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Dad’s The Man Ch. 11

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Apr. 27/09

I was pretty tired last night, so I soon fell asleep in the nest of pillows and blankets I’d created on Gina’s couch, the TV tuned to music videos, but muted.

I woke up suddenly, now in the company of two individuals who were standing in the gloom across from the coffee table.

“If I were a serial killer,…” Daddy said, his tone light, but firm.

” … I’d be dead,” I finished solemnly, completely and obviously unprepared.

“Come join us in the Kitchen, slutty,” Gina invited. She moved away, towards that area and turned its light on, hopping up on one of the high stools at her kitchen island and gesturing to the stool beside her. “John?”

I rose from the blankets I’d snuggled down in, wearing nothing but a simple white, see-through nightie that hung over me without shape, ending just below my bum and supported by two tiny shoulder straps. It was something I found in Gina’s closet, having to look because I didn’t bring anything of my own to sleep in. I may as well have been naked, for all that the transparent nightie hid, but I didn’t think of that as I stopped just inside the lit kitchen area, fidgeting with my nails at my belly, elbows out and nervously looking from her to him as they sat beside one another, looking back at me.

“Come on, kitten,” Daddy coaxed, Gina smiling reassuringly, encouragingly.

I walked nearer, feeling better about the situation and got a little surprise when Daddy, his big paws under my arms, suddenly and easily lifted me up to a seat between them, on top of the island.

They both looked me over before Gina asked him, “Should I start?”

He nodded and she looked at me with a curiously warm expression. They both seemed a bit different somehow, but she began speaking.

“Well, your father and I have spoken at length about a lot of things. Ourselves, each other,… you. We aren’t very happy with you and what you’ve been doing, I’ll tell you that right now. But, we do understand how this happened. Possibly better than you do.

“Like I said, we talked a lot and one of the subjects we spoke of was Sheila. As we spoke of her and yourself, I began to see that there’s another side of you that I,… failed to see earlier. Maybe I should say it got lost in what I wanted to see.”

Gina glanced to Daddy now and he took over.

“Kitten,…” he started, taking my hand in his. “You know, you really are a lot more like her than I realized. That’s not to say that I don’t love you, or that you’re a bad person, or a slut like her, only that you share some,… traits with her that I didn’t recognize in you. They came out so different.”

I went to speak, but Gina interrupted before I could make a sound.

“Just listen, baby. You’ve told us what you needed to tell us, now we’re doing the same. And what’s killing your father to have to say is that you, like Sheila, are a conniver and a manipulator.”

It’s a good thing that all I had to do was listen, because I wouldn’t have known what to say to that. I only goggled at her, my jaw dropping.

“I didn’t see it because I was never subjected to it until recently. Your father, however, is a different story. You zeroed in on him, took advantage in every way possible and broke him down like any man in his position would have been. You knew how he felt about Sheila, how he loved her, how he idealized her. You knew he wasn’t exactly experienced with women beyond her and you knew how much you really look like her, his past beauty, mostly by the way people who knew her have been reacting. … It’s why you dyed your hair blonde.”

I looked at the floor, nodding once and feeling my tears begin to well up again.

“(sigh) Slutty, all that said, I have to take equal part of the responsibility for what happened between you and your father. You see, I understand now, now, what I did when I mentioned the daddy thing to you. If I’d realized then like I do tonight how you,… so easily confuse things like friendship, love and sex,…”

Daddy took over as she left off, taking my other hand and looking at me with a loving, yet apologetic expression, mixed with yet something else.

“Sweetie, neither Gina, or I will deny that we’re happy with this,… this outcome with each other, I mean, but neither of us are very happy about the way you shuffled us here. It makes us feel used and foolish. I know that wasn’t your intent, I know your motivations were to dig yourself out of a mess that was killing you, but it was all about getting your way, wasn’t it? In the end, that’s what it all boils down to. Sure, you wanted Gina and I to be happy, but you were willing to coerce the situation if necessary, and you ended up doing just that because you saw an opportunity you could exploit in order to get your way.”

Gina added, “And there isn’t much thought for us in all that, is there? But, as John told you, we’re happy with this,… closer arrangement between us and are willing to go on with this, the three of us, like you wanted. Ironically, what you did was probably casino siteleri the best thing you could have done because neither one of us would want to lose you, either. You know how much I love you.”

