Mart 23, 2021

Dottie Completes the Hat Trick

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Hello, this is the finale for Dottie. It became a nice trilogy and I think this is a fine completion for her. As usual this is totally my own creation and I might have missed a few errors here and there in this amateur work. I hope nothing is too glaring that it distracts from the tale and I hope both men and women enjoy this little bit of erotica.


Dottie Completes a Hat Trick

My son Bill and I were in the hot tub. I had just moved onto his lap. I could feel his luscious meat settle between my creamy cunt lips. Bill was kissing my neck and I couldn’t help but respond to his ministrations. His touch was tender and loving. My son knew which buttons of mine to push and in exactly which order. My body was abuzz with the tingling sensations he provided. I pushed my body back and forth along his thick steely pole.

“Oh Mom, you look so hot,” Bill said staring into my blue eyes intently. “You get me so hard.”

I grinned lasciviously, flashing my pearly whites, “I know, baby, I can feel that hot tool between Mommy’s lips. You want to put that in Mommy’s hot pussy again, don’t you?”

“Fuck yea, Mom,” Bill groaned.

We continued our sexy play while our loving spouses looked on from the patio. Bill’s wife (and my daughter-in-law), Brandee, was being pestered by my husband, Larry, but she was loving it. Giggling and playfully swatting at his hands, Brandee truly enjoyed Larry’s hands on her half-naked form. All she had on was a silver suspender bikini and Larry was tugging the scant material, exposing her bronzed skin to his feasting eyes. She was at the grill trying to take care of our burgers. Bill had invited his Dad and me over to try this new meatless burger recipe. It had tofu in it, but Larry was more interested in tasting the gorgeous little Brandee, than he was in any meatless cheeseburgers.

“Larry, stop,” Brandee cooed, still chuckling, “You’ll make me burn these.”

“Let them burn. What I want in my mouth isn’t on that grill,” Larry teased as he dipped his head to kiss her beautiful tanned shoulders.

He slid his strong hands down to circle her slim waist. His right hand traveled back up her slender body to tug the silver top away from her perky tit. Larry cupped the cute orb before tweaking one hard little nipple. She swatted his hand again

“Larry, these are for Dottie. You guys can’t be eating so unhealthily anymore,” Brandee told him, but left her boob exposed for him.

It was all part of their “Get Dottie Healthy” plan.

As you know by now, I am Dorothy, but everyone calls me Dottie. I am 57 years old and have three children. One of which, I was currently enjoying between my legs. I have two sons, Wyatt being the oldest at 33, and the one beneath me, Bill, who is about to turn 29. I have one daughter Wendy and she is 23. I have two daughter-in-laws. Wyatt’s wife is Karen and Bill’s wife is the one in my husband’s roaming hands, Brandee. Aside from all them is my adorable little grandson, Allen. He is a beautiful big boy of 5 and just starting Kindergarten.

I’m 5’4 and up to recently, I’ve been more than a little on the zaftig side. I had been carrying a few extra pounds around. As a full time housewife and mom, I didn’t have a lot of extra time, but with all my housework and stuff, I managed to maintain a curvy figure as best I could. It was a thick voluptuous figure, but still pleased my adoring husband, Larry.

Unfortunately, the preoccupation with being Mom and taking care of my appreciative family meant I had stopped taking care of myself as well as I should have. A recent check-up confirmed that more exercise was needed along with eating healthier. I hadn’t gotten grossly out of shape, but if I wanted to be around for a good long time, changes were needed.

Brandee is a physical therapist for the elderly at the local gym and although I don’t consider myself elderly, I accepted her offer to help me exercise safely and efficiently. Brandee and Bill were both helping out with my exercise and teaching me to make better food choices. Wendy helped out more around the house and had me working out with her in the basement. Larry and I went out more and became much more active. I even went down to the hotel and swam frequently.

Since, I began working out, I’ve lost about 30 pounds so far, but still am bit curvy. I have dropped a couple pant sizes and tightened up the booty some too. I am still quite busty, just a bit more toned and getting slimmer all the time. Soon, I’ll have a hot slim and stacked look. We gave my sunshine blonde hair a cut and I don’t have the light brown highlights anymore. It’s a really attractive shoulder length style that frames my face better now that my cheeks have some angles to them and were not so round. My eyes of course are the same sparkly blue as ever.

