Mart 4, 2021

Daddy’s Babygirl Ch. 01

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Note: This first chapter is a little long getting into sexual endeavors due to setting the back story for it all to make sense. The next chapter won’t be that long. Please leave comments and criticism. This is my first story so be gentle.

It’s the first day of my senior year. I had some health problems when I was a baby and entered school a year late. It’s a little awkward being the only 18 year old on campus, but daddy says it just means I’ll be able to get A’s in every class. Daddy always teases me like that but I know if I ever tried something that outrageous, he’d give me a beating I would never forget.

I walk down stairs in a black denim mini skirt that shows the bottom curve of my ass and a red and black lace corset top that does an excellent job of revealing my belly button piercing. I figure if I’m going to have all eyes on me, why not give them something to look at.

I walk into the kitchen and see my dad and mom kissing like cute teenagers near the fridge and I laugh. “Okay you two love birds can I get breakfast now?” My parents just renewed their vows last weekend and have been all honey moon stage since we got home. It’s a little gross but hey, their happy so I guess I’m okay with that.

The weirdest thing about my parents, Is they were refusing to have sex until they got their vows renewed and then they wanted to wait until after I started senior year so I would be out of the house. I feel sorry for them, having to worry about me hearing and such. But I guess daddy’s just looking out for me because he doesn’t want to corrupt his virgin princess.

After I grab some Orange Juice, A bagel, and the butter, I get out of my parents way, quickly eating all my food and then playfully walking in-between the two of them I smile and pull my mom away from my dad. “If you two don’t stop I’m going to be so late for my first day!”

“You’re not going to be late babygirl, stop fussing” Daddy says eagerly reaching for his wife.

“No, no. She’s right John, and I’ll be late for work if I don’t drop her off” Mom says leaning over me and giving daddy a kiss.

“Ill meet you at the restraint after I pick Caryn up from school” Daddy tells my mom. It’s her birthday today and we promised her a night on the town.

When my mom and I get into the car I pull out a little box and hand it to her. “Daddy wanted me to wait till he was here to give it to you, but I can’t wait” I say cutely. When she opens it she find a diamond encrusted necklace which daddy and I had picked out 2 weeks ago after we saw her watching it from a store window.

“Thank you Caryn.” Mom says with tears rolling down her eyes, hugging me gently and then looking at the clock. “We really need to get you to school” Mom says wiping the tears from her eyes.

When mom pulls into the drive way on campus I hop out of the car. “I’ll see you at dinner. I love you mom” I say leaning in a kissing her cheek gently. Unintentionally, I had flashed every boy on the football team my ass and barely thong covered pussy.

I smile and wave at them as they whistle and howl, walking up to the schedule table and finding the one with my last name. I see a couple friends from last year and they run up to me flailing their arms about and screaming my name. I’m tackled to the floor but I can’t help but laugh.

“We missed you so much.” “Oh my gosh how are you?” “Have your parents been going at it like bunnies?” That last comment came from Amanda. Amanda and I have known each other since pre K. She’s always been there for me and she was the only one of my friends invited to my parents vow renewal.

“No. thank god!” I laugh as we start walking to our homeroom class. We all sit in a group and push about 2 lab tables together even though we were told not to. We talk mindlessly for about a half an hour when suddenly my names called by the principal at the front of the class.

“Uhh. Yea? Am I seriously in trouble for moving the tables?” I ask when suddenly I see my dad in the hall way, tears running down his cheeks as he bahçelievler escort stands presentable, trying to stay strong for his baby girl. “Daddy?” Is all I can manage to say. It’s been years since I saw daddy cry. The last time was when grandma and grandpa passed away.

He opens his arms to me and I walk over slowly. “What…What’s going on?” I ask and he pulls my chin up and kisses my forehead.

“Your mom…She’s…gone” he says and then hugs me tightly to him. I try to take in what he said. Not really understanding the depth that gone meant. “Where is she?” I ask sounding like a preschooler and not an adult. That’s when I realize the 2 cops standing at the sides of us.

“Your mother got into a car accident. We know how much she meant to you guys.” He says to me and I realize that it was my uncle Scott.

My dad runs me home and leaves me there to go handle all my mothers’ affairs. It had been hours since I was told of my mothers passing and I had cried so much I fell asleep in my dads’ bed waiting for him to come home. When he walks in the door he strips off his jacket and come up to the bed. “Caryn hunny wake up. I’m home” he says to me nudging my arm slightly.