I nodded, feeling the first tear race down my cheek.

“When I first met you, I was captivated almost right away. Your innocence, your unique charm, your beauty and honesty,… I was so surprised when you actually called. … I should have listened closer when you said you weren’t a lesbian. I wanted you to be so bad, so I could have you and treat you so good for the rest of our lives. I’d never met anyone like you and I guess I was trying to convince myself of your orientation more than I was you. Again, I’m partly to blame here. Had I been honest with myself, I’d have seen how it really was with you sooner.”

“As for myself,” Daddy put in, “I,… I don’t know. I have no explanation for allowing what happened, and has been happening between us, or for why it’s going to continue.”

“You did what you did because it’s what Kat wanted and she did what she did to get her way. It’ll continue, because it’s already started and there’ll be no going back at this point. Neither of you could ever look at each other the same way again and the reality of the situation is that, now that what’s done is done, you’re both served better by continuing, just like we decided, John. You may feel the most at fault here, but considering the personalities involved, you’re the least at fault. Anyway,… I probably would have done the same thing in her position.”

There was a pause as we collectively looked down for a few seconds before Gina went on in a firmer tone.

“Kat, I don’t mean to pick on you, but I have to tell you,… You’re a self destructive personality. You go for what you want, in your case with the best of intentions, and fail to think of the consequences of your actions. Your hormones, or your ‘horny’ as you call it, sometimes directs what you want, but a certain lack of,… maturity,… keeps you from acting with reason. It’s sort of the negative side of the adorable, innocent, childlike aspect of your personality that drew me and your father, the same thing you can often use at will to get your way, especially with John.”

She sighed and went on, letting me know that her next words weren’t any easier for her than they would be for me.

“You would have ruined whatever you built with your father and you would have ruined him, too. Then, yourself. You became too good at circumventing his authority, doing end runs around your respect for him. Without his strength and wisdom in the driver’s seat, the childlike aspect of your personality and the choices it would have been allowed to make would have had disastrous consequences for you both.

“Baby, I’ve seen people like you before, some of them dancers. Some of them take meds. If they’re lucky, they have a personal situation where there are people who are aware of their problems and love them enough to keep them on track. As your father and I love you. I want you to understand that, while Sheila was a slut and you’re not, that’s not to say that she wasn’t exactly where you are right now when she was your age. Who’s to say she hasn’t gone down a road very similar to the one you’re on now to get where she was when she met your father? Do you understand?”

I nodded, sniffing a little, knowing that what she was saying was probably true, something I always vaguely knew about myself, the evidence being my lack of understanding in the more advanced mathematical or scientific concepts in school and my increasing social dysfunction as I supposedly grew older. Even the other students saw it.

Breaking the pause that followed her last words, Gina went on, “You haven’t lost us and you won’t. Again, we love you and we know you love us, however,… be warned that we’re aware now and we’ll be keeping an eye on you for all of our own good, not the least of which yours. Be the honest young woman we know you are, no more schemes, no more manipulation. Also,… now that I’m aware and that I’ve explained it to John, we’ve both decided that you shouldn’t dance anymore.”

“What? But, why?” I asked, tears still leaking from my eyes.

“Because, baby, dancing is a very bad profession for you.”

“But,… but you said you knew girls like me who were dancers.”

“That’s how I know it’s bad for you. It’s just not something you should be making a part of your life, plus, you don’t understand the kind of people you’ll be meeting. As smart as you are, with your personality, all it would take is for one snake in the grass to start telling you what you want to hear,…”

“But, that’s not fair! Da-ddy!”

“Like Gina said, this is both our decision. She’s only telling you because she’s best able to explain it.”

“But that’s no-!”

“Baby, stop whining,” she gently demanded. “The decision’s been made. I’ve already called Barry, your dancing days are over.”

“What!? You called-! Oh, no!”

“Kathleen,” Daddy said firmly, slot oyna “stop it. You’re not getting your way this time and that’s that.”

“But I have the right to work and get money-!”

“So, find some other job. You’ll get what you need and even what you want until-“

“Daddy, I don’t want your pity money, Gina’s either! I want-!”

