Ocak 28, 2021

Driving Home

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I once heard a radio DJ say that if someone is awake at about 2:30 a.m. midweek, it’s “stupid early” or “stupid late.” I was up stupid late. I had gone out to dinner with the family of a friend of mine. Someone’s birthday or graduation or new haircut; I don’t remember why. Dinner lasted late, but I needed to go somewhere to unwind a bit afterwards. I went to a good coffee shop I knew of and had a few too many cups of legal speed. By the time I thought I should begin the long trek home, I was riding a strong caffeine high. If I had an IV of caffeine it would have been the same feeling.

My drive home would be about 6 boring hours. On drives like this, my mind really begins to wander. It didn’t take me long to start thinking about this girl in my college psychology class. She has dark olive skin and a tendency to wear shirts that show very much cleavage and upper body skin. I started imagining her riding me, those dark legs wrapped around me. The thought of just taking my dick out of my pants and jerking off was appealing. It was late at night, on a dark stretch of highway. Who would notice? But I wasn’t feeling that adventurous, so I just lightly rubbed myself through my shorts and enjoyed the feeling of a nice, hard dick.

After driving a while, my hands concentrating on gripping the wheel, I started thinking about taking a break. I knew the route I was taking would put me near a good sex store that was open 24 hours. I started thinking about how my magazine collection was getting a little old, so I thought I’d go get one or two. Even though this store was clean and respectable, I always got a little nervous about going in. What if I ran into someone I know? What if my hard-on gets too obvious? But the reward is worth the petty risks.

I walked in and noticed two or three other people milling around. I looked at some of the displays, thinking that a bottle of scented lotion would feel really good, or that a vibrating pussy might be a good investment. I wandered to the part of the store that held the private video rooms. The wall that held the boxes of the tapes didn’t have anything that interesting, but then, how can anyone tell anything from a porno movie by the box? I went to the magazine section.

As I walked, I noticed this other guy. Now, I’ve never done anything sexual with another guy, but I have had a few fleeting thoughts about it. I even had cybersex with a guy one night…after a few drinks. This guy made me think twice about it. He must have been my age, about 22. He was wearing a tight tank top, an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, and loose shorts. He wasn’t bulky muscular, but was still in damn good shape. I’m in good shape, but not quite like him. We just kind of glanced at each other, acknowledging each other’s existence.

We both thumbed through some of the magazines. I usually look through quite a few before I decide on one or two to buy. A comic in one caught me a bit off-guard, and I laughed out loud at it.

“What tickled bahis firmaları your fancy there?” the guy in the Hawaiian shirt asked.

“Just this cartoon,” I replied, and showed him the page. He got a good chuckle out of it.

“Yeah, that’s pretty funny. Some of the cartoons in these mags are better than the ones in the paper.”

“That’s true.”

I put that one back and started thumbing through another one. He walked to the other side of the rack. I looked at his face, and he quickly took his eyes from me and grabbed a book from his rack. I grinned inside. I pretended to be deeply interested in the one in my hands, but I was really looking at him. I caught him stealing looks at me. I think HE caught ME, because he got a smirk on his face, and picked up a bi-guy’s magazine, holding it in a way that I could see the whole cover. I was really turned on by this time; almost more than I care to admit. So turned on that I decided to go into a private video booth and get some relief.

I slowly walked into the dimly-lit room with the booths, and began looking for a booth. On the drive down, I had crossed a bridge, and got $18 worth of $1 dollar bills when I paid the toll with a $20, so I had plenty of singles to feed into the machine. I turned a corner and saw the same guy from the magazine rack. We smiled at each other for a moment, almost like we were waiting for the other to make the first move. He looked around, saw an unoccupied booth, then looked at me, motioned his head to the booth, and looked back at me. I just smiled and walked into the booth, with him following me. He latched the door locked behind him. I fed a few bucks in and let the machine process them.

“My name’s Brian,” he said quietly and held out his hand.

“Alexander.” I shook his hand as he sat down.

We watched the videos for a minute or two, no talking or anything. I was barely paying attention to the videos, but my cock was really straining against my shorts. I felt good, but I was very excited to think about what would happen, how far I would let myself go.

Brian began lightly rubbing his cock through his shorts. I had to quickly take into account the situation: I was in a locked video room, with an extremely well-built guy rubbing himself, with some steamy pornos going on. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the situation. I let my hand slide down to my own hard dick. I looked over at Brian, and he smiled at me.

“Hey, I’m gettin’ pretty horny here. You uh…would you mind if I…you know, took it out?” he asked tentatively.

My heart was ready to leap out of my chest. “If you don’t mind if I do,” I replied.

He unbuttoned his shorts. “Go right ahead.” He reached in his shorts and pulled out a gorgeous cock: about seven inches long, smooth, shaved, thick. Mine was about the same, but seeing another guy’s cock like that was intense. He concentrated on the videos as he slowly slid his hand up and down his shaft, kaçak iddaa rubbing his cock, not stroking it. I undid my own shorts and let myself free. It felt good to be free and get a small bit of relief as my cock grew bigger and harder with each throb.

