Mart 30, 2021

Donna’s Dark , Risky Desire

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Donna couldn’t believe what she’d just done.

The pretty 29 year old single mum had just given her address to a complete stranger she’d met online. Heart beating like a runaway train with fear and anticipation she sat in her sapphire blue underwear, hands trembling as she reached for her wine.

Her first contact with the stranger happened just under a week ago, in an anonymous chat room when horniness and curiosity had got the better of her one evening. Single for just over a year, her heart wasn’t in a rush to be given away just yet but her body had yearned for attention a while now. Her appetite for sex had always been healthy when with boyfriends, but she wasn’t usually the type to sleep around. Besides, working as a full time single mum meant she suffered from a lack of dating opportunities. While childminders were available, in Donna’s experience most single guys struggled to invest the will to adapt to her life.

During the time they had chatted, Donna had felt like a raw nerve had been touched repeatedly by the strangers messages as they appeared on her screen. Sitting there late at night while her son slept upstairs, their conversations about kinks, fetishes and fantasies had left her aroused beyond what her imagination had previously limited. His engaging manner, dark humour and filthy descriptive fantasies had left Donna’s plump pussy persistently wet and aching for attention. Delving deep into her Pandora’s box, the stranger had uncovered windows to her darkest sexual desires. She revealed intimate details of her past, her submissive tendencies and fantasies that orbited around risky and anonymous encounters. Latching on to this information, the stranger presented various scenarios and depraved detailed accounts of what he’d do to her. Donna’s resulting fingering and strumming of her neglected pussy culminated in stifling her moans through pursed lips and flaring nostrils as her curvy body rocked through her orgasms.

Donna knew him only by his online name. Other than his supposed age and that he lived around 20 minutes from her modest council house, she knew nothing about him.

Mind racing, stomach fluttering and pussy aching, Donna checked the house making sure all was quiet upstairs. She had never allowed a stranger into her home like this before, the urge to call it off was strong in her. But stronger was the need to be fucked. A need that had been growing inside her for months, but she had largely ignored. Now her need had exploded to the point she was taking risks and putting herself in potential danger with a stranger.

And that just made her pussy ache more.

Scrolling back through the conversation, Donna recalled how she had gotten to this point. He had been describing a filthy scenario which had left her pulling on her juicy thick nipples while two fingers plunged deep into her soaking cunt. He’d asked her what would she do if he just randomly turned up at her door, he response was slow in coming as she pinched and twisted her tight little clit at the thought. She was in the palm of his filthy depraved hand and they both knew it.

Her fake nails trembled erratically on her laptop as read back the last few lines of her conversation with the stranger.

– OMG! I’m so wet. You’re so bad!

– Lol Yes I am. I warned you.

– You did.

– But you’ve not runaway yet have you?

– No.

– In fact, I think you want the opposite. You don’t want to run. You want to come closer.

– Yes I do. You’re the big bad wolf.

– I can come huff puff and blow your door down?

– You don’t need to huff and puff. I’d leave the door unlocked. You could walk right in.

– Mmm now that would be very slutty, you ready and waiting for the big bad wolf to use and abuse you.

– I’m so wet right now, you could just slide right inside me.

– If you’re not careful I’ll be getting in my car and finding out where you live, just to take advantage of you.

Donna had paused at this point noting the time was nearing midnight. Her cunt was aching bad for someone to come and fuck her. Thoughts screamed through her head telling her to stop, but none screamed louder than the one from between her legs.

– Do you want to come over? Now?”

– To come and take advantage of you? Of course! Are you game?

Donna simply typed her address to the stranger with her shaking fingers.

– Good girl! Map say’s about 20 minutes to get there. You ready?

– God yes I am. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

– I can. You’re fucking gagging to be used.

– Yes.

– Want you bent over naked, knickers around your ankles. Your arse facing the front door when I walk in.

– Yes.

– No talking. I won’t introduce myself. I’ll be completely anonymous.

– Oh god. Yes yes!

– I know your boundaries. I’ll completely respect them.

– Thank you.

– But I am going to use you like a whore.

– I know. I hope so.

– Good ataşehir escort girl. I’ll message you when I’m outside. 20mins.