“Daddy?” I ask hesitantly before feeling him lift me in his strong arms and carry me down stairs. “Where are we going?” I wrap my arms around his neck and cradle myself against him.

“Daddy needs a drink, and for the amount of crying you’ve been doing, I think you do to.” He tells me, obviously putting on a macho man strong attitude for me. I just nod, trying to take in today’s events.

When daddy starts mixing drinks he gets a little crazy. He didn’t measure anything and just started dumping alcohol into cups with a little bit of soda for color. He hands me and drink and then starts drinking his own. I take about half of the cup in my mouth and swallow it. I made a funny face after the fact.

Daddy laughs at me a little. He had already been drinking at a bar outside of town and Uncle Scott brought him home. He told my dad “She already lost one parent. I’m not taking any chances”

Not even 10 minutes later I start to feel the alcohol take effect on me and I cuddle up against my dad. Still wearing my clothes from that morning, daddy can feel the warmth of my ass hovering over his crotch. “Babygirl, I need you to move over just a tiny bit”

I look at him confused but oblige to his command. When he scoots me over I feel something poking right in between my cheeks and I blush, realizing immediately what it was as I say “Daddy, do you have you phone on you?” giving him a little wink and he immediately shakes his head.

Obviously the alcohol both of us have taken was having a dramatic effect as I whisper “what’s this?” and I grind my butt into him roughly.

Daddy lets out a sigh that sounded pleasure filled and then roughly put his hands on my hips. “No babygirl. Please don’t do that.” He whispers against my ear as he comes down from the mini serge of pleasure. You have to remember, Daddy hasn’t had sex or masturbation in almost 6 months.

“Why daddy? What’s wrong with me wiggling on you?” I ask and do it again only a little rougher. Daddy lets out a rather loud moan and then pulls my hips down onto his lap keeping me there.

My skirt has now ridded up a bit and I blush as I hear him say “babygirl, are you still daddy’s little virgin?” in a very seductive tone. I nod softly and he turns me around so I’m straddling him. I had no clue where this was going but I enjoyed being close to daddy.

“Kiss me babygirl” he orders and I immediately lean in and kiss him. My soft pink lips pressing against his so tenderly that he lets go of my hips and runs his hands up and down my back. Slipping into my corset and feeling the warmth of my skin against his ice cold hands. I let out a soft whimper as I feel my zipper being undone and my breast spring free. I know this is wrong but I truly can’t stop myself as the alcohol has taken over my body. Making me submit myself to balgat escort daddy’s pleasure.

He takes my corset and tosses it behind the couch and I smile, leaning back from him and letting him take in the sight of my Double D globes and my tiny pink nubs that have never been touched sexually and I let my fingers run under his shit lifting it up and tossing it over him and into the now forming pile on the ground.

I gasp when I see his ripped 8 pack muscles and his strong biceps. His arms looking so buff it almost frightened me to think what he could do to me. I lean down and kiss his collar bone lightly leading my way up to his ear where I whisper softly “Do you want me daddy?”

It was a silly question, because obviously he did but I tried to persuade him even still. I climbed off of his lap and started kissing a line down his chest and torso. My eyes never leaving his as I unbutton his pants with my teeth and unzip them the same way. Daddy stands up and pushes me back a little letting his pants fall to the ground as I see his 9 inch erect vein member pointing straight out at me and I pull back a little in fear.

“Don’t be scared babygirl. You know I’ll never hurt you.” So I scoot a little closer to him and he sits back down. I put my lips against the tip and kiss it. “Just like that baby girl. Slow, easy. Don’t hurt your self” he tells me encouragingly as I open my mouth and press his 2inch thick tip against my tongue.

I hesitate when I feel his hand press against the back of my head and push me in more. Surprisingly no gag comes out of my mouth as he shoves his cock down into the depths of my throat. “Just as I suspected, No gag reflex, just like your mother”

That comment made me turn a bright red but also sparked this feeling inside me. I want to be better for him than mommy was. That’s what I was thinking. I looked up at him and smiled and went to stand up. My legs going week and making me collapse a bit on him. “Maybe I gave you a little too much alcohol” he says with a laugh brushing my brown hair out of my face.

I nod and feel him lift me up and start to head upstairs. For the first time taking me to his room instead of mine and I kiss his neck. He lays me down gently on the bed and before I know it, were both naked as can be. “Daddy’s going to make you his real babygirl” he tells me and I nod.

