Mart 22, 2021

Dom Sis

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Note: I’ve been a long time reader of the stories on this site. This is the first story I’ve submitted to this or any site. Feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy the story.


Okay, call me a pervert if you like, most people would, I would if I didn’t understand why I did it. If you were in my shoes you would have done the same thing. Or at least you would have wished you had. Really now, what am I saying? I’m just trying to justify my actions. How I purposely planned and executed the most egregious violation of my sister. That’s right my very own sister. It doesn’t matter how many perverts would have done the same thing, it doesn’t make me any less the pervert. Accepting that fact for myself is unsettling enough on it’s own, but I got found out and now she knows too. My life is over. I should just kill myself now. She is going to kill me, or worse tell my parents and let them kill me. A long torturous death by parental disappointment and outrage. Ashamed to have raised such a perverted son. It’s going to be so humiliating. I can hear my mother sobbing and my father… My father is going to freak. Humiliation is the least of my worries. I’ll be lucky to survive the beating he’ll give me. He’ll rip my arm clean off my body and beat me to death with it. What was I thinking, why did I ever do this? The feeling of dark foreboding gnawing away at my insides is unbearable.

I hear a car pulling into the driveway. My anxiety peaks. I know I’m in for it big time. As much as I hope it’s not my sister, I don’t think I could act normal around either of my parents right now and would surely give away that something was up. The last thing I’d want to do is give it up myself if there was any chance of talking my sister out of telling them. I’d do anything to keep that from happening. I sneak a peek out the window to see who it is. Hoping against hope that it’s my sister as much as I don’t want to see her right now.

I still live in my parents two story house, with my mom and dad, and my twin sister. We graduated from high school a year ago, and both attend the local city college. At first we tried to car pool to school but our schedules were all over the place and it just wouldn’t work. My classes are generally early and hers later.

When I got home today, the house was empty, I came up to my room to change clothes and when I walked in I saw it. I froze as my blood ran cold, my heart stopped and my stomach was in my throat. I felt like puking right there. I knew what I saw was the end of life as I knew it. Life as any of us knew it. This was going to be horrible.

There on my monitor screen was the video I was watching last night, or at least a short portion of it repeating itself over and over in a loop. I know it wasn’t running like this when I left this morning. Mom and Dad were long gone by the time I pulled away from the curb. It had to be my sister that left this for me. That I knew for sure, and I’ve been waiting in a state of panic ever since. I’m not one normally given to such distress but this wasn’t just a small thing this was big. Maybe the biggest thing I could do to change everything within my family.

My window looks out to the front yard and has a full view of the driveway and the walk to the front door. My sister is stepping out of her car, wearing a short white pleated skirt, her long, lean, tan legs stretching down to her navy blue Converse. Sporting a matching navy blue tank top, from which her lithe tan arms reach down to flatten her skirt as she stands. Turning to bend over and retrieve her back pack her skirt rides slightly up her firm perfect ass. Her skirt is just long enough to keep that bit of perfection covered from sight from this second story perch. I know I would have gotten an eyeful had I been downstairs on the couch looking out the living room window, and it’s easy to imagine what it looks like as I’ve seen it naked many, many times. I felt my cock making itself known in my pants, and I snapped back to reality. She’s walking briskly toward the front door. I know she knows I’m watching but she never looks up. Staring unflinchingly ahead as she walks out of my view. I scramble for my bed, back against the headboard and the adjacent wall, staring at my door awaiting her entrance and the hell to begin.

I hear the front door open and shut, the sound of her steps across the entry floor, and start up the wooden stairs. The unmistakable squeaking of her Converse on the wood floor and stair treads getting increasingly loud as they came nearer to my door. The anticipation of her swinging that door open and letting into me is excruciating. I can hear her reach the top of the stairs and start towards my room. Walking briskly still she closes the distance quickly and stops directly outside my room, I sit there frozen in dread and she starts off again toward her own room and I hear her door close shut quietly. I have no idea what this means. Maybe she’s not mad at me? No way. There is no way she would be alright with what she left running on my computer.

