Mart 22, 2021

Desire in California

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I’ve always found my wife’s little sister to be irresistible. Shy and reserved, she was the perfect compliment to her older sister and I ended up loving them both. Caroline was slight of build but had such a pretty face and sparkling green eyes. She had very small breasts but her ass was to die for. Alas, in our society, you can’t just marry both sisters and I’m happy with the choice I made.

But Caroline was always around and I was privy to…sensitive information that only sisters share. She told my wife about her first time which drove me crazy. Her experiments with shaving. The annoying sensitivity of her large nipples. You get the picture. Sometimes she would spend the night at our house and leave her little panties on the floor by the sofa where she usually bunked down. Yeah…I was hot for “Little Sister!”

We always go to Lake Tahoe for a vacation in the summer. Such an inspiring place to go for a retreat. Plenty to do and the lake is so beautiful. Nowadays we rent a cabin for the week but years ago, when the kids were little we couldn’t afford that so we camped, usually at Sugar Pine Point. One year, Caroline accompanied us on our Tahoe camping trip.

My little sister in law is beautiful anywhere, anytime. But to see her in the filtered morning sunlight of Lake Tahoe was overwhelming. Just 19 years old, Caroline was drop dead gorgeous first thing in the morning! She would stumble out to the picnic table wearing a well worn plaid flannel shirt and terrycloth shorts. Her nipples poking out in front and her curly red hair all disheveled. She’d stand by the campfire sipping her coffee and talking quietly to her sister. Just a vision of loveliness.

I awoke early one morning and headed out for nine holes at nearby Tahoe City Golf course and then got some lunch at one of those rustic red and white tablecloth type places that Tahoe is famous for.

I got back to find the campsite quiet. Everyone had gone on the Rubicon Bay hike and wouldn’t be back for a few hours. Ah! Some peace and quiet! I was going to settle in for some reading when I noticed the tent flap on Caroline’s tent was open. There’s lots of bees and some mosquitoes around so I went over to zip it up. It was then that I noticed that not everyone had gone on the hike. Caroline lay sleeping in the tent, her shorts and panties nearby but her lower body uncovered.

I knew I should just zip up the tent and leave her alone but…but I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity! I quietly watched her sleeping for several minutes. In her position, the side of her butt was visible but not much more. She usually slept in a tee shirt so her little tits were covered. My God! She was just gorgeous laying there so peacefully. I began to get excited in spite of myself and I felt my cock beginning to harden in my pants.

Just then, a bee buzzed by my head and flew right into the tent. He circled Caroline’s sleeping form and then lit on her thigh. The pretty redhead reacted instinctively and shifted her position causing the bee to take to the air again. As she did so, her little red haired pussy came into view!

My mouth went dry as I drank in the sight before me. There it was! After so many years of lusting, little Caroline McGregor’s pussy was right there in front of me. The goddam bee was still buzzing around the tent and I knew I couldn’t close the tent with it in there.

I wasn’t sure what to do but the sight of Caroline’s exposed pussy was so compelling I did nothing but look! I glanced at her nearby panties and then back at her hair covered vagina. The campsite was fairly secluded and nobody figured to be back anytime soon so…so I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock.

This was so insane but I wasn’t really thinking clearly right then. I began to pinch the sensitive skin just below the head of my cock as I devoured the sight of my little sister in law sleeping there with her pussy showing. It was too much! I was going to come and very soon. Then the bee lit again near Caroline’s knee. This time she just shifted her leg which caused the bee to again react and luckily he flew out of the tent.

Now I knew it was time to zip up the tent but Caroline’s last motion had caused her freckled young legs to separate and now…now her entire pussy was revealed to me! Just look at that! The tight pink ribbon of flesh was illuminated by the early afternoon sun and totally available for my viewing pleasure. And I looked, believe me! I thought of her “First Time” story when she was taken by her date after a wedding. That lucky guy not only got to see her pussy, he got to fuck it too.

I remembered my wife’s account of Caroline’s clumsy attempt at shaving herself and tried to imagine what she must have looked like hairless. I wished I could roll her over and see her splendid little ass all naked too but fat chance of that.

