Mart 22, 2021

Daughter’s Cookie Ch. 04

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Kim drove home and pulled into the driveway. She was home for about an hour or so before her daddy. This gave her some time to herself. She changed out of her cheerleader uniform and placed her pom-poms back into the box. As she slide her closet door closed, she grabbed her light pink terrycloth bath robe and put it on.

As she made her way to the bathroom, Kim placed the money from Bill on the kitchen table for her daddy. Her tip money was kept in a small plastic coffee can that she kept hidden in the back of her closet. She walked into the bathroom and turned the water on in the shower. Her hands lowered to untie the knot from the sash, then hung the robe on a hook that was on the back of the bathroom door.

She stepped into the shower and closed her eyes while tilting her head back. The hot water rained down from the shower head, onto her hers. The steam began to fill the shower from the curtain being closed. This was just what she needed. She could feel her body becoming relieved of stress.

Kim grabbed a bottle of her favorite lavender scented bodywash, squirted some onto her showerball. It wasn’t long until her body was covered in a rich latter. Her hands lightly caressed her firm tits, then slowly made their way down her body, until one of them reached her smooth pussy. This was just supposed to be a shower to get cleaned up after entertaining Bill, but it began to feel so much better.

Her fingers gently parted her pink pussy lips, allowing one of them to enter. She began to slowly finger herself while her eyes continued to stay closed, the hot water rained down onto her head, and steam of the shower continued to thicken. Kim picked up the speed as she fingered her pussy, thinking about the men that she has been with, and how it made her feel. Her body began to convulse, as she hammered her finger in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Her other hand reached up and began caressing her one tit, then tweaking the erect nipple of it. It wasn’t long before she left out a load moan, almost as if to scream.

“Yes! Yes! Oh fuck!”

Kim was breathing very heavily, as she leaned back against the shower stall. After every thing that has been going on, this was exactly what she needed, some alone time.

Kim finished her shower, and shut the water off. A few drops of water continued to fall from the showerhead. She stepped out, and onto the bathmat. Her hand reach for her soft towel, and slowly ran it over her body. The bathroom felt chilly not that she was no longer in the steamy shower. Her nipples began to harden as she reached for her robe, and placed it around her body once again. After combing her wet hair, she opened the bathroom door and walked out.

Her daddy was home and sitting in the living room watching the news. As she walked past the kitchen table, she noticed that the money was no longer on the table. Kim went back to her bedroom, and shut the door behind her. She sat on the bed and thought some more about what she has been doing. She enjoyed the attention, and the money that she was making, even if she had to hand most of it over to her daddy. As she sat there, she began to give it some more thought, then made up her mind. Kim got dressed in a pair sweat pants and a T-shirt, then went to see her daddy.

“Hey daddy, how are you?” “I’m okay baby.”

Kim handed him the newspaper with an ad that she had circled. It was a factory in the area that was adding another shift. They were looking for employees to fill many different positions.

“Here. Why don’t you go and check this place out? Maybe they’ll hire you?”

Her daddy reached out and took the paper from her. He looked over the ad, then set antalya escort the paper onto the coffee table in front of him. Kim just shook her head and walked away. She figured that he was getting to used to this easy money that he didn’t have to go out and earn himself. The thing that she had been thinking about, seemed to be the answer for her. Tomorrow morning she’ll be getting up early.

The next morning, Kim’s alarm clock went off. She got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. After showering and having a light breakfast, she made her way back to her bedroom to get dressed. She slid her closet door open and slid hanger after hanger from side-to-side. She finally found what she was looking for.

She sat on the edge of her bed, and slid her black thigh high stockings up each of her legs, followed be a garter. Next came black lace panties, and then a short skirt that was followed by her high heels. She found the perfect blouse to put on, right after finishing the clasp of her black lace bra. Her hair was done, and her make-up was just right. The last thing was her fuchsia colored lipstick.

Kim walked out to her car, and drove to the building. All the way there, she kept thinking about it. She finally arrived. Kim pulled into the parking lot of a large building with a sign out front that read, “The Mirage.”

