Şubat 1, 2021

DJ Pt. 37

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Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay boy, 15 year old Fernando, whose father has kicked him out (which happens way too often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) have placed him with foster parents, a married straight couple. There is no direct, or implied, sexual activity between Fernando and any other character in this story.

* * * * * *

In Part 37

DJ is ‘Almost’ back to normal

Joe takes Aggie’s papers to Steve

Damion and Brandon start researching

Phil and Bryan rent an apartment

Fernando finds a special gift

Joe discovers startling information

Fernando helps celebrate Danny’s birthday

* * * * * *

DJ Part 37

Sunday night, when DJ and Jamie left the pizzeria to go to the Seldon home, they took an extra large pizza with them to share with Karen and Carl. Carl is a supervisor at a local manufacturing plant, but he is also a shift worker. His work schedule Monday through Friday is from 4:00 PM to 12:30 AM so he normally gets home about 1:00 AM, and is off on weekends.

On Monday morning, March 12th, Karen and Carl were both at the kitchen table having coffee when Jamie and DJ came out to join them about 7:30 AM, both boys freshly showered. Bryan joined them about 7:45. Karen fixed the three boys some breakfast, as they needed to leave for campus about 8:30, finally returning to school, after the unpleasant events of the previous week. Out of respect for DJ, everyone avoided the mention of Granny’s death or the funeral.

“This old house seems strangely empty,” Karen lamented, “I miss having Damion and Brandon around, has anyone heard from them since they went back home?”

DJ, pulling his phone out, “I got a text from Damion in the middle of the night, he said they arrived safe and sound, without incident, and are now home in Frisco, and they miss all of us!” Then, his eyes wet, “I wonder if they miss us as much as I miss them?”

“DJ and I had a blast with them Saturday, and they grew on me pretty strong,” Jamie commented, “they’re AOK in my book, even if they are straight!”

That comment drew chuckles from Karen and Carl, and triggered DJ to display that patented smile we all love to see. Slowly but surely, the DJ that we know and love is returning.

“Jamie,” DJ suggested, “maybe while we’re out of school this summer, we could go to Frisco and hook up with them for a couple days.”

“DJ,” Jamie said, “I think June is Gay Pride Month, maybe we could kill two birds with one stone! Visit our cousins, AND take part in the Gay Pride celebrations too.”

“If you do that,” Bryan interjected, “could you take a couple of hitch hikers with you? Phil and I would love to be in Frisco during Gay Pride!”

“Damion and Brandon don’t have any place to put us up,” DJ said, “and hotel prices will be sky high during Pride.”

“It might not be THAT bad,” Bryan said, “the four of us could share a two-bed room, you guys would have one bed and Phil and I would have the other, it wouldn’t be like sharing a room with strangers.”

“It’s only March 12th,” Jamie said, “we have plenty of time to make plans. Going to Gay Pride sounds really exciting, and it just might be something we can swing.”

“What time will you guys be back for lunch today?” Karen asked.

“I don’t think we will be, Mom,” Jamie said, “DJ and I missed three days of classes last week, and we need to try and see the professors to find out what we missed. I think we’ll just grab something in the cafeteria today. DJ has to open in the morning, so we’ll probably just head to Dad’s house today after we leave campus, and likely hit the books.”

DJ and Jamie left about 8:30 and headed to campus in DJ’s Tracker. Bryan was leaving a little later, as his first class was an hour later, and he wasn’t going to DJ’s house after class today.

“Carl,” Karen said, “I think I’m a little uncomfortable about the boys going to Gay Pride. Something might happen to them.”

“Honey,” Carl replied, smiling, “it’s not set in concrete yet. We can’t keep them in the nest forever, they need to learn to fly.” Carl and Karen shared a loving kiss and hug.

* * * * * *

Joe and I got up about 9:00 AM. While the coffee was brewing, I started a dozen eggs to boil, planning to make tuna and egg salad for sandwiches. Being a Monday, I anticipated our sons (yes, we consider Jamie our son too) to come here after their classes and spend the night. DJ normally works an open to close shift on Tuesdays. We finished breakfast about 10:30 and Joe grabbed the box with Mom’s paperwork and left to take it to Steve Jones’s office.

I am scheduled to work at 3:00 PM today, and Joe’s partner, Mike, will be picking him up about 3:00 also. Shortly before 11:00 AM I received a call from DJ.

“Dad,” DJ said, “I just wanted to let you know that Jamie and I won’t be home for lunch today. We need to catch up with our professors, and find out what we missed last week, and get the assignments, so we can catch up. We’ll see you tonight when casino şirketleri you get home.”

