Mart 30, 2021

Delayed Honeymoon Pt. 03

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The following morning was very different. It was early and I was wakened this time by Glenn’s fingers running over my body. I was sleepily aware as his hand moved down to my crotch and he began stroking my clit while, at the same time, kissing and teasing my nipples. I slowly came aware and looked up at him, realizing what was going on. I was momentarily surprised that I was naked again, but immediately I recalled everything and just said, “Good morning.” I was more surprised shortly afterwards when I realized that he was naked too. He had seen me naked in the daylight before – at least part of me – but this was a first. It’s odd how the mind works, but my first reaction was to think, “He has a nice body. He doesn’t look old.” Afterwards it embarrassed me to realize that I was naked in bed with a naked man and my instant reaction was not to be startled but, instead, was to evaluate him physically!

In any case, seeing my open eyes and hearing my “Good morning,” he kissed me lightly, and, then, more vigorously. I put my arms up and embraced him and, as I did so, I became aware of a very hard erection pushing into my side. It’s funny, but Nick and I frequently have sex in the morning when there is no time or parenting pressure, but, somehow I was startled by Glenn’s obvious arousal. I pulled away from the kiss, moved against his cock and asked, “Does this have anything to do with the way you wakened me?”

“It seems like a good idea. I’ve been lying here for the last fifteen minutes staring at this lovely body next to mine and, I’ll admit, certain lascivious thought came to mind!”

“Good heavens, here I am, a respectable and innocent married woman being propositioned by a lecherous man who happens to be in bed with her. Well, we have to do what we have to do! First, I have to go to the bathroom and then I guess I’ll have to submit to your lewd demands.”

Without the thoughts of modesty that had plagued me yesterday, I got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom completely nude, just as I would have done with Nick. I returned the same way and, shortly was on my back with my legs in the air – in broad daylight! It’s amazing how what is inconceivable one day can become commonplace so quickly! However, while having sex, adulterous sex, may become almost as routine as marital intercourse, doing so in the light is very different from doing so in the comfortable darkness. This time, I could see the cock that was going to impale me; I could see the balls that were going to fill me with cum. I could see the male body that was going to come down on me and take me. I had seen these things with Nick, of course, but this was a new lover. I welcomed him into me, even helped as I had before, but I was surprisingly affected, almost as if this were the first time.

This was particularly true as Glenn began to move in me and, for the first time, I could see his face above me. His features and expressions were so distinct, whereas in the dark they were vague and unclear. His eyes were open and he smiled as he looked down at me. I smiled back and we shared a moment of intimacy that was more than just sex. Maybe it was just my feminine desire for the act to have more meaning than pure lust, but I did feel something more pass between us.

As would be assumed, that moment gave way to the physical act of sexual intercourse – or the more robust terms, screwing or fucking. As the motions became more vigorous, our libidos taking over, those softer feelings of affection gave way to our drive toward climax. I was still aware enough to look up at my lover and saw that his eyes were closed and that his face had a most intense look as he put his entire energy into the in-and-out battering of my vagina and clit. Soon, I was equally committed to the act of pure sex and was responding with equal vigor to his fucking. It didn’t take long for us to reach the stage of orgasm and, once again, I exploded as I felt him ejaculate into me.

Unlike the previous times, Glenn did not come down on me as he had before. Getting off the bed, he said, “We’d better hurry. Nick will be here in a half-hour or so.” I heard him, but my attention was elsewhere. As he pulled away from between my legs, I saw him completely nude and, automatically, my eyes focused on the cock that had just left my cunt. It was no longer hard, of course, but it was still long enough to see it glisten with a combination of my lubrication and his cum. I liked that. However, most of my attention was concentrated on myself. I was lying there on my back, my legs still spread and with my cunt undoubtedly open with moisture leaking out. Many women, particularly feminists, would disagree with my feelings, but I just felt that I really had been taken, giving me a feeling of…I don’t know…subservience is the wrong word. Conquered or used might be better. I feel that way with Nick, too. Now, when I’m on top, I don’t have that reaction because, I guess, I’m in control. In any case, I sort of enjoy the feeling of being mastered even if, as it always is, a mutual, shared sex act.