Donna was old enough to know better and knew she was being irresponsible. But the wheels had already been set in motion and were no longer in her sole control. She quietly turned the key in the front door and opened it. Peering out in her robe barely hiding her curvy voluptuous body in her underwear, she looked distantly up both ends of the quiet terraced street. There seemed little sign of life at this late hour along the dimly lit rows of two up/two down houses and she hoped none of the neighbours would be around when her visitor arrived.

Closing the door and leaving it unlocked, she was presented with a challenge. Her front door opened directly into her small front room and the only way the sofa could fit was sideways to the door. There was little clearance between the open front door and the arm. If she was stood bent over the arm, the door would hit her round fleshy arse. Donna opted to kneel on the cushions, ankles on the arm which raised her hips towards the ceiling.

Removing her bra and easing her lacy blue knickers down her legs as ordered she moved into position, her 36d tits hanging down along with her soft round tummy. Turning her head to the side, she faced the room and the door that led to the rest of the house. She prayed there’d be no disturbances. One hand reached past her soft tummy and worked its way to her slit as fingers smeared her drooling wetness over plump lips and hard pebble like clit. Pinching and tweaking her thick pink nipples, Donna quivered in anticipation as her wide firm hips swayed restlessly.

Every time a car passed her house, her heart quickened and raced as did the fingers working her clit. She received the message she’d been waiting for. Walking down now, one minute away. She would be able to hear his footsteps as he reached her door. Donna was gently shaking now. This was unbearable.

After what seemed an age she heard his slow footsteps followed by a pause, then a gentle double knock at the door. The handle turned and noisily the front door to Donna’s house was opened by the stranger. Her entire body stopped shaking and tensed up, the voices in her brain yelling; Intruder! Intruder! He waited for a moment, presented with Donna’s exposed holes as he stood in the doorway. Donna could feel her own juices running down her leg from the rush of cold air into the room. If anyone walked past her front door now, they’d see everything.

He stepped into Donna’s front room, closing the door behind him. She could hear his breathing now and his footsteps as he approached her exposed body. The palm of his hands caressed her round fleshy arse cheeks and he murmured in appreciation. Nervously she pulled her hips forward away from his hand, however he firmly grasped the flesh on her hip to prevent her moving any further. His free hand roamed the backs of her thighs, dragging his nails over her cellulite which made her cringe in embarrassment yet yearn for his hands to grasp her flesh.

Moving his hand slowly up, the stranger brushed the underside of Donna’s fleshy bum cheeks. Her haunches responded with goosebumps as she felt the rough hand stroking and squeezing her exposed bottom, hips now pushing towards him. Dropping his hand between her firm thighs she gasped when his palm pressed firmly over her sticky pussy lips, his fingers sliding through her plump labia, skimming her soaking slit before his sticky tips found the throbbing clitoris. Donna gasped through her teeth at feeling the strangers hand on her trimmed blonde sex. Deftly the man spread her pussy wide, opening her aching hole and slid his middle finger inside her hot soaking cunt. Donna moaned out loud as her pussy offered no resistance to the mans invading digit, squirming lewdly as he finger fucked her over the sofa.

Suddenly, he dropped to his knees behind her and placed his hands on her round arse cheeks. Donna felt him spreading her cheeks wide, opening and exposing both her holes just inches from his face. Again she cringed internally in embarrassment at being aroused and completely wide open to a man she didn’t know. But externally, her wide open vagina bubbled and leaked sticky fluid from the intense sexual excitement she was experiencing. She could feel his warm breath as he inhaled her scent and inspected her holes, using fingers to spread her plump outer lips to expose her wet pink slit and clit. Feeling the heat from his mouth first, she jumped when she felt his stubbly beard on her exposed clit as his tongue entered her spread open hole and forced its’ way deep inside her. Wriggling around inside for a moment or two, he suddenly pushed her up and he slid his face against her until his tongue reached her clit. With his nose buried in her cunt, Donna rode on the mans face while her throbbing clit received the attention of his lips and tongue. Grabbing her hips he quickly pushed her down avcılar escort as his tongue delved deeply through her slit, over her wanting hole until it settled against her puckered bum hole. The bristles on his chin dragging across her burning pussy, making her shiver in delight. Forcing his sloppy tongue between her tight sphincter, Donna writhed beneath him at the unexpected invasion up her arse. Anal had been a discussion point in their chats, but it had never occurred that he may assume it was on the table tonight. Donna tensed, both in apprehension and excitement as the stranger tongued her wispy haired arsehole deep.

