Mart 16, 2021

Daughter Training Ch. 02

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“Sorry, I gotta go, my dad’s home.”

Isabelle’s words rattled around in Katie’s head all night. It was a simple statement but there was a lot of meaning behind those words. No explanation was given, not that Katie expected one by now. She was the youngest in her group of friends, and over the last year, the other girls began acting strangely. Each of them changed their behavior not long after their 18th birthdays. Every one of them disappeared on their actual birthday for about a week, delaying any celebrations. They weren’t in school, they weren’t online, they didn’t answer texts or calls. They simply ignored the world for a time, then came back happier than ever and usually dressing differently.

Every time she asked another girl about what why they were acting different, her friend would only talk about how they are a lot closer with their fathers than before. Sometimes she would hear about “practice” or “training”, but she’d never get a straight answer about what any of that was. “Your daddy will take care of everything,” they said. “Listen to your daddy and everything will be wonderful.” What did that mean? Why did they smile so much now?

Katie had to know more about what would happen on her birthday so she texted her friend Emily, but after several minutes of no reply she called her up. Right before it went to voice mail Emily picked up with a muffled “mmph”, followed by a “Hello?” which sounded like the person talking wasn’t closing her mouth.

It was apparent from the sounds Emily was making that Katie interrupted her while she was eating. She said her dad got her a big lollipop, and she didn’t want to put it down because it might get ruined. Nevertheless, Katie thought, there’s no reason to lick and suck and smack your lips that loudly while eating anything. Emily was even interrupting herself, shoving the candy in her mouth mid-sentence! A few times it even sounded like she gagged.

“Take it easy, it’s just candy, don’t choke on it,” Katie said.

“But it’s so delicious and I can’t get enough of it,” Emily said between licks.

“I never knew you liked suckers that much.”

Emily only replied with a muffled laugh. Katie asked her questions but the conversation continued much like the previous talks with her friends, with the exception of being interrupted repeatedly by the noise of licking, sucking, slurping, and gagging. “That candy sure lasts a long time even with all that munching,” Katie thought, “it must be a big one.”

Katie would have been offended by her friend’s behavior if she hadn’t already noticed so much strange behavior from everyone else. SOverall the conversation lead to no new knowledge and Katie couldn’t understand roughly half the words her friend spoke, asking her to repeat herself several times. The conversation ended like the others, though, with “Listen to your daddy and everything will be wonderful!” At least she thought that’s what she thought Emily said, with her mouth full of a big lollipop.

So many emotions ran through Katie. She was envious of her friends but nervous about the change that was coming. She sensed that in the morning, something would be different and her life would be more like her friends’. They were keeping something back but had trouble concealing their excitement. Katie knew her friends wouldn’t hurt her, or let something bad happen to her, so she knew she would be fine. She also knew that whatever it was, it would involve her Daddy, so it really must not be bad.

There were other things she wondered about, too. There was a church located inside their community that everyone attended. The pastor had been living there with his family for many years (and he had a really big family). There were two sections for seating in the sanctuary, the ground floor, and the balcony. She was never allowed up onto the balcony because she was too young. She frequently looked up there, wishing she could see everything from up high and could see the happy family members listening to the sermons on family love as daughters sat on their fathers’ laps, sometimes facing the wrong direction. Her friends started sitting up there with their fathers after each of their birthdays, and she knew she would start doing it too.

Last week Katie was bored while listening to the pastor drone on about family togetherness for the millionth time when she looked back and up and saw her friend Kristen sitting on her daddy’s lap just like all the other daddies and daughters sitting in the front balcony row. From down below, she could see no more bahis firmaları than the upper half or so of anybody sitting on the balcony. Soon Kristen leaned over, firmly gripping the railing with a look of intense concentration; she must have been very interested in the sermon. When Katie looked back a minute later, Kristen had turned around, hugging her father. Katie gave her attention again to the sermon for a couple more minutes before looking back and noticing that her friend was missing. Glancing around the balcony, Katie saw the other families enjoy the sermon together, but didn’t see her friend. She was just about to give up when Kristen got up from the floor. “She must have dropped something important and took a while find it,” Katie thought. Just then, Katie wiped her mouth and licked her fingers for some reason, which seemed really weird, and sat right back down on her dad’s lap.

Katie loved her daddy with all her heart. Her father told her that any boy she wants to date has to be brought home for him to see before she is allowed to date him or especially spend any time alone with him. She had a feeling that no boy would ever meet his standards, so she never even tried. She knew this because her daddy would be even more selective than she was, and she already hadn’t met a single boy that measured up. As the years went by, she realized she was comparing them all against her father, and thus didn’t stand a chance. Mom had been gone years ago and it was daddy who loved her and raised her and Katie appreciated everything her daddy did for her.

Not that the boys didn’t try to get her. Her blonde hair framed her face with stunning blue eyes, which her dad always complimented her on, encouraging her to wear skirts that match them.

Before going to bed her father hugged her close and whispered to her, “I love you, Katie.”

She closed her eyes as her soul lifted and all her worries lifted away as she replied, “I love you too, dad.”

