Mart 17, 2021

Dirty Book Store Ch. 01

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Solo Male

Just to be clear this is not a true story, it is based off a dream I had a few weeks ago, I figured with a little embellishment it would be a really hot story, let’s hope I was right. 😉


It seems I’ve always been a sexual person, so it was no surprise to my friends when I got a job at the counties local porn shop. Kids in the area call it the “Dirty Book Store,” because of the false booksellers store front. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I am also a poor college kid and the job pays really well. I am one of only 3 females on staff (part of the reason we all get paid big bucks…most of our customers are men so the boss man loves to have us there to play). The other girls, Susan and Cathy, are a few years older than me, (I’m 19), in their early 20’s. We all have our specialties; Cathy is a Mistress, a beautiful blonde with big tits and a great ass who is most commonly wielding a riding crop. Her dominatrix skills have been in rather high demand now that we expanded the store. Susan is a sub-for-higher, her pouty lips, china white skin, and long honey brown ringlets make her look like a porcelain doll; men love it. And I do a little bit of everything. Not to brag but I am the most asked for out of the three of us. John (the owner) tells me it’s my eyes. They are big and round and seem to change color with my mood. He said it’s the look I give a customer that makes me like walking Viagra. That’s why we get paid so much; it’s us girls that keep business up. We work because we love our jobs and the fact that we can make grown men drool and weak at the knees, the money is just a nice bonus.

Now, before I start my story, I need a little background. The layout of the store is pretty simple, the first room is the fake bookstore, once you get past the ID check, the second room is what we call Observation, for the exhibitionists to test toys or get a show. It’s just a large room with a couch, a few chairs, tons of cushions and some harnesses hanging from the ceiling. There is a mirror on the far wall next to the door that goes into the shop; the mirror doubles as a window for people in the shop to watch, and on both sides there are signs warning customers that by being in the room they give up their right to privacy and are most likely being watched, it also says that if people want privacy the shop has booths in the back. Inside the next room is the actual shop, with shelves of various sex toys, porn DVD’s, and role-playing outfits. To the left is the front desk/cashier where John (boss man/owner) is usually found. Down the hall to the left is the dressing room and showers for us girls, and to the right are the booths. The booths are similar to observation only the window is on the inside so people can see the hallway, inside there are porn movies and glory holes for paying customers.

But enough about the shop, this story is about my latest experience there, not the actual shop.

It was a Friday night; I work mainly in the afternoon and evenings and go to college in the morning. My parents don’t know where I work, they thing I work at a bookstore about 30 min away from my home, the location is convenient since I rarely run into anyone I know. Well…except for that night.

I walked in and George the doorman/bouncer greeted me as usual, with a hug and kiss on the cheek and a slap on my ass. I didn’t mind, he was a sweetheart and a good judge of character so he made sure no weirdo’s got in.

“Cathy’s got a guy in Observation.” He warned me, “sounds like she’s giving it to him good.”

“Thanks George,” I laughed and opened the door. Shutting it behind me I turned to find myself face to face with a buxom blonde wearing a black corset and skintight black chaps.

“Hey Cath,” I said, kissing her. “Having fun?”

“Hey sexy,” she said tapping me sassily on the butt with her riding crop, in her other hand she held a small remote. “Hell yeah, I live to work.”

“Who’s your friend?” I asked, gesturing toward the man who was strapped into one of the harnesses on the ceiling. He was naked with only the straps of the harness crisscrossing his tanned body; he was pretty toned, nice muscles and a great ass. He was turned slightly to the side so I couldn’t make out his face but I could tell he had a ball gag in his mouth because his whimpering was slightly muffled. He also had a long thin vibrator that was shoved deep inside his ass.

“Oh, this little slut?” Cathy grabbed him by the vibrator that was lewdly sticking out of his ass, “He came in with his buddies…the other two are watching from the window.” She pressed a button on the remote causing the vibrator to start buzzing and his already rock hard cock to throb and drip furiously. Cathy must have been working on him for a while because his cock was a bright angry red; he looked so hard it must have been painful. His beautiful cock was nearly 8 inches long with a large mushroom cap that was shiny purple. She must have been hitting his prostate because his cock was throbbing and dripping copious amounts of pre-cum. “Turn around and let my friend see you.” Cathy swung him around, whacking bahis firmaları him on the ass with her riding crop again.