Then he was standing up. She glanced in the mirror above the fireplace and briefly glimpsed the reflection of the top part of his head. Greying hair and dark eyes, he appeared the age he’d told her online. Donna realised again she had never seen his face and yet he was in her house about to commit a kinky and perverted act on her. Her clit throbbed hard again.

The man unzipped, the sound cutting through the quiet room like a chainsaw. Donna tensed, her breath held deep in her buxom chest as her hands gripped the sofa cushion below. Removing the knickers from her ankles, he settled between her feet. She felt the heat of his shaft nestling in the groove of her arse cheeks, it felt like a burning hot poker against her skin as he slid the length slowly up and down. His bollocks dragged along her pussy, short curly hairs sending tiny electric jolts through her body. Then spreading Donna’s juicy round arse with his rough hands, the stranger nestled this his hard cock against the entrance of her pussy, her hole stretched wide and engorged lips dangling. As she felt his rampant head nudge her open slightly, her knuckles whitened as she gripped the cushion beneath her in anticipation.

The last time she had taken a strangers cock bareback, was 8 years ago in Magaluf during a holiday with the girls. She’d caught an STI and an unplanned pregnancy from the encounter and vowed never to repeat the mistake. Several years later, desperate need and the opening of her depraved mind saw her about to receive a strangers cock inside her once again. While her implant prevented the chance of her getting pregnant, she had no idea who this stranger really was, whether he was clean or not, an axe murderer or even married. But at this moment the only concern Donna had was that she needed this stranger to fuck her. Now.

Bracing herself, she almost whispered for him to push it in, but she felt the pressure against her hole as he slowly stretched her slick pussy over his erect cock. Groaning softly, he eased his cock firmly all the way inside her savouring her sight of her plump lips opening and stretching down his length. With open mouth, Donna felt the searing hot flesh of his cock finally burn deep inside her molten depths before letting out a long stifled gasp of pleasure. She was right, he could just slide right inside. His cock felt amazing filling her, not too long but a perfect girth which stretched her trimmed pussy exquisitely. She closed her eyes and saw stars.

Grabbing handfuls of her curvy hips, the stranger began fucking Donna with a steady rhythm. The feeling of the stranger penetrating her, coupled with her pent up desire that had built up for months mean that Donna came quickly with him. The sensations of his thick girth stretching and closing her hole as he fucked her with long strokes very quickly caused her to erupt like a volcano. Gripping the cushion to her face hard she screamed as her pussy pulsed and twitched on the hard strange cock fucking her, her engorged clit stretched tight and the epicentre of her sensations.

He didn’t stop as the waves of sensation enveloped her, continuing to pound through her orgasm as she flooded his cock and balls with her cum. Feeling the next orgasm quickly approaching, Donna panted hard as her hair fell over her face and her nipples bounced off the sofa. She came again. And again as the man reached under her grabbing a handful of her bountiful tits, pulling and twisting her pink rubbery nipples.

True to his word, he was using her hard and she was cumming frequently as a result. Relentlessly the stranger fucked Donna hard, grunting with every thrust and slap of his pelvis against her arse. Reaching back between her thighs, her fingers found her stretched lips smothered in her juices. Slipping her digits either side of his thick member, she felt the drag of her lips back and forth as he pumped and stretched her rapidly. His heavy bollocks slapped the back of her hand, enticing her to reach and cradle them in her fingers as she savoured his masculinity pounding away inside her. This what was she missed. What she needed. Donna orgasmed again.

His hands grabbed her firm fleshy thighs and roughly pulled her towards him. Dragged down the sofa, her hips slid over the arm as he held her thighs with strong rough hands. Donna felt her legs being spread wide and held avrupa yakası escort like a wheelbarrow as she raised herself up with outstretched arms on the seat until she was balanced on the edge of the sofa. Her big d cup tits sagged lewdly, her nipples hard and erect as she felt the head of his cock once again penetrate her.