She got out of her car, and walked toward the entrance, when a guy that was wearing a shirt with security printed on it came over to her.

“Miss, can I help you?” “Yes, I have an appointment with Mr. Evans.”

The guy put a walkie talkie to his mouth and said, “Mr. Evans, there’s someone here to see you.”

He lowered the walkie, and opened the door for her. “Just walk straight ahead, miss. Mr. Evan’s office it all the way at the end, and on the left.”

Kim smiled at him and thanked him before entering. She walked across the hardwood floor, the sound of her heels filled the room with each step. The bar was very big with seats all around it. The stage was beautiful. Seats were set around it also, and tables surrounded it. As she made her way to the office, the door opened.

“Hello, you must be Kimberly? Come on inside.”

Kim smiled and shook his hand and politely said, “Yes sir.”

She sat down on the chair in front of his desk and they began to discuss the position. Mr. Evans ran his eyes all over Kim’s body. He imagined what it would be like to see her naked. As she spoke, thoughts of her pussy raced through his mind. Eventually, his eyes went higher. He enjoyed the view of her tits, with the shirt buttoned just enough to show a small trace of cleavage. Kim continued to talk, and his head lifted slightly higher. His eyes were fixed on her mouth, watching her fuchsia painted lips move with each syllable, imagining them wrapped around his cock, as it throbbed.

Mr. Evens couldn’t stand it any longer, as he stood from his chair. He walked around his desk and toward Kim. He stood in front of her and his hand reached down for his crotch. His fingers grasped the zipper and the sound of it being slid down, filled the room.

Mr. Evans reached inside of his dress pants and pulled his hard cock out, and guided it toward Kim’s beautiful mouth. Possibly reacting on instinct, she opened her mouth wide and slid her lips down his cock. She was hungrily sucking at it like a cum starved whore, eagerly trying to get her next meal.

As Kim sucked on Mr. Evans’ cock, she began to unbutton her blouse, then unclasped the hook on her bra. Her tits were beautiful. The pink nipples were hard and stood out like two small gumdrops begging to be sucked. Mr. Evans couldn’t hold back as this this alanya escort young little whore sucked. Kim could feel his cock get even harder as it began to pulse. Shot after shot of hot cum filled her mouth, swallowing every last drop. She finished off by licking all along the shaft, then sucking at the head to get one more drop of his seed before leaning back in the chair, and continued where she left off.

“I’ve been working off and on, and doing some odd jobs on the side, but I’m looking for something steady. Do you think that you could help me out?”

As Kim finished buttoning the last button on her blouse, Mr. Evans spoke.

“Sure baby, I think that I could help you out. If you’re looking to dance a few nights per week you’re more then welcome to work here. You’ll get a nightly rate, and any tips that you earn are yours. By the way, we also have rooms in the back for entertaining.

Kim walked out of the building and drove home. Her daddy was waiting for her as she walked inside the house. He had a notebook and pen sitting on the table with a lot of writing on it.

“Kim, I have another client for you to go see tomorrow night. This is the one that could get me up-to-date with all of the bills, and possibly pay off what I owe on the house. The information is on the notebook.”

Kim picked up the notebook and looked over what the client wanted. It was a little different then the others, but it would be the last one that she would need to to do for her daddy. She set the notebook back down on the table next to her purse and said, “Alright daddy, I’ll go over all of the details and call him tonight.”

Later that night, she looked over the list, then picked up the phone and dialed the number. The phone rang about four times before someone answered.

“Hello?” “Hi, this is Kim. I was told that you’re interested in getting entertained tomorrow night?” “Ah, yes I am sweetheart. Will you be available? Are you okay with what we’re looking for?”

Kim looked over the list once more.

“Yes sir, I’m okay with it, and I’ll be available. How does 8:00PM sound?” “That’s great. We’ll be there. See you then.”

The next day, Kim’s daddy left the house to go help his friend move into their new house. Later, she decided to take her time and get ready. She lit a few candles and filled the tub with hot water then lowered herself down into the bubbles. The scent of the lavender bubbles mixed with the vanilla scented candles filled the room. Kim soaked in the tub with her head back against the wall, eyes closed, and imagining what the evening will be like.

