Mart 22, 2021

Domination Ch. 06

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Thank you all for your comments on the last chapter of this series. As I understood it was much harder to read the series, I have removed the name change going forward.

Please keep the comments coming as I do read them (and reply to those that email me directly through the site).

Huge thanks to WA001 for editing this chapter



I awoke the next morning to the same feeling I had all week. My morning blowjob wake-up calls were starting to be one of the main highlights of the day. As I wiped the sleep from my eyes and looked down, I saw Allie and Joslyn making out as they moved up and down my cock, their tongues swirling in each other’s mouths while my cock got the most attention.

Then I noticed Myra’s head pop up as the warm mouth that was on my balls had stopped, “Your turn down there,” Myra said as she tapped Joslyn’s shoulder.

“Aww! Can’t I have five more minutes? Master’s cock is sooo delicious in the morning,” Joslyn responded back with a pouty face.

“Not a chance,” Myra responded kissing Joslyn before eyeing my cock again. “I want to be up here when he wakes so I can see his gorgeous eyes staring at me as my tongue wraps around his thick cock. Mmmm! Just thinking about it makes me wet.”

“You bad girl you. How did I raise such a perverted daughter?” Joslyn asked in a seductive tone. I could see in her eyes it was turning her on as well.

“Takes one to know one, Mommy-slut!” Myra responded back with a giggle before I saw her shake her ass in anticipation. She giggled again as her and Allie’s lips met. They slowly moved down, with hands caressing each other’s faces, and slowly engulfed my cock in their mouths.

Though Joslyn was definitely the best out of the three at blowjobs on her own, these two took the cake on doing it together. In the same way that Joslyn would truly be making love to my cock with her mouth, Allie and Myra were each making love to my cock in a way that their combined and unison effort made me wonder if I ever needed another woman to add to my group. I had the best of the single and the double blowjobs. I was in heaven.

As I sat there watching them and listening to their moans of pleasure as they completed their tasks, it was Allie who finally looked up and smiled with that little girl smile of hers. This was the giveaway as Myra missed a step and stopped seeing how Allie’s cheeks here blood-red and her eyes were pointed my way. Myra’s eyes darted to mine as I looked over at her, seeing the movement.

Myra moaned loudly as I saw her breasts bounce as she shook them. My legs had been hanging off the bed so that I couldn’t see Joslyn until she popped her head up with that sexy motherly smile of hers. Seeing all three of my women with such huge smiles on their faces all willing to do whatever I wanted but also knowing that I would take care of them as well, was the best way to wake up.

“Good morning Master!” they all yelled cheerfully. Their combined happiness was intoxicating as it made me want to make love to each one of them over and over until we all passed out from the pleasure. However, if that happened, then we wouldn’t be able to get anything done and not only would my grades suffer, but Joslyn would be fired and Myra’s and Allie’s futures would be ruined. That was something I couldn’t let happen.

The three women went back to their tasks, and in the same positions they were before. In less than five minutes, I was grunting and spraying my cum all over their three faces as they had pointed my dick so that all three of them could get some of my salty treat.

As I was recovering, each of them were licking each other clean. Giggles and light moans filled the room as each one had a chance to lick my cum off another ones face and to have her own face licked.

Once all of them were done, Allie darted off to the bathroom to clean up her face. Myra and Joslyn stood up looking like they wanted to say something.

“Master, can I be excused so I can get your breakfast ready?” Myra asked with her head bowed and her hands crossed, left hand over the right hand, before her.

“You may Myra, but I want a kiss before you go,” I replied. Myra came over to me and gave me a loving kiss and I got a good grip on her ass before smacking it as she trotted away giggling.

“Master, can I be excused as well. I need to get ready for work and leave about the time you do,” Joslyn asked, standing the same way that Myra did.

“You may Joslyn, but I want a kiss before you go as well,” I replied. She was so cute when she was all giddy like this and came over to the bed for a loving kiss. I got a good grip on her much larger ass before smacking it as she trotted away. However, instead of giggling as Myra did, she moaned and looked over her shoulder with such lust in her eyes. I half thought about jumping out of bed, pinning her to the wall and pounding my own mother into a puddle of goo, but knew that would make her late for work.