“Thanks for letting me know, Son. There will be a bowl of tuna-egg salad in the fridge, so you and Jamie can make sandwiches when you get hungry. We both love you and Jamie very much, and we’ll see you tonight.”

“Thanks, Dad,” DJ replied, “we know that you and Dad love us a lot, but it’s always reassuring to hear you say it again. We both have unlimited love for you and Dad too, see you tonight.”

Joe returned about 11:30, and told me that we had an appointment with Steve Jones at 1:00 PM Wednesday to go over Mom’s paperwork.

“We,” I questioned, “I don’t really want to get involved with your family’s business.”

“Doug,” Joe stated, a couple of tears slipping from his eyes, “Once we got married, Aggie became just as much your mother as she was mine. I suspect that, when we find out just what is in her paperwork, things might become a little emotional, and I want you by my side! Aren’t the boys coming by for lunch today?”

“No,” I said, “DJ called me a while ago, he and Jamie are trying to hook up with their professors to find what they missed, so they can catch up. They will be here overnight, as normal, and DJ is open to close tomorrow.”

Joe and I spent some private time together, and then prepared for work. I left about 2:30 PM and Mike picked Joe up around 3:00 PM.

* * * * * *

Monday afternoon, about 3:00 PM Pacific time, Brandon made a call to Damion, calling his cell number. Damion answered.

“Hi Bro, what’s up?”

“Dami, are you busy?” Brandon asked.

“Well,” Damion answered, “I’m working, but I can give you a few.”

“I got into the computer lab here at school, and I got into the web site for the college where DJ and Jamie go. I hope you don’t mind, they’re sending me a catalog and some other information, but I gave them your mailing address. I don’t want that stuff coming to Mom and Dad’s house.”

“Wise move, Bran,” Damion said, “I’ll be watching for it, and I will let you know when it gets here. I’m planning to get online tonight, after I get to the apartment, and see what possibilities I can find for employment out there. Did Mom and Dad give you any hassle about what time we got in last night?”

“Not too bad, they wanted to know what we did, and I told them we mostly looked around, and checked out the casino’s. They asked if we made any money, and I told them we didn’t do any gambling, cause we didn’t have money to lose, and we took in a couple of shows. I’m pretty sure they bought my story.”

“Now, Bran, if they ask me, I can tell them the same story. If we need to lie, it’s important that our stories match! I gotta get back to work, catch ya later.” They both hung up.

* * * * * *

Being a Monday, Fernando just finished gym class and most of the boys had worked up a pretty good sweat. Coach had cautioned them about not going right outside where it was cooler without a shower to help close up their pores. Fernando had noticed that at least three of the other boys in his gym class also had uncut penis’s and was now less self conscious about other boys seeing his, and showered with the others.

After showering, he dried himself well, put on clean boxer-briefs, and dressed in his sweats for softball practice. Coach Fritton was quite pleased with his decision to make a pitcher out of Fernando, and Fernando was improving with every practice session. Ron and Fernando were gradually becoming friends as well, and practiced well together. Ron was now dating Fernie’s best friend, Liz.

The activity bus dropped Fernando and Ron both off at the stop close to where Fernando lived, Ron headed to Liz’s house and Fernie to his home. Maria dished up dinner, and she, Antonio and Fernando all sat down to eat. Maria and Antonio both noticed a look of concern on Fernando’s face.

“Son,” Antonio asked, “is something troubling you?”

“Kinda,” Fernie replied, “you know that Danny’s parents have asked me to help celebrate Danny’s 17th birthday this Saturday night?”

“Josh White, Danny’s father asked if we would allow you to go with them,” Antonio said, “do you not want to go?”

“Of course I want to go, and help him celebrate.” Fernando said, “I also want to give him a birthday gift, but it needs to be something very special, because Danny and I are special friends.”

“What are you thinking of, sweetheart?” Maria asked.

“I’m thinking maybe a nice men’s bracelet, engraved,” Fernie replied.

“I hope you’re not thinking of engraving it with ‘Danny & Fernando’ or something like that.” Maria said.

“No,” Fernie replied, “that would be too obvious! And it would out both of us. I’m thinking something more like ‘Friends are Forever’, I’m hoping I can get one for less than $100.”

“That would be a lot to spend on a birthday gift for a friend,” Maria said.

“Mom,” Fernando countered, “you can’t put a price on friendship!”

“You can’t argue with that, Hun,” Antonio said, smiling.

“Hold on a minute,” Fernie said, “I’ll be right back.”

About casino firmaları two minutes later Fernando returned, with a fist full of cash.

