Mart 13, 2021

Daddy’s Slave 3

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Daddy says that I will be punished for any spelling mistakes so I have checked but if any are found comment below and suggest the punishment that I should get as Daddy thinks that would be appropriate…

As I went back out to the party I was immediately collared by my father who walked me around and introduced me to several groups of people that he said were the ones to know. Each group were told my story and each group had a feel of my breasts and cock and balls and some insisted that I suck them off while that talked to my dad. It was bazaar, here I was on my knees sucking a mans cock while he held a conversation with others as though I didn’t even exist and when he came another cock was presented to me and the whole thing started again. This went on for a while then I was introduced to several of the most stunning women I had ever seen, most were over 6’0” tall with perfect bodies and wore nothing but long black PVC gloves that reached over their elbows. They told my father that they were going to take control of me for an hour or two and we moved to a corner of the room where there were several low beds. On one bed was Joan with her legs trust up on her chest, her arms tied to the bed head, a gag over her mouth and a dildo sticking out of her arse. I was told to lie down and when I did I was also trust up like Joan was except there was no dildo. The women then placed a small ball in my mouth and I found that I was being gagged as well; something that had never happened before and I started to panic not knowing what was happening. They turned Joan’s bed so that I could see her cunt and arse and then the dildo was removed and one of the women knelt before Joan and with a small tube squirted lube into her cunt and arse and then into my arse It was cold and soothing and I watched as this woman inserted two fingers in Joan’s cunt, then three and then four and finally all the fingers and thumb. Joan was trying to get away and screaming into her gag as the hand penetrated her but the woman just laughed and kept going . She then started to rotate her hand backwards and forwards stretching Joan’s cunt with each turn until the whole hand was pushed into her and the woman started to fist fuck her in earnest. I was fascinated as I watched the hand almost come completely out and then plunge back in to the wrist getting deeper every time until the woman almost had her arm up to her elbow buried in Joan’s cunt. The black glove was turning a white colour as Joan’s juices mixed with the lube and stuck to the glove. I could see tears in Joan’s eyes and her look of helplessness was something to see. The woman continued to fuck her for a minute or two and then removed her hand and applying more lube started to finger Joan’s arse and slowly inserting her fingers until the whole hand was buried and then she got her other hand and put it in Joan’s cunt and then started to fist fuck her with one hand coming out whilst the other was going in. Joan was writhing on the bed but because she was tied down she was at these women’s mercy. It was then that I felt fingers at my arsehole and could feel several being pushed into me, opening and closing as they tried to make my arse wider. I wanted to cry out no but the gag stopped me and I realised that even if I could speak it wouldn’t stop this from happening. More fingers were added and soon I felt the hand start to move into me and the pain was something that I couldn’t describe and I was screaming at the top of my lungs but to no avail as the gag worked a treat and only a muffled sound escaped my lips. I felt the hand starting to move deeper into me and felt that my insides must surely be torn apart by the relentless intrusion into my bowels. Suddenly the hand moved almost out of my arse and then was plunged back in and a steady fucking started and went on and on until the woman grew tired and her place was taken by another who continued to fist rape my arse. I couldn’t believe that this was happening and that I was getting used to it and starting in fact to enjoy it and the women were all egging each other on and both Joan and I received as many as 8 different hands and arms in a short time, sometimes just one but most of the time two in Joan’s case. As suddenly as this had started it stopped and we were left trust up like turkey’s, our arses and her cunt open to all to see. I was shattered and wanted to stop but I could see from the activity around me that the night was going to go on into the next day. My cock had again become as hard as a rock and my balls were turning a shade of blue and were swollen to twice their normal size and as people walked by they would give them a slap or pull down on the stretcher to increase the pain. Joan was removed from her confinement and made to crawl on all fours between the people giving head to any man she found or licking a cunt here or an arse there and nobody paid any attention to her at all. It was as though this was common practice in these peoples lives and we were no more than buckets to collect their cum in. I was finally released and couldn’t move for several minutes as my legs had cramped but soon I was on my feet and hoping against hope that this night would end. My mother found me and pulled me to a quiet corner where we both had a drink and I saw that she had been used and abused as much as I had been. Her face, hair and body was covered in dry cum, the nipples where the rings were were bleeding slightly and the rings in her labia had torn the flesh a bit causing them to bleed as well. I sobbed quietly in my mothers arms and she kissed my lips and said that I was the hit of the party and that dad was really proud of the way I had handled myself and that it would soon be over and we could have a nice couple of days together doing nothing but sleeping and bathing. I kissed her back and found myself forcing my tongue into her mouth in a passionate kiss that at first startled her but soon was returned with gusto. We were locked in this embrace when dad finally found us and he was pleased as punch with out display of affection. He said that there would be just another hour or so and the main event was just about ready to start and that we should be ready to do what was ordered. After all the pain and degradation that I had endured I wondered what the main event was and did it include me and mum.
A large circle was formed in the middle of the room and a vaulting horse was placed in the centre which had been modified to include a platform at one end slightly higher than the top of the horse. Straps were seen in various places and I caught my breath as Angie was led into the centre, placed face down on the horse and tied into a position where her arse and cunt were pointing backwards away from the platform. People were really on edge as someone raced forward and whipped her arse with a cane and then several of them repeated the same until her arse was red raw. My dad came into the centre and squirted a great amount of lube into Angie’s cunt and arse and then disappeared out the back and returned moments later with a stallion, black as the ace of spades and led him around the circle so all could see this magnificent animal. He stopped the horse in front of me and mum and ordered her to grab the horse’s dick and masturbate it while I was to fondle its balls. We moved to the animal and mum reached out and rubbed the horse’s cock which started to grow in her hands and I used both hands to fondle the balls. They were heavy and I leaned forward and lick them trying to get one into my mouth but it was too big so I consoled myself by licking and sucking the sack that held them. Mum in the meantime had placed her mouth over the horses cocks opening and was tonguing it, licking the edge and forcing her tongue into the opening until the horse was fully erect at which time it was led forward and made to rear up and place its front legs on the platform that was provided. The horse did this with consummate ease and it was obvious that this was a regular occurrence. When it was there mum was told to place the head of the cock against Angie’s cunt and keep masturbating the horse until nature took over. After a couple of pumps from mums hands the horse started to move back and forward driving its massive cock into the small cunt that it was placed in. Angie screamed as the cock went into her and continued to scream as the horse pushed further and further up her cunt with very stroke. The crowd was fairly silent as they watched this small girl being fucked by this huge horse and it was soon evident b y the increasing tempo that the moment they were waiting for was about to arrive. The horse made one last move forward and stopped stock still and we could see the cock pulsating and knew that Angie was getting a load of horse spunk into her cervix and it was evident by the amount that was squirting out that this horse had been without a partner for some time. The cheers from the crowd drowned out the screams from Angie and as suddenly as it started the horse moved back and onto four legs as his cock slid out of her cunt and the fluids started to really drain. Several of the women moved over to Angie and started to drink the horse cum that drained out of her and mum was told to lick the horse cock clean which she did with some relish. I thought that that was that and the night was finished but then Angie was released and carried to a bed to rest and I was made to lie face down on the contraption and my hands and feet were fastened with the straps. I was shit scared until I saw the horse being taken away but soon my terror returned as another horse was led in and under the careful ministrations of my mother its cock grew to full size and it was led towards me and made to rear up onto the platform and I felt its cock being placed against my arse hole and the horse started to move forward as the cock invaded me. I had had a huge black cock but this was something else and the pain made me scream and cry out that it was tearing me apart but this only made the crowd more determined that I be fucked by this animal and they urged it on and its cock sank deeper and deeper that anything had gone before and I was on the verge of passing out when it stopped and backed off a little only to plunge back in further with the next stroke and so it went as it withdrew and plunged and withdrew and plunged until my mind would not accept the pain anymore and I went into a kind of trance as this animal fucked me for all it was worth while the crowd roar its approval. It was like I was watching myself get fucked and I was turned on to see this in my minds eye. I don’t know how long I endured this animal rape but was bought back to reality when I felt a sudden gush of spunk from the cock burning my insides and it kept going for what seemed like an eternity until I felt the cock start to soften and it plopped out of me and litres of spunk followed. I felt tongues and fingers at my arsehole trying to get a taste of the horse spunk that I was excreting but I didn’t care anymore and didn’t even realise that I had been untied. The horse was led away and I lay there as the people started to get dressed and leave until it was only my mother and father, the hosts and myself left. The hosts thanked my father for a wonderful performance and hoped that there would be more in the future possibly with some younger girls next time and I was helped to my feet and half carried to the car and was asleep before we even got to the road.
