Mart 30, 2021

Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 04

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There’s something about warm sunny days that makes me feel good. I stood on the front stoop for a few moments enjoying the warming rays of the sun dressed in my flannel pajamas and a terry cloth bath robe. As I walked toward the mailbox at the curb my neighbor Chuck who was weeding his garden waved at me.

“Morning Blondie!” Chuck exclaimed a big smile on his face.

“Hiya Chuck.” I replied as I reached the mailbox.

Since this was something Barry always did I hadn’t checked the mailbox and found a stack of mail waiting for me.

Thumbing through the mail as I walked back I noticed out of the corner of my eye Chuck had risen from his knees and was standing at the edge of his property like a puppy dog stopped by an invisible fence.

I smiled and turned to walk toward him.

“Hard at work in your garden again.” I said.

Chuck’s smile widened as he replied. “Damn weeds will take over if you don’t stay on top of them.”

As I crossed the driveway I could tell he was undressing me visually. A look I’d never noticed in Chuck’s eyes before.

“I like the new hair color.” Chuck said as his eyes moved up to where neighbor’s eyes are supposed to be.

I grinned then said. “Thanks Chuck. I needed a change.” As I used my free hand to tease a few blonde locks behind my ear.

“Well it’s a very nice change.” Chuck complimented.

“I haven’t seen Barry around. Is he on a business trip?” Chuck questioned.

I dropped my eyes from his as I confessed. “Actually Barry and I separated a few days ago.” Not offering any of the juicy details about my ex’s infidelity.

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that Margaret.” Chuck said.

“It’s probably for the best.” I replied.

“So are you going to put the house on the market?” Chuck asked.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed. “I’m going to try and keep the house if I can.” I added knowing that my new occupation would make that easily possible.

“Glad to hear that Peg. I hate getting to know new neighbors.” Chuck explained.

“Well hopefully you won’t need to.” I replied with a smile on my lips.

“It’s a pretty big house for one lady to take care of Margaret if you need help with anything you know I’m just next door.” Chuck said rather sheepishly.

“And what would Gloria think about you helping a divorcee around the house?” I asked knowing his wife held the leash rather tightly when it came to Chuck being around other women.

Chuck smiled and took a step closer. “What Gloria doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

“Chuck Sampson….if I didn’t know better I’d think you were coming on to me.” I replied.

He held his arms to his sides with palms facing me. “Well Peg you know older might be better.” He replied thrusting his hips toward me like he was fucking.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I said smiling and looking down at his loins.

“Do that.” He replied as he began to turn and walk back toward his gardening.

Turning away from him I thought. It wouldn’t take long for Chuck to tell Gloria that Barry and I split up and Gloria would be gossiping to all the other neighborhood wives. I could expect offers of help around the house from some of the other bored husbands in the neighborhood.

Just before I was about to close the front door a sheriff’s squad car pulled to a stop in front of the house. The sheriff jumped out and called to me. “Margaret.”

I stopped in my tracks and turned toward him.

“Are you Margaret Jacobs?” He asked as he approached across the lawn.

“I am.” I replied.

The sheriff reached out holding an envelope. “You’ve been served.” He announced.

I took the envelope from him and said. “Thanks for nothing.”

He shrugged his shoulders and replied. “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Then turned and headed back to his cruiser.

I put the envelope with the rest of the mail and headed for the front door. Chuck was still standing at his one of his many flower beds and I just gave him a half smile and a wave before I went inside and closed the door.

Once inside I leaned against the door still feeling a little worn from the fuck fest of the night before. My ass cheeks felt bruised and there was just a twinge of pain when I swallowed.

I recalled the feeling of having three hard cocks buried in my body and to be quite honest I didn’t find the sensation all that appealing. There’s something about being able to concentrate on just one cock that I enjoyed more.

I giggled then said out loud. “Mental note to self no more ménage a trios’.”

The smell of fresh brewed coffee captured my senses and I carried the mail to the kitchen tossing the stack next to my lap top then poured a cup of java adding a little Irish cream and a packet of sweet and low.

