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Daffy , Daisy

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At twenty seven and as my mother’s only daughter I was under constant pressure, not all of it subtle, to produce darling grandchildren she could coo over while she was ‘still on this earth’. This was invariably accompanied by a hand to her throat as if to imply that any day now she might stop being as strong as a horse and go to her reward. I did wonder if the Almighty might actually have been putting off the day he had her there with him to tell him how to run things for as long as he could. (Although I must admit I was careful to keep such disloyal thoughts to myself.)

The fact is there wasn’t a man in sight as far as my romantic desires were concerned although this was a mere detail to my mother and her friends who worked tirelessly to match me with this man or that but all to no avail.

“Well if they had found a half pie decent one maybe,” I used to mutter (under my breath — refer ‘disloyal thoughts concealment policy’ above) after I had shared their disappointment another date hadn’t worked out and, you want to know why thirty something men are still available? They are pitiful in the bedroom and have all the romance of a dirty sock with more hang-ups than a wrong number. Why they don’t just propose to their mothers I will never know.

Sorry? Did that sound bitter? Surely not.

Not that I didn’t hope that one day, you know, Mr. Right would come along …but for all that I had a career and was actually getting on just fine living on my own with the occasional bonk from some stranger I might meet in a bar somewhere. I was acutely aware that the biological clock was ticking but I worried that I should be worried rather actually worried about my diminishing prospects of having babies.

. The problem was that I didn’t feel in the least maternal and while a good fuck was still a good fuck I sure had no intention of them sleeping over because I had found in recent years that I preferred the company of women. Well most women do; we’re much easier to talk to, we don’t tell each other what we should have done and we’re up with the play because we don’t go off in our own little dream world.

To be fair I have to admit that the physical attraction was becoming more important than the sisterhood bit. Not that I was a raging lesbian at all; more like a furtive voyeur although once or twice my glances had been outright stares with my though processes all too obvious. One lady came over and told me she knew what sort of a pervert I was and I thought hours later that I should have asked her how she knew but brilliant- on- the- spot repartee has never been my strong suite and I had let her harangue me as I turned bright red and apologized profusely.

But I got positive responses too; a moment of meaningful eye contact, a slightly raised eyebrow with just a hint of a smile, that sort of thing. Gradually I had worked up courage and I had joined a website where I discovered most of the gay girls were guys pretending but I tiptoed through the phonies and found a few buddies I really could talk with. I chatted in private and on forums all the time discussing the subject of ‘same sex’ relationships (yes, the very words I used) as a bystander, an interested and, I was confident, compassionate observer.

All the time I kept my distance until finally someone had had enough.

“How much bait do you need to cut?”

I found in my inbox on girltogirl.org one morning.

It stopped me in my tracks and I stared at the screen wanting to write something but unable to find the words. I logged off and carried on with my day at work, the words tormenting me. When I got home I logged on and there was a new message:

“Sorry I was so harsh but you’re driving me insane. We’re not that far away from each other; let’s meet up and you can see a real lesbian-in the flesh.”

I sent a reply straight away telling her ” I’d love too” and hoping I wouldn’t be too much of a disappointment. A few moments later she replied suggesting that if I was that worried I could send her some shots of myself, preferably nude and she could judge for herself.

Well that was logical; terrifying but logical and I sent the temporizing message:


Seconds later she sent her pics and she was gorgeous- older than me but just perfect. On the verge of sending my reply I stopped. Something was wrong; I didn’t know what or why but it just didn’t feel right. Then I looked more closely at the pictures; they were professional shots and from the look of the woman in them she was a model. So who was I dealing with?

I sent a rewritten reply making an excuse and saying I wasn’t quite ready to take the next step after all but I had deleted the photos she had sent me because it wouldn’t be fair and so on. She told me to go fuck myself so I felt fairly confident it wouldn’t have gone that well.

I’m being droll and nonchalant of course but right then I was gutted and my confidence, such as it was, had simply evaporated. This was my ace in the hole- girls- but maybe I couldn’t accept a simple offer. Maybe it casino şirketleri was me and I couldn’t commit? A few days later, as luck and my mother would have it; I was fixed up with a Blind Date. Evan was thirty six, well advanced in male pattern baldness, delightfully attached to his mother- with whom he still lived- and I felt an antipathy towards him the moment we met.