Dear Diary- it’s the day after the party and its about 1.00pm and I have just woken up and feel like I have been run over by a steam roller. My arse is so sore that I have to lay on my side and my balls are still swollen but the stretcher has been taken off. My clothes or what’s left of them are on the floor but I don’t remember taking them off and it was probably my parents that did it for me. The night before is a blur of cocks and cunts and arses and more pain than I care to remember but I do remember the kiss my mother gave me and the sight of that bitch Angie being fucked by the horse. Poetic justice for the life she had led me into and I hoped that she was suffering as much as I was. I tried to remember what I had liked the most and it was the look on my fathers face after I had taken the horse cock up my arse and been well and truly fucked, that look of satisfaction and acceptance meant more to me than anything and I would go through it all again to see my father with that look again.
Life has retuned to normal or as normal as possible. I have now become a woman in every sense of the word except for a working set of balls and a cock. Whenever I go out I go as a woman and nobody can tell looking at me that I am not what I pretend to be. I have formed friendships with several women and work in a dress shop to pay my way at home although we don’t really need it as mother and I more than make enough with our bodies than we will ever need. Add to this the monies that we were left and we could quite easily give the game away except we all enjoy what we do however degrading and painful at the time.
I really enjoy working in the shop and it has given me an advantage as some of the women have come onto me in a lesbian way only to find a full set of man jewels where my cunt should be. Although taken aback at first many realise what an opportunity this is and take full advantage inviting me to visit them at home or to a special party that they are giving. I always ask if they want a real woman and that I could organise one if they so desire and most of the time Mum and I are off to work together which is how we like it. Its strange but I have become enamoured of m y mother and try every chance I get to kiss her and hold her tight like a real lover. Just the thought of thrusting my tongue into her mouth and having hers reciprocate gives me an immediate hard on and makes life rather difficult if these thoughts enter my mind during the day at work. To try and stop this I have learned to push my balls up into my body and devised a harness system that encases the knob of my cock, pulls it back between my thighs and laces around my waist. The effect is that I can wear a bikini and it looks like I have a large mons venus which really gets the guys going. This helps a bit but in some cases I have to undo it as I feel that I might do some damage as I get harder and harder. I am not game to tell my mother or father of my feelings but they grow stronger every day.
The owner of the shop is a small man who just comes in once a week to collect the takings, have a feel of any shop assistant that gets in his way and tries to screw each and every one. When it was my turn to go to the office with the takings I was not prepared to be groped as soon as I entered the room but he was on me before I had a chance to say anything. He grabbed my tits, gave them a squeeze and then tried to finger my cunt. Because I had my cock tied back he was somewhat puzzled that he couldn’t press a finger into what he thought was my opening and sat back perplexed. It was then that he told me that one of the reasons I had the job was that reliable sources had told him I put out and he wanted some or no job. I decided to flirt a little and make his life uncomfortable for a time so I started to undo my blouse and showed him my small bra with the swell of my tits pushing over the top and the nipples just below the top of the bra. I ran my hands over my breasts kneading them and pushing them together and I saw his pants begin to tent. I increased my gyrations shoving my crotch towards his face and wiggling my arse as I turned around. The tent in his pants continued to grow and I unsnapped my bra and threw it to him but keeping my arm across my tits like a tease. Slowly I lowered my arm and bent forward moving my body to and fro causing my breast to wave in front of him. He made several attempt to grab me but each time I was able to keep out of his grasp and continued my show. I then place my thumbs in the waist band of my skirt and slowly started to lower it to the bottom of my bum cheeks making sure that he could not see my cock and balls and then I squatted down in front of him and undid, with a great deal of effort, his fly and this monster cock sprang up before me, the slit at the top oozing clear pre cum which I licked off and swirled my tongue around his bulbous knob. He took hold of my hair and head and pushed my down onto his cock but it was too big to fit in my mouth so I continued to lick it and tease the underside which made more pre cum flow out. Whilst I was doing this I used one of my hands to release my cock from its harness and ease my panties down my legs on off so that I was only wearing my garter belt, stockings and high heels. He was still trying to force his cock into my mouth and succeeded in pushing the top of the knob into my mouth but I couldn’t do anything except suck like a vacuum cleaner on the little that was in my mouth. I decided that this was stupid and pulled my head off his cock and then stood up facing him with my cock staring straight at his eyes. He stopped, went red, choked and then tried to talk but nothing came out but a gurgling sound as he stared at my cock and balls in all their glory. Then to my surprise he grabbed me pulled me towards him and engulfed my cock down to the pubic hair in one gulp. My cock went right into his throat and he sucked like a madman, grabbing my balls and rolling them in their sack, pulling them down away from my body, letting them go so they sprang back into place and repeating this time and time again. I was in seventh heaven as my cock responded to his ministrations and I felt it start to swell and that familiar feeling of spunk rising up the shaft starting and he must have felt it to as all of a sudden he shoved a finger up my arse and I unloaded spurt after spurt into his welcoming mouth. Not a little bit escaped his mouth as I felt his throat contract as he swallowed each and every drop and then when I had finished he slumped back into his chair with a satisfied look on his face. I was perplexed as the stories I had heard from the other girls was that he really preferred women but his was completely opposite to what they or I expected. My cock was slowly shrinking back to normal and he told me to parade before him and play with myself as I did and I walked up and down, turned and posed, bent over to show my arse and legs, rubbed my tits and masturbated my cock which was coming back to life. This was the first time that I really felt in control since this whole thing started way back and I really didn’t know how to handle it. My boss then stood up and removed his clothes, a wholly unremarkable thing as he only stood about 5’4” and was overweight with a beer belly and little stocky legs. The only exception was his cock which although not much over 7 inches and fully erect was a thick as a mans hand and his balls were the size of decent sized passion fruit, excuse the pun, and completely hairless which looked kind of funny as he was covered from head to foot in black hair the like of which I had never seen before. He then asked me to come over to where antalya escort bayan he was and bend over with my back towards him and touch my toes and then I felt his tongue on my arse and in my arse hole licking and sucking and biting whilst his hands roamed all over my cock and balls, masturbating with one whilst playing with my balls with the other and then swapping hands as his tongue continued to cause me much pleasure. All of a sudden everything stopped and I straightened and turned around and there was my boss face down over the desk with his arse in the air and telling me to fuck him like a whore. I moved behind him and noticed that he had lubricated his arsehole with some perfumed lubricant and I moved to him and stuck the head of my cock against his arsehole and pushed just a bit until the knob went into him and then I felt a hot sensation on my knob from the lubricant and realised that this must have been a stimulant. I pushed further in taking my time until I was fully seated in his arse and my balls were slapping against his balls and I started to move forward and backward slowly feeling my cock get hotter and harder than I could remember as my boss pushed back on each in stroke pulling his arse cheeks apart to allow me to push more of my cock into his arse. We got a nice rhythm going and soon I again felt that unmistakeable feeling of spunk rising in my cock and increased the pace until I exploded in his arse with more spunk than I ever thought I had. I kept going as my cock refused to go soft and soon the spunk in his arse was leaking out with every thrust and dribbling on the floor. I was mentally and physically worn out and pulled my still rigid cock from his arse and he got on his hands and knees a licked my spunk off the floor before turning his attention to my cock and balls and cleaning them. He then slumped into his chair with his cock sticking straight up in the air and admitted to me that although he came across as a women’s man he hadn’t ever had sex with a woman as his cock scared them away. His only form of relief was masturbation until now. I told him that I would never tell his secret if he never divulged what I was to tell him and I related my story in and abridged version to him leaving out the parts about my mother and father. When he heard that I had taken a horse up my arse he became very animated and asked for the details. I told him that although the horses cock was long it was not as thick as his by half which from his look of disappointment I decided that he wanted desperately to fuck my arse.