Bill was currently on the receiving end of his work. My body may have gotten slightly smaller, but I still packed the same potent sexual punch. I was grinding on his lap in the hot tub while my ümraniye escort mouth worked on his neck and ears. His hands had claimed my still hefty globes and he worked my pale rose colored nipples into tightened peaks. As I pushed back and forth along his engorged prick, I could feel his springy pubic hairs tickling my V shaved pubic mound. He was primed. I lifted my body to line his hardened weapon up with my seeping twat when my phone rang.

“Shit,” I groaned, sliding over to the edge of the hot tub. I prepared to climb out but Larry waved me off.

Bill asked, “Are you kidding me?” His eyes were wide in disbelief, “You are going to answer it now?”

Larry had moved away from Brandee and scooped up my phone from the deck chair. He came over and handed it to me.

He looked at the screen and said, “It’s Wyatt.”

I was pleasantly surprised. “Hi, honey,” I said cheerfully when I answered the phone.

My elbows were on the edge of the hot tub and I was holding the phone delicately, trying to touch it as little as possible with my wet hands. My knees were on the bench and my boobs were out of the water. I didn’t realize my butt was perfectly displayed to Bill until I felt his hands teasing my wet folds from behind me. He was determined to have his fun.

Absently smacking at his hands now, I continued, “How is everything?”

Wyatt answered, “Hi, Mom. It’s good to hear your voice. Thing’s couldn’t be better here. Allen likes his Kindergarten and Karen is back to working part-time.”

“Oh, that’s great honey,” I told him, “Are you moved into the new house yet?”

“Yea, everything is here. It’s a mess. We still have a lot of it in boxes,” he admitted. “Anyway, that brings up why I called.”

I turned and gave Bill a warning scowl after I smacked his hand away from my dewy labia. I was still turned on, but didn’t want to give away to Wyatt what was going on.

“I have an old trunk I left there in the attic,” Wyatt continued, “It’s an old black and brass one. It had a bunch of documents the last time I opened it. I was hoping you could ship it to me.”

I said, “Honey, that thing has to weigh a ton. It would cost way too much to ship. Why don’t I just bring it to you instead?”

“You would do that,” Wyatt asked.

“Sure,” I answered, “I can come see the new house. I can spend a couple days, see Allen, you and Karen. If you have room.”

“Yea, we have room,” he said enthusiastically, “We made the all bedrooms up first. We’d love to see you.”

“Alright, honey,” I told him, “I’ll call you in a couple of days. We can work it all out then.” I was looking forward to showing off my recent weight loss, but I didn’t let them know. It would be my surprise.

We chit-chatted for only a few more minutes, which was hard enough with Bill still teasing my slick snatch. The warning look and swatting hands only dissuaded him for a second or two before he was back at me.

Once I handed my phone back to Larry, I barely had a second before I felt Bill’s hand on my hip and his probing pole at the entrance to my hot channel. He wasted no time in sinking into me. I moaned aloud as Bill’s fat knob parted my gooey quim and plunged into my slick tunnel. My son’s big body felt hot and powerful when he thrust up against me. I could feel his taut stomach against my smooth rounded butt. He gripped my hips and leaned forward shoving his rod deeper into my molten core. Pleasure radiated from my prick-filled cunt.

The buttery channel welcomed Bill’s spear, stretching deliciously to accept him. My son rolled his hips like an expert cocksman while he enjoyed my depths. My big boobs jiggled and shook in time with his hot assault.

After close to 5 minutes of clinging onto the edge of the hot tub, I became dimly aware of Brandee’s squeals of delight from inside the patio door. Brandee had taken the food inside and Larry had wandered into the house after he took my phone. No doubt, my husband and daughter-in-law were engaged in some vigorous coupling right inside the kitchen too.

Bill’s tempo increased and his pounding cock began to take on a jackhammer’s force. He held that pace for an astounding 10 minutes while I came again and again in mind blowing flashes of white light explosions. My hair hung about my bowed head as my son’s meat drove into the hilt.

“Fuck, Mom, here it comes,” Bill cried huskily.

He held my flared hips tightly and let out a guttural groan as his seed spewed forth into his Mom’s aching cunt. My chest heaved and I came again on my son’s probing shaft. There was a ringing in my ears that I barely registered next to my sobs of pleasure. I could feel Bill’s hot breath on the back of my neck as he clung to my body for support.