I bahis firmaları dashed over to my machine and turned the monitor on. The video loop she left is still running. The subject of the video is my beautiful naked sister laying on the bed with her legs spread wide, giving the camera an unobstructed view of her most private moment. Her knees are up, feet planted on the mattress, heels pulled tightly against her butt as the fingers of her one hand strain to spread the lips of her pussy, exposing her clit to the ministrations of the fingers of her other hand. And she is working it fast and furious. Rubbing fast small circles on the clit, periodically diving her middle finger down into her sopping wet cunt, retrieving and returning her juices back to lube her clit is she brings herself to a massive orgasm. Her fingers covering her opening as her knees slap together. It is the hottest scene ever as she rolls her body onto it’s side shuddering as the waves of her orgasm roll through her and finally subside. As she brings her fingers to her mouth and begins to suck the glistening wetness from them the loop abruptly starts again from 15 seconds earlier and the climax plays again, and again, and again, for hours now.

I minimize the window quickly and start up my home security software. A grid will soon appear that shows the incoming feed from the array of 16 hidden cameras I had installed last summer when the rest of my family went on a week’s vacation. I conveniently could not get the time off of work and much to my family’s disappointment I couldn’t join them.

I had a part time job at a small local electronic store that specializes in home security, I had worked there for two years and they seemed to like me a lot. Getting the time off really wasn’t a problem. I took it off and spent the time installing a state of the art video monitoring system. The intent of which was solely focused on one thing, capturing as much of my sister as I could. Every night when I went off to bed I would pull up the days catch to see what I got. The video capture never failed to provide all the motivation I needed to jack off two or three times each night.

Hours and hours of my beautiful sister doing everything from just studying naked in her room, to fucking her boyfriends in her bed when the parents were at work or out of town. She had turned out to be quite a bit more sexually active than I had ever imagined. I was hoping to capture video of her partially clothed and perhaps occasionally naked, but I had no idea that she spent 95% of her time within her room naked, and many of those occasions included some kind of sexual activity.

Her sexual endeavors varied, consisting mostly of masturbation, a few good fuck sessions, a lot of oral sex, both giving and receiving, and the biggest surprise of all was catching her on a few occasions fooling around with a couple of her girlfriends. Full on lesbian action. It was the hottest shit I’d ever seen. She was getting off one way or another a couple times a day. I was getting off twice as much just watching her. She was always front and center for my jack off sessions and she never failed to get me off. I was slinging sperm all over the place because of her. Only then she didn’t know it. Now she does and I’m dead.

Finally the grid appears, and I see that all the cameras are working properly, except the one that shot the video she had left running this morning. She had found it, and it appears she hasn’t disabled it but simply placed something in front of it to block it’s view. Before I get a chance to check any of the feeds or their captured video I hear her opening her door. I hit exit, turn the monitor off and jump back to my spot on the bed. She starts toward my room but stops and enters the restroom closing the door behind her.

I’m tempted to check my bathroom cams to see what she’s doing but I’m afraid she’ll be quick and catch me. I just sit there frozen, heart beating hard and fast, my stomach full of angst. The time stretches on excruciatingly, I continue to question if I have time to check on her, but the risk is too great. As it turns out she took almost 10 minutes in the restroom, and I just sat there stricken in fear the entire time.

When she opened the door and started my way her footsteps sounded different from before. No longer was each step accompanied by the tell tale squeak of rubber soled sneakers, but now it’s a heavy clunk with a different lighter squeak. She made her way to my closed door directly, she grasped the door knob and without a word she flung the door open.

I couldn’t bear to see the anger directed at me as she entered my room and my hands went to cover my tightly shut eyes. I heard her take three heavy steps into my room and she stopped near the foot of my bed. She stood in front of me silently. For what seemed like an eternity, she didn’t say a word, the only sound was a rhythmic slapping sound I couldn’t place. Finally her voice pierced the silence when she said.

“Are you tired of kaçak iddaa perving over your twin sister? Or are you just too much of a pussy to do it in person?”

I kept my hands over my eyes and began to say; “I, I’m sorry, I just…”

But she immediately barked “Shut up! I don’t want to hear it!”