“Good morning balçova escort bayan dear!” Joslyn stated happily as I heard my father responding groggily as he had just gotten out of bed.

I smiled to myself but before I could get out of bed myself, Allie was standing in my doorway in all her nude glory. Her light, fair skin and silky blonde hair along with those sexy sky blue eyes made my cock hard in mere seconds.

One thing I would have to work on is some variety as, at the moment, all three of my slaves were blonde. Though Myra was a natural light brunette, the way she had her hair styled made her look more like a blonde now than a brunette.

“I take it you don’t have anything to do at the moment Allie?” I asked, knowing this to be the case since she was sleeping at someone else’s house.

She shook her head, “No Master. This slave is yours to do with what you want. Myra, Joslyn and I discussed this earlier and with Myra still not able to have sex with you and Joslyn needing to get ready for work herself, I volunteered to be the one that would be able to give our Master some pleasure before he went to school.”

“Oh poor you,” I stated laughing as I feigned a sad look, which caused her to giggle as well.

“But if Master does not want this slave, she can…” Allie started to say before being cutoff.

“Not a chance in hell. Now get that cute ass over here before I have to chase you down,” I stated as I curled my finger telling her to come to me.

She bit her lip as I saw her twirling her hair with her other hand. No matter how I looked at her, Allie was always a cute girl on the outside with the mind of a full-fledged woman. She was wise beyond her years and even at her young age, she knew exactly what made her happy, both mentally and sexually. I made a note to possibly explore some of those sexual desires and see exactly what she liked. Maybe a little bondage play or perhaps some public sex or even some role-play. Either way, I would give each one a try, no matter how odd I may find it (okay maybe not all but just about), so I could find out exactly what excited this blonde beauty and keep her as happy as possible.

As she crawled on the bed, I watched as her small but firm breasts bounced. Though she wasn’t close to flat-chested, she was nowhere near the size of Joslyn’s breasts. However, that wasn’t something that bothered me the least bit. Her smaller sized breasts looked perfect on her petite body. Too large and they would not look natural and she would not be as sexy in my eyes. Though I was falling more for her and not just her body. Her sexy and gorgeous body was just an added bonus.

“Hi there Master,” she stated in a seductive voice once she was right over me. I could see my rock-hard cock sitting between our bodies as it pressed against her stomach, begging to be inside of her warm, wet sheath.

“Hello there beautiful,” I responded before taking her lips as my arms wrapped around her lithe body. Her small breasts pressed into my chest as I felt her hard nipples pressing into me. I could feel her wetness as she was dripping like a faucet.

After our kiss broke, I pushed her up into a sitting position as she started to gyrate her hips, running her swollen lips along my shaft. I took her by the hips and lifted her up and slowly brought her back down as my cock parted her lips and became engulfed in that eternal bliss that was her heavenly vagina.

Even after being with each of my three women, I could easily tell each one of them apart but still didn’t have a clear view of who had the better pussy, mouth or complete body. Each one was different but each one also was exceptional in their own way. Allie was not as tight as Myra but was able to grip me in a way that made her feel even tighter each time I was inside of her. I wondered if she was doing this on purpose or if it was just a natural phenomenon that she was able to do. Either way, it made sex with her that much better.

Allie put her small hands on my chest as she started bouncing on my cock. She was moaning loudly as she moved her hips back and forth and up and down. “You love this slave’s pussy don’t you Master,” she said though her moans.

“Damn right Allie. That pussy is perfect for my cock. It was made to be hammered by me,” I responded moaning myself as she continued riding me.

After a few minutes I pulled her towards me and kissed her lips hard as I put my arms around her. I quickly flipped us over so that she was on her back, hearing a muffled yelp as I saw her eyes go wide.

As I pulled back from the kiss, I took her legs in my arms and looked her in the eyes, “We don’t have a lot of time as I don’t want to be late, but I want you to cum with me slave. Can you do that?” I asked her, taking control of the situation.

She nodded, “Yes Master. I can cum whenever Master gives this slave permission,” she responded in a cute voice as she was chewing on her nail. Her eyes were devouring every inch of my body that she could escort balçova see and I was glad that I was as attractive to her as she was to me.