“I shaved my legs for this prick,” I remember thinking with more than a little bitterness. Mind you, any other time I swear I would have been a delightful date, laughing at his jokes and his witty one liners but the episode with the Great Pretender, who I was sure now had been a guy had been festering and I had reached the Really Pissed Stage. As I said Evan irritated me the moment I met him and when he made a comment about someone he had never met and to whom he felt quite obviously superior I ripped into him.

He finished his main without once looking up from his plate. When he had finished he put his knife and fork neatly together then put his hand up and kept it there, still not looking at me, until the waiter came and he could ask for the check. The other diners looked at us; the men trying to get a look down my front and the women sizing things up immediately and reassuring me with a glance at him with one giving a quick raise of the eyebrows while another pulled a face. It boosted me but I was still the woman being left alone at the table.

I blamed him, which was totally unfair looking back but I was resentful towards the world at the time and just as he got to the door, I called out sweetly:

“Give your mother my love.”

Then I poked my tongue at his back. He stopped, tensed, then thought better of it and left. It was stupid and petty, I know, but so was he and I had had that Road to Damascus moment- I didn’t fancy men. It wasn’t just stale Dale it was men; men period. It wasn’t just that they were always trying to get something out of us; the whole they want: we give thing no it wasn’t that; it was that they just didn’t do it for me.

Pleased with myself for having made such a momentous decision I looked up at the hovering waiter who had been doing an in depth examination of my cleavage and rewarded him with a stretch as he took my order for dessert. Eye roller looked over again and smiled. She was in her forties and she clearly thought the Waiter was a spunk. I ran my tongue over my lips and smiled back.

Mini skirt, boobs out; they thought they knew what I was: a hottie on the prowl. They moved a little closer to their husbands and sneaked a bit more cleavage into their line of sight making sure their men folk didn’t have any reason to look at the sad lonely gal on her own with so much on display. Ignored by all I made the best I could of being the only woman on her in the room and concentrated on my dessert which I made abundantly clear was quite delicious.

The first txt came in ten minutes, from Mom: what did I think I was doing? A nice young man like that, single, still with all his own teeth, a good job, looking to settle down? Had I looked in the mirror lately? I wasn’t getting any younger.

I sat looking at the words, brooding over them then I did one of those really dumb things you do and immediately wish you hadn’t: I told her what I thought.

“Mom I’m not just interested in men.”

Just after I hit send I tried to get it back but by then it was thundering through cyberspace to shock my mother.

“So; my daughter the pervert? This is what I tell your aunts, your grandmother? I have raised a pervert?”

I turned the mobile off and drank my coffee trying not to let the cup chink against the saucer too much as my hand shook. It was no use and the clinking betrayed me; so did the tears streaming down my face.

I had alienated my irritating, overbearing mother who had spent her life doing the best she could for her husband and her kids and this was how I repaid her? No grand children for you to dote on mother dear. I’m a lesbian.

The words repeated over and over in my head “I’m a lesbian”, “I’m a lesbian”, “I’m a lesbian.”

So was I different? I didn’t feel any different and for all that I really wanted to find someone, I hadn’t. I was just me, a bit surer of where I wanted to look for a relationship- by which I meant love- but no closer and I had alienated my mother who I wouldn’t have hurt for all the money in the world.

It hadn’t been a great night really. I got over the shakes and my eyes dried so I got up to pay for my dessert and coffee to find he had only paid for his starter and main leaving me to pay for the drinks. I thought of various dry witty comments to make as my share of the bill was added up but I was the dumped woman and anything I had to say would only serve to make me look even more pathetic than I did already.

I left feeling every eye in the place on me (the comment about his mother hadn’t gone down well) and walked out into the night.

It would be nice to report that I went to a lesbian bar nearby and fell madly in love but casino firmaları I was tired and in no mood to meet anyone so I drove home, left the computer turned off and had a shower before going to bed; on my own, in my sensible and somewhat dreary lemon colored nightie.

