Ocak 30, 2021

Dad’s Dirty Underwear Ch. 03

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As with the others this is a story about incest.


The Sun had started to rise and I was already awake holding Dad’s jockstrap, still starstruck by what happened yesterday, and by how quickly he opened up to me. It shouldn’t have been too surprising considering the incest entries in his browser history, but one can never guess how someone will react when presented a chance to fulfill their taboo fantasies.

I was dying of curiosity to find out what the next steps would be for us, and my limp cock got harder and harder as I imagined numerous scenarios for this morning. Perhaps I could hand him his jockstrap, hold it as he grabs it then push his arm for a kiss? Or even sit with him and just slide it to him above the table with bed eyes. Then I’d fuck him right there. Suck his nipples, fuck his ass. Or I could just wing it, go with the flow.

The time spent on thinking about all the different outcomes made my cock ache to be stroked again. This wouldn’t be the first time I’d cum for Dad since our sexy dance last night. Last night at first I considered cumming on his jockstrap directly, like some sort of tribute, but it was better to preserve Dad’s original scents. No doubt this was for one of his clients, so I was glad I did some QA before shipping. Besides, I have my own order to arrive sooner or later, anyway.

After I came and cleaned my cock with my old cheesy sock, the one I’ve been using for about half an year now without ever washing it up, then I got up, wore a comfortable shirt and shorts, put his jockstrap in my pocket and went to the kitchen.

After I opened the door of my bedroom I was immediately hooked by the smell of bacon and eggs. In the kitchen I found Dad handling the sizzling pan, with a plate containing some fresh buttered toasts on his side. I poured myself some of the coffee that was already on the table and sipped some of it on my way to the other side of the counter, where Dad was. The coffee was burned and bitter, which forced me to add a couple spoons of sugar. Someone wasn’t paying attention to his duties, I thought.

And Dad still had not noticed my presence.

I had no intention to surprise Dad at all, but it happened nonetheless. After I put my hand on his shoulder he jumped to the side and launched a slice of bacon in the air right to the floor.

“Eek, Adrian, don’t scare me like this!”

I got beside him and squinted at his face. “Jeez, Dad, what’s these bags under your eyes? Did you not sleep well?”

Dad put the pan on the stove and grabbed the slice of bacon with the tip of his fingers, threw it away, then went to the fridge to fetch a new slice to try. “I’m good, I’m good, it’s just the hangover.”

“Really? Because I’m used to you waking up at noon in situations like this, and yet here you are standing in front of me at eight.”

Dad shook his head. “I’m fine, really. Woke up too early today and couldn’t get back to sleep. This breakfast will make me feel better real quick, you know that.”

I nodded. “And as a plus it helps maintaining that body of yours,” I said, tapping his belly in jest. He laughed and smiled timidly at me but his jerked his body away in a pure reaction to my touch. “Anyway, can you make one for me as well? I’m starting to warm up to it.”

Dad raised his head and stared at me. “What is with asking the obvious? Have I ever forgot that?”

“Just being extra sure,” I said, giving him a pat in the back, “you already burned the coffee.”

“You know, Adrian, you could move your lazy ass and help me as well, couldn’t you?”

“Easy there, pal. There’s only one stove, and you’re piloting it. And besides, I wasn’t really complaining. Coffee is actually delicious.”

“Oh, is it?”

I nodded. “Seriously. The way you burned it gave its flavor such an edge. The aftertaste is remarkable and strong, and it lingers in the mouth.”

“Hmm. That’s exactly how burned coffee tastes.”

“Truly a result of a thoughtful brewing method created to extract the best flavors, you won’t-“

“Knock it off, Adrian,” he said, laughing, “and make us some juice, for fuck’s sake.”

Besides the light and humorous opening of the morning, there was one thing bothering me: Dad was avoiding looking at me in the eyes for anything longer than an instant.

After we finished everything we sat down to eat. Dad was distracted looking at his phone, which isn’t uncommon for him, so I broke the silence: “You know, you put up a good show last night.”

Dad’s thumb had frozen in place on his phone. “Yeah.”

“I found that really fun.”

“Did you indeed?” He put his phone down and proceeded, “Adrian, I wanted to talk about it this morning. I feel like I should apologize to you.”

“Apologize for what?”

“I exploited you. We got ourselves drunk and I used the situation in my favor for, you know, egoistic reasons, and I feel bad for that. You’re my son, and that was wrong.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” I stopped to recollect my thoughts and think of a good strategy to not ruin my own fantasy. “I was fully casino şirketleri aware of what happened, and I don’t regret it one bit. We weren’t _drunk_ drunk, it was more like light headed.”

