Mart 23, 2021

Drunk Lessons

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After closing the front door to the house, he clamored around in his drunken stupor to find the light switch to the foyer. After turning on the light he realized he was the only one home. His mom had not returned form her date yet. “This is good,” he thought to himself while he cracked a grin. “She needed to go out and have fun.”

John went into the kitchen and opened the fridge to find 3 beers. He grabbed them and headed for the living room, tripping over an end table on the way. It was almost midnight now and he was not done drinking for the evening. He sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV and cracked open one of the beer bottles and chugged it down like a pro. He dropped the bottle and burped as he grabbed another bottle and opened it.

About 30 minutes later and on his third and final beer, his mom waltzed thru the front door. She was also a bit tipsy as she managed to drink down 4 mixed drinks at the local pub. “Johnny boy, are you home?!” she yelled up the stairs.

“Yeah mom, I’m home!” he hollered back from the living room. His mom walked along the wall that headed into the living room. She did a great job of holding up the wall on her journey. “Did you have a good night?” she asked him as she squinted at the light from the big screen in the living room.

“Yeah mom, I had a great night,” he slurred.

“Christ Johnny, have you been binge drinking again?” his mother shot out with a hint of anger.

“Well I was at this party with the guys and…” he managed to spit out part of his thoughts as he turned toward his mom who was standing in the landing buy the living room. His brain froze when he saw his mom standing there.

Her beauty at the age of 37 was a magnificent sight. Her sleek 5 foot 8 inch frame with 115 pounds of trim and fit femininity. She was dressed in all black. She had a silk material black blouse that cupped over her size C breasts very nicely and a black mini-skirt with black stockings and her calf high black heeled boots. Her brown shoulder length hair, with it’s frosty tones was styled nicely. Her makeup looked good on her face, her brown eyes were lit up by the foundation on her face.

“And what?” she snapped at her son.

“And, uhh, we got to drinking and I was hanging out with Amy. So I had a few drinks, that’s all,” John managed to get out while trying now to stand up by the sofa. He staggered a bit then found it was easier to lean against the arm of the sofa for support.

His mom looked at the floor by the couch and saw the 3 beer bottles. “What the hell is that? You drank my beers?!” she said with discontent while pointing in the direction of the evidence. “Well I.. I… yeah,” John said as he fell back into the couch. As he slouched back into the sofa his mom walked around to stand between him and the TV. When she got there she got a good look at her son, who was smashed form the alcohol. She stood there for a moment and studied him, his features. “He sure does resemble his father” she thought.

She looked him over form head to tow. She liked what she saw in his 6 foot frame. Her son is built like a real athlete. Years of sports have toned his muscles and he knew it did- he gets all the girls at school. As she looked over her son she felt a jolting sensation in her belly. It took her a moment to realize she was turned on in cihangir escort her own drunkenness.

“Johnny.” she said as she looked over him. “Hey Johnny!” she said again, only this time much louder. Her son was beginning to pass out. “yeah ma” he mumbled as he fought to look up at his sultry mother standing before him.

“Did you fuck any girls tonight Johnny?” she asked him. “You know what I told you about drinking and girls Johnny.” she added. John looked up at his mom again. This time he eyeballed her body. He didn’t get laid on this night but he was plenty horny enough. ‘Damn mom, you look so fucking good’ he though to himself.

“No ma, I didn’t fuck any girls. Did you fuck any guys? You know what I told you about drinking and guys ma!” John shot back in sarcasm with a slight laugh.

His mom stood there for a second then burst into laughter. “No hun, I didn’t fuck any guys tonight. I wanted to fuck this one guy but I wasn’t to comfortable with him” she said as she had a seat next to her son on the couch. She slowly crossed her legs and put her arm over the back of the couch. She looked up and began to tell more of her night. “God he was hot. And he could move on that dance floor.” she said with a smile.

