Mart 23, 2021

Durmantravada Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: All characters described in the story are above the age of 18. All relationships described are also between consenting adults. The author does not condone any underage or unlawful sexual activity.

Note: The word Durmantravada in multiple Indian languages refers to black magic and dark arts.

Note to Readers- Thank you all for the comments and positive feedback given for the previous chapters. As a regular reader of this website, I know how excruciating the wait for new chapters of a story can be, and so will try to publish a chapter every 10-12 days. I have mapped out the current story arc to be completed in around 20 chapters. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter too.

Chapter 3- The Signet Ring

As Atharva sat down for breakfast that day, several questions plagued his mind. The rational side of his mind told him that when he had tripped near the tree, he hit his head, due to which he could not remember walking to the serpent grove. However, there was a part of him that accepted the supernatural nature of the happenings of the night. Primary was the fact that he could feel the changes that his body underwent after the experience. He felt fresher and fitter than he had ever felt before.

The breakfast and the rest of the morning was a dull affair. Veena had left early for work that day, and the rest of the morning was spent doing odd tasks and activities around the house. In the afternoon, he found himself alone with Asha while cleaning up their guest room. Their mother was taking a nap in her room. Looking at his sister putting away stuff, he was reminded of the advice that his ancestor had given him, to seek pleasure as a way of gaining power. He had to admit, with or without the prospect of power attached, the idea of seeking pleasure did appeal significantly to him.

Asha soon noticed him staring at her and averted her eyes. He sensed the awkwardness that had crept between them after that night and was immediately repentant. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t staring,” he said, trying to push away all sinful thoughts from his mind.”

“It’s OK,” she said shyly in a low voice, “Even I haven’t been able to push that night out from my mind.”

“Really?” he said, suddenly hopeful.

“Yeah, I almost made up my mind to creep into your room multiple times yesterday,” she said.

He trembled at this. He would need to be more careful of his nightly activities from now on.

“What stopped you?” he asked.

She was silent for a while and looked distraught. “I was afraid of walking from mom’s room to yours,” she said in an unconvincing tone.

The twins became silent for a while. He, however, decided to push his luck a bit more and asked, “What do you think we would have done if you came to visit me?”

She blushed at this and looked taken aback by the question. Taking a deep breath, she answered, “I missed spooning with you while sleeping. That’s something which I enjoyed that day, the warmth of your body. And how you feel against me.”

Atharva was taken aback at this. He loved her immensely, and it was quite touching to know that the desire she had for him was not merely sexual, but far more deep-seated. This fact both gladdened him as well as filled him with guilt. He moved near her and hugged her tightly, to which she responded. They stayed like that, holding each other close for a while. He resolved again never to hurt her and always respect her wishes while progressing with their relationship.

After releasing him, she looked at him seriously and said, “What I said the other day remains, though. We’re never going to have actual sex.”

He was disappointed at this but decided not to show it. “As you wish, sis. But don’t think you can tease me and leave me high and dry.”

“I won’t,” she said, “That’s why I’m going to keep sleeping with mom for a couple of days. And don’t worry, I won’t climb onto your bed at night, either.”


Dinner came and went quickly, and soon it was bedtime. After the meal, Atharva offered to help clean up with his mother while Asha and Veena sat in the living room watching TV. Atharva hadn’t had the chance to talk to his elder sister all day. He was annoyed at having his nighttime visit to her bedroom interrupted on both the previous occasions, once by Asha and yesterday by his weird experience with his grand uncle. He was determined to break his dry spell today and fulfill what he had dreamed of since the past month.

His mother looked at him suspiciously before speaking, “What happened to you last night? I noticed the bruise in your forehead during breakfast, but thought I’d ask you in private.”

He touched his forehead and indeed found a slight bruise there. He guessed it must be from the fall, but did feel that the injury should have looked more severe than what he had.

“I slipped on the stairs while climbing it in the dark while going to the bathroom.”

“Oh, does it hurt, son? It doesn’t look serious though,” she said, coming closer.

“It’s fine, mom,” he said. They both concentrated on mahmutbey escort the dishes for a while.

“I wanted to ask you something, mom,” he said, “Can you tell me a bit more about your durmantravadi grand uncle?”

