Haziran 9, 2020

Damsel in distress

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Damsel in distress
Janine is on her hands and knees in the c***dren’s playroom getting fucked by man of the house. Her blouse open, big mature tits swinging as the young man rams his big cock in to her sopping wet cunt. The tight knee length skirt is pulled up around her hips. The fishnet stockings and red high heel shoes looking slightly slutty as per the head of the servants instructions. A big vibrator had been forced down the waist of the tight skirt rubs against her large protruding clit. She looks up and sees the lady of the house standing at the door.

“Darling fuck her in the arse. You know how I hate anal.” Victoria said in her upper class voice. Looking only at her husband in his bespoke Armani suit , trousers around his ankles, collar unbuttoned tie loosened off, his tongue poking out the right side of his gorgeous smiling lips.

Janine had been given a list of rules. Only speak when spoken to. Only answer in the positive to any question. Be prepared for anything. Janine closed her eyes as her masters fingers loosened her anal sphincter. The girth of her masters large cock stretched her experienced mature pussy painfully wide. When he put that weapon in her ass she was going to scream the house down.

“Gag her. I don’t want the noise waking the twins!” Victoria tossed a large red ball gag with straps to the floor. He had worked two fingers in Janine’s butt hole as his cock thrust hard in and out of her pussy he pushed the fingers against his prick.

Victoria was dressed in a haute couture dress form Tom Ford she turned to walk away. “We have to leave in 15 minutes for the charity event. The Auction starts shortly.”

A black stretch limousine could be seen through the window coming down the driveway to the front of the house.

The master of the house reached forward grabbed two handfuls of long blonde hair and pulled back hard.

“Put your hand between your legs and guide my cock in your butthole.”

Janine did as instructed. Her hand stroked his pussy juice covered prick and moved the big bulbous circumcised head to her gaping butthole. She felt him penetrate her asshole, his hands looped her long hair around his hands, she arched her back and rose thrusting her breasts out. Her nipples were pierced as was her tongue. His thick cock güvenilir bahis şirketleri stretched her painfully as it moved deeper in her bowels inch by inch. She felt his large scrotum rub her pussy lips. He started moving in and out in long slow strokes. His breathing becoming more rapid. She felt him throbbing inside her it wouldn’t be long before his warm seed would fill her.

He pulled out of her and ejaculated in her hair, on her blouse, skirt, and bottom. Stood up.

“Open your mouth and clean my cock” her master instructed. She looked up her mouth full of his shit stained cock, as he buttoned his collar and tightened his tie. She tasted his final spurts of salty cum.

He put his semi hard cock in his pants. Tucked in his shirt as he walked swiftly down the stairs out the front door and to the waiting limousine. His wife sat in the other seat reading an email on her tablet. The chauffeur dressed in a black suit stood holding the door, after her master sat in his seat she closed the door. The trip in to town did not take long.

At the charity auction a local female celebrity offered to have lunch with the successful bidder at one of the latest hotspots in town. Victoria had bid to compete against a local businessman who could not hide his attraction to the young lady. She had also bid aggressively on the use of a new Mercedes Coupe. She already had one in her garage.

When the auction finished she left the table and her husband discussing business with the others. Out in the foyer her driver stood chatting with the other drivers. The driver looked over and saw her move towards the stairwell door. She watched as the young woman walked through the door. A few minutes later she followed her down to the basements lowest floor.

Victoria stood waiting in the elegant blue sequined backless dress. The driver stood in front of her unzipped her trousers and pulled out her long thick rubber cock, sat on the front wheel panel.


Victoria pushed the straps off her shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor. Standing in a corset, stockings, and stilettos the driver had chosen earlier and instructed the maid to put out for her to wear. Victoria’s pert nipples were hard in anticipation. Her eyes on the rubber cock canlı bahis şirketleri that had been made from a cast of a male pornstar of the 70s. So her mother had told her. A John Holmes. It was fucking huge and she needed a good fucking. Her husband had his toys and never included her so she had found the driver. A bull dyke, a bodybuilder with big tits, confident, strong, a good fuck.