Sometime later, the four of us sat around the patio table and ate the surprisingly wonderful burgers. I told the other three about my phone conversation with Wyatt. I explained what he wanted and that üsküdar escort I agreed to go visit him soon. Bill and Brandee exchanged a look that, at the time, I didn’t consciously notice. I asked Larry if he wanted to come too, but he declined. He had a few conventions at the hotel over the next few weeks and he needed to keep his staff on point.

Larry arranged for Bill to come over to the house in a couple days to help him bring the trunk down. They had apparently moved it up into the storage area in the garage. We added a crawl space type overhead in the garage that we now used as extra storage. However, standing on a ladder and trying to drag the huge heavy trunk out of that tight storage area and maneuvering it safely to the ground was going to be too much for Larry to do by himself. It was probably going to be a chore even for the two of my fine muscled men.

A couple days later, I went to the gym for my workout routine with Brandee. Afterward, our hot session in the showers was an exquisite follow up that left me relaxed and serene. Her body is so tight and compact and she knows what I enjoy. She had me pressed against the tiles breathing heavily as her long delicate fingers sawed in and out of my dripping box. She sucked on my heavy melons and had me melting against her. We went to a nearby café for a light lunch and then I went home.

As I pulled up to the house later, I could see Bill’s motorcycle out by the curb. I passed the driveway and backed in, lining my Lincoln Navigator up with the garage door. In the rear view mirror, I could see my two handsome men struggling in the garage. I climbed out and watched their strong bodies muscle the heavy trunk out of the space. They got it to the floor safely with only a minimal of swearing.

“Christ, what’s in this thing? Bricks,” Bill asked, catching his breath. He wiped his sweating brow, looking at the chest incredulously.

Larry look winded too, “There better not be a body in there,” he joked.

I said, “It’s mostly books, I think. You don’t remember it being that heavy when you put it up there. Wyatt had left it in the attic. You two moved it up there,” I finished pointing up to the storage space.

Larry commented, “I remembered it was heavy…but damn.”

“Well, put it in the car now so you don’t have to move it again later,” I suggested.

My car was my other baby-my Lincoln Navigator. Larry had purchased it a little over a year ago. He didn’t enjoy it as much as he expected and I inherited it from him. It had the works and was a sexy, glossy silver color. Now, Larry has a gorgeous pearl MKS that suited him better. I could see how heavy the trunk was when the boys sat it in my SUV and it lowered a little. I was going to tell Wyatt know he’d need a couple friends to help him unload it.

A couple of phone calls with Wyatt over the next week solidified my plans. We talked about the particulars of my visit. When I would leave here, what time I should arrive there, what route I was taking, how long I’d stay and where I would sleep was all discussed and settled. Brandee packed some snacks for my trip and gave me a whole menu plan for my visit. She is a persistent little Bitch. She had all my meal mapped out for me so I didn’t stray off course. She even included the times I should eat so no factor was overlooked. My trip was all set for the following week.


The night before I was to leave, my bags were packed and loaded into the car, my audio book selection was organized, and my cooler was in the backseat (within reach) and had plenty of bottled water and the snacks Brandee gave me. All I had to do now was take care of my husband before I left.

Larry was in the kitchen with his head stuck in the fridge when I strolled in behind him. He was beautiful sight. Larry is a well-built 58 year old man. He has kept his 6’2 frame well maintained and he cuts a nice figure at around 212 pounds. I watched his broad shoulders and narrow waist in a black Under Armor shirt as he poked about for something of a snack. His long strong legs shifted as he peered onto a lower shelf and moved some stuff around. All he had on were the shirt and a sexy pair boxer briefs that worked well on his cute firm butt. My man has an ass that looks good in anything, ladies.

I had on a sheer blue baby-doll. It was newer one that hugged my new body perfectly. Hopefully, more weight loss would make it too big-(fingers crossed). Larry hadn’t seen me wearing it yet, but I’m sure he was going to enjoy the view. His eyes gleamed appreciatively when he had turned to watch me enter the kitchen. The sexy lace at the bodice put my tingly hard nipples on display and the nearly transparent material had my smooth pooched tummy and wet cunt in view to his roaming gaze.

“Are you hungry for something, baby,” I asked, putting my hand on my hip and cocking them saucily.

Larry grinned wickedly, “I’m feasting my eyes on what I’m hungry ataşehir elit escort for.”

“Well, maybe I’m the one who will be putting something in her mouth,” I teased as I knelt in from of him, “I think you will find yourself satisfied when I’m through with my meal though.”