She flashed him a funny grin and asked, “Wow, you too? Is my rationalist son going to fall into the superstition trap too? Tracking ghosts in the house?”

“Not actually. I’m just trying to get the thekkini open and want to know a bit more about its last occupant,” he said before continuing with a mischievous grin, “And I do know if I ever feel afraid to sleep in my bed, I can come and share yours.”

She flashed him a naughty smile and let the snide remark slide before answering, “Well, my mother had great tales to talk about him. He was her uncle. Apparently, he was a good man who absolutely adored all the kids in the house and always helped the people who used to come to him for cures and solutions to their problems. He was quite long-lived too; in fact, he just died a few months before I was born.”

“So, the thekkini was open till then?” he asked.

“Yes, our family was quite rich back then, mainly due to his handling of the day to day affairs. It was the time when communists were gaining power and influence in the state and had labeled affluent families like ours as their enemy. Fearing an attack by them, he hid some of our most precious stuff in some part of our land. So I wasn’t joking about the treasure.”

“Wow, I will find a way to get in then,” he said, “What about the Yakshi in the tree?”

“I’m sure it’s a legend,” she said, “Though I won’t know. Apparently, with his last breath, he created a charm to make the ones with his bloodline invincible to the monsters he had tamed.”

She finished the plates and came near him and spoke in a lower volume, “My mom used to say that the kind of black magic that he practiced involved a lot of indecencies. She used to call the thekkini the prostitute’s wing. According to her, even when he was a hundred years old, he looked and behaved like a man in his forties with a libido of an eighteen-year-old. My mom ascribed it to the sorcery he practiced. “

“What do you ascribe it to?” he asked. He was looking intently at her nipples, which now seemed to be poking out of her shirt. It was clear that she was braless, and the conversation had turned her on.

She gave him a naughty smile while answering, “I ascribe it to the fact that the males in this family are all perverts.”

“And so are the women,” she added, before giving him a deep kiss on his cheeks.


That night Atharva was determined to make everything go according to plan. He told himself that the third time’s the charm and that he would succeed today no matter what. As usual, he climbed the stairs after he was sure everyone was asleep. As he reached the first floor, he looked towards Asha’s room to make sure everything was fine. Much to his relief, the room was locked, and there was no breeze or scent in the air. Satisfied, he opened Veena’s door.

He found her sleeping peacefully in her bed and felt bad about waking her up. But they had been denied twice, and he had decided that today would be the day they would take the big step. He locked the door and slowly crept into her bed and under her covers.

She stirred slightly as she felt his touch but didn’t wake up. Lying on his side facing her, he let his free arm roam over her body, starting with her well-rounded breasts. She woke with a start when he pinched her nipples gently.

“Well, well, well, look who’s come sniffing around his sister’s panties,” she said with a naughty smile.

He reached her panties with his hands and said, “Oh, these? I’m sure they won’t be there for too long.”

The siblings kissed deeply, each hungry for the other. They had been denied too long, and tonight was theirs alone to enjoy.

As Atharva pushed out the covers, exposing them to the room, he felt his sister’s hands yanking down his shorts and freeing his cock. He removed his t-shirt himself and moved forward to kiss her again as she pumped his cock.

“Is it just me, or have you grown bigger over the past two months?” she asked, stopping.

Atharva peered at his dick. She was right; it was a bit longer and thicker than before. He realized that he had his grand-uncle to thank for this.

He decided to play it cool for now,” Well, it is excited about what it is going to do to you.”

“And what would that be?” she asked naughtily.

“Whatever you want of it.”

She smiled and kissed him hard at this. Meanwhile, he began fingering her through the panties, and she attempted to resist his efforts at this.

Reaching down with her palms, she rolled down her panties, now slick and sticky with her juices. As it came off, he saw her pussy for the first time. Fully shaved, she had a beautiful snatch with juicy pink protruding lips. He liked his fingers to taste her and then kissed her.

Soon he moved upwards with his palm, removing her t-shirt. As the last piece maltepe escort of fabric came off, revealing her full beauty, Atharva couldn’t help but gasp at the fullness and firmness of her amazing tits. Her areola was a shade of dark brown, capped by thick and elongated nipples, which now seemed hard. He quickly latched on to her left breast with his mouth making her cry out in ecstasy.