I pondered this fro a moment and told him he could try but there was a price to pay and that was co ownership in this shop if he was able to actually do it. He didn’t even blink and I could see the top of his cock oozing liquid at the thought. I got the lubricant that he used and told him to stick some up my arse with his fingers and keep adding fingers one after the other until his hand was in but he was to stop if I asked him to. He inserted one finger with some lube then another and then all the fingers and thumb and I could feel him working to fit his pudgy little hand in until suddenly it popped in and he was elated and moved it very slowly around so as not to hurt me and then pulled it out and I felt his knob at my arse hole nudging me and pushing trying to gain entry. I told him to stop and sit in his chair and I would do the pushing as I lowered myself down on his lap and straddled him and placed his knob against my arsehole and slowly lowered myself down. It took a while even to get half the knob in my arse but I persevered and finally I felt the knob slip past my sphincter and enter me and I rested as this was new even for me. The heat of the lubricant was increasing and I slowly tried to lower my self further down an eight of and inch at a time but I felt his cock getting bigger and bigger from the effects of the lube and I realised that this might not have been a great idea. After about 5 mins I had about two inches up my arse and was becoming accustomed to the feeling when I felt him tense and then the unmistakeable feeling of spunk being injected into me and realised that he had lost control and had ejaculated into me before I could take him all in. I heard a whimper from behind me and felt a slight softening of the cock inside me so I made an effort and sank down on the cock until my arse lay on his pubes and he was completely inside of me. The pain was unimaginable so I rested there for a while as his cock came back to life and I was impaled on this huge cock that stretched me to the limit and more and I knew that there would be some tears around the entrance and maybe inside. I couldn’t move and neither could my boss and we sat there for quite a while until I had the courage to move up a bit and then sat down again causing his cock to throb and he told me this was the first time that his cock had been in anybody or anything except his hand ever. This prompted me to move up and down again and soon the pain became fused with a feeling of lust and I began to move quicker up and down this cock and soon I again felt the knob swell and the spunk gush into my bowels and we both collapsed onto the chair and stayed that way for about an hour until finally his cock softened and it started to slip from my arse and finally came out completely allowing the accumulated spunk to follow it , spreading over his soft cock and massive balls and I turned around knelt on the floor and licked and sucked his soft cock and balls clean. It was really late and the rest of the staff had locked up and gone home so we were left there alone and it was then that dad rang and enquired as to why I wasn’t home and I told him what had happened and he was delighted that I had not given it away and made more money for the family. He also told me to invite the boss to our next party as dad was sure he could find plenty of women who wanted to be fucked by a massive cock.
We cleaned ourselves up as best we could and the boss told me that tomorrow he would go to the lawyers and draw up the necessary papers for our partnership and hoped that we could repeat today’s performance again and I told him maybe but I could probably line him up with women that wanted his cock. He was delighted and told me that he would make it well worth my while if that happened. We closed the office, turned out the lights and I drove home very gingerly as my arse was very sore and when I got home mum demanded I climb into a hot bath and soak myself and then she would come and rub some salve into me to help the healing.
As I lay in the bath I thought about the events of that day and the rewards that I was to receive for doing what I really liked and was quite content except for the sore arse which I slowly pulled the cheeks apart and allowed the hot water to penetrate into my arse hole to relieve some of the pain. It was then that my thought turned to my mum and the thought of her rubbing my arse made my cock twitch and get hard for the umpteenth time that day. I lay there watching as my cock broke the surface of the water like a periscope and each time I thought of my mother it moved and sent little ripples all-round the bath. I was lost in my daydream when mum walked in and told me to get out of the bath and she towelled me off and took me to my bedroom and made me lie face down on the bed and I soon felt her cool fingers moving around my arsehole and into it rubbing a cream of some kind into me and the pain seemed to go very quickly. She stopped and I quickly rolled over with my cock standing straight up and she bent and kissed the knob and liked the length before throwing the covers over me and leaving the room.
Dear Diary- Its been a few weeks since my boss and I had sex in the office and I am now the co owner of a boutique in the trendy part of town. Life at home has been going on as usual with dad and mum sharing my body and I theirs and the occasional person invited home for a sex party but the big get togethers have slowed down but hopefully will soon start again. Angie is pregnant but nobody knows who the father is and she is certainly in demand as her belly grows and grows and we are hoping that we have another get together before she has the baby.
I have fallen for a young girl, Tina, that comes into the boutique quite often, she is a red head with a mass of curls, green eyes, freckles, a lovely set of unfettered tits and the tightest arse that one could wish for.Her skin is like milk and she doesn’t seem to need makeup as her natural beauty outshines any attempt to change it, helping her into and out of her garments and taking little liberties as I see fit but seem quite normal in the process of fitting clothes. I have served her often and taken extra care with her, giving her discounts and little gifts with her purchases. We have become really good friends, but she doesn’t suspect that I am a man, and we hug and kiss at every opportunity but nothing beyond a friendly kiss. She has a boyfriend but I have taken steps to get rid of him by having Joan seduce him and fuck him and have the whole thing videoed and then shown to Tina, cruel I know but I want this girl as my own, at least at the start.
