Mart 12, 2021

Daughter Returns Early

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Jenna sashayed through the shopping centre on Saturday morning, her arms inked in her girlfriends’. She’d chosen to wear dark, opaque tights that day so she could get away with wearing her shortest denim skirt. It barely skimmed the bottom of her ass. Going up to the second floor on an escalator she knew the young guys behind wouldn’t need to strain too hard to see up under her skirt. It made Jenna feel sexy and flirty and she swayed her hips to gently tease them.

Jenna could have worn dark panties but when she got out of the shower that morning a rush of devilment drove her to choose white lace bikini panties. She admired herself in the mirror before she slipped her fine opaque tights on and wriggled into her denim skirt. Jenna had wiggled her hips and blown a kiss at her own reflection. “Nice ass” she’d thought. But she’d groaned as she picked up her plain dark 32A bra. “As if I need to bother” she thought. Her friends were so much more developed then her. Her mother, Brenda was a 36C so there was some hope. But why did she have to wait so long. She was eighteen. It wasn’t fair!

Lucy was the prettiest in their group. The reason Jenna and the other girls went out shopping with Lucy was because she attracted the boys like a magnet. She was confident too and, as Jenna had heard, experienced. Jenna wasn’t usually as overt as some of her friends when came to attracting the opposite sex. But today she’d noted that they’d had made a point of telling her how sexy she looked in her little denim skirt. Lucy had smiled and whispered something to Anna, who had first gasped and then giggled.

Before lunch the girls had visited a new fashion outlet. The clothes were daringly cut – slashed even. The music was loud and they’d separated into little groups, each going through racks. Jenna wandered from group to group laughing with them as they dared each other to try on dresses, skirts and tops. She wandered over to where Lucy and Anna were looking at lingerie. Their backs were turned away from Jenna.

“That stick insect Jenna will have to wait a good few more years before she can wear bras like these” said Lucy. Anna responded. “She is a little tart! Have you seen the skirt she’s wearing? She looks like a prostitute!” Anna almost spat the words out.

Jenna turned and walked away. Trembling with shock and anger and with the tears beginning to run down her face, she ran out of the shop and into the cool air of the covered walkway. She hated Lucy and Anna now. Looking back into the shop through the window she could see that Naomi and Beth had joined Lucy who was holding up a large cup bra and laughing. Anna and the other girls were laughing too now and Jenna hated them all for it.

Jenna stumbled towards the outer doors. The cold wind outside chilled the tears that were now drying on her cheek. She needed to get home now and began walking towards the bus stop. There was no way she was going back to continue shopping with the other girls. So she texted “gone home” to Lucy and got a cursory “k” in return. “Bitch!” she thought.

She half thought about calling her mother, Brenda to pick her up, but felt she’d give her a break. Mum deserved at least one lie-in during the week. Anyway, her new man Barry was going to be taking her out mid-morning for lunch in town. If she took the bus home they’d have left and she’d have the place to herself and wouldn’t have to explain her early return. The bus took ages and it had started raining by the time it arrived. Jenna was still soaked when she got off the bus and began walking up the street towards home.

Going round the back of the house, Jenna unlocked the kitchen door and entered. She didn’t bother calling out because she knew her escort sincan mum and Barry would be out. It was only when she was about to walk through to the hallway that she heard her mother’s voice in the lounge. Then she heard a very odd, mewing sound. It was definitely Brenda.

Jenna’s long straight hair was still dripping from the rain. She needed a towel from upstairs to dry it. She wondered why her mum hadn’t gone out as she said she would. Had her mum and Barry fought? Jenna tip-toed over to the barely open door to the lounge and was about to call out when she saw her mother’s naked back. Brenda was sitting on the sofa facing away from the lounge door. The welts and ridges made by Brenda’s bra straps digging in to the plump white skin on her shoulders were clearly visible to Jenna even though the lounge was in partial darkness, being lit by a single reading lamp in the corner.

Jenna drew back, her heart racing. Had she just caught Barry and her mum “doing it” when they thought she was out for the day? But she hadn’t actually seen Barry when she peeked in. Perhaps Brenda was having problems with her back? Jenna pushed the lounge door open another half inch and pressed her face into the gap. She heard Brenda mew again. Her head was now thrown back and her shoulders were shaking a little. Brenda suddenly moved up onto her haunches on the sofa so her wide, white ass was now visible on the arm rest. The marks on her hips where her panties had recently been were as clearly visible as her bra strap marks. Brenda’s curly brown hair was wafting to and fro over her broad white shoulders as she shook her head. Jenna couldn’t see her face, but she felt sure her mother was biting her lower lip hard, like she usually did when she was concentrating hard on something.