She finished her bath and dried her body. No one was home, so she just walked to her room without anything on. The air cascaded over her naked body as she made her way through the house. Her nipples were hard, they usually are. Her firm tits had a slight bounce with each step that she made. When she entered her room, she walked right over to her closet. Way up on the top shelf set a large box that she placed there a few months ago. She reached up, and removed it from the shelf, then turned to walk toward her bed where she set it down.

She removed the lid of the box and smiled as she looked inside, it brought back memories. It was her school uniform. She put on a pair of white knee socks, then her red plaid and pleated skirt, followed by her white short sleeve shirt. She was instructed to not wear panties or a bra. She finished off her look by putting her hair up in pigtails.

The time seemed to just fly by. Before she knew it, it was 8:00PM, and the doorbell rang. Kim played the part, and skipped to the door. She opened alanya rus escort it, and in her best innocent little schoolgirl voice she said, “Hi mister. My daddy’s not home, wanna come inside and play?”

Just then, one after another walked into the house. She knew that this wasn’t going to be like any other. This was going to be a schoolgirl gangbang.

She led them to her room, and sat on her bed. The room was filled with guys. “Mister, I’ll do anything to pass my class. Is there anything that you have in mind?”

“First you could start by opening up the shirt so we could see those tits.”

Kim gasped an had a surprised look on her face. She tease, “But mister, you’re not supposed to see my titties. I’m just an innocent little schoolgirl.” The began to open it up to expose those beautiful tits. He stood in front of her and began to undress, they all began to undress. Kim knew that this was about to get started, as he shoved his cock so far into her mouth that she thought it was going to go down the back of her throat. It made her gag, and a tear ran down her cheek as she began to suck.

Another one of the guys were pulling the skirt down her legs, they weren’t wasting any time. When one cock was taken out of her mouth, another one was shoved back into it. Kim lost count of how many cocks were going in and out of her mouth. They picked her up and placed her on the bed. Her tits where being mauled by a mouth sucking at each of her nipples at the same time, a cock was at each side of her head for her to take turns sucking, and her sweet pussy was being eaten. She could feel it building inside of her. As the tongue slid in and out of her pussy, she moaned out load, and came.

As Kim continued to just lie there on the bed completely spent from the orgasm she just had, she felt a throbbing hard cock slide into her pussy. The guy fucked her as hard as he could. The headboard was banging against the wall, and she began to moan. Spurts of hot cum were shot deep inside of her before he got off of her, only to be replaced by another, and then another. Each one was either filling her pussy with cum, or feeding it to her hungry mouth as she sucked it out. Kim has never swallowed so many loads in one night until now. Her pussy was soaked as each cock exploded inside of her.

There was a time were Kim past out after reaching a mind blowing orgasm. Even then, they continued to just keep fucking this hot little schoolgirl. After the last guy was finished fucking her, they set the envelope filled with money on her dresser before leaving.

She was completely spent and well used pussy was saturated with cum, as she lie there on her bed with her legs spread. It was just after midnight when her daddy got home. He walked inside the house and didn’t see her anywhere. As he made his way to her room, he could see that the door was open and her light was on. When he got to the entrance of her room, he seen her lying there almost dazed from the fucking that she received. He looked over his daughter’s naked body. Her hair still in pigtails, and here white knee sock with the black maryjane shoes were still on. His cock got so incredibly hard when he seen her like that.

He walked over to the bed, and pulled his zipper down. He got on the bed between her legs, and pulled his cock out of his pants and slid it into his daughter’s pussy. She barely muttered something. Unable to make out what she said, he continued to fuck his daughter. She was so dazed and confused at this point, he didn’t expect her to have an orgasm. Just then, she left out a low moan and her body shook. He knew that she just came. About five minutes later, he unloaded a hot load of daddy cum deep inside of his own little girl. The one thing that he wasn’t aware of was, the he was the last of seventeen guys to fuck his daughter that night. It’s no wonder as to why she was completely spent at this time. How easily will she be able to walk the next morning?

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