In this position the stranger took Donna hard and energetically, her sodden cunt squelching noisily as they both grunted urgently. Her tits swayed wildly below her with every hard thrust as her shoulders and back arched at the pleasure of being used so well. The hard cock slipped out of her pussy and slid up, momentarily catching the rim of her arse. Donna gasped imagining the strangers cock disappearing inside her tight bum hole. She heard the stranger chuckle momentarily before he re-inserted his soaking cock back into her cunt.

Donna arms were tiring and so were his holding her chunky legs and arse in the air as he fucked her. Dropping her feet to the floor he uttered the first words in this encounter.

“Turn around.”

Brushing her blonde hair from her face, Donna turned to face her assailant for the very first time.

He was older than she thought. Broad, unshaven with a craggy hard face and grey eyes but rugged and somewhat handsome. His body was average for a late 40’s or so guy, paunchy belly under a plain t-shirt and jeans. The hard slick erect cock that had been fucking her looked impressively thick as it jutted proudly from his fly supported by two large heavy hairy bollocks.

Breathing deeply, Donna watched the stranger perving on her full frontal naked body for the first time as she sat open legged on the arm of her sofa. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her heaving shoulders and chest, firm 36d milf tits tipped with pink erect nipples. Her slightly sagging belly shook with every breath above her vulva where her trimmed blonde pubes framed her swollen reddening gash. Knees trembling she caught the eye of the stranger, slowly stroking his cock at the sight of the naked single mum as his rough grubby hand reached up and roughly mauled her hard nippled tits. As they made eye contact she smiled, her wide lips parting broadly between her flushed and rosy cheeks, sapphire blue eyes sparkling at the man who had given her a number of wonderful orgasms. He smiled back … for a second. Then he dropped his jeans to his ankles and pushed her backwards on the sofa.

Hooking his arms under her legs, Donna’s cunt was instantly impaled on his thick slick cock and he began fucking her again vigorously. The position tilted her tits towards her face and she felt their weight slapping her neck and chin. In an effort to control them, she held them in her hands cupping them and squeezed her nipples hard. The pain fuelled more adrenaline into her already deliriously horny body. The angle of his bell pressed against her front wall and furiously the length of his thick older cock ground against her g spot. Looking up at the grim faced determined stranger fucking her relentlessly, her eyes rolled and glazed over. She was delirious, this was risky depraved sex and she was loving it as the sensations of the strangers cock against her g spot built up in her stomach.

Sitting up slightly Donna could see his coated shaft plunging into her, his face contorted as he strained every muscle in his effort to explode inside the single mums cunt. Just thinking about her pussy being flooded with his sperm sent Donna over the edge as his expanding bell worked over her g spot. Flopping back, her legs straightened hard as the build up in her stomach exploded through her body. Pulling on her nipples, her pussy muscles clenched him tight as she cried out at the peak of her intense orgasm. Panting and grunting hard into her as she came, the stranger groaned.


Donna felt the strangers cock pulsing and jerking wildly and the warm feeling of fresh sperm flood her twitching cunt. Bollocks pressed hard against her arsehole, her wave of pleasure extended as he grunted in pattern with each spurt of his thick semen deep inside her. They both still panted hard as his thick meat spewed the remainder of his balls into Donnas boiling raw hole. Her hungry cunt milked the strangers cock, twitching and gripping his shaft extracting every last drop of his seed. Spunk was already running down to her arsehole, coating it liberally before dripping onto the floor.

He lay on top of her, still locked together as their climaxes subsided, his weight still pinning her body to the arm of the chair. Pulling his softening meat from her, Donna flopped to the floor against the arm. Her stretched pussy dribbled globs of thick cum on to the carpet. He stood over Donna, his twitching cock and balls covered in his fluid and her juices. He smiled at the pretty blue eyes of the curvy single mum at his feet.

“Clean me up.”

Donna rose to her knees, taking his wilting cock in her mouth sucking and licking the combined juices of their climaxes from him. Donna’s wide eager mouth easily accommodating his spermy cock and balls as her tongue licked off as much of the fishy tasting residue as she could.

The stranger looked down at her long forgotten lacy blue knickers on the floor. A smile flickered across his grim face.

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