Mart 29, 2021

Dana’s Story Ch. 24-25

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Dana has sex with Bobby, learning that a big cock is pleasurable but can sometimes be too much of a good thing. She receives a Christmas present from Zoe. She spends a night in Randy’s bed and suggests that her neighbor, June, would like to take him for a test drive in hopes of having as much fun as she’d heard Dana having so many times….


Dana sat on her bed awaiting her second new lover in as many days. The mingled anxiety and excitement that fluttered her belly was familiar now, though perhaps the anxiety had the edge this time. Bobby would be the first guy she’d fucked who had slept with Zoe too. She wondered how she would compare—for surely Bobby would compare them. How could he not?

How could he not prefer Zoe? She was prettier, curvier, just all around sexier than Dana. Still, he was coming to see her, not Zoe. He was coming to fuck her, and she was looking forward to it very much. As was Bobby, she had to admit.

Bobby had texted her several times during the day to arrange their date. He’d actually called it a date. He’d mentioned each time how eager he was to see her tonight. If it was only the novelty of a new lover that aroused him, well, she had no room to talk.

He’d also asked her to wear something specific when she saw him. You looked really sexy in that jersey you were wearing the other day, he’d texted. Wear something like it for me? And only that?

She wore a new green and gold jersey she’d purchased at the student store just for the occasion. It was shorter than the jersey she wore when sleeping over with Randy. That one served to provide a little modesty around his suite mates. Since this one was functionally lingerie, Dana figured, it should cover as little as possible. If she did anything in it besides stand with her arms at her sides, it wasn’t going to conceal much of anything.

A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. “Come in,” she said.

The knock repeated.

Dana walked over to the door. “Who is it?”

“The big bad wolf,” Bobby replied. “Let me in.”

Dana opened the door with a smile. “Why didn’t you say so?”

Bobby smiled back, and Dana felt it down to her toes. He was really very handsome. And tall. And well-built, as she knew well from seeing him in Zoe’s bed. He wore jeans and a flannel shirt visible beneath his unbuttoned navy pea coat, his cheeks flushed from the cold.

“Come in,” Dana said, stepping aside for him to enter, then closing and locking the door behind him.

She turned to face him just as he stepped in closer. He was nearly a foot taller than she was; she had to look up to see his face. She felt him cup a breast through the soft cotton of the jersey. “You wore the jersey like I asked,” he said. He ran a thumb across her nipple. “And nothing else. Nice.”

Dana closed her eyes to focus on his caress. “I aim to please,” she said.

“Oh, you do,” Bobby said.

His lips touched hers, and parted them. His tongue slid between her lips, seeking her own. She leaned into the kiss, enjoying the gentle give and take of tongues and lips. His free hand found her other breast beneath the jersey and he stroked both nipples to delicate points.

Dana shivered and opened her eyes. A moment later Bobby opened his as well, and the kiss dissolved into a wide grins. He toyed with her nipples, saying, “I wanted to do this when I saw you in nothing but a jersey the other night.”

“Oh yeah?” Dana slipped her hands inside his coat to explore the muscles of his chest and abdomen. “Is that all you wanted to do?”

Bobby gave her a knowing look, but all he said was, “No.”

“No?” Dana repeated. She pushed Bobby’s coat off his shoulders. He let his hands drop so the coat slid free and fell to the floor. “What else?”

“I wanted to grab your naked ass,” Bobby said, and did just that, sliding his hands up beneath the hem of the jersey. His hands were large, and warm and Dana liked how they felt on her ass as he kneaded her flesh. He was big and strong, and could no doubt pick her up and carry her to her bed the way Randy often did.

“Is that all?” Dana asked. She busied herself unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans.

“No,” Bobby said, shuffling forward, pressing Dana backward until she was pinned against the door by his body. The bulge pressing into her felt huge.

Bobby lowered his head to whisper into her ear as he rocked his hips against her. “I wanted to push you up against the wall and fuck you, Dana.”

“Oh god,” Dana whimpered. He felt enormous. She knew he was well-hung, she’d seen as much when he fucked Zoe, but she thought perhaps she’d underestimated just how big he was.

“I wanted to drive my cock into you and fuck you until you came,” Bobby added. Dana shivered all over, aroused by the lust in his voice and the physical evidence of his desire so hot and hard against her belly.

“I wanted to hear you scream for me, Dana. I wanted to bakırköy masöz escort hear you scream with pleasure while I came inside you.”