Mom would get over it, I knew that. As for dad well I didn’t care. They say every girl searches for the boy most like her own dad but I didn’t; God he was so stupid and so full of himself. All that testosterone I guess and the way he treated my mother, like she was his slave. Oh and he has looked at me, checking me out in a non fatherly way. No; Dad’s opinion counted for squat in my mind.

Next morning I found the girl of my dreams. No I didn’t; it doesn’t work that way. Next morning I went to work as I did the following two days and on the Friday I got home and tried another lesbian site.

And there it was.

“Anyone out there?” it read, “I am new to being a lesbian and I haven’t admitted it to my family but I want to go to a nudist club and I’m not brave enough to do it on my own. Is there anyone who would like to go with me and hold my hand, in a manner of speaking?”

I re read the words and my tummy filled with butterflies as I read them a third time. It was her; she was the one. It had to be Destiny. I shut my eyes and tried to think of what to say; not too anxious, not too off hand. Suddenly right then the one thing I needed in the whole world was a coffee. Fifteen minutes later I went back; the message was still there and the number of responses was nine.

Once more I sat and stared at the screen. A state of depression had sunk over me and I nearly turned the computer off but somehow a glimmer of hope remained and I sent an apologetic message

“Hi I’m Dawn and my mother won’t speak to me since I told her so I know how you feel. I’m scared too of what’s ahead but I think it would be easier to face with you than on my own.”

I pondered over the wording, wondered if I should add some more then decided no; that’s enough, any more will make me look like an idiot. My finger hit the left mouse control and my message was sent. I sat at the computer an hour longer; surfing and going back to check for a reply every few minutes but none appeared.

Utterly disheartened- I thought my message was really good and the no response hurt me- I had a few wines, then went and sat out on my tiny deck smoking the half pack I had over from my last Decision To Give Up Once And for All and wonder why no one liked me. I had not had a message from my irritating mother, whom I was missing like crazy, since that night. I wasn’t going to change my mind though; I knew it was hurting her but it was my life and I was not turning back.

I stubbed out the last cigarette, turned the lights off then had a quick shower to get rid of the cigarette smell and went to bed.

Morning came and I was horny. God alone knows why; maybe it was the idea of going with her to the nudist camp. That was weird; I was a private person, oh yes I could get my tits out and show a bit of leg but the really private parts. No that was for my eyes and my gynecologist’s only and yet here I was thinking of getting it all off. Not just thinking about i ; fantasizing about it.

I logged on; I had a message- from her. What would it be?

Sorry, not my type Ha ha I’m a guy- gotcha You sad bitch

I shut my eyes after I had clicked and when I opened them I saw it. Different snatches hit me: “I cried” and “love to meet up” were the ones I loved most. She wanted to see me. She loved my message and had cried staring at it.

I was right. She was the one and excitedly I messaged her and I gushed.

A message came straight back- she gushed as well. I sat staring at her silly reply with an idiotic mad grin on my face and my eyes filling with tears. She was the one; she really was.

“I love you Daffy Duck” I posted.

“Daffy was a boy duck lol. Love you too Daisy Dukes.”

So that was it; she was Daffy and I was Daisy. Between us that is; to everyone else I was Dawn Olivia Sanders and she was Chloe Rose Burton. We lived two hundred miles apart and agreed to meet halfway in a romantic hotel where women pairing up in rooms were nothing to cause alarm. Not that I actually knew if such a place existed but we both agreed that it would be nice if one did.

Google proved yet again that it was and is my friend giving me two possibilities when I keyed in lesbian friendly accommodation in…

I chose the nicer one from the pictures and paid for one double room. The lady had a sultry voice and I expanded on my original terse just- the- facts booking request to tell her how we had met on line and now we were going to meet…oh yes and how we were so in love.

She went silent and I thought “oh shit I’ve done it again.”

Instead she asked if I thought Chloe would like flowers in the room. I had no idea but I sensed she would so I said that would be nice.

She confirmed my booking and we were old friends by now then just before güvenilir casino she ended the call she told me they had a private pool with entry by key only, if I liked.

I rang Chloe and heard her voice for the first time. She had the sweetest voice I had ever heard and I tried to keep what I had to say short so I could hear her voice.