Glenn’s comment about Nick coming got through and ended my musing and of course, spurred me to get moving. sarıyer escort Glenn went into the bathroom while I pulled out the clothes I intended to wear in San Juan. It was funny – when he came out of the bathroom I headed in, both of us still naked. As I passed him, he slapped me on the bottom, saying “I like that outfit. I want to see a lot more of it!” Actually, I had plenty of time since I didn’t need a lot of makeup and about fifteen minutes I came out to dress. It was interesting, sexy and a bit embarrassing to dress as he watched. I put on my panties, then my bra, feeling his eyes watching every move. I was going bare-legged, so no pantyhose or stocking so all I had to do was put on a skirt and blouse. I quickly pulled the sheet over a large wet spot, rumpled the couch bedding and, when Nick arrived five minutes later, I was on the balcony looking at the port of San Juan. No sign that I had engaged in adulterous intercourse thirty or forty minutes ago. Still, I had a feeling that, despite the lack of physical evidence, Nick had a pretty good idea as to what was going on.

San Juan was fun. We toured the Old Town and made our way through Morro Castle. Glenn went with us – he wanted to get his feet on the ground for the first time on the cruise. I felt like a princess or queen being escorted by two men and both were very attentive. I know that Glenn was relieved at the comradery we shared – certainly nothing of a suspicious and jealous husband. In fact, it seemed pretty obvious that we were a non-sexual threesome. Non-sexual together and we didn’t talk about separately!

It was a very hot day, and after walking around, particularly in the Morro Castle, we were very happy to return to the ship, have lunch and spend time at the pool. Glenn had another talk scheduled since we were leaving San Juan early (3:00 PM) but he thought that he had time or a swim. A funny thing about it was Glenn and me going back to the suite to change into our suits together while Nick went the “cave.” Changing together was quite intimate and it was fun to go back to the pool together to meet Nick.

Obviously, I knew that Glenn did not look the way we would have expected when we assumed that he was over sixty-five. In fact, as I had pleasantly discovered, he was very well conditioned from frequent use of the university gym. (Of course, I knew that he was physically fit in other ways!) Oh, he didn’t look like someone thirty or forty years old, but he certainly was not an old man physically. After he left to prepare for his lecture Nick expressed his surprise as Glenn’s condition, saying, with a grin, “Maybe I made a mistake letting you sleep with him in his suite!” I left that comment alone, not speculating on whether he meant that I was just sleeping in the suite while Glenn was there or that I was actually sleeping with him in the suite – which I was!

Fortunately, he went on talking, asking me if I had found out how old Glenn really was. I told him that I had guessed wrong about his career advancement and that he actually was only sixty-one. I went on and told him about his wife and the effect on his hair.

“Well, that explains a lot. Truthfully, he looks and acts much younger than his age. When we were talking about him before, we hadn’t really seen him enough to guess how old he was. Damn, I hope I look nearly as good as he when I’m sixty. You know, we’re really lucky to meet him on this cruise and not only because it gave you a place to sleep. We’ve met a few couples at diner, but no one that is as much company as he is. Anyhow, San Juan was an interesting place, but I can’t wait to get to St. Thomas tomorrow. What’s the name…oh, yeah Charlotte Amalie. I don’t care about the town, but I’m really looking forward to swimming in the Caribbean water. The tour we’re on ends up at the beach at Megans Bay and should be perfect.

We stood on the deck and watched San Juan disappear as we pulled away and headed for St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It was 10:00 PM, and the lights of the city were beautiful against the dark sky and water. It was a lovely, warm night, the type that people go to the Caribbean for and we sat on the pool deck, eating and drinking the way you are supposed to on such a cruise.

Around midnight the three of us went in and sat on our (mine and Glenn’s!) balcony and talked for another half hour until Nick left. It was a weird feeling, seeing my husband leaving, saying, “Sleep well, I’ll see you in the morning!” The couch was open and nicely made up, but none of really thought that I was going to sleep there. The events afterwards proved once again how impossible things quickly become almost the norm.

As soon as Nick was out of the door, I sat down on the bed and removed my shoes and, without pausing or even hesitating, I began undressing. I stood there in my bra and panties, chatting away about our day in San Juan. I took my bra off and was stepping out of the panties when I suddenly became aware of what I was doing. Blushing furiously, I grabbed my nightgown and hurried into the bathroom, hearing Glenn behind me calling, “Nice tits!” I was still embarrassed later sefaköy escort when I came out wearing the nightgown knowing full well that it would be off in a few minutes. I was comfortable enough with him to forget myself and strip in front of him, but my old, conservative ways reappeared when I thought about what I was doing.