She looked over at her son and grinned. “So why didn’t you fuck any girls tonight, hun?” she asked as she moved her hand to his hair and began running her fingers thru it. “I dunno ma.” He said with a slight shrug. “I wanted to, with Amy, but there were too many people at the party.”

“Tell me about her, Johnny.” She said. Her hand was running thru his hair with more intimacy in the touch. Her mind raced as her son began to tell of his girl. “Well she’s nice and pretty, Ma. I wanted to fuck her so bad tonight.” Johnny said. His mind began to realize what his body was feeling. He was horny, his mother was dressed to kill and she was sitting close to him with her fingers running thru his hair. He let his mind go. The thoughts of his mother drove him crazy with each touch. He felt his cock begin to harden.

“She sounds ok then I suppose,” his mother said. “I mean, if you want to fuck her she must be worth something and she sure did pick the best one to be with.” she added as her fingers began to travel down the side of his neck. “She’d be crazy not to want you, Johnny,” she whispered loud enough for him to hear.

Her eyes were fixed on his face in the midst of a sudden silence. Both of their minds wandered. John’s cock was pulsating, his mother’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter as she thought about her son. She wondered what his cock would taste like as it danced in her mouth. She wondered how big his cock was and if he could use it correctly in her womanhood. John’s mind raced with thoughts of quickly standing and grabbing his mother, bending her over the arm of the couch; tearing off her panties and sticking his 8 inches of cock deep into her pussy. As they thought about the desires they moved a bit closer on the couch without realizing it.

“Hey Ma.” John said as he looked over to his mom. She uncrossed her legs and spread them a bit. “Yes honey?” she replied in an innocent nature. She looked at him with hungry eyes, her heart pounded. “Oh nothing.” John said as he looked down. Within a split second of looking down, çapa escort John’s head was raised by his mother’s hand and he had her tongue in his mouth. At first he just kept his mouth open, not knowing how to react. His mother’s tongue danced around inside his mouth. She leaned closer into him, placing one hand on his thigh. With her other hand she placed his hand on her breast.

“MMMMM” she moaned as the touch of her son’s hand upon her breast made her perk in excitement. She began to open her blouse; John’s hand fell to her thigh. She broke away from the kiss and looked her son in the eyes. He held a look of both shock and excitement. “I want you to fuck me Johnny boy,” his mother whispered to him. “I want your cock in me now” she added.

She removed her blouse. “Mom, is this right?” John said as he eyed his mothers bra covered breasts. “If it feels right then it is right Johnny” she added as she reached behind her and un-snapped her bra. She pulled the bra off and threw it to the floor. Her breasts hung out from her body, her nipples erect and anxious; beautiful.

“Go ahead Johnny, touch my tits,” his mother said in a demanding yet playful tone. Johnny did as she directed. His eyes fixed on the luscious mounds as he toyed with them. Her hands ran down his chest to his waist, she lifted his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. Johnny quivered at the motions, his belly jerked as if he was a virgin being touched. She reached her hands down into his pants, “What do we have here?” she said as she rolled his incredibly hard cock in her hands. “Mmmm, you’re such a good boy, Johnny” she added.

They played like this for about 3 minutes before his mom told him to stand and strip. He did so as she sat and watched, rubbing her nipples as she did so. When he was done, she sat back on the couch, her skirt hiked up revealing her stocking covered legs and a pair of black satin panties. “Do you like what you see, boy?” she asked in a seductive manner.

“Yeah” he said as he stood with wide eyes, looking at his mother.

His mom began to roll down her stockings. John stood in awe at the sight. After both pairs were rolled to her ankles she told her son to remove them as she bent her knees and put her legs up. He did as she told him to. “Now Johnny boy, come up here and do me like I was Amy.” she said with a grin.

He glanced over her body and knelt down between her legs on the couch. He looked down at her satin covered mound that revealed the outline of a neatly trimmed bush. His mind raced as he thought about her womanly essence beneath the panties. His cock throbbed and glistened with pre cum.

“Fuck me,” his mother said as she watched her son eye her body. “Fuck me good, Johnny boy.”

