around as we sat down and started to set out the list of equipment needed. After a couple of hours, we got the approval from Bob to go ahead. Once Doug got on the phone and started ordering, I spoke with Bob. “If we can get that one server in place tomorrow, this first additional room should be able to work. It won’t be as fast as you want, but it will work.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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