As I enjoyed my morning drink I started sorting the mail junk from other, and unfortunately Margaret from Barry. I kept the utility bills in the Margaret pile since I wanted to start establishing that I would be writing checks for those bills.

Some beşiktaş escort many little details have to be changed when a married couple split. I thought about starting a list but I’ve never been on to make lists so I just would have to remember what needed to be done.

First thing I’d have to do is call Laura and let her know that I was served divorce papers I could also ask her what I should do about the mail that would have to go to Barry. I could wait until the divorce was final to change the utility accounts over to my name and I supposed I should open a checking account for myself. Maybe I should make a written list so I didn’t forget anything.

I opened the sheriff’s gift and started reading. It started with “In the Court of Common Pleas Barry Jacobs Plaintiff Vs. Margaret Jacobs Defendant” I skipped over the legal mumbo jumbo and went right to the list of allegations which was quite lengthy but didn’t seem to include infidelity as one of his contentions. I assumed that was a good thing since had Barry known that I was having sex while he was being a football zombie adultery would have been on the top of the list.

All this legal stuff was for Laura to handle that’s what I was paying for so I folded the papers and placed them back in the envelope. I’d have to call her later and make time to drop the papers off at her seedy little office.

The rest of the mail was mostly flyers and other junk so I was happy to toss most of it in the trash.

I stood up and looked out the window. Gloria was standing in the Fisher’s driveway across the street talking with Sue Fisher. I looked like word of the Jacob’s split would spread through the neighborhood faster than I thought.

Well they can all kiss my sweet ass I thought but I knew there would be plenty of eyes peeking through blinds to see whom was coming and going at my place. I’d have to be very discreet should there come a time when a client or even Franklin stopped by again.

I returned to the table with a fresh cup of coffee and opened my laptop. After entering the pass word my email server opened. I had two emails from Daddy.

Clicking on the oldest that had “Good Job” in the subject line I read.

“Angel I just wanted you to know that we received communications from the senator elects staff. They are asking if we could provide accompaniment for three high level guests at a weekend function in Cancun. Since you were institutional in making this contact I wanted to offer one of the slots first before I contacted the rest of our staff. It would be a three day appointment and all travel arrangements would be your responsibility as well as payment for those arrangements. The compensation would be $3,500 for the weekend but your airline ticket would be paid from that amount. Please let me know if you are interested before the end of today so I can finalize plans with the other staff members. Thanks Daddy.”

I leaned back in my chair. Was he kidding Daddy was offering me three days in Cancun and he had to see if I was interested. Hell I’d do three days in Cancun for a hundred a day. Even if the round trip airline ticket was half of the thirty five hundred I’d still be able to deposit seventeen fifty in my account.

It was a no brainier. I click reply and sent a short message. “I’m in Daddy.”

His second email was much shorter. It read “Angel no appointments for today check you mail tomorrow morning.”

I replied. “Thanks Daddy.” And then clicked send.

Everything else in my inbox was junk mail so I deleted them and shut the computer down.

Wow I thought another free day. I could spend this one pampering myself and give my body another twenty four hours to recover from the fuck fest at the Regency Hotel last night plus I could get the divorce papers to Laura today.

I picked up my cell and pressed her name in my speed dial list.

“This is Laura Stevens I’m unable to take your call at the moment so please leave me your name and number and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.” Her recorded voice mail greeting said.

After the beep I left a message. “Laura this is Margaret Jacobs. I was served with divorce papers this morning and wanted to know what I should do with them? I also have a couple other questions for you so please give me a call back on my cell when you can.”

I didn’t leave my number since I knew she had it on my file.

I slipped my cell and the papers in my purse and headed upstairs carrying a half cup of luke warm coffee.

Wondering what I would do with a free day I considered a massage lord knows my body could use that but instead decided on a manicure and perhaps a little shopping. After all I’d need at least one or two new bathing suits for Cancun.

After doing the minimum with my hair and make-up I selected a tight pair of jeans and a white tank top with a jean jacket over for my casual day out. I considered a pair of red spike heels but decided on black pumps instead.

