Mart 13, 2021

Double Fucked

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Carl kissed her neck taking her soft warm tender flesh into his mouth. He nibbled before letting it slide from between his teeth as his throbbing shaft delved deeper into her warm moist depths.
Stacy moaned as his entire hot length filled her. Her hands slid from around his neck. Her fingernails trailed down the middle of his back and then into his flesh as she ventured closer to a climax her hips rising to met him. She heard him groan and moved her hands down to his butt. Spreading his ass she squeezed both cheeks.
Carl loved it when she grabbed his ass. Her hands were soft and the feeling of her fingers spurred him on even more.
“I’m cumming baby,” Carl whispered.
Stacy’s slid a finger down his ass crack and poked his ass hole feeling it tighten.
In spite of himself Carl didn’t want to stop but he wasn’t in the mood to have her finger him. Stacy was a very kinky girl. He only found out how kinky after they were married but discovered the pleasure of being finger fucked while he fucked her and even being fucked in the ass with a strap on but he wasn’t in the mood. Carl’s cum erupted into her.
“Can I finger you honey,” she asked.
“I don’t know baby I’m not in the mood tonight…” he said laying on her enjoying a second contraction forcing more cum into her and the cushion of her breasts.
“Room service,” came a female voice from the hall accompanied by a soft knock.
“…hmmm. Keep that thought.” He said. He grabbed his wallet and glanced in. There was five hundred dollars in it. He took it out and went to the door draped in a white cloth robe.
The black girl who held the tray in the hall smiled when he opened. “Your meal sir.” She said.
“Put it over there.” Carl said. Glancing down the hall he smiled and closed the door behind her throwing the night catch.
The name tag pinned to her shirt read Linda. She wasn’t a looker like Stacy who had nice firm 36D breasts, enhanced by surgery and a butt to die for. He glanced again. Linda did have a nice butt a little bigger than Stacy’s. Stacy would like that.
Linda placed the tray down and turned.
Carl stood a inches from her.
“My wife would like to see your ride me. I’ll give you four hundred dollars if antalya escort bayan you do.” He pulled out two hundred and put it in her hand. “That’ll be the deposit.”
Stacy frowned then seeing the twinkle in his eyes crawled naked from under the sheets.
“That’s a little too much…”
“Three hundred?” Carl said.
Linda didn’t take long to think about it. She made four hundred dollars every two weeks and here the offer was four hundred for one night. Offers like that didn’t come often and it wasn’t like it was the first time she had sex with a stranger the last one being three months a guy she met at a club since then she was celibate.
“Four hundred. You have rubbers?”
Carl smiled and put the money on the table.
Linda took the money and put it in her pocket.
While Stacy watched Linda slowly peeled off her clothes. She wasn’t a bad looking girl under her clothes. A little flat chested at about only a 34A or so but she had a nice round butt with wide hips.
Carl lay on his back one hand behind his head and the other stroking his shaft sheaved beneath a lubricated condom. He never thought about the fact that he’d be aroused again so soon but the thought of Stacy fucking this woman in the ass while he filled her pussy sent the blood rushing back into his shaft.
Linda climbed onto the bed.
“I’m not wet.”
“I’ll get you wet,” Stacy said before Carl could say anything.
She grabbed Linda and kissed her.
Linda had only kissed one woman once before on the lips and that was an accident. She was suddenly disgusted and tried to pull away but Stacy was strong and held her, her hand sliding up and down the inside of her thighs before teasing her soft lips.
Linda moaned not believing that she liked the feeling of the woman’s hand on her pussy, brushing her clit as she kissed her, her tongue deep in her mouth. Her breasts were hard, nipples trying to pierce the flesh of Linda’s chest. She like how they felt and soon found herself falling into the pleasurably embrace of being caressed.
Stacy’s mouth slid from its embrace with Linda’s down between her breasts to her bellybutton. Her tongue delved into it before moving down to the fuzzy hair that covered her pussy. Linda’s escort antalya tongue lapped at her slit and teased her clit feeling the woman shiver over her placing a hand on her shoulder for support.
