Haziran 13, 2020

DONNA-Detention with Mr. Kite

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DONNA-Detention with Mr. Kite
I had a habit of talking in class and especially in Mr. Kite’s class as he was so dishy, all the girls fancied him. He was quite young probably about 28, slim, the only problem was his girlfriend was 6 months pregnant with his c***d, all us girls were very jealous.

It was a Thursday and Mr. Kite seemed to be a little stressed, as he caught me talking and joking with my friends in his class. “Donna stay behind after class and do your homework” now this pissed me off no end, but what could I do.
It was unusual because Mr. Kite very rarely shouted but today he seemed different. As soon as the bell went everyone got their stuff and piled out of class, I just sat there. Mr. Kite closed the door and got some books out and said, “Do your homework Donna”.

I got my books out as I glanced at the clock it was 3:15 already. I knuckled down to my homework occasionally glancing at Mr. Kite sat behind his desk. I finished it in about half an hour, “Finished Sir”. He beckoned me up towards him I walked up bahis siteleri and handed him my book.

Leaning against his desk in front of him as opposed to the other side of the desk facing him, he leaned back and started to read, I perched myself on the edge of his desk and slightly parted my legs. “Brilliant Donna I’m impressed” as he passed me my book, as I stayed where I was.

The atmosphere was electrified as I sat there as Mr. Kite sat looking at me, I asked him “How long has she to go” “About 3 months” and I smiled, as we made small talk and had eye contact I could see his gaze looking up my skirt as his eyes looked downwards, I had done the same once or twice.

I thought this might be my only chance, so I slipped off the desk and knelt down at the side of him, I moved my hand over his lump, he didn’t say a word as I caressed him, but he did grow. As we kept eye contact his cock grew bigger until I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down.

Another quick rub and I pulled down his underpants, wrapping bahis şirketleri my hand around his cock I pulled his foreskin back, bent over and licked him, he groaned. As I moved my tongue up and down his erection, then around his helmet and back down the other side he was moaning quietly.

I touched myself with my left hand as I was soaked, eventually my fingers crept inside my knicker elastic as I touched my throbbing clitoris, but not for long, for a minute or so later Mr. Kite stood up in front of me, pulled me up and pushed me into the desk and lifted my skirt.

“Hold your skirt up Donna” as I held it his fingers were rubbing my pussy through my knickers and then he kissed me, we were snogging as he pulled my knickers down and touched me, his fingers slipped inside so easily as I was so turned on, then he touched my button.

As he rubbed me I whispered “Oh my God I’m coming” as I dropped my skirt as I snogged him ferociously, then the time had come I pulled off his lips and said “Oh My God I’M COMING” canlı bahis as Mr. Kite rubbed me. “Yes Yes YES” as my body shook and Mr. Kite stopped, I slumped over his shoulder.

He turned me around and lifted up my skirt and bent me over the desk, with my legs apart Mr. Kite slipped his cock into me, grabbing hold of my tits even though they weren’t out of my bra, he still felt them as he fucked me fast and relatively hard, as if he hadn’t had anything for a while, but it was good. This would end up being my favourite position.

Then as quick as he started, he slowed down and slowed down until he stopped, and I could feel him throbbing inside me. Suddenly he started up again, going faster and faster and then he pulled out and turned me around I was able to read the situation as I got on my knees.

Taking his cock in my mouth I wanked him as my tongue flicked over his helmet and then he came, seemed like pints shooting down my throat, he had the biggest volume of spunk I’d had in one go up to that point, but I managed to swallow it all Ok.

As he got dressed as I rearranged my clothes he smiled and said “That was what I needed but please don’t tell anyone” I nodded and walked out of the classroom. Thinking something different. It could happen again couldn’t it?

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