The second she turned him I recognized him, it was one of my daddy’s best friends, Rob. His wife was one of my mom’s best friends too. I’d known him for ages and this was the last place I’d expect to see him. I opened my mouth to tell Cathy but she beat me to the punch.

“Open your eyes slut!” She smacked him again and I could see his balls tighten and his eyes squeeze shut tighter, he seemed to be trying really hard not to cum, but he managed to open his eyes to look at me.

Maybe it was the sheer shock of seeing me or the erotic taboo of it or a combination of the two but Rob lost control. His cock began to pulsate and he began to shoot his cum with loud grunting cries that were audible through the gag. His warm spunk flew everywhere, hitting me in the chest and face. I let out a slight moan; nothing turned me on more than watching guys shoot all over. His cock pulsed out stream after stream of cum in an orgasm that seemed to last for a full minute and he was breathing heavy when it was over.

“You bastard!” Cathy screamed, beating him with her riding crop. “I told you! Not! To! Cum! Yet!” She looked over her shoulder at me and smirked. “Damn girl, you got game today. Better go clean up and take care of yourself.” She glanced down at my hand that was working its way down to rub my screaming pussy.

I laughed and went inside. My mind was racing and my pussy was soaking wet and begging to be touched, I felt like I was going to cum without touching it (which has been known to happen on the job). I was so turned on but so confused, a man I’d known all my life, who was like an uncle to me, had blown his load all over me. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even bother looking at the men at the window.

“Hey John” I said when I reached the desk.

“Damn honey,” he looked me up and down. “Cathy finally let the poor man cum then?”

“Actually no, he lost his load when he saw me.” I said taking the towel he handed me. “She was really pissed and giving him the beat down for ‘disobeying Mistresses orders.’ Fuck…is there a booth open I am so hot I think I might cream my panties.”

“Ah, well you do look exceptionally sexy today,” John laughed taking in my short plaid skirt, tight white button up, and stilettos. “Like a naughty schoolgirl. And yes, I think there is.”

“Thanks.” I smiled, “But he is my daddy’s best friend.”

“Oh, damn” John looked shocked and slightly amused. “Well he came in with two buddies, their over there watching.”

“Shit!” My eyes widened as John nodded to the window where I could see two men, both with their pants unzipped and pulled down just enough to release their meaty members and large balls. Both men had their hands in their cocks and were stroking vigorously. I could feel my pussy begin to throb, I love watching men stroke.

I recognized my daddy’s salt and pepper hair and the side of his face. I also recognized his other best friend, William, who was leisurely stroking his rock hard cock, his finger and thumb forming and O shape to stimulate the little ridge on the underside of his cock, his other hand was gently playing with his large heavy balls. He wasn’t close but he was defiantly hot and bothered. Daddy on the other hand was so close I could almost smell it. His hand was a blur on his cock and his breathing was shallow.

“Daddy?” I asked tentatively, walking to stand beside him. Part of me was praying it was a case of mistaken identity but my body was begging for it to be true. His head turned at the sound of my voice and his eyes flew open in shock.

“Catie?” He managed to choke out my name as he hit the point of no return and for the second time that day a man began to shoot his load when he saw me. His thick cock convulsed and he let out a loud grunt as he shot stream after stream coating my chest and belly. I could feel his cum soaking into my shirt and I could feel my own immaculate orgasm hitting me. My panties were soaked in my cum and I could feel it dripping down my leg.

I managed to get over to the counter, my legs shaking and my head spinning from a combination of orgasm and utter shock.

“Damn, second time in what, like 5 minutes?” He went to high five me but stopped when he saw my face. “You ok?”

“I just creamed my panties when he shot his load.” I whipped a big of my cum off my leg and held it out to him. “But the man who shot all over me was my daddy.”

“Dammit…if I’d known I wouldn’t have let him in.”

“It’s ok John,” I smirked at him. “I told you, it’s got me all hot and bothered.”

“So you liked it?” John whipped a bit of cum of my cheek.

“It was strangely erotic.” I collected my keys from John and turned to go change but turned back. “Hey…John?”


“Keep them here.” A mischievous smile played across my lips. “Let Cathy play with them in observation, I want to play.”

“Whatever you say kid.” John smiled and blew me a kiss.