It was nearly beşiktaş eve gelen escort eleven when I made my way down stairs checked to make sure the front door was securely locked and headed through the kitchen to the garage.

Slowly backing the Benz out of the garage and down the driveway I was happy to see that Gloria and Sue had finished their gossip session and I could drive off without anyone knowing I was leaving. Even Chuck was nowhere to be seen.

As I headed toward the Fairlane Village Mall my cell phone rang. It was Laura returning my call.

“Hiya Margaret.” She said after I said “Hello”

“So you got served today?” She started.

“Yep and I figured you’d want the papers as soon as possible.” I replied.

“That was really fast he must have had the papers drawn up ahead of time.” Laura commented.

“Well he does work in a law firm.” I said.

Laura expanded on her comment. “It takes as least a week for legal papers to make it through the prothonotary’s office and for the sheriff to serve the papers. I think perhaps Barry was planning on filing for divorce before you guys actually split.”

“That bastard!” I exclaimed.

“Either way we’ll need to respond a quickly as possible so can you drop the papers off at my office today? Laura asked.

“Sure can how late will you be in?” I asked.

Laura paused a moment then said. “I have to leave in a couple minutes for a deposition which I suspect will take most of the afternoon. Can you make it about five this afternoon?” Laura suggested.

“Five is okay with me.” I answered knowing I’d have all afternoon to shop.

“See you then Margaret.” Laura said before disconnecting from my cell.

Fairlane Village is a smaller upscale mall that I like shopping in. Because of the more pricy shops there usually aren’t the normal senior walkers and teenage window shoppers to contend with.

Barry always told me to park the Benz away from the crowd so it wouldn’t be full of door dings and since I was now going to be responsible to maintain the car I took his advice for the first time.

Strolling through the empty part of the lot toward one of the less used entrances I felt the sun’s rays warming my shoulder. I considered walking back and leaving my jacket in the car but decided I might need it to cover up my tight tank top while I moved from shop to shop. I didn’t say the mall was completely void of men who would jump at a chance to hit on an attractive woman with big tits and the last thing I wanted today was to be hit on.

I pulled the door open and stepped inside. The mall looked rather empty which was always a bonus when I was shopping. It felt rather cool also and I was glad I’d decided to keep the jacket especially when I felt my nipples harden from the cooler temperature inside.

With my purse over my shoulder and my jacket closed enough to hide my erect nipples I began down the mall window shopping as I walked. Being a smaller mall I probably only takes twenty minutes to walk the entire length even at a slower pace. What I was looking for was a shop that still had swim suits to offer since the pool season ended weeks ago.

I really only found one and that shop was called Endless Summer. Crossing the walk way I entered the shop which appeared to be completely empty of both customers and staff.

A soft ding dong from the back room must have signaled my entrance and in a moment a twenty something brunette wearing jeans an Endless Summer tee shirt and sneakers came around the corner from the stock room. Her hair was mid length and pulled back into a pony tail. She had pert little tits and obviously was not wearing a bra as her nipples stood out clearly under the cotton fabric of her tee.

“Hiya.” She said as we walked closer together.

“How are you today?” I asked expecting more than a curt hiya from a sales girl in this mall.

“I’m doing just fine.” She replied then added. “Are you looking for anything special today?”

“Actually I’m planning a little vacation and need a couple swim suits.” I replied.

She smiled and said. “Well we have the best off season selection so let’s see what we can find.”

I followed her to one corner of the store where ladies suits were hanging on a couple racks looking like they hadn’t be straighten up in days.

“One piece or two?” She asked as she stopped by the first rack and turned to face me.

“I’m not quite sure.” I said figuring I’d look at both.

“We have a nice selection of one piece suits especially designed for swimming right here.” She said running her hand over a selection that took up half a rack.

I kind of struck a sexy pose and let my jacket fall open a little then said. “I’m not going to compete in the Olympics hun the closet I’ll get to swimming is either dangling my feet in a pool or standing in the surf just where the waves stop.”

“I see then we’re looking at something more for tanning beşiktaş grup yapan escort than swimming.” She suggested.

