Mart 17, 2021

Dirty Hairy Ch. 2

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Big Dick

My mother grabbed my monster cock and went to work. My dick was so fat that she couldn’t get her hands around it and when she tried to put it in her mouth she could only get a few inches in. My head was so thick she couldn’t manage any more than 4 inches. Here I was having my mother suck my massive cock and I felt I was in a dream.

A few whores on high street had sucked me off before but I hardly felt as good as I felt now with my cock being deep throated by my hairy mother. I saw her armpits were drenched with her exertions as drops of sweat feel from her matted hairy armpits onto the floor. The aroma from her armpits was making my head spin around or was it her hot mouth on my raging dick. My uncle was encouraging her on and he began to talk dirty to her knowing she would come at his words.

“You love sucking cock you cocksucker. How many cocks you have sucked remember eating Tony’s cock with mine together. Eat that dick Linda eat your son’s massive cock. You hairy whore this is what you wanted. You know this is what you dreamed about. He’s going to fuck your hairy ass hard and deep with all 10 inches of it and you’re going to tell us how much you like it. While he’s fucking your ass you’ll be swallowing my big dick as well. We’re going to cum all over your pretty face and you will beg for more.”

My mother’s body began to shake and she came hard. I said “she’s cumming with my dick in her mouth. I can’t believe this is happening.” Linda moaned over the dick in her mouth and Bill pushed her head farther onto my cock as she struggled to breathe.

“Fuck your mother you bastard tear her apart “ Bill shouted as he pushed his massive phallus onto her face and replaced my cock with his bigger prick. bahis firmaları He straddled the bed and moved up to Linda’s head and pointed his dick down to her and lowered himself into her mouth. He stuffed her mouth just as she began to let out a moan. All my mother could do was groan her approval as she was having her face fucked by Bill. I stood up and placed my big cock head at the entrance of her hairy pussy.

Was this for real was I going to put my dick into my mother’s bushy pussy. I stared at the thick brush of jet-black hair at the juncture of her thighs hiding her clit. It blocked her passage as she struggled with Bill’s massive organ stuffed into her face. Her arms were locked behind her head revealing the dripping carpet of coarse hair in her furry armpits. I reached out and touched the wet bristling jet-black hair in her unshorn underarms and then stroked my dick and rubbed it up and down her lips and suddenly shoved it into her hole.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I groaned as I pushed a few inches of my loving dick into her and began to pump. My mother’s back rose from the bed when I shoved it in and she let out a muffled scream over Bill’s throbbing dick which was being stuffed into her mouth. “C’mon son fuck your horny mother hard and deep she loves it. Show her what that dick of yours can do. Needing no further encouragement I started to pound her bushy pussy. I pushed 8 inches in and out of her wanton hole while Bill continued to give her a face fuck.

She was in a constant state of frenzy. Her body was tingling all over and she felt, as she would just pass out from orgasmic pressure. I was ploughing my mother’s hairy body making her whole body vibrate with each stroke. She was moaning and grunting kaçak iddaa over Bill’s massive member in her mouth and he was still talking to her as I shoved my prick deep into her. Bill was standing now and shoving his cock into her face his balls hanging against her chin as she raised her arms and put her hands onto the thick hair on his chest. Her arms raised I glanced at the gleaming hair in her underarm forest. The sweat filled underarms exhaled a musky aroma as I pushed my tongue down into her hairy armpits.

I felt great and I nearly swooned as I pushed my mouth onto her bushy armpits. “Aaaahhhhhhhh Yyyyyyeeeeeessssss I love my mother’s unshaven armpits” as I sucked at the long coarse hair in her jet-black bushy underarms. Bill too was now screaming out and shouting out loud which was turning her on even more

“You like this don’t you? You love having these two men at one time you cock sucking hairy whore? You love to be fucked like a bitch in heat don’t you Linda?”

Bill pulled his engorged cock out of her mouth so she could answer.

“Yes Bill I want to be fucked by my son. His cock is even bigger than his father’s. You know I love to suck two cocks and also being fucked in my hairy asshole. Please fuck me. I love it. I want your dicks in every hole. Fill me up and fuck me like a starving slut. I want two dicks in my bushy armpits as well. I can take 7 dicks at one time. Bill darling I want more than the two of you,” my mother screamed as I fucked her a shocked look coming across my face.

I picked up my pace and began to move my body so fast if that was what my mother wanted. I would fuck her so hard that she would be crying out for my hard dick as I pushed my entire head into kaçak bahis the huge quantity of bushy hair in her unshaven pits. I grabbed my mother’s armpits and pulled her onto my dick with every stroke. The sound of pelvic collisions filled the room as I was shoving all 10 inches of my monster cock into her hirsute body. She was screaming on every thrust as I was fucking her hard and deep and she felt like I was going to bust her open. “Oh fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me my big cocked son. Take my hairy pussy. Take it suck my hairy underarms!”

Bill then pulled Linda up onto her hands and knees and took my place behind Linda to fuck her doggy style like she loved it. She then bent over and took my still raging dick into her mouth. Bill then started to slap her hairy ass rapidly while she sucked me off. “I’m going to fuck you real good you hairy cock sucking whore. He then put his dick at her entrance and pushed forward savagely slamming his raging cock into Linda to the hilt. Every stroke was powerful and deep as he was knocking the breath from her body on each thrust. She was being fucked so hard she couldn’t even concentrate on sucking my cock so I took matters into my own hands and grabbed on both sides of her head and force fed my dick to her mouth. I had her head in my hands and was fucking her face obscenely. Her mouth was inhumanly stretched and she was grunting and groaning on every stroke her pussy received.

Bill pushed forward and buried his entire cock in her ass as she threw her head back He held his cock there and began to grind and twist his cock into her butt. Her ass was stuffed with cock and he started cuming as she wailed into another orgasm. I was ready to burst open and I took my cock from her mouth and started shooting onto her face. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I am cuuuummmmiiinnnnnnggggg” I screamed as shots of my sperm fell onto her hair face and finally settled into her bushy armpits.

I had finally cum home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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