After only a few minutes Stacy’s mouth was slick with Linda’s wetness. She stood slowly and kissed Linda.
Linda had never tasted her pussy. It was sweet on the Stacy’s lips.
Stacy’s hand slid down between Linda’s thighs again. Linda’s pussy was definitely wet. Stacy’s hand was drenched from Linda’s pussy. She led her to the bed and Carl whose already hard shaft was now throbbing from the sounds escaping Linda’s mouth.
Linda got on top of Carl leaning down and kissing him.
Stacy licked Linda’s wetness from her fingers.
Carl kissed Linda. He didn’t think he’d like it but he did. Her lips were warm and full he could taste some of Stacy in her mouth.
He caught a glimpse of Stacy sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy and then licking them. He closed his eyes as Linda reached for his shaft and placed it at her opening.
Her pussy lips were hot and as her began to slip into her he realized how tight she was. She was tighter than Stacy. It felt as if he was sliding his shaft into a glove the way it held him as she slowly began to rock on him.
He opened his eyes and behind her he saw Stacy already had the strap on out and was getting into it.
Linda bit the bottom of her lip as she rocked her pussy against his shaft grinding her clit against his pubic area. Her hands were on his chest and his were on her breasts. He easily cupped them into his hands. Definitely not like Stacy’s he thought.
Carl pulled her down onto him and kissed her as Stacy with her lubed strap on moved towards the bed.
She spread Linda’s ass cheeks. Linda feeling her body approach a climax didn’t resist. What ever the woman wanted to do she could do. She felt Linda’s tongue slide down her ass crack to her pussy and then back up to her asshole. She felt it stiff pushing against the puckered flesh as Carl pushed up into her and further stimulated her his shaft seeming to hit the back of her pussy.
Stacy pulled back and lay some of the lube on Linda’s ass pushing her finger in.
Carl held Linda antalya escort stopping her from sitting up.
Stacy guided the strap on to her ass and savagely thrust it in.
“Ahhh!” Linda screamed. “Stop!” She cried as Stacy slowly began fucking her in the ass.
Carl could feel the ridges of the strap on against his shaft as he fucked Linda’s pussy.
“Stop. Please it hurts!” Linda cried but even as she felt the pain her body was yielding to the pleasure of being fucked in both her pussy and her ass.
Stacy was somewhat disappointed when she stopped screaming but the feeling of the strap on rubbing against her clit replaced the pleasure of those lost cries bring a sweet pleasure to her. It washed over her and filled her as she felt a climax building inside her. “I’m cumming baby.” She exhaled between breaths.
“Me too.” Carl said beneath the black woman who biting the bottom of her lip was also coming with and uncontrollable forced.
Linda felt trice stimulated. Her clit rubbing against Carl as he pushed up into her and Stacy pushed into her. His dick hitting that sweet spot deep inside her pussy and Stacy somehow hitting another spot deep in her ass she didn’t know even existed.
“AHHHH! Uhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!” Linda exclaimed as her pussy squeezed Carl’s shaft.
As Carl’s load filled the condom he felt Linda’s pussy squeeze him as if it were trying to get every last drop of his cum out.
Linda ass contracted uncontrollable around the strap on. It was a shame she thought that it wasn’t real.
Stacy fell limp on top of the woman. The reverse Oreo sandwich was panting and sweating with carnal satisfaction.

With her clothes on and money in hand Linda glanced back at the two who lay naked together on the bed the sheets on the floor.
“That’s five hundred. Thanks.” Carl said.
“Sure.” Linda said wondering how she was going to explain why she was gone for so long.
Stacy got off the bed and followed her to the door while Carl picked up a fry from the tray. At the door Stacy said, “Thanks.”
“It was a pleasure.” Linda said.
“You know we’ll be here for a week.” Stacy said licking her lips.
Linda took in the sight of the naked woman who’d just fucked her in the ass. She felt a tingle not only in her pussy but deep in her ass. “I get off at twelve.”
“Carl might be sleeping.”
“We don’t need him,” Linda said the twinkle in her eyes matching Stacy’s.

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