“Oh you are a good girl.” Barry’s heavily accented voice cut through the air. Jenna’s heart stopped and then began hammering in her chest. There was the mew again, issuing from Brenda’s lips. Brenda’s head was now shaking vigorously and Jenna could see her right arm was pushed down between her legs. She was playing with herself while Barry watched! Jenna almost shrieked. God how embarrassing was this?

She decided she would sneak back outside and make a real racket of coming into the house this time. She’d give Brenda enough time to dress. But when she came in she’d give her flustered mum such a suspicious look that she would be sure this would never happen again.

“I wore the red lace panties for you Sir” said Brenda. On hearing this, Jenna was transfixed.

“You’re not a good girl at all Brenda” said Barry smoothly “you’re a horny girl”.

“Yes-s Sir” whispered Brenda “I’m your horny girl”. Jenna was horrified.

“Lay back sweetie and show me how horny you are for me”. Jenna saw Brenda move forward and then lay back to become hidden from view by the back of the sofa. “Mmmm you are such a horny girl for me.” Brenda emitted another, longer drawn out mew.

“You’ve been looking forward to this haven’t you darlin’?”

“Yes-s-s” gasped Brenda.

“You’ve got your juicy fat pussy in a really hot state now haven’t you Brenda?”

“Yes Sir. Yes-s-s” Brenda grunted the words out now. Jenna could see the top of her head rising and falling on the sofa.

“Mmmm. That’s a good girl. Open yourself real wide for me baby. Lick the juices off your fingers. Yeah that’s right. Do you taste good baby?”

“Oh God yes!” Brenda shot the words out. Her mews continued persistently. “Please Sir. Please show me.”

“You want to see what I have for you Bren?”

“Yes-s. Please Sir! Show me. It’s been months. I’m so, so horny.”

Jenna felt for her mum. She wanted escort tandoğan to stop this humiliating scene. Jenna had a choice. She could storm into the lounge, shouting and threatening Barry or she could return quietly to the back garden, count to thirty and then come back in to the house and begin a deliberately clumsy crash through the kitchen and a shouted apology and hello for her mother.

She did neither of these, but continued to watch. She continued spying on her mum and her new boyfriend because she wanted to glimpse Barry’s cock. She heard movement and the sound of clothes falling to the ground out of her field of vision. She heard Brenda say “God it’s so big.” And then there was silence.

Everything that was going on was screened from view. Either by the back of the sofa or the width of the gap she’d prized open to spy on her mother having sex.

The silence seemed to expand into minutes. Now was the time to back out to the garden and “arrive home” loudly. But it was all so tantalisingly close. Jenna’s heart beat louder and she felt her pert nipples engorge as she watched. Jenna wanted to see what Brenda could see.

“Lick the shaft like a good girl Bren”. Jenna saw Brenda immediately rise up from her lying position on the sofa. Brenda’s tits in profile were a little bit saggy but her nipples were rock hard. Brenda’s left hand was now very busy on her pussy. Her right hand lifted her tit up for inspection and appreciation. She squeezed and gently tugged her nipple forward in the direction of Barry, who was still tantalisingly out of view.

“Now look how hard you’ve made me Bren. You’re such a bad girl!” Brenda closed her eyes and breathed in long and deep through her nostrils before moving her smiling mouth forward to claim her prize.

Jenna strained to look round the corner of the door, her face pressed against the doorframe. The door gave a little. Moving another quarter inch with a faint squeak. Her heart was hammering in her chest. Was the noise audible or had she just felt the vibration of the hinge against the side of her head when it moved suddenly? Jenna knew that she really should leave now. But she had seen Barry’s erect cock and was transfixed.

Barry’s hand came up and, cupping it behind Brenda’s head he rose up onto his knees on the sofa at the same time pushing his meaty shaft deeper into Brenda’s mouth. At first Brenda’s head jerked back from the gag reaction, but Barry held her head gently, firmly encouraging her further onto his erection.