Dear Diary- Its been a week since I hatched the plot and Tina came in crying today and told me that her boyfriend had being caught fucking this woman and that she had seen the disgusting things they were doing and I made a mental note to get something nice for Joan out of the next shipment. I took her in my arms and held her close and took her into the back office and gave her a drink of water and told her to relax here for a while and I would be back. I returned in an hour and found her as I suspected passed out on the couch from the effects of the drug in the water. She looked so innocent lying there but I wanted her and this was my chance. Dad and Mum were already on their way down here so I waited until the close of the working day, locked the front doors and hung the CLOSED sign out before going back in to the office and my sleeping beauty. As I entered I heard a knock at the back door and there was dad and mum just in time to help me. Dad had a good look at Tina as she lay there and complimented me on my choice and we started to undress her and I could see that even Dad who had sex with many men and women was getting aroused as more and more of Tina became exposed. Finally she was nude and I stood there in awe at the magnificence that lay there, not a mark, not a blemish on that fair skin and the freckles were just visible. Her cunt was covered in a light patch of red pubic hair, very sparse as so not to be there; her nipples were tiny and stood erect like little pencil rubbers atop those beautiful pale mounds of firm flesh that didn’t sag even when she lay on her back. Long legs and perfect ankles finished the picture that presented itself to us. Dad set up the camera and mum and I quickly stripped and then Dad did to and we moved over to Tina and Dad placed his cock against her mouth while I took photos and then with mums help we opened her mouth and Dad placed his knob into her mouth and more photos were taken. I told Dad that the fact her eyes were closed only added to the idea that she was enjoying herself. Dad moved back and mum with a mask straddled her head and pushed her pussie against Tina’s mouth and we placed Tina’s arms over mum’s thighs as though Tina was pulling her onto her face. I took a series of photos from various positions and then mum moved to between Tina’s legs, held her feet up high to open her crotch and started to lap at her cunt as I took picture after picture and noticed that although drugged my mothers mouth was having an effect on the young girl as she started to buck up against my mums mouth and then gushed as she had an orgasm. We were delighted and then had Dad place on of Tina’s hands on his cock after mum had sucked him and seemingly have Tina aim his spunk at her face and tits. We tried several other photo ideas without actually penetrating Tina and then set the scene for when she woke up with me tied up, her with her clothing in disarray and the place empty. I must have fallen asleep as I awoken by a much shaken young girl who was undoing my ropes and crying. On the ground were several polaroids showing Tina giving head, being given head and masturbating a man and several of me being doggie fucked and sucking a mans cock with spunk on the sides of my mouth but none showing that Dad was man. Tina she was crying and asking me what had happened. I told her that I had come in after work and found several people trying to rape her and that I made a deal with them that they could have me if they left her alone and as she hadn’t been penetrated she believed me. Tina wanted to call the police but I told her that the people who had been here warned that if the police were involved then several pictures of her would be sent to her parents who I’m afraid wouldn’t believe at seeing them that Tina wasn’t a willing participant. She said that since she had broken up with her boyfriend and couldn’t face her parents she had nowhere to live and I offered her a chance to stay with me and she gratefully accepted as she owed me a lot saving her from being raped and didn’t know how to repay me. I told her not to worry and said it didn’t matter and that I would do it again as I loved her and wanted to protect her. I also let her know that sometimes our mode of dress might cause her some problems as we often walked around the house nude or almost nude but she just hugged me and said it didn’t matter as she felt safe with me and would soon get used to our way of life. I bundled her into my car and drove her to our place and Dad and Mum greeted us at the door warmly and told Tina that they had set up a bed in my room for her so that she wouldn’t feel lonely and that she should have a long bath and a good nights sleep and things would be better in the morning and with that I escorted her to our room and went to run the bath for her whilst she rested on her bed. I ran the bath and used some really nice bath salts and fragrant oils and called her into the room and proceeded to strip away her clothes which she allowed me to do and when she stepped into the bath I left the room on the pretext of giving her some privacy when in actual fact I had to go and release my cock from the confines of my panties and harness before it broke. I was in the bedroom when my mother walked in and seeing the distress that I was in immediately dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock. The feel of my mothers mouth and the image of Tina lying in the bath as few feet away was too much for me and I started to fuck my mothers mouth until I forced my cock into her throat and shot what felt like a gallon of spunk into her. Mum looked up from her ministrations with those cute eyes of hers and I thought I was in seventh heaven as I gushed and gushed into her mouth. My cock started to go limp and still mum sucked on it and it wasn’t until it was completely soft that she let it slip from her mouth, whereon she stood up, gave me a passionate kiss on the lips allowing some of my spunk to transfer into my own mouth and left the room leaving behind some night attire for Tina if she so desired it.
Tina called from the bath room and I straightened my clothes making sure my cock was well hidden and went to her aid where she asked me to wash her back as she couldn’t reach. I grabbed the washcloth and soap and started to wash her back slowly and softly and then as she leaned back I washed her lovely breasts making sure the nipples received extra attention and moved down to her belly and asked her to lift her bottom up so that I could wash further down. She put her hands under her bottom and lifted herself up a bit exposing her wonderful cunt to my gaze with its soft red down covering and I washed her lower belly and moved down until I was rubbing her cunt lips and little red button in small circles, very carefully as to not frighten her, and as I did she started to squirm under my hand, her breathing became laboured, her chest flushed, beads of perspiration formed on her face and with a small cry she came squirting a small amount of fluid out of those sweet lips and onto my hand which I immediately moved to my mouth and licked off. She looked at me and blushed as I lick my hand and started to apologise but I would hear none of it and gave her a small kiss on the lips to stop her protestations and calm her down. I told her it was okay and what had happened was just a normal thing that can happen when two people like each other and asked her to step out of the bath where I towelled her dry and handing her the night attire shooed her into the bedroom so I could take a shower. I quickly stripped and stepped into the shower with a hard on that would make dad proud but realised that I would have to take it slowly if I wanted to possess this angel as my own love toy. I got dressed into some pyjamas and went into the bedroom where Tina had already fallen asleep on her bed so I tucked her in and spent a restless night in my own bed thinking of the delights that this young girl would provide if handled right.
Dear Diary- Its been a week of frustration as Tina was made to feel at ease in our home. Mum still walked around in her knickers and stockings and high heels and I still did the same but was very careful to quickly leave the room if I felt my cock beginning to grow. Tina entered into the spirit of the house and was soon walking around with just her knickers on and on several occasions I found her trying my underwear on in our room and looking good enough to eat in the stockings and garter belt and high heels that she had tried on. When I caught her she was embarrassed but I told her that she could use whatever she wanted and that later we would get her some of her own as she now worked for me at the shop and was earning good money. She seemed pleased and I told dad about what was transpiring and he said it was time that she was made one of the family in every way and that it was up to me to start proceedings. Mum agreed and we made plans to initiate her into the working of our family and our way of life.
It was my Dads birthday in a few days and we decided that that was the day we would put our plan into action. For the last couple of nights Tina and I had been sleeping in the same bed and I had on several occasions stripped her bare and licked and sucked her nipples before moving down to lick and suck her cunt until she came. She always gave a little squeal as she came and always gushed fluid onto my face and the sheets making a delicious wet spot that I loved to lie in and rub my cock in when she fell asleep. It was very difficult to keep my maleness from her but I managed by allowing my mother to give me head or fucking her arse or cunt before retiring therefore stopping to some degree the urge to rape this lovely flower beside me. Whenever she asked if I wanted her to return the favour that I did for her I made some lame excuse and would lie there after she slept with a massive hard on and balls that felt that they would explode.