“Hey!” he snapped, standing and taking my chin in his big fingers, pointing with his other hand, adding in a lower, but very firm voice, “What did I say, Kathleen?”

“I don’t get my way this time, I’m sorry, Daddy!” I whined, suddenly with the program in the way he always used to get me there.

He looked at me, kissed my pouting lips and sat again, his features remaining firm.

“And I won’t be allowing you to defeat your father’s decisions, either,” Gina informed, regarding him with approval, then me again with a stern smile. “You won’t get away with your little tricks where he’s concerned anymore and I’ve promised him that. Now, as for the way things will be between the three of us, you need to accept that you’ve already had your turn setting this little scene. We’ll make it work and we’ll all be happy just like you wanted, you just trust and help us, like we know we can trust and help you.”

Looking from Gina to Daddy and back again, I knew I was expected to speak now and there was no choice but to allow myself to be tied down by my next words.

” … It,… seems like so much stuff is changed.”

“Yes,” she replied, her expression encouraging and supportive, this one thing at least like it always was. “But, it’s okay. We’ll have lots of fun and don’t forget,… you’re the one who brought us together. You brought this change, you’re a big part of us and you always will be.”

I nodded, saying, “I trust you, Gina, you too, Daddy. (sniffle) I’ll help and I won’t be sneaky with either of you anymore.”

They smiled at me, believing me and that did a lot to make me feel better.

“One more,… little thing for now, slutty. We’d like you to dye your hair. Tomorrow.”

Okay, no way did I expect this. I nodded again, mostly because I would have agreed to almost anything at that point, but my renewed disappointment must have showed in my expression.

“Kitten,” my father said, “twenty years ago, Sheila Burchell came through this town, infected the lives of a group of people and left one hell of a mess behind. Even yours and Gina’s life have been infected by her and neither of you ever even met her. It’s her hair, not yours. Let it go with her.”

“I will, Daddy.”

I put my arms around him suddenly and began crying in earnest, seeing all the things they’d said, knowing it was all true. At that minute, I felt embarrassed by it, ashamed that I’d ever dyed it blonde, hated the fact I couldn’t magically change it right then. But, in another moment, he was hugging me back. He slid me right off the island and into his lap, kissing me, quickly nibbling my lip as Gina wrapped her arms around me, too. She kissed my face and assured me like Daddy was that everything would be alright after all.

Once we kind of made up, Gina straightened, and offered, “Coffee, anyone?”

It turned out that they both intended to call in sick the next morning and we all mellowed out over some coffee for a little while, sort of getting comfortable with each other again, I guess you could say.

We all went in to Gina’s bed afterward, not having sex, but just caressing one another lazily, scratching our backs and ending up in a nice tangle of naked arms and legs before we all fell asleep.

This morning, once we dressed, had eaten and such, she took Daddy around her apartment, giving him a tour.

“So, what do you think of my tastes?” she asked him.

“You taste great.”

“Not that! My décor!”

” … Honestly?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I like it, but I don’t.”

“Well, what do you like about it?”

“The colours and lighting. I kinda like the open concept, too, but it looks so uncomfortable, not like home is supposed to look. Kitten, what do you think?”

” … I agree with Daddy, but I think it’s just the furniture. The rest is cool.”

“Slutty, I thought you liked rolling around on my couch.”

He laughed, shaking his head, saying, “Slutty and smutty. You two are something else.”

“It just kind of evolved,” Gina explained.

“Wait till we come up with a name for you,” I teased.

“I personally like ‘Dad’,” Gina suggested naughtily.


“Daddy, even. Sometimes.”

He shot a quirky smile at me, then back to her, saying, “You’re kind of like another daughter anyway, coming over and eating my food, drinking my beer, treating me like crap and turning my other kid against me.”

She gave him a big wet kiss, then me one, looking as happy as I suddenly felt. She and I went out a bit later, leaving him there to himself for a short while, so we could make a single purchase. This is how I came to find myself standing in the same aisle of canlı casino siteleri the same drug store where I convinced myself to go blonde, looking at the box of my original colour in my hand with a slightly upturned lip.

“You don’t have to go back to that if you don’t want to, you could go darker. Please don’t do red or auburn, though.”