Laying her down on her bed, her naked brother prepared himself to mount her finally. Suddenly she cried out in a feeble voice, “Wait.”

“What?” asked in an annoyed tone.

“There are condoms in my drawer,” she said.

Cursing, he placed her down and went to retrieve one. Hurriedly he tore open a packet and pulled on a condom on his dick. Now fully sheathed, he found his pleasure considerably reduced.

“Are you sure you need this?” he asked, “I can’t feel anything in them.”

“Well yeah. I know you won’t mind leaving a creamy deposit deep in me. But I’m ovulating right now, so we can’t take any chances.”

“I’ll pull out,” he said in a last-ditch attempt.

She eyed him warily for a second before saying, “No, you won’t. Come here.”

She took his dick in his hands and rolled out the condom from it and threw it to the floor. She then took it into her mouth and managed to get his entire shaft for a couple of strokes.

“Now go ahead, enter me,” she said.

He didn’t need to be told twice. Holding her in his arms, he drove forward into her depths until he hit the familiar barrier. He then drove out of her and kissed her hard, sending his tongue swirling in her mouth. With the support of his hands on her ass, he pushed hard into her and broke through her final barrier, making her grunt hard into his mouth. Overwhelmed at the incredible pain that was heavily tinged with pleasure, she climaxed at that very moment, gasping for breath in his mouth. He looked down to see a mix of her virginal blood and juices coating his cock.

Pulling out, he soon established a rhythm, supported by gyrations of her own. She was incredibly tight, and her pussy seemed to grip his dick in a tight hold, amplifying his pleasure manifold. His mouth released her lips and drifted below, taking her breasts in it. Soon he was ready to cum.

“Should I pull out?” he asked, not wanting to pull out in a million years. There was something quite primitively appealing about inseminating his sister. Especially when she had just told him that she was on peak fertility. He drove inside her for the last time and prepared to let loose in her.

“No, don’t pull out, brother,” she said, “Give me all you’ve got. Breed me.”

Ever happy to fulfill her desires, he pushed all the way into her before releasing four giant jets of cum. As it hit the walls of her cervix, she came hard again, the vibrations of which he could feel on his dick.

As they slumped into the bed, Atharva’s now softening dick plopped out of her, and along with it a quarter of the cum he had pumped in. Like a good brother, he used his dick to push in the stream flowing out and plug the gap. Seeing this, she laughed.

“Oh, look at my little brother trying to make sure that I get pregnant at all costs.”

“You didn’t ask me to pull out,” he said weakly.

“Like you would have done that,” she said with a smirk, “Admit it. The idea of your sister carrying your child turns you on immensely.”

He did not bother to argue. Instead, he just kissed her hard. She responded enthusiastically, and the siblings kept making out for a while.

“Don’t worry,” she said after releasing him, “I’ll get a morning-after pill tomorrow.”

He was both relieved and disappointed at this statement. She kissed his cheek at this and whispered in his ear, “You know those pills have an almost 10% chance of failing, especially during ovulation. Maybe you should keep my pussy filled tonight to make sure something of the sort happens.”

He grew hard at her statement and immediately drove into her forcefully, eliciting a deep moan from her. As he resumed fucking her, he knew that they would be getting no sleep tonight.


As Atharva came out for breakfast the next morning, he could feel a radiance emanate from him. All morning, he had felt energized and fresh, even though he had hardly gotten a couple of hours of sleep last night. The siblings had kept bringing each other to orgasms until three in the morning, after which they had collapsed into each other’s arms and slept till five. Atharva had then woken up and quietly tiptoed to his room before his mom woke up.

He ate his breakfast in silence. As he looked up, he found his twin sister eyeing him curiously. Sure enough, she accosted him as soon as he went back to his room. Barging in, she asked, “There’s something different about you.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Yeah, I don’t understand what it is exactly, but you look and feel somewhat….different.”

“I do feel better. Maybe it is the fresh air and good sleep that I have been getting this past couple of days,” he said.

“Maybe,” maslak escort she said, looking unconvinced. She let the matter drop and left the room, before immediately coming back with an excited look on her face. “What are you doing today?” she asked.

“No plans as of now,” he said, “Why? What do you have in mind?”