escort antalya On the morning of Dads birthday mum dressed up to the nines in a her black outfit and every time she saw Tina watching made sure she touched Dads cock and balls or pressed her arse into his crotch or dangled her tits in his face and Dad would give then a lick or flick the nipple rings or run a finger between mums legs and then run the finger under his nose as if smelling the roses. For my part I dressed as the blonde bombshell making sure that the harness was well and truly tight so as not to give away the surprise we had in store for Tina later that night. I would take Dad a cup of coffee and he would caress my tits or run his hand over my arse and give me a short sharp slap on it to move me on my way and all the while Tina watched and we could see her becoming more and more agitated and when one got close to her we could smell the arousal of this young girl. She was fairly modestly dressed for our place in a matching bra and briefs and the crotch of her panties became more and more transparent as she became wetter and wetter. I suggested that we go up to our room and I help her find a more suitable outfit for the party and she agreed so off we went and finally decided on a leopard print G String with matching suspender belt and fishnet stockings and a leopard print half bra that just concealed her nipples topped off with 5 inch stiletto heels which gave her legs and arse just that bit extra. Whilst dressing her I made sure I got to lick her nipples and finger her cunt and when I remarked on how wet she was she asked me to lick her and make her come as she was really horny from watching my Dad and mum. I laid her down on the bed and sank to my knees and pulled aside her G string and slid my tongue into her cunt, forcing it as far up into he as I could and then licked her around her lips and arse and stick my tongue against her arse hole and pushed it into her just a tad and then started the whole routine again building her up to a shattering orgasm and that’s when Dad walked in and caught us. Tina was the first to see him and tried to shut her legs but my head was in the road and then he asked what the hell was going on and what did she think she was doing. Dad called her a slut and a whore and threatened to throw her out on the street and tell her mother and father what a trollop their darling daughter was and what a whore of a daughter he had and that I should be ashamed of myself and how could I sink so low and in his house under his roof. Tina was in tears and I went along with the proceedings saying that I would do anything he asked if only he would forgive me and that I loved Tina and that it was really her idea in the first place to lick her out. Dad asked Tina how she felt about me and Tina said she loved me to and that she wanted to stay here with me and would also do anything that he wanted to make it so. Mum came into the room and tried to placate Dad but he insisted that we both leave the house now and never return but mum suggested that he go into their bedroom and she would try and sort something out. Dad agreed and went out of our room and mum took Tina into her arms and soothed her and stroked her and kissed away her tears and said that maybe there was a way both of us could stay but it was up to Tina to make the first move. Mum said that as Dad was thinking that Tina was the instigator of this predicament then maybe she approach dad and see what she could do to make him change his mind and it would be up to Tina to comply or we would both face being driven out of our home. Tina said she would do anything for me and mum said it was time for her to go by herself into their room and see what if anything she could do to save the situation. Tina looked at me, moved up to e and gave me a kiss and then left for my parent’s room and her fate. Mum and I waited until she was in the bedroom before making our way into the room next door and watching the spectacle that was unfolding take place through a double sided mirror over my mother’s dressing table that gave a clear view of the whole room. We couldn’t hear what was going on but Tina could be seen pleading with Dad to not throw us out and Dad finally relenting a bit here and bit there and Tina listening and her eyes grow wider as Dad suggested this and that and finally Tina’s shoulders slumped and she moved forward and undid the tie on Dads shorts and drop them to the ground exposing his cock in all its glory, hard as an iron bar and leaking like a tap. Tine sank to her knees and reached up with her small hand and closed it around my Dads cock but the fingers wouldn’t reach right around and she started to pump his cock with her little fist whilst Dad put his hands on her head and drew her mouth ever closer to his knob and saying something that we couldn’t hear we saw Tina open her mouth and her tongue lick over the very tip of his knob wiping away the pre cum that leaked from him. He then told her to do something else and she moved closer and took his knob into her mouth and he started to move ever so slowly into her mouth a bit at a time until she gagged and moved back as his cock reached the back of her mouth and hit her throat. Dad repeated this several times but she gagged each time and irritated he called for mum and me and when we arrived in the room he ordered mum to suck his cock and show this trollop how to do it. Mum lent down and took Dads cock into her mouth and it one smooth motion buried it up to the hilt in her throat and I could see Tina watching in awe as the cock went in to the hilt and out and in and out with no gagging or choking. Dad pulled mum off his cock and told me to suck his cock the right way and I took it in and swallowed it with pride so that my nose was pressed hard against his pubes. Tina was shocked to see his own daughter suck his cock and then Dad ordered her to try again and she took his cock into her mouth and tried to deep throat it but the gagging continued although she did start to take it in a bit further each time. Tina was trying her hardest but couldn’t quite succeed in swallowing Dads cock and she looked at me with despair in her eyes as if hoping I could do something to help her. My cock was growing and growing and I needed to release it so I signalled Dad and he moved back to the bed and told Tina to get above him with her mouth over his cock and her cunt over his mouth and then proceeded to lick and suck her cunt whilst she continued to try and deep throat him. I moved behind her and released my cock and seeing her cunt glistening with her juices and Dads spit I slipped a finger into her and started to finger fuck her adding another finger then another rubbing her G Spot and causing more and more liquid to run out of her until she was almost drowning my Dad which of course caused him to suck on her more and more. As she stated to cum I moved closer and taking my cock placed it at the entrance of her cunt and with a moments pause shoved it right up her to the hilt in one go causing her to scream around my Dads cock as my cock invaded her womb for the first time. She must have thought it was a dildo until she felt it throbbing inside her and she started to try and get away but Dad and I held her tight and I proceeded to fuck her for all I was worth, plunging my cock into one of the tightest cunts I had ever felt again and again until with a cry of satisfaction I flooded her cervix with my spunk just as Dad flooded her mouth with his spunk. This double load caused Tina to go over the edge and I felt her cunt tighten and then a flood of fluid escape past my cock and onto dads face and neck as she screamed and cried out but the sounds were stilled by the cock still in her mouth. I fell forward onto her back and kissed her neck whilst mum raised her head and kissed her lips and licked any of Dads spunks that had escaped from her mouth. Finally we parted lay side by side with mum doing the honours and using her mouth to clean up all the bodily fluids she could find on our cocks and cunt and faces. Tina was the first to come back to reality and she looked at me, firstly at my face and makeup , my tits and nipples and finally at my cock and balls. The look of disbelief in her eyes was priceless and she reached out and took my soft cock in her hand and felt it and then my balls and rolled them in her hand and then up to my tits and felt them and then back to my cock which was starting to stir again. She asked how long I had been like this and I told her it was some time ago that I had the operation on my tits and that I took drugs to keep me looking feminine. I told her that in all respects I was a woman except I had a cock and no cunt but could still accommodate a good sized cock up my arse if needed. Tina recoiled at this and couldn’t believe that she and so many people had been taken in by me and the life I was leading and couldn’t believe that I had just fucked her whilst my Dad had his cock in her mouth. Mum took her in her arms and told her that this was a common practice in our family and that at any time of the day or night one or all of us would be engaged in sex of some kind and that strangers would call at all hours to taste the sweets that were on the menu. Tina couldn’t believe that mum and I had sex together with the complete permission of Dad, so mum came over to me and took my cock into her mouth and sucked it to full hardness and then turned around and impaled her cunt onto my cock, taking me to the hilt and sitting there as though we were locked at the pubes while Dad moved to her front and presented his cock to her to suck. Mum sucked his cock until he to was hard and then he pulled her off my cock, made me get off the bed and he lay on his back with