“Oh fuck,” Dana whispered. She imagined Bobby doing just that. In reality, she’d been both aroused and frightened by the desire she’d seen in his eyes that night. She’d been restrained by the reality of the situation, aware of Randy in the next room—and of Darren in the other. There was no way she could have acted on the situation.

But the fantasy Bobby described was thrilling. Dana imagined Bobby acting on his desires, imagined feeling the cold tile of the bathroom wall against her ass as Bobby’s hard, hot cock impaled her. She saw herself clinging to Bobby, his arms supporting her thighs, her arms thrown around his neck, her legs bobbing at his sides as he hammered her against the wall until they both came. She heard herself scream with pleasure as he howled and filled her with cum.

“Oh god,” Dana murmured. “That is so hot.” She reached for his waistband with shaking hands, grabbing jeans and underwear both. She needed him out of his clothes now. It took only a few moments to push them down almost to his knees. She felt his cock, no longer confined by his clothing, spring up between her thighs, and it couldn’t be as big as she imagined it to be. It just couldn’t.

She reached for it, determined to learn exactly how big it was.

Her hand closed on empty air as Bobby knelt before her, lifting the hem of the jersey, exposing her vulva. He leaned in close, drawing an audible breath—and then sighed contentedly. “You smell good,” he said, his voice soft.

Dana felt herself blush, embarrassed by the intimacy of it, of knowing that he could smell her arousal—but pleased and excited by his reaction to her scent. She gasped when she felt his fingertips tickle her labia and pubic hair. It added to her embarrassment and arousal, knowing that he could feel just how excited she was, how wet she’d become.

She felt his breath on her skin an instant before the touch of his lips. Her own moan of excitement nearly drowned out another deep inhalation. Bobby turned his head from side to side, his cheeks brushing the untrimmed thicket of her pubic hair as he rubbed his face against her like a cat. Dana slumped against the door, playing with his short, straight hair as he nuzzled her, content to let him enjoy himself. She wasn’t surprised when he began using his lips and tongue on her.

He took his time, teasing her labia open, caressing them until she was quivering with desire, dripping with it. He gently worked two fingers into her, kissing and caressing her clit with lips and tongue. Dana struggled to stay upright, her legs shaking in reaction. Her hands were fists now, probably pulling painfully on his hair. She didn’t care.

Bobby took her to the brink of orgasm—and then stopped.

“No,” Dana said, stunned and disappointed. “Don’t stop, please….” She was so goddamn close!

Bobby reached up to pry her hands free, then stood. His mouth and chin glistened with her juices, and he was flushed with excitement. He leaned into kiss her fiercely, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Dana could taste herself on him, and she loved it. But she was still quivering with need, her hands held in his.

“Put your hands on my shoulders,” Bobby said, pulling away from the kiss.

Dana did as he asked, eagerly, suddenly certain of his intent.

Bobby crouched to lift her with a hand under each thigh, sliding her up the door until she was at eye level with him. God, he was so tall, and so strong! She felt dizzy with desire, wanting nothing more than to be fucked against the door just like in the fantasy he’d described.

She looked into his eyes and saw the same burning need in them, the trembling eagerness to play out the fantasy. She felt his desire, felt the pressure of his erect cock seeking entrance. He pressed forward. Dana felt the momentary hesitation before he slipped free, the length of him sliding over her labia.

He pulled back, tried again—and Dana shuddered with pleasure as the head of his cock speared her, hot and hard and thick. Bobby paused, eyes closed as he groaned at the sensation.

After a moment to savor the feeling, Bobby met Dana’s gaze and held it as he drove himself into her with glacial slowness. He sank deeper millimeter by millimeter. It went on and on, keeping Dana on the quivering edge of orgasm, for longer than she thought possible. His cock couldn’t be as long as it felt, edging endlessly deeper, yard by yard. It was impossible.

She began to think it would never end, but it did. Bobby’s face, flushed red and sweating, was close enough that he could give her a quick kiss. “I wanted to do this for a while,” he panted, “but I’m not going to last.”

Dana threw her arms around his neck, pressing her cheek to his. “Me neither,” she breathed into his ear. “Just do it.”

Bobby fucked her, hard and fast. Short, bakırköy otele gelen escort sharp strokes that drove her ass against the door. Dana screamed and clung to him as a wave of pleasure broke over her, disorienting and overwhelming her. When she washed up on the shore of consciousness again, Bobby was still fucking her, slamming her against the door with every thrust of his hips.

