Mart 30, 2021

Downfall of the Fixer Ch. 02

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(This is a continuation of my story about the Fixer. Rather than bore you with repeat info, I urge you to read Part 1. As before, I thank my editor, terimarie, for her inspired help. Though I enjoyed writing this tale, what is important to me, as a fledgling writer is what you, the reader thinks. Please vote and send comments. Thank you. Max47)


He woke to the feel of Jena’s hot, wet lips wrapped around his cock. Stroking him with both hands, she playfully twirled her tongue around the head of his cock. When she saw him looking at her, she smiled, taking as much of his hard cock into her mouth as she could.

“Good morning my little slut,” he teased. “Though I can’t think of a better way to wake up, you better stop until I can go to the john.”

“In that case come with me,” Jenna purred. The Fixer noticed her newfound confidence increasing and was pleased with her initiative. “There’s something I heard about and want to experience with you.”

She got up, reached for his hand and led him into the bathroom. She told him to wait while she adjusted the shower. Getting in together, she hugged and kissed him and then squatted down in front of him. With the water cascading off of her, she asked him to empty his bladder on her.

“This is a sign of my total surrender to you,” she said. “After last night I will do anything you want. You have awakened feelings in me that I didn’t even know I had. There is nothing I could deny you.”

Though he saw this as another conquest, there was a part of him that realized in achieving her surrender to him, he had surrendered a part of him to her. He hoped to keep this relationship going in some manner.

He held his cock and aimed it at her breasts and let loose his stream. She rubbed his hot piss on her chest and then reached out and took the last of his stream into her mouth. “Any doubts about my surrender now?” she asked.

She stood up and kissed him hard until his mouth parted and their tongues met, grabbing his sack, she gently squeezed before lightly stroking his cock with the back of her hand. She had no intention of giving this up. She meant it when she had told him she would do anything he asked of her if it meant spending more time with him.

After showering, they sat naked together on the balcony (his request to test her) and drank their coffee. They could be seen from several office buildings if anyone was working on a Saturday.

She asked if she could come and see him at his home. He said he would give her his address and phone number, but she had to understand that she could only come if she followed his instructions to the letter. He had a life away from here and if she came to his home, she would become part of that, no questions asked.

“If it means I get to keep feeling like I do now, you can do anything you want to or with me,” she said.

“You’ll have to do this on your own,” he said firmly, looking into her eyes. “I want no involvement on your husband’s part.”

He told her to stand up, lean over the railing, and spread her legs. When she had complied, he told her to reach down and finger herself while swinging her breasts back and forth over the railing. He sat down, watching her sultry display. With her magnificent breasts swinging, she was aware any office worker catching this display would get no work done today, and took full advantage of this scenario. The idea of others possibly watching was more of a turn-on than she realized, bringing her to a small but intense climax.

“Please come and fuck me,” she pleaded.

He got up and moved behind her. As she arched lower, her pussy lined up with his cock. He moved forward. Though she was still tight, his cock had no problem sliding into her welcoming pussy. When he felt her ass against his belly, he grabbed a handful of ass cheek in each hand and began to fuck her hard. As he slammed in and out of her, her breasts swung away from the railing and then slammed back. This was painful to her, but in a good way — she had never experienced the combination of pleasure and pain before and found it exciting.

He didn’t waste any time. His nut sack was full and he had a willing receptacle. When he got close he pulled his cock out of her and ordered her to her knees.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out,” he demanded. He continued to stroke his cock until his cum shot all over her tongue and into her mouth. When he was through, he pushed his head into her mouth and told her to clean his cock. Her tongue went to work on his cock head and then released it so she could lick the length of his shaft clean.

“You are a much better little slut than I had expected when we first met. You’re a keeper,” he smiled. Smiling back, she slowly licked his cum off of her lips, savoring every drop.

Announcing they were going downstairs for breakfast, the Fixer told Jena to clean herself up and wear the sundress he had grown to love. She did what he asked, but wondered why he didn’t order room service — all she wanted to bakırköy escort do was stay in the room and fuck him, but he had other plans.