his legs over the end of the bed and had mum face him and lower herself onto his cock so that it entered her cunt and I moved behind her and placed my knob at the entrance to her arse hole. I told Tina to hold my cock as I pushed it slowly into mums arse and she was amazed at the ease that it went in and soon we were rocking in a practiced motion as mum was well and truly fucked by her two boys with Tina watching on mesmerised by the action before her eyes. Soon that to familiar feeling started in my balls and I felt the spunk rising and gush out of my cock into mums arse and I felt Dad spunk into her cunt and mum convulsed in her own orgasm forcing the spunk in both orifices to come out in a steady stream. I pulled out of mums arse and told Tina to lay on the floor and mum got off Dad and straddled Tina’s face and pushed her wet cunt onto Tina’s mouth and nose and told her to suck all the spunk out that she could find and although tentative at first Tina soon started to lick and suck like a pro and mum moved so that her arse was over Tina’s mouth and she licked and sucked my spunk out with a vengeance and we knew the we had another spunk pal. Dad and I rested whilst mum made us a meal and had Tina lie between us completely nude as we took advantage of the delights on offer. I sucked her tiny nipples until the stood proud and red whilst Dad lazily fingered her cunt just swirling his fingers around and creating a pool of liquid on the sheets below as Tina continued to leak like a ripe fruit that is squeezed just so and the juices flow out in a stream. I added my finger to Dads and let it slip between her legs until I felt the puckered opening of her arse and slowly rubbed my finger around it until it was really lubricated and then stuck my finger just inside her arse which caused her to jump and try and pull away but I just moved my hand with her and kept the intruder there until I could push it a bit further in whilst Dad continues to finger her cunt. Tina lay there as if cemented in place, her whole body rigid but soon the movements of our combined fingers caused her to relax and we watched as her breath became laboured, her eyes rolled back in her head, her chest heaved and turned a great shade of red, her pelvis started to rotate and press down on our fingers and suddenly with a cry she came with such force that my dads finger lost its hold in her cunt but her actions caused my finger to go deeper into her arse. She shuddered and twisted and then relaxed and we were amazed at the amount of fluid that had be forced out of such a little girl and the size of the ever spreading wet patch. Exhausted one and all we relaxed and then mum arrived and told us our lunch was ready and we moved down to the dining room to eat with Tina laying a wet trail all the way from the bedroom to the dining room as the fluid ran down her shapely legs and onto the floor. Mum said we couldn’t let this go on and got under the table and I heard a gasp from Tina as mum clamped her mouth over the young girls cunt and started to suck and lick it. Dad and I discussed what we would do next as Tina let herself go and sat there enjoying the expert tonguing she was getting oblivious to what we were saying until finally she shuddered again and slumped into her chair and mum came up from under the table and offered me her mouth to kiss and taste the treasure that she had found. I longed to prolong that kiss but I thought that it would not be appropriate with Dad watching and drew back after tasting the offered gift.
After the meal was finished we repaired to our rooms and Tina immediately fell asleep although it was a fitful one as she tossed and turned and small moans were emanating from her every now and then until I too fell asleep to be woken hours later by mum with a refreshing drink for the both of us. Tina gratefully accepted the drink and downed it in one go whilst I sipped just watching this small girl in all her glory before me and not being allowed to touch her without my Dads permission. I went over to Tina’s bed and took her in my arms and she clung to me as I caressed her long hair and ran my hands over her back and neck. Dad came in and told us that we had better make sure we dressed appropriately for tomorrow as friends would be dropping around plus a special friend that I knew well and that unless we complied Tina could find herself on the street as he still had reservations about keeping her here. Tina asked what Dad meant and I explained that special dress was his way of saying that we must put on our most sexy lingerie, make up our faces perfectly and present ourselves to him as his slaves who would do anything and everything that was asked of us. I could see that Tina was terrified both at the thought of being kicked out onto the street and also the unknown about what Dad expected of her and me. I tried to reassure her and told her to take a bath and get a good nights sleep and made her some warm milk with a sedative in it to help her sleep.

Dear Diary- We awoke early and after breakfast Mum and Tina and I went shopping for goodies for the coming do at our place. Tina was overawed at the variety of lingerie that was presented to her and finally settled, with a little coaching from us, on a quarter cup red satin bra, a red satin garter belt and matching crotch less panties and red stockings and we drove to my shop and choose a lovely pair of 5 inch high heels in red satin finish with an open toe and ankle straps with a form fitting mini and red silk blouse. For my part I choose a similar bra but in black with matching belt and stockings and stockings and black mini with a silk blouse and extra high heels. I also got myself silver nipple stretchers that fitted over my nipples like little cages and held in place by bar bells through my nipples causing my nipple to appear at least three quarters of an inch long. Daddy had also given me a silver wire cage to fit over my cock with a ring that locked over my balls and a clip near the knob for weights . It was tight fit and I realised that if I became to aroused the cage would cut into my cock but once mum saw it she thought Dad would like it and I had no alternative but to wear it. Mum chose a simple bustier with quarter cup bra and high thigh cut sides with a matching G String and stockings and the inevitable high heels all in purple but decided that she didn’t need a skirt or blouse to finish her look. We took our purchases home and spent most of the afternoon preening and primping in front of the mirrors until we were happy with the our makeup and attire. I had the privilege of shaving Tina’s cunt and making sure it was as smooth as possible and tested it by running my tongue over her to root out any little hairs that might have escaped my attention the first time and then plucking the offenders out with tweezers. Mum made sure I was also hairless although the medication I was taking seemed to slow the growth of my body hair and then Tina and I made sure mum was also hairless and I allowed Tina the honour of lick her cunt to find any strays and pull them out. It must have been about seven o’clock that evening when we heard a couple of cars pull up outside and the front door being opened to let the occupants of those cars into the house We had had a small snack and one of Dads special drinks that immediately had an effect on Tina as her knickers became wet and transparent from the liquid leaking out of her. The smell was wonderful but was having an effect on me that caused my cock to begin to swell in the cage and I tried to think of anything but the night ahead. I could see the flesh of my cock bludging out between the wires of the cage somewhat like those pork roast in the supermarket freezers with the net stockings on them and it was then that Dad came into our room for the first time, made sure we were suitably dressed, added weights to my cage and the ball stretcher and weights to mum nipples and labia and ordered us downstairs.
There to greet us was Brad and Joan and Angie and my partner in the shop. Joan was almost completely nude with just a studded collar and a leash around her neck and a butt plug up her arse whist Angie wore nipple rings tied up with a cord around her neck lifting her milk laden tits up, and fuck me boots. Her belly was quite large as she was seven months pregnant and she waddled as she walked not helped of course by the rings in her labia with similar weights to what I had hanging from my balls. My partner Robert was just wearing a belt around his midriff and his huge cock was sticking straight out causing even my mother to gasp at its girth, whilst his huge balls hung down almost half way to his knees. All eyes then turned to Tina and she was inspected by one and all with each orifice having a probing finger here or there, her legs opened and various poses made to show off what she had to offer. She was blushing from the attention and also from Dads drink and the amount of fluid that was escaping from her was remarkable.
Dad then suggested that we all sit down for a meal and a drink before the festivities started and we all sat out our respective places around the dinner table making adjustments for the hardware we were wearing. The meal was eaten almost in silence and the electricity in the air was frightening and no matter what I did I could not stop my cock from becoming harder and harder which was causing me considerable antalya escort pain and discomfort. I could see from the look in my fathers eyes that he was enjoying my discomfort and he told me that this was punishment for going outside the family without his permission and that it would take something special for me to be released from my torture tonight………..