“But the wine might have given you courage. Hell, it gave ME courage, Adrian.”

“Oh. So what?”

Dad sighed and turned his face to his side. “Listen, it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it. I did, I had fun, but things happened way too fast and what we did should not have been done.”

Sigh, to hell with his remorse now. He already gave the first step, why not go all the way, then?

“So that’s because we’re related, then.”

He nodded. “Kind of, yes.”

“Well, no arguing against that. But we’re both consenting adults and we both dig each other’s bodies,” I shrugged, “it only felt natural.”

Dad laughed, still not daring to face me. “I don’t think you can call what we did yesterday natural. And for the record, I never said that I, in your own words, dig your body. Not in the sexual way.”

“As if you needed. I remember how you looked at me yesterday.”

Dad’s face had gone pale all over but his blushed cheeks, and he turned his face to me for the first time in this conversation. “Adrian, I-I’m just confused. Let’s just not talk about this for a while, okay?”

I sighed. “Fine for me, Dad, I’m ready whenever you are.”

“Thanks, Adrian, I really appreciate it.”

“No pressure. Just try to get the incest thing out of your head,” the taboo word gave him visible shivers, “no one needs to know what happened, and we’re both adult men.”

Dad took a while to nod, but didn’t say anything else after. Perhaps I had gone too far by standing my ground but in my defense he did say he liked it. I even dare to say he liked even more exactly because it was his son, but he was too embarrassed to admit for now.

After the discussion was settled I had finished my meal, so I quietly got up and moved out of the dining room.


Knock, knock. “Hey, Son?”

Dad was at my bedroom’s door. I imagined he wouldn’t dare to enter after what we discussed about an hour ago, so I didn’t feel pressured to dress up again.

“Yes, Dad?” Part of me wanted to let him in and greet him with my stiff cock, hoping he’d succumb for his desires, drop on his knees and suck it, but I was almost sure he wouldn’t fall for it.

“I’m doing laundry now, do you have any dirty clothes for me?”

“Nope, Dad, I’m okay.” What an odd question, he could find all my dirty clothes in a basket in the bathroom already.

“You sure?”


A few seconds have passed. “Huh, Adrian? Have you by chance found one of my pieces of underwear?”

“Shit, Dad, no. What was it, a sock, jocks?”

Seconds of silence. “Ah, never mind.”

“You sure?”

“Sure, sure.”

I had no idea if I would ever get another chance to get things real with Dad again, so like hell I would give away the ripe jockstrap he kindly left behind, the same one I was holding against my nose. No, that was my consolation prize. Even though I had my own batch crafted just for me coming by mail, this one was special, almost a souvenir, of our first night as a couple.

Also, It’s not like Dad didn’t know I had it. Underwear simply does not vanish in the air, as far as I know.


“So how is college, Honey?”

I was having lunch at Mom’s with Dad. A few days have passed after that night and we were having our habitual family gathering at Saturdays.

“Nothing interesting so far, you know how the first weeks are like.”

“You’re back at the internship too, right? I guess it’s no free time for the wicked! You gotta work, Honey, you gotta work.”

“You do know I’m not fifteen anymore, right? When will end that shtick?”

She laughed. “When I’m dead.”

“Not too long, then.”

“Hey!” She slapped me in the hand, and we both laughed. My mother, Erin, was always the person with the most up-beat personality between us. I think this is part of the reason why she and Dad are still friends even after the divorce. She handled his coming out surprisingly well, and got over it fairly quick, to the point she was Dad’s maid of honor in his marriage with Mark, with a contagious smile in her face.

We were chit-chatting about Mom’s new boyfriend, Alex. Apparently he’s slightly younger than her – he’s 34, she’s 39 – but is a surfer and has such a tan that Mom sweats just to think about it. “I love when he comes smelling like the sea”, she said. Alex is a lucky man, to be honest, to hung up with someone as beautiful as Mom at her age, with her pear-shaped body, big and fat butt, medium and firm breasts and dark caramel straight shoulder-level hair.

Dad was silent for the majority of the conversation, his eyes more focused in his plate or his hand. He had avoided me most of this week, making our regular dinner together quite awkward. By Thursday I ended up eating on the couch in the living room to ease up the air for both of us. We didn’t have any conversation without him avoiding casino firmaları crossing eyes with me, so by Friday night I gave up and called my ex Evelyn for a night out to have some beer at a local bar to relax.