When she came back he was dressed in slacks and a polo shirt. He told her how great she looked in the sundress. He reached out, pinched, and pulled hard on both nipples until they stood out thru the fabric. “Now you’re perfect,” he said.

As they rode down the elevator he kept playing with her nipples. A young waiter seated them, unable to keep his eyes off Jena’s breasts. After they ordered, he told her go to the bathroom and take her time walking in both directions. She saw that he was exhibiting her — and it gave her a rush.

He watched as she walked away. The sundress clung to her ass like a second skin. The material was thin enough that there was no doubt she was naked underneath. In fact, he could make out the crack of her ass. He smiled as he noticed every male watching her, looking at him with envy.

As she slowly sauntered back to their table, every man in the restaurant couldn’t help but get a hard on. With the outside lighting behind her, the outline of her breasts and mound were accentuated — her pussy lips were visible through her dress with a tiny hint of wetness seeping through her sundress. She took her time as instructed and before taking her seat, she leaned over and kissed him deeply, giving everyone a good look at her ass through the tight material.

“I’m pleased you like my little game,” he said. She smiled and asked him what he was going to have.

“You smothered in me. But for right now an omelet sounds great,” he smiled. Sliding the top of her foot up and down his calf she playfully responded, “I can think of a long, thick sausage I want to devour, but an omelet does sound good — for now.”

The young waiter lingered while taking their order. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Jena and Jena was pleased at his growing cock, visible beneath his pants. She intentionally stared at the bulge in his pants, slowly looked up to meet his eyes and smiled. Flustered, the waiter quickly left, returning shortly with their order. This time, he made eye contact with Jena and smiled before leaving them with their food. They ate their breakfast slowly, enjoying the food, the attention and each other’s company.

When they finished, the Fixer told Jena he would meet her in their room shortly. When the waiter came with the check, he was clearly disappointed that Jena was gone. “What’s your name?” the Fixer asked. “Carl,” the waiter replied. The Fixer paid him and told him if he could get away, the rest of his tip was in suite 1221. The waiter stuttered that he would be there in 20 minutes.

“We’re looking forward to seeing you,” the Fixer said.

He rode the elevator to his suite pleased with himself. The second part of Jena’s surrender was under way. He couldn’t believe what a treasure he had found in her. As he told her earlier, she was keeper.

He found her in the hot tub. Her large breasts were suspended in water, and she wore only a smile.

“You’re so bad. You only took me down there to parade me around,” she teased, obviously enjoying herself. “Everyone down there knew I was your fuck toy. What’s your next game?”

“Sit tight,” he said. “You’re about to find out.”

He took off his clothes and sat down on the couch facing the hot tub. He watched her while he stroked himself. When she started to get out, he told her to stay there. She smiled, sinking back into the water.

About 10 minutes later, there was a knock at the door. He told her to get out and answer it. She looked puzzled, but complied, leaving a wet trail behind her. When she opened the door, the young waiter about fainted at the sight greeting him.

“Carl, I would like to introduce you to Jena,” he said matter-of-fact. “Jena please help Carl out of his clothes and have him sit on the edge of the hot tub. I believe a slut like you knows what to do next.”

She grinned at his latest game and grabbed Carl’s cock through his pants. “Come on baby, let’s get you out of these clothes,” she purred. “I want to see that cock.”

In no time Carl was sitting on the edge of the tub with Jena between his legs. He had 7 inches of nice cock about 2 inches thick. She stroked him while swallowing his cock head. When she squeezed his nut sack, he almost came on the spot. Because of Jena’s exhibitionist display in the restaurant, Carl was more than turned on, quickly filling her mouth with cum. Jena continued to suck his cock, licking it clean.

Carl began to dress, thanking the Fixer for the unexpected tip. “Carl, you’re not done yet,” he said. “That wasn’t nearly enough of a tip. You see, Jena has never been fucked in the ass — I am giving you her virgin ass — Jena, please present yourself to Carl for your ass-fucking.”

Carl couldn’t believe his luck. At only 22-years-old, he had just received the best blowjob of his life by this gorgeous, older woman, and now had the opportunity to başakşehir escort fuck her in her luscious ass. It didn’t take him long to recover. Carl dropped the rest of his close and joined her in the tub.