Brenda’s mouth now started to work his hard cock like a pro. She pushed her head forward and deep throated Barry. “Oh shit Bren! Fuckin’ yeah”. Barry was impressed and released his grip on her hair to admire the view. She slowly drew her head back, exposing Barry’s rigid cock inch by inch. When the bulbous tip emerged she reached out and wrapped her chubby, manicured fingers around his smooth, veiny shaft, taking control. Jenna watched as her mother pushed a stiffened tongue into Barry’s pee-hole, then flicked it softly around the darkened head before digging into that most sensitive spot once again. Barry gasped and pulled her mother’s hair back hard in ecstasy. His hips were writhing, trying to push his cock back into her warm soft mouth once again, to fuck her there. But Brenda held Barry firm and pushed back the soft skin on his shaft back as far as it would go stretching it and exposing the engorged tip of his phallus. Her tongue then expertly repeated the sequence of tongue flicks and gentle stabs before plunging her mouth down quickly over his erection.

From her position behind the door, Jenna could now see it all. Her mother’s right hand held Barry escort tunalı tightly erection firmly in place and her wet lips drew back and exposed Barry’s thick 8″ cock before plunging forward and hiding it from view over and over again. Barry’s right hand bunched Brenda’s hair in a tight fist, his bicep tensed and his broad shoulders pushed back like a rodeo rider. His torso was lightly covered with downy ginger hair that matched his long shaggy locks. His eyes squeezed closed momentarily and then opened again to look down at Brenda as he rhythmically pumped his hips against her face. As Jenna watched control shifted once again back to Barry.

“Mmmm you like that don’t you Bren?” Brenda nodded as best she could with a mouth full of cock.

The thrusting of Barry’s hips became suddenly more urgent. His right arm flexed pulling Brenda’s head back, exposing the loose flesh below her chin. Her neck quivered, mimicking the movement of Barry’s ball sacks, which slapped her neck with each thrust.

Her mother’s eyes looked up pleadingly at Barry. Only Brenda knew whether the plea was for more or less of the rough treatment. As if seeking to satisfy Jenna’s curiosity Barry suddenly said “You’re a cock-hungry slut aren’t you Bren?” Brenda’s eyes slowly closed in assent as she continued to blow her man.

“Mmmmm yess-s-s-s” said Barry. The control he now felt he had over Brenda proving a potent stimulant. The vigour with which Barry now thrust himself into her mother’s mouth became stronger and more erratic. Jenna could not take her eyes off the climactic scene.

Barry’s shoulders suddenly hunched over and his hips thrust upwards, pushing back Brenda’s head as he released the grip on her mother’s hair. The engorged tip of his cock slipped out from between her lips and Jenna clearly saw the first small jet of hot semen span the gap between them striking her mother at the base of her left nostril. “Aghhh” Barry was gasping and straining now, eyes closed, oblivious to the scene beneath him.

Jenna now watched half in shock half in admiration as Brenda now deftly worked his phallus in her tightening grip. She had a determination not to waste a drop of either semen or pleasure. Brenda’s tongue lolled out to receive the next sticky glob of cum and taste her reward. She rolled each fresh glob of ejaculate over her lips and onto the roof of her mouth.

Brenda expertly controlled the pace of wanking so that the coital spasms of her man’s hips and buttocks began to resume a rhythm and the semen continued to flow. Brenda looked up at Barry. She smiled and as she did so allowed a few drips of saliva and semen fall onto her breasts. She looked up coquettishly at the “mishap” and licked her lips. With that Barry released a guttural grunt and released a final shot of semen, which Brenda deftly directed towards her erect left nipple.

Barry reached down and smeared this glob of semen, together with the rivulet of spittle and cum, over Brenda’s rosy nipple as if marking her body with his scent.

With that Barry’s cock grew flaccid and was released. They kissed in a unhurried and sensual manner. The pace of their lovemaking had now slowed and their kissing became soft and lingering. Jenna was amazed that she felt more disloyal thus uneasy at witnessing this intimate and tender scene than the vigorous one that preceded it and found it easy to withdraw to the security of the kitchen.

From the kitchen, Jenna quietly let herself out into the back garden and thence to the street beyond. She wandered around the block for twenty minutes before returning home.

When Jenna arrived home her mother called down from upstairs “Is that you Jenna?” Jenna walked timidly to the bottom of the stairs and looked up at the flushed and smiling face of her mother. “I’m going for a bath Jen. I’ve had a tiring day. Did you have fun out with your friends?”

Jenna couldn’t make herself lie and just smiled. “Hmmm. Have a nice bath. I’ll make us a pot of tea.”

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