Dear Diary- What can I say about last night. There was the object of my desire, or love I don’t know which, within arms reach, barely dressed and there was I caged to the extent that I was in pure agony and now knowing that this was to continue far into the night. After the meal we all retired to the lounge room where Dad acted as master of ceremonies. His first act was to order Tina to take centre stage where we could all see her obvious charms, tweak her nipples or finger her cunt or arse or both, give her a slap on the arse and marvel at the way in which her inner juices just kept running down her legs. She was told to do this and that, mostly lewd poses that caused all cocks in the room to stiffen considerably and then to stroke the nearest prick or cunt or tit or put her mouth of a nipple or take a knob into her mouth. She complied at first quite hesitantly but soon the special drinks that she had consumed took effect and she got into the spirit of the evening actively seeking out a cock or a ball sack or a tit or a cunt and sucking and licking and jerking making everybody feel great except me as the cage on my cock cut deeper into my flesh and was the source of some amusement to one and all. It was then that Dad decided that it was time Tina was inducted into our little group once and for all and sat on the lounge with his erection sticking straight up and told the girls to bring Tina over and place the head of his cock against her cunt and then to force her down until they were locked pube to pube. Tina tried to fight but this only increased everybody’s desires all the more and the girls eventually positioned her and pushed and Dads cock slid up her lubricated cunt to the hilt in one go. Angie got on her hands and knees and licked Dad’s balls and cock and Tina’s cunt and the other women then lifted Tina up a fraction and pushed her down again setting up a lovely fucking motion between them as Angie continue to lick and suck. Brad, seeing the upturned arse of his daughter got into position behind her and pushed his cock into her cunt, fucking her for all he was worth and it wasn’t long before he grimaced and came flooding his daughter’s womb with his copious spunk. . Tina started to move by herself and the women looked around for more to satisfy them and mum moved over to Robert and took his mammoth cock into her hand and couldn’t even get both hands around its girth. She lowered her head and lick his knob and tried in vain to get it into her mouth but had to content herself with just licking the length and running her tongue around the knob Joan joined her and because her mouth was slightly bigger was able to get Roberts knob into her mouth and the poor bloke spunked there and then, so much in fact that Joan nearly chocked on the amount that was pumped into her throat and was forced to pull back as the torrent continued and mum and Joan took it on their faces and tits. Robert was stoked and fell back onto a lounge chair with a startled look on his face as this was undoubtable the first ever head job he had received. The women then presented their cum soaked faces and chest to Tina to clean and she went at it with relish getting each and every little scrap o f spunk from both their bodies. Angie meantime had stopped sucking Dads balls and made me knell down and presented her cum filled pussy to me to lick the juices out of it and I did so with some enthusiasm. Dad in the meantime was building to a climax in Tina’s cunt and pulled her down hard as he came into her causing her to scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she ground the cunt down onto his cock to get every little drop from his balls.
The pain in my cock was starting to make me feel faint and dad then told me that he wanted to see Robert fuck my arse as he had done in the shop that day and then I would be released from my cock prison. I remembered the pain that that cock had inflicted on me but the pain in my cock was worse and I agreed to do it not only to relieve the pain but to please my Dad. Luckily Roberts cock was still a bit soft after the head job and mum applied lubricant to my arse and Roberts cock and I moved to him on the chair and positioned his knob against my arsehole and started to lower myself down onto this monster. It took a good two minutes just to get the top of the knob into me and I had to rest using my hands on the arms of the couch as levers and after a moment tried again to get the knob in. All of a sudden the knob slipped into my arse and was trapped there by my sphincter which closed over the underneath of his knob and I slowly worked the shaft up my arse, stopping every now and then to catch my breath and let the pain subside before inching further down until I had the whole length firmly seated up my arse. The women pulled my arse cheeks apart to allow the cock to penetrate deeper and then I sat there completely supported by just Robert’s cock and nothing else. A round of applause went up and Dad, true to his word undid the cage holding my cock and ordered Tina to suck it and relieve the tension that had been building all night. Tina feel to her task with relish and this was the cue for mum to go behind Tina and suck and lick her cunt whilst Brad stuck his cock up mums arse and proceeded to fuck her violently. I couldn’t move as any movement sent waves of pain through my body as Roberts cock became harder and harder and his knob swelled again and again. Tins was told to lick and suck at his balls but she was unable to get a ball into her mouth so she licked his sack and taking some between her teeth pulled back causing Robert to lurch forward forcing even more into my arse and I passed out. I came too almost instantly as smelling salts were thrust under my nose just in time to feel Roberts cock throb and release his spunk deep into my bowels once again and the welcoming softening of his cock to relieve the tension that had built up in my arse. I sat there dazed and weak and allowed his cock to go completely soft before Dad and Brad lifted me off his lap and allowed me to crumple onto the floor in relief. My arse dribbled spunk as the sphincter slowly tried to return to normal but I knew it would be some time before that would be a reality and mum and Joan took full advantage licking alternatively at my arse getting all the leaking cum and soothing my battered arsehole. There was a lull in the proceedings and drinks were taken and some knibblies as my heroics at allowing Robert to fuck my arse were discussed and a heated argument ensued between mum and Joan as to who would take him up their cunt first. Dad settled this argument by asking Robert who he preferred and mum won hands down so it was agreed that as soon as he got another erection mum would try and accommodate him with Joan to follow later. Tina in the meantime was still trying to suck Roberts balls into her mouth but was becoming dejected at her inability to succeed at this task so I pulled her off his sack and getting her on her hands and knees placed my now free cock against her arse and pushed the knob into it. I knew from previous times when we were just friends that her only sex had been with her dickhead boyfriend who would get on her, stick his cock up her cunt, thrust away and the come over her tits and face and then fall asleep so she had never had a cock in her arse although she had had our fingers there earlier. She tried to move away but I kept a firm hold of her and Brad got in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth so that as she moved forward his cock penetrated her throat and made her gag, forcing her to move backwards and impale herself further and further on my cock in her arse until she was filled both ends with cock and her resistance ebbed as we started to move in unison in and out and then we both stopped and Tina moved for us as our cocks went to the max in her and then almost out before plunging back to the max. I tried in vain to hold onto my spunk but the torture and the sights of this evening took their toll and on a thrust backwards I grabbed her hips and unloaded into her arse all the pent up spunk that I had been hoarding and this caused Brad to unload in her mouth so she was lubricated at both ends. We held our positions until our cocks began to get soft and pulled out leaving Tina dripping spunk from both ends. Tina collapsed onto her stomach on the floor as pools of spunk accumulated on the carpet and both Brad and I sat back to take a breather.