“So, I’ve been told you’re venturing in other kinds of sex and pleasure, Adrian.”

Oh, right. I figured Dad would spill the beans before I could get a chance to tell her myself. Now the only question that remains is: what exactly did he tell?

I looked at Dad with a raised brow, then again at Mom. “Huh, what?” Dad was gasping for air as he grabbed the edge of the table.”

“Leandro told me you’re – surprise! – also into men.”

I sighed. Dad had relieved the tension in his hands and sipped the last of the wine in his glass. For a brief moment I thought he had told Mom about our little dancing night.

“Surprise? So you suspected?”

“Not really, but see, your Dad didn’t show any signs when we were married, so I take it you inherited his ability to blend in.”

“Which signs were you expecting? Dad whistling to some random male ass while you two were strolling together in a park?”

Mom giggled. “Hmm, no, but that would’ve been helpful.”

“And how about you, Dad? Have you ever suspected I’m also into men?”

Dad repeatedly looked at our faces. “I’m with your mom, Adrian. I mean, you always came and talked to us about some girl you had a crush on. How would we know?”

“I wouldn’t, that’s for sure!” Mom answered, raising her glass, “but you know, the apple doesn’t fall far from-“

“The tree,” me and Dad completed her phrase in chorus. “Dad told me you’d say that,”, I added.

“Leandro knows me well.” Mom had wet her finger in her mouth and rubbed it on the rim of her glass, staring at Dad. “It’s almost as if… we have a connection, you know?”

Dad blushed. “Surely you’re not hitting on me, right Erin?”

Both laughed together. “Yeah, I’m not enough for you. You only have eyes for Eddie, for Jaden…”

“Wait a minute,” I interjected. “Who are Eddie and Jaden?”

“Web developers, they work for me. Your Dad can’t get his eyes out of them!”

“Oh, really. How curious.”

“Ahem,” Dad coughed. “Why are you two talking about me? It’s Adrian who’s news today. Erin, please hand me the bottle of wine, please.”

“Here you go, party pooper.” Mom handed him the wine, and he as usual poured a bit more than he should. Dad always tried to cure his awkwardness with wine. “But you’re right. Adrian, now that we’re at it, what’s your type?”

You know, if there could be a way to break the wall of ice between me and Dad, Mom would be the perfect person to help. If only I could know the extent of the help she would give…

“Didn’t Dad tell you that too?” Dad blushed and stared at the floor beside him. “Gimme a stocky and hairy dude and I’ll be happy all night.”

“Oh, so you fancy a Daddy yourself? So we have similar tastes, I can see you inherited that from me,” she said, staring at Dad.

I laughed. “Yeah, kind of.” I always knew Mom was quite outgoing but the way she approached the subject and the timing was flawless. It was as if she was rooting for me. Or rather, for us. “So what else did Dad tell you?”

“That you and Evelyn were at odds, that you wanted to try some new things and she wasn’t on the same boat, and that’s why you were unhappy. That was the gist of it.”


“And that you struggled to tell him you wanted to get fucked in the ass.” She and Dad cackled in unison. “I’m almost died in laughter when your Dad told me! Can you imagine, Evelyn putting on a harness and telling ‘get on all fours now’? Unbelievable!”

“Heh, True. Evelyn looks far too restrained to do such stuff,” Dad added.

“So I see you two have been having fun at my expense. What else have Dad told you, Mom?”

“Only that, I promise,” Dad answered, crossing his fingers and kissing them. “Everything else is still between us,” he added, giving me a firm and complicit look.

“There’s MORE? Come on, honey, I NEED to know. Tell me everything.” Mom pushed her chair closer to me, put her elbow on the table and rested her head in her hand.

Me and Dad shared looks again. Dad rolled his eyes, smiled, drank more wine and licked his lower lip.

“Well… should I tell her, Dad?”

Mom had switched her attention from me to Dad. “Tell her what?”

“You stuttered,” said Mom. “What did you hide from me? I want the full report!”


Dad finished his now third glass of wine. He rolled his eyes again, looked at me in the eyes then waved his hands. “Your choice. She’ll handle it.”

“You sure?”

“Sure, I know Erin.”

“Sure about what?” She asked, seemingly confused about the conversation between us two.

I studied Dad’s face. He wasn’t very good at poker faces but maybe it was the wine giving him courage to give up to his desires again. Yet, as brave as Dad might’ve looked, I didn’t want to give him another chance to blame the wine over what ever his actions might be. güvenilir casino Mom was giving me another chance at seducing him and I still had no idea how much she knew, so it was better to play safe.