Still in the hot tub, Jena rose, bending over the edge. Pushing her ass against his hard cock, she felt the head at her asshole. Carl surprised her by lowering his cock into her wet pussy. When he was covered in her juices, he pulled out, grabbed her ass and penetrated her tight hole. Pushing back while he pushed forward, Carl gently eased his cock back and forth until her asshole invitingly opened. Jena gasped, but then began to moan while he slowly and rhythmically fucked her ass.

The Fixer watched with approval and said, “Take your time, Carl. I want her well fucked, but when you’re ready to cum, I want you to cum in her mouth.”

Carl fucked Jena’s ass for the next 20 minutes while she grunted and moaned — she was growing quite fond of the combination of pain and pleasure. When he let her know that he was close, she pulled away from him and turned around. She squatted down, taking his well-coated cock into her mouth and swallowed a large load of Carl’s cum. Carl was completely drained. Satisfied with her work, Jena smiled and gave Carl a deep kiss. Thanking him, she told Carl it was time to leave. Carl quickly dried himself, got dressed and thanked them both as he left.

“I see your game now and I appreciate it,” Jena said. “You want to fuck my ass, but wanted someone smaller to stretch it for you. And you wanted to be the first to cum in my ass”

Smiling, he nodded. He was proud she had figured out his motive. He told her to dry off and bend over the bed — he intended to fuck her ass until she passed out.

When she was in position, he stood behind her, inserted the KY bottle into her ass, and squeezed. This sensation alone was enough to drive Jena to the brink of climax, but she controlled herself. Applying more to his cock and her ass, he slowly inserted a finger into her asshole, finger-fucking her slow and then fast. Removing his finger, he lined his cock up to her hole and slowly began to push into her. When his head popped in, her moaning turned into grunts. He held onto her wonderful heart shaped ass and began to push harder. All went well until he reached virgin territory with still over 2 inches of cock to go. At this point, Jena was barely aware of anything except the pleasure and pain of being fuller than she had ever felt. He finally forced the rest of his monster cock into her and paused before he pulled all but the head out and then began to slam in and out of her. As he fucked her hard in and out of her ass, she babbled incoherently until she did actually pass out. He ass fucked her unconscious body another 15 minutes before unloading his cum deep in her bowels. He pulled out, and lifting her onto the bed, he gently laid her on her stomach, covering her with the light, cotton sheet.

The Fixer made himself a drink and sat on the sofa. He was pleased with his new conquest, but had to admit to himself that she had also conquered him. He enjoyed his drink while waiting for Jena to come to.

It took Jena about 30 minutes to come back from her ass fucking coma. She rolled over and grinned. “I hurt so fucking good,” she said. “You’ll have to leave my ass alone for a bit though. It felt great, but it’s so sore.”

He walked to her and pulled the covers down. Lying seductively on her back, her breasts were spread on her chest with her nipples hard — she was glowing. He bent down and began to kiss and suck her nipple while his left hand traveled down her soft stomach to her mound. When he pushed two fingers into her pussy, she stiffened and pulled his head tightly to her breast. Having already discovered her sensitive G-spot earlier, he curled his fingers and pushed on her clit with his thumb. She shuddered through another orgasm. “I never realized I was so multi-orgasmic,” she panted. “You’ve found all my buttons.” Holding his head with her hands, she tenderly kissed him, their lips and tongues gently intertwined.

When she tried to get up, her legs felt like rubber and she was sore — all over — but felt overwhelmingly satisfied. “So what are you going to do with me next?” she asked coyly. “I’m going to shave your pussy,” he replied. “Mmmm,” she purred. “That will be a first.”

Spreading a large spa towel on the bed, he instructed her to lay down with her knees up and legs spread. Placing a pillow underneath her hips, he told her to stay put. Filling an ice bucket with hot, soapy water and his razor, he wet a washcloth and returned to Jena on the bed. Lowering himself to her pussy, he could see it was wet and swollen from repeated fucking, as well as anticipation. Lathering a bar of soap, he gently soaped her pussy and asshole, and carefully began to shave around her mound and the outer lips of her pussy. He softly pushed apart her thick pussy lips, shaving her clean. The area around her clit was next, bebek escort and while he shaved this area softly and with care, her clit began to swell in excitement — the combination of the hot water and stimulation of his hands and the razor was making her extremely aroused. He instructed her to turn over and raise her ass in the air, shaving the hair around her ass and finishing the job.