No, it was time to zip up the tent and I reached for the zipper…and found myself holding Caroline’s little white antalya escort panties instead! This was all wrong but I couldn’t help myself. There she was! Caroline McGregor laying nude before me, her legs well apart and her naked pussy gently pulsating as she slept, oblivious to the show she was inadvertantly putting on.

I brought her panties to my nose and drank in the sweet feminine scent of her, all the while viewing her fresh young pussy. Oh how I wanted to sneak in the tent and spread her pussylips apart and see the darker pink interior of her sex! I wished I could pull her up on her knees and see her tight little asshole.

But that wasn’t to be. No, here I was, holding Caroline’s panties and looking at her bare pussy and it wasn’t long before I felt the seed begin to race from my balls. Jolts of raw pleasure struck me like lightning as I began to ejaculate into Caroline’s panties. I stole a glance at her angelic face as I came and it served to increase the intensity of my orgasm.

Finally, I’d managed to load her panties with cum and I was finished. Reality, which had taken a vacation of it’s own, returned and I quickly zipped up both the tent and my shorts. I couldn’t very well leave Caroline’s panties in the tent so I hid them in my duffle bag.

I took a hike of my own after that and didn’t return for a couple of hours or so. When I got back the rest of the family was just returning from Emerald Bay, weary but enriched by the glorious day they’d enjoyed. Caroline finally emerged from the tent and announced she felt much better, apparently having been sleepy from the altitude. She looked around a bit and asked “Who zipped up my tent?” There was no one else around when she ‘d gone to sleep and I didn’t have time to think up an excuse so I just said “Oh…I did.”

She looked at me kind of funny. Somebody had zipped up her tent and now her panties were missing. I knew in that instant that she had figured out what had happened: Her brother in law had seen her bare pussy and then took her panties. She could have been incensed. She could have blabbed to her sister. Instead she gave me a little smile and simply said “Thanks.”

Well the years passed by. My little sister in law met and married Rob who worked for the phone company. They eventually had a couple of kids of their own and moved out to Palm Springs to raise their family. We rarely saw each other after that. But the memory of Caroline’s bare pussy and the mind blowing orgasm it inspired stayed with me every day of my life.

I truly loved Patty and understood the impossibility of my situation so I did the best I could to carry on. The McGregor sisters had tragically lost their mother at a fairly early age and, quite honestly, neither of them ever really got over it. When Patty found herself approaching the age at which her mother had passed, she became…morose. And I knew why.

I decided that a family gathering might be just what she needed and so I arranged a surprise party for her in San Francisco. I invited all of her favorite people including of course, her sister.

Well the surprise worked to perfection! Everyone was already seated at “Number 9 fisherman’s Grotto” when we walked in. We partied at Fisherman’s Wharf, then rode the cable cars up to Union Square. We even went up to the Starlight Room atop the Sir Francis Drake Hotel for a nightcap! Patty appreciated the trouble I’d gone to to please her and we both felt our loving relationship had been renewed that night.

Driving home, I found myself reflecting on the events of the past few days. I’d made a lifelong commitment to Patty and I intended to honor it the best I could. But, doggone it, seeing Caroline again, her two little children in tow, had renewed my feeling of longing for her as well. Knowing there would be no better time to broach the subject, I spoke to Patty.

By now my wife was aware of my strong feelings for her little sister. She always said she’d rather I like her than hate her. But she wasn’t ready for what I asked for that day.

“You and Caroline are like different versions of your Mom.” I told her. “Both beautiful and sexually appealing but in different ways. What I’d really like to do Patty…is to photograph the two of you together. Erotic photographs. Not dirty. You know, no nudity or anything but sexy pictures.”

“Oh and how do you suppose Rob will react when you tell him you want to take ‘Erotic’ pictures of his wife? And what about Caroline? You know she’s self conscious about her body.” Patty just shook her head and looked out the window at the swelling sea just south of Pismo Beach as we passed. “You’re crazy.” was her only comment.

I tried to talk it up a bit more but I could see she wasn’t going for the idea so I let it drop. “Fat Charlie the Arch Angel files for divorce…” sang Paul Simon as we rolled down highway 101. “If you’re a guy you got to try” I told myself. My whole life could quickly pass by like the California kepez escort Coast and I’d never get to have my little sister in law unless I tried.