“Okay, Mom. Me and Dad have the same fetishes. We talked about things like golden showers and etcetera.”

Mom’s jaw dropped as she slowly turned to Dad. “Are you two serious? Leandro?”

Dad shrugged. “It’s true, we talked about that.”

“And why didn’t you tell me that too, you son of a bitch?”

“Erin, let’s give Adrian at least SOME privacy, shall we?”

“And what difference this little extra fact would make? For me, even?”

“What do you mean ‘for me’?” I asked.

Mom turned herself again to me. “Well, honey, me and your Dad used to do just that.”


“Yeah. I used to piss on his mouth, he used to piss on me, among other things.”


God damn it, this whole family is incredible. To think that Dad and Mom engaged in the same kinks I’m already into! Made me wonder what else we had in common, considering how much we matched up until now.

“And you tell me this with THAT straight face?”

“Well, you and your Dad already talked about that, so I thought this would be on the same level. Was I wrong?”

“Not one bit, Erin,” Dad nodded, “not one bit.”

“And have you,” Mom said, turning herself to me, “had the chance to do this, Honey?”

“Not really. Like I said, Evelyn wasn’t willing to try it out, and as you know, we broke up recently. I still haven’t met other people.”

“Then you’re missing out, Son. Me and your mother know of some places you can find what you want.”

“Indeed,” Mom added, “there’s a club we used to go to together. They’re all fetishists there so you might fit right in.”

“You need to be referred by someone in the club, though”, Dad pointed.

“I’m pretty sure my membership has expired by now but they might still consider you as a member, Leandro. Perhaps you can bring Adrian along one night. What do you think, honey?”

“Oh, that’d be sweet. What do you think, Dad, would you take me there?”

Dad sat relaxed in his chair with blushed cheeks and an innocent, alcohol-induced smile, listening idly. Both the wine and Mom’s shimmer had dispelled the nervousness towards the subject. “Perhaps, if you are a good boy.”

I raised my eyebrow to him. “And what should I do to be a good boy?”

Dad tossed his dishes to me, along with an empty bottle of wine, and said “you can start by doing the dishes for us and bringing me and your Mom some more wine!”

Mom nodded. “Yes, honey, be a good son and do that for us, okay? Do that and _Daddy_ might bring you to a naughty club!”

I got up and piled the dishes up. “With rewards like these, how could I ever say no, right Dad?”

“And no more drinking for you, Adrian. You’ll drive us home later.”


It was a 30 minute drive from Mom’s house to ours, and Dad was dozing off in the passenger seat, quietly taking a nap with his head leaning on the car window, which gave me some peace to digest everything that happened this lunch. Actually, in retrospect, ever since I told Dad I was bisexual things kind of snowballed from there. He even opened up about his own kinks for me, which was unprecedented in our relationship. The cynical in me wanted to believe there were more pieces in the board but me and Dad, but we’ll see.

First off, Dad definitely had a thing for me, or at least for the whole incest play. Hell, looking back at the videos he had in his browsing history, most of the actors playing the son looked a lot like me! Once he heard I had a crush on his body – or rather, to be specific, on men with bodies like his – he leaped to his desires quite quickly, showing me almost all of his erotic capital: hairy belly, sweaty ass, muscles. He made sure I’d notice it, otherwise he wouldn’t dance so sensually for me that night.

I don’t think he was ready to cross that line as I was, though, considering the conversation we had in the next morning, but at least he didn’t close the door entirely. His interest was still there, that I was sure of.

Then I got back to normal life, college and work, which actually worked in my favor because after that morning it was good for both to have some time away from each other.

Enter Mom in the equation. I’m still not sure where she fits, but the conversation he had earlier during lunch was both too convenient and ambiguous. Mom knows how to calm Dad down like no one else. In this sense, they’re truly the perfect couple… if only Mom were of the opposite gender, but I digress. Good for me, in the end, since now I got another shot at approaching Dad because I’m pretty fucking confident Dad still wanted to have sex with me.

For a while I considered pulling Mom over to a side to confess what happened. If it were any other day I wouldn’t be sure of how she would react but this lunch convinced me that Dad had briefed her about at least _something_. I had the feeling she’d be more welcoming to the prospect of sex in the family than most mothers would be, and would set things in motion for us quicker than I ever could, but in the end I decided not to.

Because this game of seduction was far too interesting to ask for help. Consider me stubborn.

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