Our attention was soon drawn to the couch where Robert was lying back with mum, Joan and Angie licking Roberts cock which was now fully erect and a new tube of lube was bought out and his cock smeared with it as mum was going to attempt to take him up her cunt. Brad and Dad held her by her arms whilst Joan and Angie grabbed her legs and held them apart almost in the splits and they carried her to Roberts cock and slowly lowered her down until his knob just touched her cunt lips. The men then lowered her even further and the knob tried to force its way into her cunt but would spring sideways every time. I was told to hold his cock and help guide it into her cunt so I grabbed it with both hands and guided it into her and she was lowered down until the knob split the lips and her juices and the lube coated his cock. The men held her there until she asked to be lowered further and the knob started to penetrate her but she called stop and her cunt stretched to almost breaking. Every body held their breath as mum became used to the monster between her legs and then asked to be lowered further and the knob actually popped into her and I knew then that mum would succeed in taking his all the way. Slowly the men lowered mum down and I let go of Roberts cock and moved up to kiss mum and we kissed with the most passionate kiss that I can ever remember, our tongues intertwined, tasting each other and I realised that it was my mother that I really loved and not Tina or any other person. The realisation made my cock tingle and I looked up and saw that Dad was watching us with suspicion so I broke the kiss reluctantly and urged mum to go for it until with a sigh she was fully impaled on the monster. The men let her arms go and she just sat there on Roberts lap adjusting to the intrusion into her cunt and then started to move ever so slowly up and down about half and inch at first but gradually increasing the length until just the knob as in her and then down again until she was fully impaled again. I don’t know whether it was a look of pleasure or pain on her face but her tempo increased as she became used to this cock and then we heard Robert cry out and mum slumped down on his crotch as he spurted into her. Neither of them could move so we left them and turned our attention to Tina and Angie who has participated a little but we thought still needed more. Angie was a sight as she stood there with her extended belly out in front and her milk laden tits sagging a little under the weight, small blue veins under the skin on her milky white tits becoming more prominent as her tits grew. Brad took her to the lounge chair and sat on it and guided Angie down facing him with his cock in her cunt and Dad came up behind her and pushed his cock up her arse and they preceded to fuck her very roughly, giving her no time to get used to the cocks or adjust to make herself more comfortable. They sawed in and out and more than once Dads cock slipped out and entered her cunt with Brads cock before being guided back into her arse. Brad seemed to like the idea of two cocks in one hole so he stopped fucking her and moved his cock to her arse and then they both fucked her arse for all it was worth, first one pulling back whilst the other drove in and then the other and at times both driving in at the same time. Brad came first but kept his cock buried in her arse until Dad came to and then they both continued to fuck her until softness took over and one after the other their cocks popped out. Dad told Tina that he had a cleaning job for her and both men lay back on the floor and Tina sucked and licked their cocks clean and then did the same to Angie cleaning out her arse of all the man juice. I was feeling left out and offered my cock to Tina once she had finished with the last set og fuckers and she took my cock into her mouth, running her tongue around the knob and slowly taking it back into her throat for the first time. I watched as my cock disappeared into her mouth and as my pubes touched her lips I started to throat fuck her in earnest , sometimes withdrawing my cock completely from her mouth before driving it home and sometimes just out to the knob. Tina was becoming an expert at throating and added her own little touch by extending her tongue to lick at my balls as she went down deep. I increased the pace and could once again feel that urge to spunk and waited until she allowed my cock to completely leave her mouth and I spurted my cum onto her face and then plunged back into her and filled her throat. She coughed and spluttered a bit as her mouth filled and my cock in her throat stopped her from swallowing my cum but I relented and withdrew my cock just enough for her to swallow successfully and suck me clean. Ange by this time had recovered enough to go over to where Robert and my mum were still joined together and started licking Roberts balls which of course started his cock coming back to life and as it was still impaled in my mother mum started to buck as she had an orgasm that rocked her whole body and we had to lift her off Roberts cock as she was unable to continue. Angie decided to try and suck Roberts knob before he became too hard and succeeded in getting the knob in her mouth and Robert started to push forward into her as he became harder and harder. Both Dad and Brad could see what would happen and dragged Angie of his cock with some difficulty and Joan demanded that it was her turn to tame the monster but only after everybody had had something solid to eat and a few drinks to replace the fluids that we had all expended. There was no arguing that we were all a bit peckish and thirsty and really needed a small break so we stopped and relaxed and all the cocks in the room returned to their normal flaccid state and the girls, including myself, took the time to redo our makeup and swap stories of what had happened and what we would like to happen. Tina was enthusiastic to try anything and everything and mum and Joan gave each other that look that I knew meant that Tina would get her wish.
After tidying up a bit we snack and drank and relaxed and had Tina dance for us as she was a classical trained dancer and her movements and supple body soon had the desired effect on the cocks in the room as well as the libido of the other women. Joan went over to Robert and started so suck his flaccid cock and under her ministrations it began to rise and thicken like a loaf of bread until it was at full length and girth so Joan pushed Robert down on the couch and straddled him face to face and tried to lower herself onto his cock. The knob wouldn’t go and mum got the lube and applied it generously to his cock and then holding it guided into the outer lips of Joan’s cunt and held it there whilst Joan pushed down with all her might until the knob and about an inch of shaft popped into her and she screamed as this monster ripped her insides wider than she had even been and she nearly pulled off but was stopped by Brad holding her shoulders and pushing her back down. Roberts cock slowly inched into her and she thrashed about trying to release herself from this pain but strong hands held her and forced her deeper until she could go no further and Robert and Joan were locked together as one. A cheer went up and congratulations said but Joan was unable to comprehend what was said as the cock in her cunt was occupying not only her body but her mind as well and she seemed not of this world until she felt a cock at her arse, that of her husband Brad, pushing into her and rubbing against the huge cock in her cunt just separated by the thinnest of flesh but feeling like both were in the one hole. Her screams were loud and long as the cock in her arse started to fuck her and Robert lifted her ever so slightly and then drove his cock deeper into her and both men worked as a team with their cock as the tools of torture that sent Joan over the edge and she orgasmed, clamping her cunt on Roberts cock and her arse on Brads and causing them both to cum violently spunking their individual loads in her willing orifices. Joan fell forward and didn’t move as brad withdrew his cock from her arse and ordered Angie to first clean his cock and then her mothers arse which she did with relish. Dad and I lifted Joan off Roberts cock and Tina went to work on it washing it with her tongue and when it was clean dove in between Joan’s legs and cleaned her cunt of spunk as well.
Dad then decided it was time to see how much Tina could take and he picked her up and sat her on his lap with his cock at her arse and pushed it in until it was seated all the way home and then told me to come up behind her and place my cock besides his in her arse and we double teamed her arse causing her to cry in pain but soon that turned to cries of pleasure and we went at it and it wasn’t long before we both spunked into her arse and bowels. We lay there and listened to Tina whimpering with pleasure as our cock stayed hard in her arse and we started to move again and pounded her as hard as we could until first Dad then myself emptied another load into her and I pulled out and allowed her to rest on my dads chest whilst Angie licked my cock and sucked it clean. Tina was like a rag doll and Dad just rolled her over and extracted his cock from her arse and much as we wanted we realised that we were spent and needed a good rest.
The women had other ideas and grabbed Tina and bent her over the back of the lounge and asked us just hold her arms so she couldn’t escape and then they started to finger her cunt. Joan inserted all her fingers and thumb and finally was able to insert her whole hand and started to fist fuck her and mum chimed in by fingering Tina’s arse and inserting finger after finger until all and the thumb were there and then pushed as hard as she could until her hand disappeared in Tina’s arse. There were the two mature women fist fucking this young girl in front of their men and the men were egging them on to drive their fists deeper and deeper until they realised that Tina had fainted as was oblivious to their actions. Mum called for the smelling salts and Tina came to for an instant before once again fainting and this time nothing would bring her around so the women withdrew their hands and left Tina a soggy spunk filled mess on the couch and we all retired for the night to out respective rooms as we had organised rooms for our guests to stay the night and the weekend. I was in my room when the door opened and Angie crept in and climbed into bed with me and we slept nude together.

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