After cleaning her with a warm washcloth, he decided to test his handy work. He had her turn back over and then he lowered his mouth to her wet core. He ran his tongue all over her, relishing the feel of her now hairless pussy and ass. She was so aroused that when he shot his tongue into her pussy, grabbing her clit, she immediately climaxed.

“Mmm, that was divine,” she said lightly caressing her tits. “What’s next?” Smiling, he said, “Let’s talk for a few minutes and then I’ll tell you.

After using the bathroom, Jena plopped on the couch, placing her feet on his lap — although since their first meeting she immediately felt comfortable around him, she now felt like she had known him for years. Both still naked, his hands automatically began to roam her body — she loved this attention — attention she had yearned for and now was receiving in abundance. Although she couldn’t quite put a label on the feelings she had for him, all she could think about was her new lover. Thoughts of her husband were non-existent and what she once thought was a normal relationship now paled in comparison to this newfound excitement.

He looked at her seriously. Although he had maintained relationships outside of his profession with many of his projects, Jena was different. For the first time during his career as the Fixer, he knew he wanted to pursue this relationship. He told her his name really was Rich; he enjoyed his life and enjoyed women. Though they had only met a few hours before, he felt they had connected at some level that begged exploring. He wasn’t talking about taking her away from her husband, just getting to know her better and letting things take their course.

If she was interested, it would be her own choice. She would, however, have to realize that his life was not going to change, at least not immediately. For now he would continue his relationships. If she could accept that, they could decide how to continue.

She lovingly held his head in both hands, gently kissed him and let him know that she too felt they had connected at some level that she wanted to further. She did not expect him to change anything. They were not anywhere near that point. She simply wanted to get to know him better and to continue this exploration into her sexuality she wasn’t aware she even possessed.

Kissing him again, she marveled how through this entire conversation, his hands never stopped touching her body. How could she possibly want something like that simply end after one night. “I want you to let me be as much a part of you as I can,” she said. “I not only want to continue enjoying sex with you, but want to discover more about you — more about us — if there is an ‘us.'”

Rich smiled at her, knowing he was lost in her and realizing she was lost in him. It sounded like a line out of a sappy love song, but it was what it was, and Rich found he was as eager as Jena to continue this journey.

Sitting back, he told her to play with his cock using only her hands. He didn’t want to cum, just wanted to feel her soft hands. Jena grabbed the KY and sat on the floor between his legs. Slowly, she squeezed the gel on her hands. She looked into his eyes as she began to run her hands up and down his shaft. She cupped his balls in one hand and gently lifted them while rotating her other hand on his cock head.

Although Rich wasn’t one of those guys on a power trip about having a big cock, he did enjoy the benefits. Having a woman hold your cock with both hands was a complete turn on for him. Enjoying the feel of his cock in her hands, she became more and more wet. And just thinking about what this monster had felt like in her pussy and ass, she got even hotter. She was amazed, but pleased that she had been able to handle his size and girth. She took one hand and slipped it under his nut sack while continuing to pump his shaft. The more comfortable she felt with him, the bolder she became. She began to probe his tight ass hole with her index finger. The KY helped her finger to slip in. She began to rotate her other hand over the head of his cock while pumping her finger in and out of his ass.

Rich kept his head back and eyes closed and began to sigh as her stimulation began to affect him. He was pleased that she had taken the initiative. Another small test passed. When her ministrations brought him close to the brink, he let her know.

She pulled his cock to her mouth and engulfed just the head. Keeping her finger in his ass, she pumped her head up and down his cock head, swirling her tongue around. The first blast hit the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly as he fed her more of his cum. When he was done, she kept his cock in her mouth and used her tongue to rim its hole. She held his cock, licking the shaft and then the head before looking up and smiling. She then took the finger that had been in his ass, looking him in the eye, stuck it in her mouth, and sucked it.

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