“Call me daddy instead from now on, I like that more.”

“OK daddy,” Katie replied, realizing she liked it better as well.

Katie’s father moved his hands up under his daughter’s shirt to cup her breasts, which more than filled each of his hands.

“Very good. No bras at night, they just get in the way.”

Tim’s faced changed to a more stern expression as he started to outline his plan for his daughter, “These pajama bottoms won’t do, however, they are even worse than a bra. Stop using them. And let’s take a look at your panties.” He started pulling on his daughter’s pajama bottoms, and Katie found herself instantly raising her ass to make it easier.

Katie saw her daddy’s expression change to look like he was almost insulted. “What are these? Take those off too. In fact, throw them in the bag. We’ll get you all new clothes today. You’re my beautiful angel, and you’ll dress up how I say you will.”

Katie looked at her father.

“What are you waiting for? Obey your father.”

There was a spreading wet spot on Katie’s panties and it was already strange and sexy to see her father see that. As she stood up and pulled her panties down a string of her cream stretched and connected from her panties to her pussy until it snapped after it was drawn out too far.

“And that!”

Katie immediately knew her father saw blonde hair where it shouldn’t be.

“Too much hair. Your pussy needs to be bald. I see you shave it already but you need to do it more often. Always remember, don’t cut the hair on your head too short, but make your pussy nice and smooth.”

“But it’s only stubble, I shaved it not too long ago.”

“Did you shave for a boy?” Tim asked, worryingly.

“No Daddy, it was just to see what it was like. It’s nice to be bare around my vagina.”

Tim looked relieved. “Good girl. Shave it regularly to keep it nice and smooth. And don’t call it a vagina, use other names for it, like pussy.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Katie stepped out of her panties, walked over to the trash bag, bent over and placed them inside. As she bent over her shirt uncovered her ass and she found herself posing herself just right so that her daddy could see her pussy.

“Good girl. Now come back to bed. Daddy has been waiting a long time for this day and I’m very backed up.” With that, Daddy’s jeans fell to the floor, leaving a big, pointy lump pushing against his boxers.

Tim guided his daughter to lie down as Katie’s pussy leaked. She knew what was going to happen.

“Do you know what’s going to happen, Katie?”

“I’m kaçak iddaa not sure, Daddy. Something fun?”

Tim smiled, “Yes, my love, the most fun thing of all. I’m going to breed you.”

The bluntness of that statement almost took Katie’s breath away. She had always wanted brothers and sisters, and her father had always told her she would have them someday, but he never remarried.

“The reverend keeps his daughter BP&IK, that is, ‘barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen’. You might get along with her, she’s in her late 20’s but, when two girls are both sluts for their daddies, they tend to be good friends. I don’t think that little slut has missed a single chance to get pregnant since her 18th birthday. But you don’t have to do that, baby, we’ll stop after three siblings unless you want more. You can do whatever else you want, like take classes at college, but you’ll have to take a full load from me every day before going to class.”

“Yes, Daddy. But about the reverend, you mean that all reverend’s kids are…”

“No, not all of them,” Tim explained, “just over half are from his wife, but they try to time the pregnancies so she has ‘twins’ over the summer.”

Katie thought, “This is all making sense. Now I know why my friends are all so happy…”

Tim interrupted Katie’s thoughts with a command, “Take off everything. I want to see everything I made.”

Katie quickly discarded her top, and lay back on her golden hair, shimmering around her. Her breasts were unusually large for her frame, she was truly gifted. It was as if her body knew before she did that it belonged to the man that gave her life, and developed and grew for his exclusive use.

Tim kneeled on the bed, pushing Katie’s legs apart.

“Sit up, you should get used to taking out my cock. You will be doing it every chance you get. No seed will be wasted. Remember that.”

As if in a trance, Katie sat up and extended her hands out to her father’s boxers. If she adjusted them slightly she knew the massive family member would poke through the hole in the front but she wanted to see it all at once. She gripped both sides of the underwear and dragged it down until the cock hidden inside sprang out.

“This is yours. Only yours.”

Katie didn’t know quite what to say. She had seen pictures and video before, but this was different. This cock was what made her. All she could eek out was, “Yes Daddy. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. See all that wetness on the end?”

Katie took her index finger and touched the end in reply, drawing it back, forming a string in the air. She couldn’t help herself and placed it on her tongue. A shiver ran through her spine as a thirst was sparked that would never be sated. She leaned forward, her tongue brushing against the tip of that glorious cock ever so slightly, and Tim pulled back.

“Hold on, there, not yet. That lesson will be soon. Every Daddy trains his daughter the way he sees fit, and blowjobs will be soon, but today, we are going straight to breeding. It’s advanced material for most daughters but it’s obvious when I look at your body that it’s just made for breeding. My babies are going in there as soon as possible. Anyone who sees you will know that you have been claimed for life.”

Hearing her father talk was like listening to a truth that she knew innately, but had never put into words. “Of course, Daddy. I’m your daughter. You made me, so you own my body too.”