Victoria moved forward and lowered her head taking the head of the cock in her mouth.

“We don’t have time the first course will be served shortly” the driver stated. As she guided Victoria to the concrete pillar face against the wall. The driver roughly mauled a nipple with her large hand the other was between Victoria’s spread legs two fingers in her wet slit her large thumb in her butt. The driver sucked on her mistresses neck she wanted to leave her mark of ownership.

The driver moved the head of the large rubber cock to her wet slit’s lips and pushed firmly splitting them apart. Victoria’s mouth opened. No sound came out as the driver thrust the entire 14 inches up her expectant young pussy.

“Fuck” she mouthed.

“Take it all Vicki” the bull dyke whispered in her ear. Victoria felt hands on her hips pick her up and carry her to the front of a Rolls Royce where she was placed faced down on the bonnet. The driver smacked her ass cheeks firmly several times then mounted her from behind ramming the big cock in to her wet slit over and over. Victoria’s body was experiencing the cool metal of the luxury car on her nipples, breasts, and stomach. Her ass and pussy were like a furnace. The drivers big hands squeezed her big chubby red ass cheeks roughly, mauling them painfully, Victoria put her arm in her mouth to silence her screams as she succumbed to her first orgasm.

“Get your ass back upstairs before he notices” the driver instructs firmly.” Next time wear something more appropriate slut”

“But..” The driver slaps her firmly between the legs.

“Remove your underwear. Put on the dress. After your main course be by the pool”

Victoria removed the corset and stockings quickly slipped on the dress and walked quickly up the stairs back to her the charity event. She finds her husband flirting with a mature tall curvy woman in tight transparent canlı kaçak iddaa blouse and short skirt old enough to be his mother.

“Hello Chantal I hope my husband is his normal charming self” Victoria smiled.

Chantal stood and exchanged kisses with Victoria. “Hello Darling. Yes. Your father is over their talking to the Mayor discussing the latest property development.”

Her husband and mother departed in different directions when Victoria’s friends arrived. Victoria watched as her mother went out to the garden followed by her husband. Her mother would be getting fucked in her fat ass shortly. Her husband a swordsman with the mature ladies.

The main course arrived as everyone made their way back to there seats. The waiter spilled the wine he was pouring when he looked down the front of the plunging neckline of her dress.
Victoria noted her mother had flushed cheeks on her face, moved her well fucked bottom around on her seat. Her husband made his excuses after eating and headed for the door.

Victoria watched as her husband left. A waitress stood beside her.

“Looks like you need a drink. Follow me.”

The waitress turned and walked through a door to the kitchen. Victoria followed. When Victoria exited out the back of the kitchen she found the waitress and her friend smoking.

“On your knees slut. Pull my trousers down and lick my pussy” said the waitress her strong hands forcing vicki to her knees. The other waitress laughed nervously. She watched the young woman from high society drop to her knees pull the waitresses pants down and bury her face between her legs.

“Fuck Vicki your a good carpet muncher.” She turned to the older waitress. “Don’t worry your more her husbands type”

Spread her legs wider and held Vicki’s head with two hands firmly on her sweaty cunt. It had been a long busy evening so far.

“Enjoying your drink?”

Vicki liked the taste of fresh young girls. Nodded her head as her tongue continued probing the young girls slit.

“I heard you like young girls”

“Uh huh”

“My mother told me about your fetish for young pussy”

“wha.. ” The waitress held Vicki’s head firmly on her young bush.

“Keep licking slut. I haven’t cum yet.”

“uh … just … don’t … hurt … me” she begs

A car pulls up.

“Get in the car lesbo..” The waitress pulls her head away and pulls her head up to her feet. “Remove your clothes and get in the boot. Hurry up bitch” the older woman pushes her toward the car , the open boot. “Get in”

Victoria is terrified , the two waitresses push her in to the boot and close the lid.

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