I heard her take another step toward me and I felt a sharp pain in the fingers of both my hands. She had hit me with something and it seriously hurt. I couldn’t help but pull my hands away from my face, but I kept my eyes shut, cowering below her in shame.

“Open your eyes you little fuck!” she yelled.

She had never spoken to me in this way before she had always been very reserved and polite.

“I said open your eyes you coward! Look at me when I speak to you!” she continued and I only shook my head no.

“Open your fucking eyes or I’ll hit you again, harder this time and I’ll split your head wide open! I swear to God you little fuck. I’ll fucking do it!” she screamed down at me.

I could tell she wasn’t fooling around at all, she was pissed and spitting nails. I raised my head and slowly opened my eyes. I was shocked at what I saw standing before me. My jaw dropped as I looked her up from her feet to her head and back down again. She stood three feet from me with her legs spread in an aggressive stance. She wore thigh high patent leather lace up boots with closely spaced eyelets, 8″ heels and 4″ thick soles. Her bare legs grew out from the boots and continued up until she was once again covered this time by an extremely skimpy pair of black patent leather boy shorts, so small were they that they barely covered her shaved pussy in front and no doubt settled well below the ass crack in back and covered no more than a 3″ strip of her ass cheeks leaving the full bottom of each fully exposed. My eyes continue upwards taking in my sister’s body and attire. Bare from just above the cleft of her cunt to just above her navel, her midriff and breasts were hidden, drawn in tight by a perfectly fit black patent leather corset, with just the tops of her tits bulging out to tantalize my eyes. Her hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail on the top of her head and her arms are held out in front of her clad in patent leather half arm fingerless gloves. She scowls down at me on my bed and she’s slapping a braided leather riding crop into palm of her leather clad hand.

As I am looking down at her feet I say “I’m sorry…”

To which she immediately barked “Shut up!” and whacked me upside the head with her crop.

I cried out at the unexpected pain, and she yelled, “Shut up!, Quit your yelping. I barely even hit you. It didn’t even leave a mark. I told you not to speak. You will do as I say, exactly as I say, without hesitation, and without question or comment. Or I will hit you, and I will hit you hard!”

Then Whack! and a disorienting rush of pain as she hit me upside the head once again, which she punctuated with a loud “Like that! You got it?”

I began to nod in agreement and she hit me again; Whack! and shouted “Do you understand!?”

I just yelled back “Yes, yes, I…”

Whack! and she yelled “Shut up!”

I sat silent with my eyes cast down.

She barked “Look at me when I’m speaking to you!”

Without hesitation I lifted my head and fixed my gaze upon my sisters face.

“Good, that’s better brother. Now stand up, with your hands behind your back.” she said in a more controlled cooler tone.

Before she could finish her words I was on my feet silently standing in front of her, staring straight ahead.

“Nice video” she said. I said nothing.

“Clever hiding spot for the camera as well. I doubt I would have ever noticed it had I not seen the video first.” she continued.

This was important to me. Somehow she had come across the video on my computer and had determined the location of the camera from it. That explains why only that camera had something blocking it’s view. Perhaps she only knew of the one camera and has no idea of the full extent and depravity of my surveillance system’s capabilities. Maybe she only thinks I’m a little bit perverted.

“So tell me how long have you been recording your sisters private moments?” she asked.

Unsure of whether I was supposed to speak I started to say; “Not long…”

But she again barked “Shut up!”

Her riding crop had a small flap of leather at the end and she snapped it hard against the right nipple of my bare chest.

I doubled over in pain and let out a small cry, as she yelled “Stand up, you fucking baby!”

As I rose back to a standing position she snapped that thing again, this time against my left nipple. It was everything I could do not to yell out or move away in fear and pain, but I stood there in hopes she would stop at that.

“There, there, that’s much better brother. Stand and take it like a man.” She said as she took a step back and looked me up and down slowly.

As her eye roamed downwards they came to rest on kaçak bahis my crotch, she lingered there for a moment before continuing her inspection. I had not paid any attention until this moment but my cock was standing at full attention, straining against the waistband of my jeans. Trying it’s best to peek out over the top. I truly wished I was wearing a shirt at that moment as I could feel my stiff cock pushing it’s way to daylight as my sister stepped from side to side taking a close inventory of my parts.