Almost two years later I was dreading a landmark birthday and Patty could tell I wasn’t taking it too well. My once wavy blond hair was thinning and my trademark beard was tinged with grey.

“Let’s get together with my sister and Rob!” She suggested out of the blue one night. Well it didn’t take much to convince me to drive out to Palm Springs to visit them. We planned an overnight getaway since it was a few hours to drive from the coastal town where we now lived. Patty was driving and, just as we got on the freeway she looked over at me and asked “Did you bring your camera?”

It took me a few moments for me to really comprehend what she had just said. It was the way she had said it really. “Oh, so I’m gonna get a chance to use it then?” I replied smiling. She told me that she’d talked to Caroline and told her of my desire to photograph the McGregor sister together but stopped short of asking her sister to pose for “Erotic” photos. “Let me take her shopping and we’ll get dressed up and maybe, if we get something sexy to pose in, she’ll go for it.”

Well that sounded like a plan to me! Oh my God! After all these years of longing it might be about to happen! I knew Rob was hot for Patty and wouldn’t object to a photo session. Hell, he was a better photographer than me in the first place!

The two families got together and, by now, our daughters were old enough to watch Caroline and Rob’s younger children so the McGregor sisters went out shopping while Rob and I drank some beers and watched the Masters on TV. It was a perfect time to visit the desert: The weather is warm but not blazing hot just yet. The mountains take on a distinctly purple hue as the sun sets. It’s just gorgeous.

The girls returned from shopping and got all dressed up in their new outfits and the four of us went out to the Adriatic for dinner. The conversation and the wine was flowing and we enjoyed being together again after so much time. Caroline looked absolutely ravishing at the dinner table. Her pretty face and red hair were undiminished by the passing years. Right next to her sat Patty. Blond, blue eyed and pretty as the day I met her. No doubt about it…the McGregor sisters were a knockout combination.

By the time we got back to the house the rest of our families were sound asleep and it was time for the photo session. The girls had loaded close to a grand onto my credit card and had lots of nice stuff to pose in but…but nothing really revealing. It was great shooting pictures of them together but I came to realize very early on that Caroline was too inhibited to show much skin. Rob kept suggesting they raise their skirts a bit and Patty went ahead and did so but Caroline was very reluctant to follow suit.

Compared to her big sister, Caroline felt…incomplete. Her naturally small bust simply didn’t measure up to Patty’s fully developed breasts. She had the big nipples that were to die for but she just dismissed them as “Whipped cream on top of nothing!”

Towards the end I got to pose with Caroline and even got to hold her in a romantic embrace. I could smell her scent and we were really close together. I started to get hard and hoped the camera wouldn’t catch that! Then I shot some pictures of Patty and Rob and I could tell he was getting off on shmoozing with her too.

It wouldn’t be fair to say I was disappointed with the photo session. Caroline had worn some tight fitting tops with no bra and her big nipples were prominently displayed through the flimsy material. At one point she posed in short shorts with her legs up on the sofa, and then with her legs apart which was pretty hot. But Patty posed with a short skirt that didn’t cover much to begin with and, from the angle Rob was shooting from, I think he could see her panties. She also posed in a low cut dress that really showed off her cleavage and I saw Rob get a shot of her when she dropped the roses she was posing with and bent over to pick them up. Her nipples were briefly visible and I’m pretty sure he got that.

We talked a bit more and Rob finished the bottle of wine. He was tipsy by now and was getting ready to regale me with more tales of his hippie days in the sixties. I took a deep breath and said, “Well…it’s been a long day for us so…” Patty caught my drift and we made our way down the hall to the guest bedroom where we were staying. Patty likes to read a bit before turning in but the red wine had hit me and I fell asleep almost right away.

I was asleep for at least a half hour or so when Patty got out of bed and was quietly dressing. “What’s up?” I asked. “Forgot one bag from the mall.” She answered and disappeared out the door. She was gone for a while and I could barely hear her and Caroline talking in the kitchen. When she finally reappeared Patty was carrying manavgat escort a Victoria’s Secret bag! She put her finger to her mouth as if to say “Shhhh!” and went in the adjacent bathroom. I got my camera out and ready and was pleased when my wife emerged from the bathroom in a lavender teddy! The simple lighting in the room was perfect and Patty’s wonderful Kim Novak look was real sexy in that teddy! Wow!