Brian flipped through the channels until he came to a 2 guy/1 girl flick. The girl was sitting on one guy’s face, while the other stood next to her getting sucked. The second guy slid out of her mouth and bent over the 1st guy and started stroking him. The girl was moaning encouragements like ‘yeah, beat that cock of his’ and ‘I bet you like touching another guy’ and ‘are you gonna suck it?’

I took that as an opening. I really wanted know what it felt like to feel that thing. I looked over at Brian.

“Hey, you want a hand?”

“Go for it, Alex.”

I took my hand from my dick and wrapped it around his. It fit very nicely. I easily moved my hand up and down. It felt amazing in my hand, alternately hard and soft, just different enough from my own cock. I knew my own so well… Brian sighed. I took my other hand and worked myself again. Brian pushed that hand away.

“Please, let me.”

He put his hand on my dick and beat me off. It felt so good! An “oh fuck” quietly slipped past my lips.

“You like this?” he asked.

“About as much as you,” I replied.

We turned our eyes back to the TV, but I think our attention was focused on pleasuring each other. I know mine was. Our hands moved faster and faster; grips became firmer and firmer.

A bead of precum formed on my head. Brian used his index finger to swipe it up and put it in his mouth.

“Mmm, you’re kinda sweet.”

“You should taste the rest of my dick.” Holy shit, did I just say that?

“You said the magic words.” He got up and kneeled in front of me.

“Do you want me to reciprocate?”

“I think if we sixty-nined I’d blow in no time, and I want to take my time. Just relax and enjoy…”

I leaned back as he got on his knees on front of me. He gently took my cock with one hand and teased it with his mouth, kissing it and licking it like a lollipop. Fuck I was excited!

“Mmm, your cock tastes good…”

I saw his other arm moving as he stroked himself. He beat my slick shaft momentarily. “What do you think of this?” He took my head in his mouth and swirled his tongue around. I just let out a quiet moan. He kept part of his hand on my dick, the other hand trailing fingers on my balls. I was glad I had remembered to trim my pubic hair this morning. Brian was fisting what he wasn’t sucking. This guy had obviously done this before, but what came to mind was only how good it felt.

He took more of me into his mouth, in small increments. It seemed like forever, but it was only a few minutes, until I felt his nose hit the bottom of my stomach. He placed both hands on my hips and bobbed his head up and down rather quickly, but not too fast. I slid my hand up his shirt, kaçak bahis feeling his chest muscles. I played with his nipples, pinching and pulling them. From the way he moaned around my cock, he liked it.

I was broken out of my pleasure by the sound of someone jiggling the door handle. Brian also noticed, and we both immediately turned to the door. Upon remembering it was locked, and whoever was trying couldn’t get in, he went back to business. I glanced at the TV, and saw we still had time left.

I didn’t have much time left; I could feel that tingling in my balls. I thought it might have been Brian playing with me. He was indeed very easily rubbing my sac, but it was also the feeling of cum rising. Brian pulled off me and said he was close to cumming.

“Have you ever cum without cumming?” I asked.

“No, what do you mean?”

“I can make it so you don’t shoot when you come. You want to try it?”

“Sure. You just hurry up and make me cum.”

He returned to sucking me and stroking himself. Within moments, I heard his breath get ragged and his body jerk a bit.

“Oh god, I’m close Alex. I’m want to cum so badly, Alex…”

I pushed two fingers just between his balls and asshole as he came. His body jerked and he moaned and writhed, but true to form he didn’t jizz. That would be a problem in a public place like this. When he calmed down, he pulled off me and leaned close to my face.

“That was just about the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had. Now, stand up and fuck my face and cum where ever you want. If you cum down my throat, I’m going to swallow it. All of it.”

I stood up on the bench and Brian walked on his knees and settled between my legs. My dick throbbed and jumped, my heart raced with anticipation. He locked eyes with me, and never moved them. His head bounced up and down on my shaft, his tongue felt like it wrapped around it several times. He again kept his hands on my hips. I put my hands on his shoulders, squeezing them in tension. In about a minute I let go a jet of cum that almost went right through his head. I came and came and came what was without a doubt the biggest load I had ever shot. I shut my eyes, tense with pleasure, but remembered and opened them. He was still looking right at me. I noticed a long drop of cum dribbling from his mouth and down his chin. When I finally calmed down, he got up and pointed at his mouth in a questioning manner. Why not, I thought? We leaned together and kissed, and he shoved part of my load into my mouth. He slid his tongue around, and we kind of spit-swapped the cum a few times. We broke, and both swallowed.

Just then the time ran out on the videos. That brought is back to reality.

“I guess we better go before anyone thinks anything’s up,” he said.

I agreed. We quickly got our clothes straightened and walked out. Well, I stumbled out, weak in the legs from what I had just done. When we were in the parking lot, Brian handed me a card.

“This is my business card. Call me sometime, and we’ll continue the session.”

I took it, smiled at him, and put the card in my pocket. He got in his car and drove away.

You tell me-should I see him again?

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