He pinned her to the door with a final convulsive effort and gave a strangled cry of his own. He shuddered against her, hands clutching her thighs with bruising strength. Dana felt his cock jumping, spurting inside her. She giggled, drunk with pleasure and happy to feel the proof of his orgasm.

Dana hung pinned against the door by Bobby’s weight for a few moments before he relaxed his hold on her, letting her slip down until she could stand. Her legs wobbled for a moment, but she caught herself. She realized Bobby was crouching as well, by necessity. He pulled out, and Dana could feel the evidence of his pleasure about to make an appearance.

“Oops,” she said. “I’ll be right back.” She scurried into the bathroom, one hand cupped between her legs to prevent making a mess. It took a few minutes to clean up. While she was washing her hands, there was a knock at the door.

The other door. “Yeah?” Dana called.

June opened the door from her room. Her expression spoke volumes. Dana grinned, feeling faintly embarrassed—but only faintly. “In my defense,” Dana said, “it’s not finals week yet.”

“I didn’t say a word,” June replied. She crossed her arms and leaned against the doorjamb, smirking. “But I assume this was only round one?”

Dana dried her hands. “I think that’s a safe assumption.”

“So who is it tonight? Dave again? Or Randy?”

Dana concentrated on drying her hands, trying to decide how to answer. Her reaction was answer enough, though. June straightened up, eyes wide. “Oh my God. It’s someone else?”

“Yeah,” Dana said, feeling abashed. But secretly pleased, as well. It was exciting that June knew she was fucking someone new.

June looked like she wanted to ask more questions, but instead she just nodded. “Well, you two have fun, then. See you later.”

“We will,” Dana replied. June retreated, closing the door behind her.

Dana grabbed a clean washcloth from the cabinet and ran hot water over it. When she returned to her room Bobby was examining a shelf lined with paperback books. He was naked now, his clothes folded on a chair.

He turned as Dana approached. She knelt at his feet and used the washcloth to clean him up. “Ooh, that’s nice,” Bobby observed, content to let her do so.

Dana took the opportunity to get her first good look at his cock and balls.

His pubic hair was closely trimmed and dark. His cock…his cock was the biggest she’d ever seen in person. When she’d finished cleaning him up, she set the cloth aside and, with a questioning glance up at Bobby, took him in hand.

“Please,” Bobby said, “feel free. I like it when pretty girls play with it.”

Dana took him at his word, examining his cock closely. He wasn’t as thick as Randy, but solid, and longer than Darren. Circumcised. And curved. His cock had a definite downward curve, like a banana. First time she’d seen anything like that.

“I can’t believe I took the whole thing,” she muttered to herself.

“Well, you didn’t, quite,” Bobby said.

Dana looked up. “No?”

Bobby shook his head. “Not when we were eye to eye like that.”

Dana had to think about it for a moment. She was considerably shorter than he was, and with his long torso…. Wow. She glanced down at him again, considering the mechanics involved. Even with a couple of inches to spare, he’d rocked her world.

She wrapped both hands around the shaft and saw that the head was still exposed. Yielding to temptation, she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked him for a moment.

“Oh my,” Bobby said. “That’s very nice. It gives me ideas.”

Dana smiled around the head of his cock. She could feel him responding. Dear god, was it going to get longer when he got excited? She’d find out, she supposed, and soon. Sucking on his cock gave her ideas too.

She released him and stood up. “Let’s go to bed,” she suggested.


Dana reached down to strip off the jersey. Bobby stopped her. “Leave it on,” he said. “I like seeing you half dressed, looking all slutty,” he added.

“Slutty, huh?” Dana asked.

“Oh,” Bobby said, looking chastened. “Do you not like that word?”

Dana had thought not, but she liked it when he said it, the way he said it. Not like a judgment on her character, but an aesthetic judgment. Approval.

“No, I do,” Dana said. She stepped in closer, until she felt his hardening cock against her belly. “I feel slutty right now,” she said, holding his gaze, “with your cum dripping out of me. Does that turn you on?”

Bobby’s momentary bakırköy rus escort concern dissolved into a look of pure lust. “God, yes,” he said, pulling her into his arms in a crushing embrace. “I want to fuck you again right now.”

“Good,” Dana said, “because I want you to. Right now.”

They tumbled onto Dana’s bed a moment later, kissing frantically. Dana wrapped a hand around Bobby’s cock. She stroked him from base to tip, marveling again at the size of him. She felt Bobby’s hand burrow under her jersey to grab a breast, fondling it roughly. Surprisingly, she liked it. The desperate desire evident in his approach turned her on.