She let me photograph her in a variety of poses and then undid the snaps at the crotch, revealing her tight little pussy! I wasn’t sure how or if I could get these shots developed but I didn’t care about that then. Patty opened her legs and showed me her pussy which she’d shaved for the occasion! My girl! She knows what I like and she was delivering for me now! I shot some explicit photos when Patty spread her pussy open and then I asked her to turn over. My wife’s ass is second to none and I’ve never tired of looking at it, not to mention fucking it. I was able to control myself for at least a few shots and then I was horny and ready to fuck.

Patty let me feel her up until she was all hot and panting but then she got up and wrapped a robe around her luscious body. “I left the Astroglide out on the kitchen table.” she explained. Yes, after two kids, we need a bit of lubrication to really make it work. So I waited until she quietly made her way back in the door which she closed until the latch snapped loudly into place. She then returned to me in the bed and we kissed like newlyweds. I’d pulled the teddy off and we were both now completely naked. I pulled Patty to her knees before me and prepared to fuck her.

I found myself wondering: What was she thinking? This beautiful woman I’d stumbled onto so many years ago. I really had no clue. Still couldn’t exactly figure her out. We’d come here for my birthday celebration and she knew I cared for her sister. We’d had some fun today and now we were going to have even more. but still…What was she thinking?

Oh Jeff. My crazy guy! Whatever he couldn’t have he wanted all the more. When his coworkers told him he could never run a business he promptly quit his job and started working for himself. Did right well too. Married me against his mother’s wishes and we had a lot of happy years and two beautiful children to show for it. And my sister. I could see it in his eyes the first time I saw them together. He wanted her too. Caroline has never had an easy time with men and yet she got along so well with Jeff. I think they both have the “Can’t Have It!” thing going.

It was really sweet of Jeff to arrange that party in San Francisco. I never would have tried to pull off something like that. People are busy, you know? But he really went to bat for me and I loved him for it. When he started pitching this “Photo shoot” idea to me I just rolled my eyes. Like, my little sister with the “Non-boobs” is going to want to stand next to her well endowed sister and let Jeff photograph us. Please! But, I wanted Jeff to enjoy his birthday like I had enjoyed mine so I cooked up this trip so he could get to see and be with Caroline a bit.

I asked Caroline at the mall if she wanted to go into Victoria’s Secret and, of course, she was all “What for? I’ve got nothing to put on display.” I dragged her in there anyway. I picked out a very nice lavender teddy for me and a “Virgin White” one for her that I knew Jeff would like. She wouldn’t think of it. “Right Patty!” She fumed. “What happens on top?” I knew what she meant. They don’t really make teddies for women who are that small busted. There’s no way to make it work.

So instead I bought her some dainty white bikini panties and a little lace top that she tried on and agreed looked OK. “I’m not letting Jeff take pictures of me dressed in this Patty.” She warned. I figured we’d cross that bridge when we came to it.

I made sure Rob got some sexy shots of me during the fun photo session we had. He’s kind of a knuckle head but he’s OK. He always tries to talk about sex to me when Jeff isn’t around and I usually string him along for a while. I let him see my panties when I was posing and I know he got a kick out of that! When I saw Rob finishing that bottle of Pinot Noir I knew he would be out like a light pretty soon and out of the way for the rest of my evening plans.

I knew Caroline would be up late washing the dishes so I bedded down with Jeff for a while. Then I set out to speak with my sister. As I expected, she was incredulous when I told her of the “Favor” I was asking. “I’m not doing that Patty!” she fired back shaking her head. “I mean…come on! I’m married and so are you and Jeff and…”

“Yeah, and what about Jeff?” I interrupted. “Hasn’t he stood by you in the past? Hasn’t he been more than a friend to you? Caroline, he loves you and me and he’s helped both of us since Mom and Dad died. You know that. Who do you think is paying for all those clothes we bought today?”

My sister was quiet, busily finishing up the dishes as she considered my unusual request. I took silence as a “Maybe” so I continued. “Listen, you know how the door latch has to be pulled kind of hard to engage? When you hear that sound, then it’s time. When the door clicks shut. Thanks, I love you.”

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