The gown did come off very quickly and, one again, we engaged in terrific sex. We were in that stage where the sex was still new but we were more comfortable with one another. We began to move automatically with each other, began to be more familiar with each other’s moves. It was very much like newlyweds adapting to each other’s needs rather than just racing to their own climax. Actually, in some ways, it was a progression from just having sex to making love. I had gone through this transition with Nick and now I was doing it with another man – and really enjoying it.

There was another element to this “affair,” if it could be called that. I was in bed, having sex with another man in an elite suite on a fabulous cruise ship! I was lying there, naked under him, being fucked while a whole ship load of people were out there. I felt certain that Nick knew and approved what I was doing, but there still was that added element of immorality, of wickedness, that added a fillip of excitement. Adultery is exciting just because it is adultery! So, I was a married woman being taken by another man – and loving it!

I woke up the following morning, no nightgown as usual, with Glenn just getting out of bed. We had gone to bed late – actually, gone to sleep late – and we had slept a bit too long, so there was no time for morning sex. We had arranged to meet Nick for breakfast rather than him to come to the suite. (It eliminated the possibility of him coming early to the suite and catching us in flagrante delicto – i.e. screwing!) We had to hurry so that he and I could join our tour to the beach. I hurried through the bathroom preparations before dressing and, just before I came out, a thought hit me.

As I almost always did in the morning, I had removed my diaphragm, (the required six plus hours or more having passed) washed and powdered it and put it away. Normally, I had little need of it during the day so I left it out until its protection was needed, usually near bedtime. However, recalling Nick’s comment about finding a “nice secluded beach,” I decided that it might be a good idea to put it in before our tour. It was a very good thing that I did!

The tour bus took us on a twisty road up and down steep hills on a busy two-lane road with some awesome views. We finally arrived at Megans Bay, bumped our way into a dirt parking lot and, piling out, made our way through a band of rather scruffy trees onto the beach. Frankly, I wasn’t too impressed for the sand was only a rather narrow ribbon around the bay, but it was soft. The water was flat, no swells or surf which is what we prefer, but we swam for a while in the warm water. It was a long, curving beach and, after resting, we started walking along the shore toward a less crowded area. I was looking at the water when Nick stopped and said, “Let’s go in here.”

I saw that a clump of scrub trees and bushes screening a small section of sand. I looked around and didn’t see anyone really close, but we were hardly alone. I knew what he intended, of course, but this was not private enough for me! “Good heavens, Nick, we can’t do that! There are people all around here!”

“No one’s nearby and this place is hidden behind these bushes. Come on.”

Reluctantly, I let him pull me down onto the soft sand and, before I knew what he was doing, my bra was off and he was pulling my pants down. “Nick, for God’s sake, I can’t be naked here! Someone will come along! Let me suck you instead.” Me offering to do that on a public beach would normally have been inconceivable but the alternative was worse. The potential public humiliation of being caught was devastating. Still, Nick was adamant and, very shortly, I was lying in the sand, completely nude.

I had the weirdest reaction. I was scared, my mind almost petrified with the fear of being caught, but yet I felt a surprising excitement as I lay there naked on the warm sand. I didn’t have a long time to worry, for Nick, his cock out and rigid, came down on me. I instinctively raised and parted my legs and, very quickly, he was in me. Once the act started, my initial hesitation ended and I joined in the fucking. Now the possible danger served as a spur. I said that having sex with Glenn was great in part because it was new. Now, sex with my husband was new; screwing on a public beach with people not far away, sex on an island in the Caribbean, naked with my husband pumping away between by legs – it was wild! I hit orgasm before Nick did, but he followed shortly afterwards.

We both were breathless and sated as we just lay there completely exhausted. Perversely, when Nick finally moved off of me, I enjoyed lying there nude. Lying in that soft sand, naked and exposed, looking up at the swaying branches and clear blue sky – it was blissful! Even when I heard voices as several silivri escort people passed our barely concealed bower I made no effort to cover myself. Unbelievably, I almost wanted to be seen. Now, it was Nick who was concerned, quickly putting his trunks on and urging me to get up. Rather than crouching there, concealing myself, I stood up and leisurely pulled on my pants. Standing there topless I said, “Well, you wanted to screw me on a secluded beach. It’s not really secluded, but you really screwed me! That was one of the best we’ve ever had! Do you like seeing my tits out bare?”