“Good girl. Now, I’m going to fuck you silly. However, when we are done, I want you to call either Joslyn or Myra in here to clean out the present I leave inside of you, understand?” I said in more a statement than a question. She nodded as she moaned again.

My hands slid down her silky-smooth legs until reaching her inner thighs. I knew I didn’t have much time but wanted to make sure that both of us had our orgasms. My body scooted just a few inches closer as I gripped her thighs, just shy of her hips. Her legs wrapped around me the best they could as I saw her hands squeeze hard on the sheets.

I hammered away at her well lubricated cunt for a good five minutes, hearing her moans and pants as she got close to orgasm, but refused to let it hit her, as she waited for me to cum. As I noticed the telltale signs of her orgasm getting close again, I quickly released her thighs and took hold of her wrists. She had previously closed her eyes as she tried to keep herself from orgasming but now her eyes had popped open and she yelped as she felt the tug on her arms. I had a sly grin on my face as her mouth hung agape as she whimpered knowing I was going to wreck her. Though in truth, I would easily bet that she wanted this just as much as I did.

As my upper body leaned back, I held tight on her wrists and started hammering in her hard and fast with lightning quick speed. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Shit! Shit! Shit! You’re breaking my poor pussy Master!” Allie screamed out in pleasure.

“I’m close slave… are you ready?” I asked as I was now panting from the quick and fast movement. I could feel my balls starting to boil as the grip on my cock became unbelievable.

“Yessh Massser! I don’t know how wong I chan hold if!” she yelled as I could tell she was doing everything in her power to stop her orgasm from crashing over but was quickly losing the battle.

It took me less than 30 seconds to feel that last little tingle before I felt my cum shoot up from my balls down my shaft and start to splash against her walls, “NOWWWWW!” I screamed out.

Allie let out a wail as something incoherent came out. Her back arched and I watched as her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her body began to shake violently.

My own hips had slowed, and I gave two last thrusts as I finally stopped, keeping myself buried hilt deep in that sheath of gooey happiness. My lungs were gasping at the air, trying to help me regain what normality they had prior to the extreme exertion that I had just completed.

Allie was not moving and looked almost like she had died. As I leaned forward just slightly, a hand shot up and grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me down onto her. She pulled my head so that it rested on her breasts as my eyes closed enjoying as we embraced one another. I kicked my legs out, quickly, so I could be more comfortable as her other arm came up and wrapped around me.

I could feel our sweat mixing as I heard her heart beating fast. Her chest was rising and falling quickly as she too was out of breath and trying to return to normal. We laid like that for a little while before I opened my eyes and noticed I had to go quickly and take a fast shower so I could have an enjoyable breakfast with my family.

“Gotta run my sweet, sweet slave,” I said as I looked at her lovingly seeing her eyes opening like she was coming out of a dream.

“Go Master. I don’t want you to be late. But…” she paused looking a little timid which was not like her at all, “Can we do something like this again?”

“You really enjoyed it that much?” I asked knowing it was a quick fuck but still fun.

She nodded her head vehemently, “Yes Master! That was the best quick fuck I have ever had. Not only that, you sent me high into the sky!” she replied looking up and pointing to the ceiling.

“Good girl,” I responded kissing her lips lightly. She then looked back at me, “Anything for the girl I love,” I finished, though I just realized that I told her I loved her.

She pulled her head back and held my head with her hands as she looked into my eyes for any deception, “You mean… you mean you love me? Like really love me? Like ‘I love you’ love me?” she asked excitedly, her eyes wide as can be.

I nodded my head with a smile, “Though we have only known each other a little while, I feel like we have known each other all our lives. I can honestly say now that I do love you.” I paused for a second and I could see concern in her eyes, “However, I do want you to know that I do love Myra as well and not just as a slave and sister. I mean I’m in love with her too. Have been for years. But know that I love you just as much as I do her.”

Allie nodded happily, “I don’t mind if you love other women. The nature of our relationship means that you can and probably will fall in love with others. As well as have balçova escort sex with many, many women and I can’t get jealous or upset about it. But to know that you love me and I mean truly love me. That is worth anything I would have to endure.”

