Mart 22, 2021

Desires within Young Girls Ch. 04

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Chapter 4—Audrey, You’re a Fine Girl!

Brandi’s phone kept lighting up. She was upstairs getting ready for school and putting on makeup after eating a big breakfast I had made for her. She left the phone on the kitchen counter. I couldn’t help but look.

She and Stephanie had been texting.

“I think S saw me last night doing u know.”


“Yea. Door was open a little.”

“That’s awk.”

“I know. But maybe I wanted him to. U know?!”

“U crushin on daddy-o? hahahahaha.”

“NO! Idk. Maybe I am. I need help.”

“hahahahahaha. You and stepdad gotta thing.”

“Shut up. Gotta go. Making me breakfast.”

“Wow. No one makes me breakfast. later.”

I heard Brandi coming down the stairs, so I quickly put the phone back the way it was on the counter.

“Ready to go? You look great, Brandi.”

“Thanks. Gotta go. See ya later.” She grabbed her phone, lunch, and book bag and out the door she went.

I didn’t know what to think of the text conversation. What’s more, her mom was due home tonight, and all had to return to semi-normalcy. Whatever I was feeling, whatever Brandi was feeling, would have to be reined in. Her mom cannot know about any of this. I couldn’t dwell on this anymore. I had to go to work.

I arrived home at 6 that evening and had planned to make dinner for Audrey’s arrival home—Brandi’s mom. Brandi gets her incredible good looks—blonde hair, beautiful body, emerald eyes—from her mother and, just 40 years old, she looks great. And she’s smart and fun. Lately, however, our marriage has had its antalya escort difficulty. The two of us went through difficult first marriages, and she had Brandi at the age of 22, just a year after she was married. I did not have any kids, just a set of bad memories. Just two and a half years into our second marriages after having dated for the better part of a year, we were facing the life of routine living with me trying to adjust to a teenager in the home, and both of us realizing our own idiosyncrasies and habits—habits that get on each other’s nerves.

As Brandi would say, “Ugh.”

It’s easily been weeks since we last had sex which is hard to imagine considering we fucked like little rabbits during the entire time we dated and the first year of our marriage. I couldn’t stop wanting to fuck her. Every time I saw her, I wanted to fuck her. She looks that hot. And she has a certain sensual way about her, a kind of sweet innocence that Brandi has that makes me crazy. She has no inhibitions either. Almost any fantasy I could conjure up, she would play. Dress up like a school girl and stick a lollipop in your mouth? No problem. Deep throat my cock on your knees while I throat fuck you? Hell yeah, baby.

One session on the sofa was so hot I almost passed out. Audrey put on this sexy little red riding hood costume with the short little dress and a red cape with a hood. She put on white knee-high stockings and 6-inch, fuck-me pumps. She wore bright red lip stick and makeup and eyelashes. She looked like a sophisticated call girl.

When she came in the living room, I just about came in my kepez escort jeans. She sat down on the sofa, laid back, and pushed her legs back so that her knees were up by her ears. I stood and looked at her for a long moment in her cute striped panties. I slowly slid them down and found to my utter delight a completely shaved and waxed pussy. She had secretly gone and gotten a Brazilian wax—not a hair anywhere. It was truly heart stopping to see her gorgeous little cunt completely exposed, her lips all glistening from her own wetness.

“Oh, my God. Can I touch it?”

“Of course you can, baby. Why don’t you touch it with your tongue?”

The lips of her labia and the hood of her clitoris were so fully exposed, I was overwhelmed by how incredibly erotic she looked. As an added bonus, her tight little anus was also completely hairless.

I slowly touched her lips with my fingers, rubbing gently her clit and slit. I slid a finger in and she moaned. I got down on my knees and began licking her inner thighs while I inched my way to her full, puffy lips. My tongue flickered over her hairless mound. I flicked her clitoris and ran my tongue down the entire length of her slit. Up and down and up and down. And then I moved my tongue down around her little asshole. She had put on the sexiest perfume, and the mix of her pussy and perfume made my head swim.

When I looked up finally at her face, she had the little red riding hood wrapped around her head, her eyes were closed, mouth open, and she was moaning and whimpering. She looked positively darling!

There she was—head manavgat escort back, legs back, pumps in the air, white knee highs on her legs, and a hot, shaved little pussy peeking in between.

I had my pants off so fast, I think I set a new world record. My cock was throbbing hard! Not wasting a second, I slammed in to her, and she yelped. And yelped. And yelped.

“Oh, please, Mr. Wolf, don’t hurt me!” she cooed.

“I’m going to do more than hurt you, you bad little girl. I’m going to fuck you hard and deep until you scream! I’m gonna make you my filthy little whore!”

My dick had completely filled her up. Her position on the sofa with her legs all the way back allowed me to grip her ass and penetrate her as far as my dick would go inside her. My full balls slammed against her ass with every thrust.

“I am your bad little girl! I love the way you fuck me, Mr. Wolf. Your cock is splitting my little pussy wide open. Are you going to come inside me? Or all over my sweet little face?”

That was it! I slammed her two more times and told her I was going to squirt all over her face and little red hood.

“Oh, Mr. Wolf! Don’t defile my little red cape!”

I was exploding. I squirted my first load deep inside of her, and I pulled out, pushed her legs down, straddled her face, and spewed more cum all over her lips, cheeks, hair, and, yes, her little red cape. When I was done, there was cum all over her and inside her. Her shaved little pussy was even dripping my juice.

She looked like a delicious little slut. And I loved it. She even took her fingers and scooped up the cum dripping from her fuck hole and licked it.

Like a fucking porn star! My fucking wife! Unbelievable!

And as I recounted this story in my head, I decided that I wanted to fuck her little ass off that night. That would surely take my mind off of Brandi!

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