Tim’s cock bobbed up and down with those words as if it had a life of its own. He groaned, trying to hold his cum in.

“I knew you were a quick learner. Now lie back. We will get to other positions later, and you’ll use your mouth to get me hard, but breeding you is our top priority. Until you are pregnant all other lessons are on hold.”

Katie felt her father cover her as his cock poked at the entrance to her tight pussy. She was practically gushing, hornier than she had ever been before in her life.

“Are you a virgin, sweetie?”

“Yes, Daddy. I didn’t know it until now but… I saved myself for you. You’re the only man good enough.”

“Oh boy… sorry honey but this is going to sting a bit and I don’t know how long I’ll last. A body made for breeding like yours is enough to get me hard, but I’ve been waiting so long that a slight breeze might set me off.”

Katie almost surprised herself with her response. “Then we’ll have to make sure it all gets inside me, then, won’t we?”

With that Tim pushed, slowly slipping in inch after kaçak bahis inch, quickly tearing his daughter’s hymen with little pain, until he was balls deep. Katie was stuffed. Complete.

Father and daughter kissed, fondled, and gyrated together on Katie’s bed. Moving in and out, slowly, so as not to hurt his daughter, Tim kept himself under control, trying to distract himself by making out with his daughter instead. Kissing her neck, face, forehead, and lips, he wanted to cover her entire body with demonstrations of his love. Soon tongues came out and intertwined, as passionate love was leading to a new life.

“This is how all children should be conceived,” Katie thought. “How could a family with this much love not be a good thing?”

“I want your babies, Daddy. Our babies. My siblings. Give me a sister first, Daddy, if you can. A brother is good too, though.”

“Oh, Katie, yes, I’ll give you as many as you want.”

Feeling so owned, so loved, made Katie feel so lucky. This was what she wanted. Other people wanted money or possessions, but Katie wanted her father’s children to grow inside her. She wanted to be marked with his cum. She wanted it to drool out of her, splatter over her, physical proof to the world that she was claimed.

Katie’s mind drifted to a thought of going to her friend’s house with splatters of cum all over her face and thighs and showing her friend’s entire family that she was finally claimed as her father’s property. Then when that daddy saw her, he’d drag his own daughter to a bed to do the same thing.

As sexy thoughts of her perfect future flooded her head, a spark set off in her pussy. She was actually going to cum!

Tim groaned and strained when he spoke, “I don’t think I can last much longer, honey.”

“It’s OK Daddy, I think I… I think… Oh, oh, don’t stop! Don’t stop! Keep going! Right there! RIGHT THERE! OOOOHHHHH!!”

Katie went into spasms around her father’s cock as if her pussy was tired of waiting for the cum it was owed and finally did all it could to demand it be deposited inside her immediately. Of course, the daddycock happily complied.

“Take it all! It’s all for you! I’m knocking you up! I’m knocking up my own daughter!”

Tim pushed in hard, instinctually trying to get his sperm up to the waiting egg. They wouldn’t find out until Katie was fucked silly over and over again, each time taking precautions to get all of the family seed as far in her womb as possible, but Katie was an extremely fast learner. She passed her breeding lesson with flying colors on her first try. The happy couple made the sister Katie always wanted on their first try.

Sweaty and full of love and lust that would never die, the incestuous couple kissed and cuddled until Katie’s stomach rumbled.

“Sounds like my little girl needs to eat. After you catch I’ll help provide good nutrition with my seed at least once a day but for now, let’s go get a big breakfast. We have to go get you a new wardrobe.”

“Alright, I’ll just shower and dress, Daddy.”

“No, not yet. You can lick up the cum that drips out but don’t clean it up any other way. You need to get used to the taste and the feel of it. It marks you as mine. It will happen a lot from now on. Put on the shortest skirt you own and leave your panties off, we’re going to the mall, the big one a few towns away.”

Katie felt proud to be owned by such a loving and wise daddy and leaned in and kissed him to tell him so.

“How hungry are you, Katie?”

“I could wait a little bit,” Katie said with a smirk.

Tim cupped his daughter’s face with his palm and looked into her eyes, “Maybe we can breed you once more before leaving. After all, it is the best time of the month for it.”

Katie smiled and leaned in to kiss her father, saying, “Yes, the clothes can wait. My pussy could use some more daddycum before we go.” Then with a thoughtful look, she continued, “Just think, if we do it right, I could be on stage during graduation, with a swelling tummy that I’ll hold and rub in front of everyone as I grab my diploma. Then on my first day of classes at college I’ll show up with a huge belly, and my skirts will barely fit. I’ll be huge because of you, Daddy! All the boys will know this slut is already owned!”

Katie and her daddy didn’t get to the mall that day. Katie used her mouth on her father’s cock, licking and slurping to help get it hard so Tim could deposit inside of his daughter whatever sperm he had left. They stayed in Katie’s bed all day, fucking, kissing, and fondling, only stopping when necessary. Daddy and daughter would have to go to the mall the next day, that is unless Katie could still manage to drain more of the potent daddycum from her father’s cock.

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