“Looks like someone’s happy to see me.” She said with a coy smile, adding “well isn’t that just darling. It’s starting to peek out at me.”

I stood there mortified. I was as embarrassed as I have ever been, and I could feel the heat in my cheeks as I blushed profusely and the blood filled my face.

I must have been beet red, when she said; “Oh, is brother embarrassed? Is it embarrassing to stand in front off your sister, fully aroused, evidenced by the hard red head of your fully erect penis jutting out of your pants?”

I quickly glanced down and was shocked by the sight. She wasn’t kidding the entire head and a portion of the shaft, down to the circumcision scar where jutting out. There I stood fully exposed and leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. Causing a wet spot on the front of my jeans as it dribbled downwards. I couldn’t believe it, this was a nightmare. It was bad enough for her to know I was spying on her, but to have to stand here in front of her, just stand here like this was more than I could bare. I brought my hand around to tuck my cock back below my waistband, which she quickly noticed and Whack! she slapped that crop hard across my knuckles barely missing my cock.

She said “Huh, uh. You leave it like it is. It’s going to be a good lesson for you to learn how it feels to have someone else see you, see all of you, and everything it is that you do, when you have no privacy. No say in what they can watch and what they cannot.”

She turned quickly to one side and walked several paces, turned and walked the other direction several more, all the while appearing to be deep in thought. I stood there silently, with my cock sticking out leaking on myself. Suddenly she walked directly to me, stopping within 6″ of me. Looking me directly in the eyes as I felt her hand grasp onto my cock head, stroking it till the fingers of her hand were heavily glazed with my pre-cum.

She put her lips next to my ear and began to whisper, “Tell me brother, did it turn you on? Did it make you cum? Did it fill you with an incestuous lust to see your sex crazed sister in the waning moments of her orgasm? Lying there spent, and covered in her own cum? Withdrawing her fingers from her own sopping wet pussy, drawing them up to her mouth and lapping and sucking on them like a baby suckling from her mother’s breast!? Did it!? Did you get off on seeing me in my most private and intimate act of self indulgence? Did you get off knowing I couldn’t do anything about your watching me? Recording me? Did it!? Tell me! Did it get you off brother!? So depraved to lust after your own flesh and blood! You can’t deny it now brother, I’ve got the proof in the palm of my hand!”

At which point she squeezed my cock tight in her hand pulling back to once again stare into my eyes as she said; “Did you? Did you like it brother? Did you like seeing me eat my own cum!? Did you!?”

I looked into her eyes nodding my head yes and began to say “Yes, yes I…”

She immediately slapped me silly across the face. I’m not sure what caused what but I remember feeling it when it happened, and at this moment I attained a new high point of embarrassment as I let loose of my cum into the grasp of my sisters hand. Filling it and no doubt seeping between her fingers.

As she smiled into my face and asked me “Is that how you came watching me?”

I started to say “No…” but before I could utter a word she jabbed the cum soaked fingers of her hand into my mouth scraping the cum from them with my lower teeth as she just as quickly withdrew them.

She quickly stepped back raising her crop and said in a stern voice “Swallow it brother. Or, so help me, I’ll knock you into next week!”

She just stood there arm raised, poised to strike me putting the full force of her body behind it should I not comply. I looked at her, my mouth thick with my own ejaculate, and I swallowed hard. It was warm, with a sour bitterness to it. It was thick, and it almost made me puke, but I swallowed it as my sister had commanded.

It just kept getting worse. Every time I thought I had never been so embarrassed in my life I would be treated to greater a humiliation. To have your sister find out you’ve been spying on her, making video recordings of her most private activities. Using those recordings for your own depraved masturbatory fantasy incest fests. Then to be abused physically by her only to become sexually aroused by it in front of her. Made to expose your arousal, and brought to ejaculate into her hand. Forced to eat your own cum in front of her at her behest. That’s a shit pot full of embarrassment and humiliation all in one day. I was at my breaking point and didn’t know how much more of this I could take.

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