“Hm,… Yeah, I could,… But, how much darker?”

She took the box out of my hand and put it back, then started scanning the colour ranges until she picked one out. Giving it to me with a hopeful smile, she said, “Well, if you wanted,… It might be kinda fun.”

It was her colour.

“Smutty,…” I said softly, smiling at her. “Really? Would it look good on me?”

“With those eyes of yours? Oh, yeah. I bet Dad will love it, too.”

We paused, beholding one another in the aisle at her reference to Daddy until she stepped forward and kissed me on the lips, yes, right there in the drug store!

“Thanks so much,” she said.

“It, uhh,… it doesn’t bother you,” I assumed more than asked. “Does it? Me and Daddy, I mean?”

“Uh uh,” she said, shaking her head.

” … How come? I mean, I cheated on you with him and I’d have thought that alone would have been bad enough, but with him? I would have thought you’d be,… well, disgusted. With us both.”

“Hm. Well,… Remember that little talk we had about what we fantasize about as opposed to what we’d actually do in reality?”


She shrugged her shoulders, still smiling, now sheepishly and said, “That night we all wrestled,… I got turned on. But, not just for the reasons you’d expect.”

” … You mean you were,…”


“Imagining us,…?”

“It’s uhhh,… (ahem) a weird little kink,… Anyway, I was pretty surprised when I found out you two actually were,… Well, what with the surrounding circumstances, your horny and the man we’re talking about here, it was pretty easy to understand and accept.”

“It turns you on?”

She smiled and nodded, looking down again, but I was smiling about it as well. It explained, at least in part, why she wanted to call my father ‘Dad’, the other part undoubtedly being the very real father figure she must see in him.

“Um,… do you still see yourself as a lesbian?” I tentatively asked.

“I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.” She looked up at me again and added, “You kind of helped me to throw all that up in the air.”

“I’m sorry.”

” … It’s okay, I’m happy. And it’s not as if I’m ever going to get tired of miffy.”


I walked closer to her and gave her a kiss, heedless now in the familiarity of our relationship, the happy way it was when we first met, when I could be honest.

“Smutty, I’d love to have your hair colour. Just think about how we’ll look together in pink.”

When we got back home, barely in the door, Gina pushed me down to the couch and began pulling my clothes off right in front of my very surprised father. He watched her eat miffy until I came. After that, we dragged Daddy to the floor and had a little party with him.

He went home a little while ago, him having to work tomorrow and it being agreed that I’d spend the night with Gina. She’ll run me home before her shift tomorrow.

I can’t believe it, but everything seems to have worked out.



Apr. 28/09

When I walked in the back door, He was there in the kitchen, making supper.

“Whoa!” he said, his complete attention on me.

“You like it.” I assumed.

“Oh, yeah,… he said, putting down the spatula he’d been holding and walking over to look closer and run his fingers through my hair. “I love it. Way better than the blonde, and I’m not just saying that.”

“Thanks. I’m going for a new style tomorrow, if I can use the truck.”

“You don’t have to ask, kitten.”

” … I suppose I’ll never have my wifey car, now.”

“Says who?”

“Daddy, I’d rather earn it myself.”

“You do, you have been. Anyway, I’ve already been checking market values and looking around.”

I smiled sadly and took his hand.

“You do earn it,” he insisted. “Anyway, this is what men do for their wives. Can’t have a gorgeous little thing like you running around in some old fuckin’ truck, can we? No, you need a cool wifey car. Besides, I might want to use it sometime.”

I smiled wider, more happily and took his other hand, saying, “I’m so glad we’re alright.”

“We’ll always be alright,” he replied, taking me in his arms.

I reached up and put my arms around his neck and we kissed, standing there for a few minutes, passionately expressing ourselves with our lips and tongues.

After supper, when he’d showered and we’d both changed, we got in front of the TV, me leaning against him, his arm around my shoulder.

“Gina’s one hell of a girl, isn’t she?” he commented.


” … It’s hard to believe,…”

“What?” I asked.

“Well,… things have worked out so,… good for me, it almost makes me feel selfish and greedy.”

“That’s how she and I feel. You’re one in a million.”

“I’m just an average Joe.”

“An average Joe? Daddy,… (giggle)”



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