Duh I thought but replied. “Now we’re on the same page.”

“Here are some very nice strapless one piece suits.” She said backing up to the next rack.

This girl sells swim suits I thought. I opened my jacket a little more and gave my tits a shake trying to make her realize that a strapless suit wouldn’t work for anyone with tits bigger than her champagne glass sized tits.

I assume she got the message because she said. “We have a nice selection of suits with shoulder straps over here.”

I followed her to a second row of racks the suggested. “How about I just take a look at everything you have and if I need help I’ll give you a shout.”

“That’ll be fine.” She instantly replied. “How about I check back with you every once in a while to see if you have any questions? Our fitting rooms are right over there.” She added pointing toward two doors with a fitting room sign above.

I smiled knowing this young tiny breasted girl wouldn’t be able to answer anything besides how much does this cost and replied. “Okay that sounds good.”

She turned and headed off toward the back room leaving me standing among seven or eight racks of suits.

I thought for a moment. Cancun in early December it won’t be blazing hot but the sun will still be quite intense so close to the equator. What I needed was something I could wear that would give me the best looking tan for the holidays.

I moved over to the racks holding two piece suits and began looking through what they had to offer.

Thinking about what I was actually going to Cancun for and knowing that more exposure was certainly the norm there I started looking for suits with as little fabric as possible.

Blonde hair big tits and long legs. Perhaps a black thong bikini would do just fine. Something with only the thinnest of straps and smallest of triangles to cover what was required to be covered. I recalled that while nude sunbathing happens there a lot it is still illegal to go naked on public beaches. Besides I always felt keeping just a little to the imagination is a lot more seductive that just baring it all for everyone to see.

I found what looked like it might fit the bill and selected two sizes in my range and headed off to the fitting room to try them on.

“You found something.” The sales girl said from the opening to the stock room as I crossed in front on my way to the fitting room.

“Perhaps.” I replied.

Inside the rather spacious fitting room the walls were all mirrors with the exception of the one with the door which had hooks beside to hang your street clothes on.

I stripped out of my clothing including my panties which I knew was against the rules of swim suit purchases. I could never figure that one out. How the hell are you supposed to see how a suit will fit if you’ve got even the tiniest of panties on.

Slipping the thong bottom up my legs I pulled it in place and used my thumbs to smooth the tiny black patch that was supposed to cover your loins. It left little but the shape of my pussy lips to the imagination. It reminded me of a thong you’d wear when you want to be able to just pull it aside for quick access.

I slipped my heels back on and stretched the side straps high on my hips. With a huge smile on my lips I thought. “If this doesn’t show a client that I’m ready for sex at a moment’s notice nothing will.”

The top was even more revealing. Two triangles of black flimsy material with spaghetti thin ties. I tied the two together that went around your back and slipped it over my head. After tying the two that went around your neck I tried my best to make the material cover my tits. They did little more than cover my nipples not leaving the shape and size to one’s imagination.

I stared at my reflection in the trio of mirrors. The shape and size of my tits wasn’t in question and to be quite honest about the only thing in question was whether my nipples are a pink color or some darker shade.

This suit was so tiny that the price tag had to be tied to the hanger. I flipped it over and did a little calculation. Looked like it was about twenty five dollars a square inch. I giggled thinking at seventy five dollars you’d do better just painting a suit on your naked skin.

This was way too much exposed flesh for me. Even in Cancun wearing this suit would let everyone know that the only thing on my mind was hard cock. I didn’t even try the larger size knowing that the only thing different would be more length in the thin straps.

I got dressed again sans the panties and returned to my search. Perhaps a less reveling black one piece cut thong high on the hips and a deep v neck line to give ample opportunities to view my cleavage would better fit the bill.

“How’d it fit?” The sales girl asked as I crossed where she was standing again.

I smiled and replied. “It fit fine but it’s a little small.”

She smiled understanding exactly what I meant.

Back at the racks I started paying attention to the black suits since I really liked the contrast between my blonde hair and the black fabric. I imagined blonde in black with ruby red lips a combination that I would learn to love as the weeks passed since my color change.

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