“Very hot, honey. And that was good. Now, put your bra on over – ok, your tits – and let’s get back before our bus leaves!”

That was an amazing experience. I understood for the first time the appeal of public exhibitionism. I don’t think that anyone actually saw anything, but when I stood up, I would have welcomed eyes on me. I didn’t know then if I actually could go onto a topless beach, but I thought that I just might!

Now, I am not in any way a scheming, conniving person and I have always been completely honest with Nick – if for no reason other than he would know if I weren’t. One time we were in a store and a box of bubble bath capsules had broken on the floor and they were all over the place ready to be swept up and thrown away. I wanted to try that brand so I picked up one and put it in my pocket. I walked over to where Nick was standing and he looked at my guilty face and asked, “What did you do?” I’m just too honest, but, on the bus ride back to the ship a devious thought had suddenly popped into my mind.

I was reasonably certain that I was not…well…not “knocked up” by Glenn, but I knew that it could have happened – particularly with a woman who got pregnant twice while on the pill! So, after a wonderful day together, when, as I half expected, we had had sex on the beach, I decided to lie to my husband for, as far as I could remember, the first time on anything of any importance. We had gone to the suite so that I could “freshen up” before going to the buffet to eat. Glenn was doing something else, so we were alone. When I came out of the bathroom I’m sure that I looked nervous, which I was, but nothing was said as we left. We got our food, ate and, finally, Nick asked, “What’s wrong, honey. I can tell that something is bothering you.” For once, my non-poker face was a virtue.

“It’s probably nothing, but we could have a problem. I didn’t expect to have wild sex on the beach and, unfortunately I didn’t have my diaphragm in. I just never thought of it. I saw it in my bag when we were up in the suite and I realized there could be a problem – to put it mildly. I should be safe, but who knows with me.”

“Well, there’s nothing we can do about it now. Damn, I never thought about that and there certainly was no reason for you to put it in. We’ll just have to let nature run its course and, really I don’t know that it would be a catastrophe anyway! Maybe we’d get a boy!”

“Oh, sure! I go around for months with morning sickness looking like a blimp! Two girls are enough! Well, what is done is done!”

Then Nick asked something that I didn’t expect. “Have you been using the diaphragm regularly?”

I looked at him in consternation because, in effect, any doubt about my relationship with Glenn would be exposed when I answered. I looked down in embarrassment and, I’ll admit, guilt, finally, managed to say, softly, “Yes.” I knew everything that had gone before, including his specific insistence that he wouldn’t mind, but now this was reality and I wasn’t absolutely sure of his response.”

To my heartfelt relief, he simply said, “Good. Nothing to worry about then. Let’s just remember a wonderful day.”

I’m sure that the smile on my face lit up the room!

I felt guilty and relieved at the same time. I had done what thousands, probably millions, of women have done in the past when they fear that a lover has made them pregnant – convince their husband that he had impregnated her so that he will accept the baby as his. Actually, this was a very unusual situation, maybe unique. My only real offense was forgetting to use protection, not the intercourse itself. Right or wrong, I did what seemed best at the time and I did not regret it. My guilt, in my mind, was lying to my husband, not the pregnancy – and I strongly doubted that there was one. My greatest feeling at the time was relief, relief that Nick confirmed his acceptance of my relationship with Glenn. His only question, his only concern, was whether I was protecting myself, not if I was sleeping with Glenn.

It may seem from this writing that Nick was on the outside looking in on this cruise, but that really was not the case. In fact, I was with him all day from around 8:30 in the morning until it was time for bed. We were having a great deal of fun and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. Needless to say, the inability to have sex with me was a big downer for him – less so for me for me for obvious reasons. That, of course, was not what he wanted, but fate took that out of our hands. It was incredibly generous of him to let me develop my relationship with Glenn since he was getting nothing from it. Some men apparently get pleasure out of their wife’s infidelity, but Nick was just standing back and giving me freedom. Of course, it would all have been different if claustrophobia hadn’t placed me in Glenn’s suite – and his bed!

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