“Dad,” Fernie said, “I’ve got $105 that I’ve saved up from tips. Can you please take this with you to the store tomorrow? I don’t want to carry that much around with me. I’ll get it from you when I get home from school, and then go to the jewelry store and see what I can find.”

“Sure, Son,” Antonio said, “and I hope you can find what you’re looking for.”

* * * * * *

Tuesday morning everyone at the Seldon home slept in. DJ and Jamie had spent the night at our house, Bryan had been off on Monday and had no classes Tuesday morning, Phil got home about 11:30 Monday night, and Carl about 1:00 AM. Phil and Bryan were both scheduled off Tuesday.

Karen woke up about 9:00 AM and made coffee. While drinking her first cup, Bryan and Phil came out and joined her. Since both were off from work today, and Bryan had no classes, they had decided to check out some apartments today. Carl got up and joined the rest about 9:45 AM. Since Bryan and Phil wanted to go apartment hunting, Karen cooked up some breakfast for all of them.

After Phil and Bryan left, Karen and Carl just sat at the table, and nursed third cups of coffee.

“You know honey,” Karen said, “I’m feeling that this house is just getting too big, maybe it’s time to sell it, and downsize to something like maybe a two bedroom house, one for us, and a guest room.”

“Baby,” Carl said, “I think maybe you should just find a hobby, something to absorb some of your time and energy. You’re bored when you don’t have these boys around to occupy your time. Even if Phil and Bryan get their own place, we still have Jamie and DJ here, at least four days a week, and they still have another full year of college ahead of them after this semester.”

“I was a little surprised at how well our boys and the California cousins blended together.” Karen said. “Damion and Brandon were raised by homophobes, yet it seems that neither of those boys inherited that trait.”

“It was quite evident, when they were parting Saturday night, that there was nothing but a lot of love between the four of them. That was a very emotional scene.” Carl said.

* * * * * *

Phil and Bryan checked out several apartments before they found the one they really liked. It was a one-bedroom basement apartment in a three-story complex. They had to go down a flight of stairs to get to the apartment, and it had a concrete floor, whereas the upper two stories, one at parking lot level and the other up a flight of stairs were both two-bedroom apartments, and were priced somewhat higher.

The rental agent said there were only a few of the apartments in this complex that were furnished, and, if they wished, the queen-sized bed could be replaced with two twin beds. They both desired the queen bed. The agent smiled, knowingly, he’d dealt with same sex couples before!

As they were renting the apartment in both of their names, they both needed to fill out credit apps. The rent was $500 a month and included heat and water, electric and cable were additional. A $250 deposit would ‘hold’ the apartment until April 1st, pending credit approval, which should take 24 to 48 hours. If approved, they would be need to pay April’s rent of $500 and could take possession on April 1st. There was a $100 non-refundable ‘processing fee’ they would need to pay today. Phil paid the deposit and Bryan paid the $100 fee. If everything works out, and the credit is approved, they will have their own apartment on April 1st.

* * * * * *

Tuesday afternoon the school bus dropped Fernando off at the shopping center and he walked into the pizzeria. After receiving his ‘welcome hugs’ from Antonio and Maria he carried his backpack into the party room and dropped it on a table, and returned to Antonio.

“Dad,” Fernando asked, “do you have that money I asked you to bring in today?”

“Yes and no,” Antonio replied, smiling, “it’s not as big a wad as you gave me last night. You had a lot of Ones and Fives that we could use for change here, so I swapped them out for Twenties, but it’s still $105.”

Fernie, first frowning, then smiling, “You had me worried for a minute, Dad, if I can get that from you, I’d like to go shopping.” Antonio handed Fernando the money.

“Don’t be too long,” Maria said, “our dinner will be ready about 5:00.”

“I’ll be back by then,” Fernando replied, leaving the pizzeria and jogging across the parking lot to the Jewelry store on the other side. He entered the store, and an older man greeted him.

“Good Afternoon, young man, how may I help you?”

“I’m looking for a special Birthday Gift for a special friend,” Fernie answered, “do you have any men’s bracelets that can be engraved?”

“I sure do,” the jeweler replied, bringing two out from the case, “We have this one in Gold, and this one in Silver.”

“They’re beautiful,” Fernando said, “how much are they?”

The jeweler, looking underneath the boxes, “The gold one is $179 and the güvenilir casino Silver is $139.”

Fernando, his face cringed, “Ooooh! I’ve only got about $100 to work with.”

“Would you consider stainless steel?” the jeweler asked, they might be more in your price range.” Fernando nodded, and the jeweler reached into the case and brought out a similar bracelet in SS. It was still pretty.