I took her hands and kissed them, “Do know that I won’t play with your heart. I will hold it dear to me and try not to make you endure too much. I want to show you how much you mean to me. Whether as your Master or as your love.”

I kissed her once more quickly and jumped up grabbing my towel on my way to the shower. As I entered the shower, I heard Allie calling out to Joslyn and Myra to see who wanted to have the treat she had. Amazingly enough, I was able to make up about three minutes by being quicker in the bathroom, though I have no idea how I did it. Once I was dressed and had my bag, I headed downstairs and to breakfast.

Allie and Myra were still in the nude as Joslyn and Dad were dressed for work. I was served first followed by Dad and Joslyn. Finally Allie and Myra sat down. Amazingly enough, Allie and Myra sat the closest to me and I could almost see Dad looking a little nervous as Allie sat next to him. I even caught him looking at her naked body, but Allie didn’t even notice him nor did she act like she cared whether he or anyone else was looking at her, other than me of course. While she was eating I noticed her constantly looking at me while she would lightly giggle and shake her hips, even occasionally biting her lip between bites. I couldn’t help but look at her and smile back. My declaration of love must have been something she was hoping for and dreaming about. Either that or the sex we had was so phenomenal she couldn’t stop thinking about it or should I say glowing about it.

I directed my attention to Myra who was helping me in setting up the night for Beth. I had let her set it up for the most part and just added in certain details that I wanted. More specifically what toys to bring that would make my revenge on her all the more fun. Do understand that I wasn’t about to cause her any real physical harm or have her do anything that was really fucked up, but I did want her to learn her place. However, in no possible way was I thinking of adding this woman to my group. She had proved to me, through the way she treated me for as long as I worked at the restaurant, that she didn’t deserve it. Myra was mean to me, but did it as she wanted to protect and prepare me for the outside world.

Once all the details were setup, Myra let me know the details of the location where everything was going down. Joslyn and Allie would go with me as well as my escorts for the night. I even found out that the place we were meeting her was a frat house that Myra told me had a bunch of her male pets in it. She even added that those who weren’t her pets, were her friends as well as those in the fraternity that had girlfriends, she was friends with them as well.

I then looked to Dad who was eating away and reading his newspaper as he always did, “Dad. How would you like to join us tonight for some fun?”

He looked up in shock, almost as if he didn’t think we would include him, “Umm… I don’t think I’m still young enough to…” he started to say as I saw sadness in his eyes before I put my hand up and cut him off.

“You will be fine with our group. Plus, I have a surprise if you are interested?” I asked hoping that he would join us. It would be more fun for us to be together, plus I knew he would get a kick out of what I had in store for him.

Dad sat for a minute thinking before finally answering excitedly, “Okay. I will join you. I should be home by 5:30pm if that is okay with all of you?”

I nodded my head, “Yep. We don’t have to be there until around 6:30pm and it is only about 15-20 minutes from here.” I could see the excitement in his eyes of being included with our activities as he probably felt like a part of the family again, especially after what happened. All in all, he was my father and I did love him.

I gave my three women a kiss goodbye, with a much longer kiss from Allie, who was giggling and glowing the entire time, which caused Myra and Joslyn to look at her strange. Joslyn gave her goodbye kisses as did Dad, who looked to my approval though he didn’t need it. However, what shocked us all was that Allie gave Dad a hug and big kiss on the cheek. Dad stood there shocked for a minute, though I don’t know if it was due to a nude woman hugging and kissing him or the fact that this wasn’t his family member. Either way, he shook it off and I took Myra’s car, Joslyn took hers and Dad took his. Once they were dressed and ready to go, Allie would give Myra a ride to my school to pick up her car and Allie would pick me up from school.

The school day went by without any problems. Though the two girls who had flirted with me at lunch previously tried a couple things. One of them was wearing a dress that came up high on her thighs and clearly didn’t wear a bra, while the other was wearing a tight t-shirt that barely covered her midsection and the tightest pair of shorts I have ever seen. However, this didn’t faze me at all. I have three women who are not only willing to do anything for me sexually, but all love me and live to serve me. Why would I bother with these high school girls and their drama?

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