“I love listening to you,” I told her and she laughed; but I knew she had loved hearing it.

“Well I hope I don’t disappoint you when you see me in person,” she told me and I was torn between the horrible memories of that Invitation and how it had devastated me and the desire to somehow transport myself to Chloe’s side and tell her how gorgeous she was.

I was quiet for a few seconds and I heard.


“Oh God! Oh I’m sorry darling. I know you’re gorgeous I just had a trap set for me and it ended really… well she or he was nasty.”

“Photo swap?”

“Uh huh”


She said it so emphatically I was on the verge of asking her if but decided against it. It was in the past and it was up to me if I left it there or carried it around with me; it could stay in the past.

“I’m going to make a real effort to impress you,” she told me and her words sent shivers through me.

‘Well I got flowers organized for the room,” I announced triumphantly sounding like a six year old point scoring on her friends.

“Well aren’t you just so clever,” she retorted and I felt so happy I smiled into the phone with tears in my eyes.

“Are you crying?” she demanded.

“A bit, I guess,” I admitted “, why?”

“I am. I can’t believe I’m talking to you like this. When I saw your reply, you know?”

“No; what?”

“Oh, I just thought, she’s the one. Like in the entire universe somehow we had been guided to each other. I sound like a Mills and Boon story huh.”

I ignored her self deprecating remark and replied to her telling me she would make a real effort to impress me.

I would try my hardest for her too I told her and, banal as it must sound, I meant every word.

I floated after I finally hung up- after her- and the world was suddenly a wonderful place again.

We were going to meet later that day and I had a hundred and twelve miles to drive as well as get ready. It was after ten by this stage but I rang my beauty salon, told them I had a hot date and I needed the works like this morning; could they?”

She rang back in a few minutes, they had reorganized things and they could see me in fifteen minutes.

“Hot guy huh?” the girl asked as I lay naked on the table.

“No, it’s a girl actually. Does that matter?”

“Your money,” she relied impassively and it was obvious it did.

“Go fuck yourself.” I told her suddenly feeling terribly naked and horribly embarrassed. I got up and grabbed my robe and stormed out to reception.

“That bitch has a problem with lesbians,” I told the owner at reception “, isn’t my money good enough?”

She looked me up and down.

“You’re new to it; aren’t you?” she asked quietly taking the wind out of my sails.

I nodded silently and the trembling started. She smiled at me as the girl looked on nervously; her job clearly on the cards. I didn’t see the look Madam gave her but she slumped against the door frame then Madam had ushered me into another room and shut the door.

“Don’t buy fights if you don’t like them,” she told me holding my chin between her fingertips.

I shrugged and nodded; she was right and I was such a fool. The world isn’t lesbian friendly and I had better get used to doing what I had to in public to cope; disloyal to Daffy as that was.

She shaved me from head to toe, oiled and massaged me then after a shower she oiled me so my skin shone before doing my make up and hair. Not only that she had me stand nude before her and after studying my body intently rang through to her friend in the Boutique a few door down and ten minutes later a sheer creation together with the wispiest underwear I had ever seen and silver open toed shoes with four inch heels arrived.

The underwear consisted of a half cup bra so my nipples got to point at the world and a thong that immediately rode up leaving everything on display. I loved them both. The sheer dress clung to my body with my nipples clearly showing through. I might add it clung to my buttocks too so the girly butt quiver was very much enhanced.

I wondered what it would cost but she waved my request to pay aside. ‘You look like sex on legs,” she told me after making me do a slow turn for her.

“Thank you,” I told her “thanks for everything.”

She shrugged this time and blinked hard before leaning forward to kiss me on the cheek,

”Go get ’em Tiger,” she said and turned on her heel to go back to being the Business Owner.

“On my way, I’m the unbelievably sexy brunette in the lemon hardly there dress and slutty undies,” I txted to her as I sat in my car about to head away.

“Underwear?” she texted back “, how quaint.”

One nil to her.

I grinned at the message again then drove down quite obsessed with her going commando and what it would feel like. I turned the air con on full and aimed it between my legs. Oh heavens! It did feel nice.

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