Bobby pushed her onto her back, parting her thighs with a knee. Still kissing her passionately, he rolled on top of her, onto his elbows. Dana used her hold on his cock to guide him into position as she spread herself open with her free hand. A moment later, she moaned into his mouth at the sensation of his cock parting her flesh, sinking deeper and deeper.

Dana shivered with excitement. Bobby pulled away from the kiss to draw a shaky breath. “Oh fuck, that’s good,” he whispered. She replied wordlessly, nuzzling his cheek and flicking his earlobe with her tongue. Her hands slid down to clasp his buttocks.

He responded by pulling back, then thrusting forward again. Dana could feel the play of muscle beneath her hands, and squeezed, pulling him closer. “Give it to me,” she whispered between nibbles on his earlobe and neck. “Fuck me.”

Bobby giggled instead, turning his head and pulling his earlobe free of Dana’s teeth. He retaliated by nipping at her neck, sending chills down her spine. He didn’t let up, nibbling at her neck until she giggled in turn, then wriggled her hips to distract him. It worked.

He began to fuck her at a slow, steady pace. Dana wanted more. She rocked her hips at a faster pace, trying to hurry him along. She drew her nails up his back and wrapped her arms around him, enjoying the weight of his upper body against her breasts. “I love it,” she told him. “Give it to me, Bobby. Give it to me.”

Bobby did as she asked. He picked up the pace, fucking her faster, harder, deeper. Dana panted heavily, feeling herself buoyed on a tide of pleasure, rising toward a climax. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, like that!”

Dana clung to Bobby, rocking her hips in time with Bobby’s thrusts now, she was close. So close—

She yelped, shocked by a terrible sharp pain. It felt like she’d been punched, but deep in her belly. Bobby froze. “Dana?”

Dana pushed at Bobby’s shoulders, his weight suddenly unbearable. “Get…off,” she muttered. The sharp pain had turned into a dull ache she wanted to curl protectively around. Bobby pulled out hastily and scrambled away, giving her space. Dana rolled onto her side, one hand on her belly below her navel. Her stomach felt…odd. She wasn’t nauseous, but felt like she could be.

“Are you hurt? Can I do anything for you?” Bobby’s hands hovered, as if he wanted to touch her, comfort her, but didn’t know if he should.

“I…don’t know,” Dana said. The dull ache seemed to have faded a bit, but it was still there. “I don’t know what happened.”

“I do,” Bobby said. “I think.”

Dana looked at him.

“I think I hit your cervix.” He looked distraught. “I’m so sorry.”

Dana closed her eyes, thinking. Her cervix? Yeah, that seemed plausible. She’d read enough to know that it could hurt when that happened. Some women reportedly liked having it…stimulated. Not her, apparently.

God, but it had hurt like a son of a bitch. Still did, though the ache was definitely fading now. She looked at Bobby again, who still looked guilty and anxious. “I’m really sorry, Dana,” he said when saw her watching him.

“Don’t be,” Dana said. She extended a hand, and he took it. “I’m the one who kept telling you to give it to me.” She’d wanted to prove to herself that she could take his whole length, and see just how much pleasure she could get from it. Not as much as she’d expected, it turned out.

“I should have been more careful,” Bobby argued, but he shifted position to lie facing her now, still holding her hand.

“Maybe so,” Dana said, “but I asked for it.”

“Still,” Bobby replied. He seemed quite certain.

“This isn’t the first time, huh?”

Bobby shook his head. “No, it’s not. I should have been more careful with you. You’re such a tiny thing.”

“What about Zoe?” Dana asked, challenging him. “She’s no bigger.”

Bobby looked away for a moment. “Well, that’s different….”

Dana snorted. “You mean she likes it.”

Bobby waggled one hand. “Ehhh. Not always, not right away. But sometimes…yeah, she does. She gets off on it.”

Dana laughed. “Of course she does,” she said. She recalled the big, black dildo Zoe owned, the frighteningly large one. Zoe had admitted that sometimes she really enjoyed fucking herself with it. This was just more of the same kind of boundary-pushing thrills Zoe pursued.

“How are you feeling now?” Bobby asked.

Dana considered it. The ache was nearly gone, and her stomach had settled as well. No harm done, and the pain was in the past. On the other hand, her arousal was also a thing of the past. It probably wouldn’t take much to rekindle it, except—she wasn’t sure she wanted to risk that pain again.

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