“Do you know the master bedroom has a hatch in the ceiling that leads to the attic? Maybe we can pry it open and explore the place.”

“Great plan. Come on, let’s try right now,” he said eagerly. He was determined to find out more about this spooky house and his ancestor. He hoped to find either the signet ring or some sort of way into the South Wing in the attic.

Reaching the master bedroom, he found them face to face with his mother, just coming out of the bathroom, clad only in a towel. Despite being a large-sized one, the cloth was straining to contain her humongous breasts. The towel hardly reached past her hips, and Atharva was sure that he could peek at her pussy if he just bent over.

“Well, what are you guys doing here?” she asked.

“We were thinking of getting into the attic to look around,” answered Asha.

“Oh, I loved the attic when I was little. I used to hide there often when I used to play hide and seek with your uncle,” she said, “It will be dusty now though, so count me out. I just had a bath.”

“No problem,” he said, “We’ll also clean it up a bit if we can.”

“Don’t use the entrance in this room anyway. I think its partially blocked by some old furniture they put there when I was there. Use the entrances in either Asha’s room or the West wing guest bedroom.”

“What my bedroom has an entrance too?” Asha asked.

“Yeah, each of the four wings has an entrance in a top floor bedroom,” she said, “Though the thekkini’s entrance is sealed shut. I’ve tried to pry it open many times myself. There will also be a foldable ladder tucked into the top of each hatch, so you just need to get it open and pull the ladder towards you.”

The twins turned back to go to Asha’s bedroom. “Call me if you guys need anything,” their mother called out after them. As Atharva turned back, he could have sworn he saw his mother give him a naughty wink before going inside.

Soon they had located the hatch that led to the attic in Asha’s room. Atharva placed the stepstool they had under the hatch, and slowly climbed up to reach it. He pushed the hatch from a side, which opened it quite smoothly. Reaching out with his hands, he found the end of the ladder and pulled it. The ladder was quite dusty, but otherwise seemed OK, and even the folding mechanism seemed to work well. He got down from the stool and pulled the ladder down all the way. His sister moved forward and wiped away the accumulated dust in the ladder with a broom.

The twins then wore a couple of dust masks that they found. Slowly, he began climbing up the ladder. Reaching the top of it, he peered at the attic. It seemed to be quite large and well lit, the light coming from the glass tiles placed at intervals in the tiled roofing.

Climbing up into the chamber with the broom in hand, he found it covered with a thick layer of dust. The whole attic was filled with objects like old brass utensils and lamps, as well as archaic-looking cupboards, all of them locked with rusty padlocks.

“Help me up,” he heard Asha say from the hatch. Immediately he crouched down on the floor to take her hands into his. He saw that he had a magnificent top view of her tits through her tank top from here and could almost see her nipples protruding into the fabric. She was sweating heavily in the heat, and the sweat seemed to form rivulets in the valley of her cleavage.

She caught him staring and blushed at this, though said nothing. As he helped her onto the attic, he gave her a peck on her nose. She looked at him with a puzzled smile and asked, “What for?”

“Just felt like it,” he said and turned away, smiling.

The twins proceeded to take a look at the various stuff stored away by their family over the past. They realized that the things here were worth a significant amount of money. Many of the traditional lamps and brassware were antiques and would fetch a hefty price. Then there was the antique furniture too, quaint Victorian dressers and chairs, with plush leather cushions and incredibly intricate carvings. A couple of cupboards were filled with old clothing, elegant silk saris worth a fortune. Walking towards the North Wing, they found several wooden chests, which, when opened, revealed even more brass and bronze items. One chest was filled with copper utensils, which were traditionally associated with medicinal properties. Asha also found a chest full of glassware, clearly imported, filled with quite archaic-looking test tubes, pipettes, burettes, and even a distillation column.

Moving to the west wing, they made some pretty interesting discoveries. An intricately carved wooden chest when opened contained a massive cache of arms. There were numerous swords of three different lengths, knives and short swords, as well as a couple of urumis, the flexible swords unique to Kerala. A chest nearby contained a large number of steel shields, another was filled with long arrows, with metal arrowheads and wooden shafts. He even found a couple of longbows on the floor near the chest. Overall, the weapons seemed enough to equip a small army or fighting band.

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