He leaned back against the cool refrigerator as I crouched in front of him. I pulled his boxers down and his quivering manhood popped out to swat me under the chin. His hands came down to caress my cheeks and hair lovingly. I pulled the lace down allowing my big tits to sway under me as I grasped Larry’s missle. I took ahold of the base of his stalk and whipped his meat against my lips, cheeks and chin. I smiled up my hunk of a husband when he moaned unconsciously. I opened my mouth and blindly lapped at his turgid rod as I slapped my tongue with his tool.

I purred in anticipation and swooped in to claim my prize. My cheeks hollowed as I took in Larry’s slab of meat. My head did a frenzied dance, as I bobbed back and forth, gobbling his musky rod. His hips bucked uncontrollably. His groans of pleasure filled the kitchen as my husband pushed more of his meaty stick into my throat. I reached around cupping his firm butt and pulling him to me. I snaked a finger between his cheeks and relaxed his buttocks, allowing me to push a well-manicured finger into his rectum. In short order, I began to feel his turgid tusk begin to throb against my velvety, caressing tongue.

I thrust my heavy tits forward into Larry’s greedy hands when I looked up to him. My wet sucking mouth pushed him toward his climax and was rewarded his Larry’s hot jizz shooting into my gullet. He leaned back and released my globes, roaring in ecstasy. My hot suction continued to pull his spunk from his pulsating spike until he was drained. He gulped in air as he shook his head, trying to regain his mind.

“I thought my handsome husband would enjoy a little treat before I left in the morning,” I told him as I wiped the corners of my mouth.

Larry said, “Thank you, baby. That was intense.”

We spent the rest of the evening curled up on the couch. We meant to only cuddle, but when I felt Larry’s tool rise with new life, I had to take advantage. We fucked on the couch with one leg draped over the back of the couch and one leg on the floor. Larry was nestled in the V of my spread legs and he pumped me to orgasm twice before exploding inside me. After that, we spooned lovingly until finally we went upstairs to bed.


The following morning, Larry and I had breakfast together. He put the last of my stuff in my SUV for me and we kissed lovingly in the drive-way before going our separate ways. It was about a ten hour drive (at the speed limit) to Wyatt and Karen’s new house in Illinois. I got onto U.S. 131 and headed south. I put in one of my audio books and settled in for a long drive. I stopped in Sawyer, Michigan for gas and took a bathroom break in Demotte, Indiana. I did stop one more time in Dwight, Illinois for a quick bathroom break. I didn’t need to stop again until Wyatt’s

Approximately 11 ½ hours after starting my trip, I pulled into Wyatt’s drive-way. The house was a large, beautiful home with a gorgeous green yard and a two car garage.

Allen came running out to me as I climbed out of my vehicle.

“Grandma,” he shouted as he ran up and jumped into my arms.

I grunted at the big boy’s weight, “Oof! You are so big now. Look at you.”

We hugged and I sat him down. Wyatt and Karen came to the front door as Allen and I strode up the walkway. Wyatt still looked so much like his father and Karen was beautiful as she stood beside him. She has long flowing red hair that looks like a sunburst with fire at the tips. Her sea green eyes and cute dimples give her a forest nymph quality, but her serious composure proves she is not one given to flights of fancy. Her face is lovely and her form still has a few stubborn pounds that have hung around after child birth. It only makes her soft and sexy. Wyatt had an arm around her small waist the as I approached.

“Hi, Mom,” Wyatt said as he leaned in to kiss my cheek. We hugged.

Normally, this interaction would have been nothing to notice. Now that my relationship with my son Bill had changed, however, I actually felt slightly aroused at being this close to Wyatt. The smell of his body and the warm touch of his lips on my skin caused a slight tingle in me. I felt his strong hand on my hip when he leaned in. I noticed the sensation ignite a passion in my body. What was going on in my head?

I turned to Karen, “It’s nice to see you, Mom. We are both so happy you’re here,” she told me in her mild tone, “Please, come in. Wyatt, grab your Mom’s things.”

The house was a very lovely two story home that Karen had decorated tastefully. It had four bedrooms and three and a half baths. A decent size yard circles three sides of the house and a narrow cobblestone walkway is on the left side of the house, next to the tall stone wall that separates his house from a small grass alleyway. It had a small door and it’s where the garbage goes out for pick up. Inside, the drapes, couch cushions, paintings and family pictures were all arranged thoughtfully and created a comfortable setting.

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