I left the room and went to the kaçak iddaa dressing room to quickly shave my pussy and legs to immaculate smoothness; after I was done I went to pick out my outfit. Rifling through the racks I chose tight leather booty shorts, a black leather cropped corset and a spiked choker to match. Sliding on the shorts I could feel my pussy squishing, I was getting wet with anticipation. I looked at myself in the full length mirror pleased with my reflection. Black boots hugged my muscular calves that lead up to my tight ass clad in the leather shorts that barely covered my ass cheeks. My stomach was flat enough and my breasts were large and full. I left my hair hanging long and wavy down my back, I topped off the look with a touch of red gloss on my lips.

I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. This was my daddy I was about play with. It’s not like the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, I’d seen daddy and his friends in the pool and working out, admired there smooth muscles and distinguished features, even admired the large bulges they sported. I’d seen the way the men looked at me as I grew from a cute kid and began to fill out. I’d seen their eyes linger on my breasts and ass, watched the bulges in their swimsuits grow slightly as they watched me in the pool. My parents had been friends with them and their wives since before I was born but I’d never thought about acting on any of my hidden desires.

As I left the dressing room, Susan met me in the hallway, swatting my ass sassily as I walked passed.

“Go get ’em tiger,” she winked at me. “John told me everything.”

When I reached the front desk John pointed into the observation room where Cathy had all three men naked on their knees, blindfolded. All three had rock hard cocks but their hands were bound behind their backs, daddy was struggling at his bonds, trying to free his hands to touch his straining cock. Cathy was behind them, whipping them with a leather flogger.

I knocked softly on the door before opening it. Cathy turned at the sound of my heels clicking; she grinned and walked over to me.

“Ready for some fun?” She handed me the flogger. “I’ll let you alone with them. John wanted me to tell you that people will probably be watching, so if you want to fuck them privately he’ll keep a few booths open in the back.”

“Thanks, but I think I’m just gonna tease them, the little sluts don’t deserve my juicy pussy.” I said loudly enough for them to hear.

Cathy smirked at me and shut the door behind her. Once I was alone with the men I stood in front of them, their heads turned at the sound of my heels.

“Well, well, well…” I passed back and forth in front of them. “First I find, Rob here, tied up and being whipped by my coworker.” My fingers closed around his cock as I jerked him a few times, a moan escapes his lips. “Then you have the nerve to cum all over me.” I smacked him in the chest with my flogger. “Next…I find you daddy, jacking you cock watching me get sprayed by Rob. Then you too have the nerve to cum on me.” I stood up and stood in front of them, contemplating what I wanted to do next. “Stand up sluts.” They all scrambled to stand without their hands, after a few seconds of wobbling they all managed to stand, still blindfolded, cocks bobbing lewdly against their stomachs.

“Catie,” Daddy said my name, stepping forward. “What are you doing here?” Rob and William both chimed in with tones of outrage at my being in such a place.

“Don’t even think about it.” I said, removing all the blindfolds. “You are the ones tied up, and I am the one with the whip.” I dragged the flogger over daddy’s chest. “So I suggest you listen to me.” I stood like a drill sergeant in front daddy, then reach out to grab Rob’s cock in my left hand, and William’s in the other. I ran my fingernails gently on the underside and both men moaned softly. “Now here’s the deal.” I kept jacking the two men slowly, I could see daddy glancing from my face to their cocks, his own thick cock was pressing against my belly, and I could feel his pre-cum making it slippery against my skin. My pussy was throbbing and it was all I could do not to impale myself on one of these beautiful pieces of man meat. “You can stay and play with me, or you can leave with blue balls and the fear that I might tell your wives what you do on your ‘guys’ nights’.” I withdrew my touch to step back. “Who wants to leave?” No one spoke so I took that to mean it was go time, I untied everyone’s hands and stood back.

“Sit,” I barked pointing to the couch, “except for you.” I took a grip on William’s cock again, it jumped at my touch. Rob and Daddy sat on the couch, both tentatively reached for their cocks and looked at me. “Rob, I want you to jack off, slowly, and if you cum before I tell you to, you will be punished. Daddy…” I straddled his lap, feeling his dick press against my pussy. My lips trailed along his ear; I could feel his breath growing shallow. “If you lay a finger on your cock before I tell you to, I will cut it off.” He gasped slightly. “I want you to watch me.” He nodded and put his hands behind kaçak bahis his back.