John took his hands and rubbed her pubic area over the satin. He grasped the elastic and pulled down the panties to reveal a moistened pussy to the likes of which he had never seen or experienced. “Nice haircut, Ma.” he said with a grin. His mother smiled to him and told him to pull her skirt off, he did.

“Lay down on top of me Johnny. I want you to fuck me like Amy. Treat me like that slut.” she said as she opened her legs to him. John laid between her thighs, his cock standing at attention about 3 inches from his mothers love pudding. “It’s ok boy” she said erenköy escort as she reached her hands down to his thick cock to guide him in.

Slowly she pulled and he followed. Both moaned softly as his manhood cracked her wet mound. She reached around him and placed her hands on his ass; pushing him in. “Ahhhhhhh! Mmmm.” she said as she took every inch of his cock into her pussy.

Johnny was in a push up position and slowly rocking to the push his mother provided from the back. “Oh mom!” he yelped as he felt his juice slickened cock thrust in and out of his mother’s pussy. “You are great!”

“Oh Johnny boy, you feel good. I know why all the girls want you.” she said as she increased her pace. Ohhhhhh yeah Johnny boy! Oh yeah!” she whispered. Her breathing quickened as her son began to thrust faster and faster into her cunt.

“Fuck me boy fuck me!” she commanded as she traced her hands up his back. “Oh yeah, fuck me!”

John increased his pace. He was now ramming away at his mothers pussy. He wanted to think of Amy as he did but the beauty of his mother would not allow it. He looked down at her breasts and watched them rock with the motion. His cock slid in and out of his mother at a fast pace, making splashing sounds as he went. His balls slammed off her butt as he thrust.

“Oh shit ma, oh God you’re so fucking good!” he said in between breaths.

“MMMmmmmmmmm that’s my baby. Fuck that pussy Johnny.” his mother said. She bit her lower lip to keep from releasing a yell as she worked up to her orgasm. Her hands traced her son’s back up and down and down to his buttocks. Every now and then she would provide a slight slap and a hard grab to his ass. “Ohhhh fuck yeah baby!! Work that cock, fuck me!” She moaned in pleasure.

Sweat began to pour from John as he fucked his mom. He was getting a work out from an experienced woman. His drunkenness had allowed him the gentle numbness and he had to work at an ejaculation.

His mom leaned forward as best she could. She took his left nipple into her mouth and sucked at it briefly then licked at it wildly. This caused John to fuck her harder. “Oh shit ma…. oh shit!” John moaned. I’m gonna cum ma, I’m gonna cum!” he added as he rocked.

His mother relapsed her hold of his nipple and laid back. “Cum in me Johnny boy, cum in me!” she yelled as she wrapped her legs around his waist. “Ohhhhh yeah!” she yelped in pleasure as she began to feel his cock convulse. Her pussy dripped heavily, the thought of her som cumming in her drove her wild.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit! Ohhhhhh… Uhhhhhh… uhhhhhh” Johnny moaned as his cock began to spurt into his mother’s wonderful pussy. “Ohhhh fuck yeah Johnny! That’s it! Shoot that cum into mama!” she said as she felt every spurting load hit the lining in her pussy.

John shot a huge load into his mom and slowly began to slow his pace. He jerked a few times as he slowed. Sweat dripped off of him as he gasped for his breath.

“MMMMMMMMM that was fucking marvelous” his mom said with a shutter. She released the hold her legs had on his waist. Johnny collapsed onto his mom, gasping for breath. She again ran her fingers thru her son’s hair.

“Thank you Johnny. I needed that” she whispered.

“No ma, thank you!” John fired back.

They lay there for about 5 minutes before John got up. “Go to bed, you’re drunk.” his mom said with a smile.

“You first!” John answered back.

There was silence for a brief moment.

“Meet you in my room in 10 minutes?!” his mother said as she looked up at him with a grin.

“Yeah!” John fired back as he took off running for the stairs.

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