Mart 22, 2021

Deer Path

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A raven screeched as it circled the azure sky. Branches, pulled and pushed by the wind, scraped against each other, dry and brittle. Heavy, thick, and intoxicating, the scent of elderberry flowers clustered densely on a robust shrub permeated Natalie’s pores and filled her nostrils. She blinked again, slowly, things were still unclear. Goosebumps covered her bare skin. She sat on a rock in the midst of a desolate landscape containing one scraggled half-dead tree and the immense elderberry shrub nearby. Nothing was familiar, and an eerie stillness blanketed everything.

Natalie had spent the last few moments trying to remember where she was, and why. She was cold, completely nude, with not a thing in sight to cover herself. Her long, dark hair drifted across her shoulders to barely cover her nipples pointing out from her modest breasts and velvety skin the color of rich brown soil. She stood and took a few steps on the prickly grass, withered and burned by the sun. Uncomfortable, but bearable, it did not take her long to reach the edge of the ridge and to spot a deer path trail covered with a softer layer of dust and a few smooth pebbles. As her uncovered feet continued walking, gathering dirt between her toes and up her calves, she forgot that she had no clothes on and that she had no direction in mind, and she stood upright, and took each step purposefully.

A deer sprinted out across the path. Startled, Natalie stopped to catch her breath, watching it plunge in the bush and disappear. The path had led her to a grove of impressive, overbearing trees. She entered them, treading softly among the wildflowers, until the shadows opened up again into a clearing. She stopped instantly.

The bright red tent stood out unnaturally in the forest setting. Shocked into staring, it took a few moments for Natalie to register that she was being talked to.

“Hey Natalie, where were you? Gathering firewood should antalya escort not have taken that long, right?” It was her 22-year-old younger brother, Matt. He looked up from the fire-pit at her, than looked quickly away from her naked body, his face flushed.

“..uhh..s…sorry…. Here, take my coat,” he said as he handed her his raincoat.

Natalie took the coat, wrapping it around her torso, though it barely covered her legs, and sat down next to him.

“I couldn’t find any firewood,” she said softly.

They both gazed intently at the kindling as it caught the flame, not looking at each other. Matt wanted to ask about his older sister’s strange naked reappearance after many hours, but felt ashamed at having seen her like that, vulnerable, and ashamed at his own sexual desire that he was not supposed to have. He tried to suppress his feelings as she silently sat beside him.

Natalie’s mind wandered strangely. She knew who her brother was, but she did not know much else, and she definitely did not know what had happened in the wilderness just before she got to this clearing. She wanted to pretend as if nothing was amiss, that she was her normal self. She was still her, wasn’t she? Walking through the forest, with all of herself exposed and bare, she had felt connected and whole with the world, a part of nature, as if there were no human constructs of right and wrong and expectations and rules, just flesh and blood and life and death. This new feeling never left her as she and her brother cooked dinner, ate, and sat side by side in near silence, watching the fire burn down.

When the sun began to set, they gathered their sleeping bags and lay side by side in the red tent, ignoring the fact that they were both wearing very little and would have liked to wear nothing in the summer heat, but were to embarrassed about earlier in the day,. Their breathing and distant rustling of animals alanya escort were the only sounds breaking the silence. The dark crowded in and Natalie felt a familiar chill. She shook, shivering slightly, remembering the terrifying sensation from earlier in the day, when she was naked and disoriented in the woods. As they used to growing up, her brother wrapped his arms around her from behind, comforting and warming her body with his closeness. Natalie felt secure and safe. In the back of her mind, though, was an awareness of a male body pressed against hers.

Unsure if her brother was asleep, calmly, barely moving, as slow as she could, Natalie twisted her hips, pressing her backside against Matt’s front. He did not move, but she could feel something pushing against her. She knew what she wanted, she did not have to think, and she did not know if her brother wanted it as well, but she knew that his body was responding physically.

She moved slightly faster and he began to grind with her as well, thin fabric rubbing together. Though he started reluctantly, hesitantly, his hand found her breast and his other hand trailed along her stomach. Breathing deeply, her chest heaving warmly, she twined her body so that his hand slid from her stomach to the space between her legs.

As soon as her brother touched her there, she soaked her panties through and could not take the waiting any longer. Still not looking back at him, Natalie pulled down her panties, then reached behind pulling down his boxers. As soon as she gave him the invitation, her brother plunged himself inside of her. She muffled her moans with the sleeping-bag as he began to thrust. Never had she thought of doing anything like this, but it was so good. She wanted, needed, her brother inside of her. She felt his every movement and soon their breaths came fast and the tent filled with the scent and hot air of hard belek escort sex. He held her hips to pound deeper into her. Unable to control himself, he moved as if nothing else existed. Bucking his hips hard on her body, entering her deeply, he came. Natalie felt her brother’s cum filling her up and had an orgasm, her back arching and muscles tensing, drawing him up inside of her, then releasing with a wave of pleasure.

He stayed in her for a moment as they both became aware of what had taken place. Natalie felt him slip out of her and she curled up, smiling to herself, still not facing him. The world had given her an opening, some hope that anything was possible.

They both slept soundly until the sun rose over the hills and into their tent. It unflinchingly shone on Natalie and Matt’s naked bodies. Natalie awoke and looked over to her brother. He blinked open his eyes and gazed at her. Obvious embarrassment, shame, and confusion registered in his face as he saw his sister’s nude body, still glistening with the signs of their sex.

As if answering his unasked question, Natalie bent over her younger brother, sliding her fingers lightly along down his chest and stomach. Her touch aroused him again and he turned his head away, ashamed. She placed her hands on his the sides of his face, turning him so that he looked back in her eyes, daring him to accept that he enjoyed her physically. Natalie then leaned over her brother and took him into her hands, stroking and massaging, then took him in her mouth. She heard him inhale sharply in surprise, as he slid in her, past her open lips, then his body relaxed into the enjoyment. Sucking him deftly and eagerly, he came soon into her throat. She used her soft, flexible tongue to lick it all, then lifted herself up, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and smiled at her brother. Still a little unsure, but his body immensely satisfied, he allowed himself to smile slightly back.

After stripping off her dirty panties that had been hanging around her ankles, Natalie unzipped the tent and walked out. Through the open door, Matt could see his beautiful naked sister bending over, beginning to light the fire for breakfast.

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