I got up and led Rob to sit in a chair in the corner. He sat slouched with his legs spread as I got down on eye level to inspect his dripping cock. It was about an inch shorter than Rob’s but very thick and had a beautiful head, round and shiny. The little hole was weeping a steady stream of pre-cum to which I trapped some on my finger and brought it to my mouth as he moaned. I wrapped a hand around the base and the other around the head and began to twist them slightly, he gasped loudly and his fists clenched on his thighs. I continued to jack him steadily, my fingers hitting the ridge where the shaft met his thick mushroom cap, his hands were clenched on his thighs, and his head was tipped back in ecstasy. I looked over my shoulder to see Rob with one hand on his cock and a finger in his asshole. I couldn’t bear it any more; I wanted to make William cum. “Uncle Will…” I moaned at him, “Do you remember when I called you that as a little girl?” He nodded and opened his eyes looking down at my hands jacking him hard and fast. “I saw you ya know….watching me as I got older, stealing glances down my shirt and holding me a little too long when I hugged you.” I jacked him faster. “Do you want me to let you cum?” “Oh, god, please….” He begged me. “I am so close; oh god baby please let your Uncle Will cum.” I released my grip on him. “No please don’t stop…I need to cum.” He pleaded. “Finish yourself.” I said sitting back on my heels. “You boys watch Uncle Will cum for me” I said over my shoulder. He didn’t need any more encouragement. He grabbed his cock and by the fourth stroke he was screaming. “I’m cumming I’m cumming!” His cock began to spew his thick white spunk all over his chest and belly. I watched him as be milked the last few drops from his cock and sat back in his chair, exhausted. I stood up and leaned over to press my lips to his, he moaned against my lips when I pulled away. Behind me I could hear Rob grunt as he shot his second load of the day against my wishes…he was going to pay. “Get up and sit where Rob is.” I sat down in the empty chair and picked up a large wooden paddle that was lying next to the chair. Rob stood before me, hands behind his back and cock hanging down flaccid. He looked like a guilty little boy. “Lie over my lap; I’m going to give you a spanking. You’ve been a very bad boy. I bet your wife doesn’t even know what you’re up to. And I told you not to cum, but you disobeyed me. ” He laid himself across my lap, letting his cock dangle between my knees. It was throbbing. I looked up over the man on my lap to see William slouched on the couch stroking his semi-flaccid cock leisurely. I turned my gaze to my daddy; his cock was so hard it was a dark red, so dark the head was purple. I knew he was hurting, but I wanted to save him for least. “Don’t worry daddy,” I said. “I’ve got something very special for you.” He looked at me when I said daddy and I know he liked it.

I turned my attention to the man across my lap and brought the paddle down across his ass. He grunted in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I could feel his cock getting hard again. I began to spank him rhythmically while talking to him. “You like that don’t you, the pain. I can feel your cock getting hard, you’re like a horny school boy, you can’t get enough.” My spanking grew harder. “You can feel the cum boiling in your balls. You’re surprised you’ve even got it in you, but you do, that’s how much you like it.” Rob was whimpering in my lap and I could tell he wanted to cum. “Go ahead, reach down and jack your cock, make yourself cum for me, Uncle Rob. You were like an uncle to me, just like Uncle William.” Rob reached around to take hold of his cock and began to jack it furiously, no games, no teasing, he just wanted to cum. I brought the paddle down hard across his ass and he moan-screamed as he came, splashing his cum down my legs and into a small puddle on the floor. I dumped him unceremoniously off my lap into the puddle of his spunk and stood up to face my daddy.

“Daddy…” I said quietly. “It’s your turn.” My pussy was burning and my plans changed last minute as the feeling in my crotch intensified. I needed to cum; I couldn’t tease anymore because I needed my own release. I slid down my shorts to reveal red crotchless panties. I straddled daddy’s lap and could feel the head of his cock against my pussy.

“No, Catie…this is wrong.” Daddy tried to push me away. “We can’t do this.”

“You want it. I need to get off.” I said grabbing his wrists and pinning them up against the back of the couch. “Screw what’s right or wrong.” I put on my best puppy dog pout. “Daddy, please.” I moaned. “I need this.”

Without saying a word he picked me up and threw me onto a cushion. His face buried in my pussy, and within seconds I was cumming hard in his mouth. He flicked my clit with his tongue and I screamed as I began having millions those little mini-orgasms uncontrollably. He pulled me up and I pushed him down onto the couch to suck his cock. Sucking the head into my mouth, I rolled his large and heavy balls in my hand. They felt heavy with cum and I knew he wouldn’t last very long. He was going to cum. I sucked him deep into my throat, swallowing his entire length with pride. Daddy moaned loudly.

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