“How much would that be?” Fernando asked.

“The bracelet itself is $49 plus $10 per side, if you want it engraved.”

“So that would be $69, if I have both sides engraved?” Fernie asked.

“Plus tax, of course,” he said, “Do you think that will work?”

“Yep!” Fernie exclaimed, “When would it be ready?”

“If you buy it, and pay for it today, I can have it for you Thursday, is that soon enough?”

“Yeah,” Fernando said, “his birthday isn’t until Saturday, let’s do it!”

“I just thought of something,” the jeweler said, “this is for your friend?”

“Danny is more than just a friend,” Fernie said, “He’s my best friend!”

“If I can find it,” the jeweler stated, “I think I have something even better for you, hold tight for a couple.” He went into the back.

About five minutes later he returned, holding a small jewelry case.

“This was special ordered by a guy, probably about a year ago,” the jeweler explained, “He paid the 20% deposit for a special order, and after it arrived, he said he didn’t need it, so I got stuck with it. What do you think?”

The jeweler opened the case and Fernando’s eyes fell upon the stainless steel bracelet. It had an engraved drawing on the end, showing two hands in a handshake and the engraved lettering ‘Always Friends’. Fernando looked at the backside, which was blank.

“It’s perfect!” Fernando exclaimed, smiling, “Can I still get our initials engraved on the back?”

“I’ll make you a deal,” the jeweler said. “That was a $99.00 bracelet, but since the guy had paid the 20% deposit, leaving a $79.00 balance due, if you want it, I’ll let you have it for the $69.00 you would have paid for the other one, and I’ll engrave the back for free.”

“Mister,” Fernie said, grinning, “you’ve got a deal! I know that Danny is going to love it!”

The jeweler started filling out the sales receipt, “What is your name, young man?”

“Fernando Gomez,” Fernie replied.

“And what do you wish engraved on the back?”

“Our initials, FG and DW, and his birthday, March 17th. Danny is turning 17 on the 17th!” Fernando exclaimed, smiling.

“OK,” the jeweler said,” the bracelet is $69.00 and with tax, that comes to $77.28. How are you paying?”

“Cash,” Fernie replied, handing the jeweler four $20.00 bills. The man took his money and went to the cash register, bringing back $2.72 in change. He wrote on the receipt, in big letters, Paid In Full.

“Fernando,” the jeweler said, “it’s been a pleasure, and we appreciate your patronage. Bring that receipt in as proof of purchase, and we’ll have that bracelet ready by Thursday afternoon.”

“It probably will be Friday when I pick it up,” Fernando said, “I have softball practice Thursday and you’ll be closed by the time I get home.”

“We close at 5:30 on weekdays,” the jeweler stated, “but we’re open until 8:00 on Friday evenings. Oh, and tell your friend ‘Happy Birthday’ for me.”

“I’ll try to remember to do that,” Fernando replied, smiling, “and thank you so much for your assistance, see you Friday.”

Fernando was elated, and skipped across the parking lot to the pizzeria. He could hardly wait to tell Maria and Antonio what he’d found, the perfect birthday gift for Danny! He even had over $25 left over.

* * * * * *

Joe and I woke up about 9:30 AM on Wednesday morning, March 14th. We’d both worked the night before, but we are both normally scheduled off on Wednesdays, and Joe also has Thursdays off. The boys are back in school once again, and won’t be staying with us again until Friday night. Joe asked me to go with him when he has his appointment with Steve Jones at 1:00 PM today.

With nothing pressing this morning, we shared coffee, each other’s companionship, and a leisurely brunch at home, and left for Steve’s office about 12:30 PM, arriving there about 12:50.

Steve’s secretary, Brenda, welcomed us, and told us to have a seat and Steve would be with us shortly. Just a couple of minutes later, Steve came out of his office and invited us in and Joe and I sat in front of his big desk.

“Joe,” Steve said, “are you comfortable discussing your Mom’s estate in front of Doug?”

“Of course, Steve,” Joe replied, “Doug questioned me about that, and I told him, and I’ll tell you, once Doug and I married, my Mom became his Mom as well as mine.”

“Are you aware that your Mom recently made a new will?” Steve asked, “when I say recently, it was while she was living at the GASC, and I think while you guys were still on your honeymoon.”

Joe, shaking his head, “I was not aware of that.”

“She evidently contacted the brothers, James and James, to re-evaluate her estate. James and James specialize in estate planning, and they are pretty straightforward. I have to respect them. Her will is dated January 24th of this year. If you and Julia were expecting a windfall from her passing, you’re both going to be disappointed.”

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