He steps close to the bed and pulls me to the edge gently. “Spread your legs” he tells me and I immediately open then. “I love how submissive you are.” He tells me and scoots closer. Seeing that my inner thighs and pussy are dripping and glistening with my juices he says “You’re so wet for daddy, aren’t you my little slut?”

I gasp when I hear that. No one had ever called me a slut before but I liked the sound of being daddies. I nod eagerly and he grips my hips tightly but still gently and tells me. “This is going to hurt just for a little bit. I don’t care how much you tell me to stop. Once I start, you go until I’m finished okay babygirl?”

I stay completely quiet and he leans in close to me, pushing my legs back a bit as he says “I’m not taking your virginity if you can’t answer me when I talk to you” In a very seductive yet dominant tone. Almost making me beg for what I want. “Okay daddy, I understand”

With that said he leans down and gently lets his tongue flick over my nipples with such a flick that it sends shudders down my body. “Daddy…” I whisper out as my nipples start to grow to a full erect size. He bits my nipple teasingly making me arch my back as his other hand comes up to twist and pull my other nipple.

In daddy’s drunken haze he gets impatient and moves away from my nipples making me pout a little. He laughs and says “Patience princess. You’ll have that feeling fulfilled in just a moment”

I nod and take a small gulp as I feel him spread my legs again. He says nothing but immediately runs his cock head in between my open slit. “I…mmm daddy” I whimper and he chuckles “if you like that your going to love this.” And in batıkent escort one strong push he slams his cock so deep inside me my screams probably echoed the whole neighborhood.

“Oh…ow! Daddy stop. No it hurts!” I yell and daddy just shakes his head. “I warned you babygirl. Just give into the feeling. It will feel better soon.” He says as if he lived through this feeling before.

I drop my head back and breathe through the stinging sensation as daddy finds a nice gentle rhythm to rock his hips. My pussy starts to turn from pain to pleasure and my moans pick up again. Neither of us seeming to care how loud we were getting as his hips start to pound into me harder.

“Mmm yea daddy, don’t stop. Take your babygirl. Make me a woman” I moan out in immense pleasure as his hips start pounding in even harder. Hitting my back wall each time and making my body convulse against him.

“You like that slut? Daddy’s going to take care of you just like I always will.” He mumbles as sweat drops start to form against his brow. Still he pounds harder and I start to scream as he thinks to himself, “She’s going to feel this tomorrow”

He suddenly pulls out and I whimper again “Daddy stop teasing me. Your being mean!” I say with a little laugh as he flips me over onto my stomach. “Get on your knees babygirl” and as soon as I do he smacks my ass. Hard. “That’s for telling me what to do. I’m your daddy. You’re not mine” I whisper and nod. A tear sliding down my cheek as I feel 10 more slaps hit my ass. Each harder than the last.

Finally I feel his cool hand soother my swollen red ass cheeks and then without warning I feel his cock slam into me. “AYE!!!!” I scream out and drop my head forward as my pussy pulses again. “You want this, babygirl? You Like it? Beg daddy to cum inside this sweet tight little pussy of yours”

I bite my lip and he spanks my ass again. “Now babygirl, or you won’t get to cum either” When he says that I moan loudly. I had never had an orgasm before and now my daddy was about to deny it to me while fucking me. I push my thoughts and dignity aside and look back at him slightly.

“Please daddy, cum inside me. Do anything and everything you want to the personal sex playground you created. Just please let me cum to.” I feel my body building up tension again. Getting so close to climaxing for the third time tonight and hoping this time he lets me ride it out instead of stopping.

When he hears me tell him that I’m his sex playground he yanks my hair back and leans in close. Pressing his chest to my back he bites my neck in an act of dominance. “Just remember that Babygirl. You’re my little fucktoy. I created you and now you belong to me.”

I nod as best I can as what he says but the tension growing in my pussy and the pit of my stomach is becoming too much. I feel my clit stinging hard with the need to be touched and as if daddy could read my mind he start to rub my clit as fast and as hard as he can. “Cum for me babygirl. Show daddy how much you love him!”

I immediately let loose. Unable to even slightly control myself as my hips and body start to buck against him. I feel his cock twitch inside my ample new pussy and immediately a warm wave of cum attacks my back wall and mixes with my hot juices. “Daddy! Daddy! Yea…Yea…YEA!!!” I scream out in pure ecstasy.

We let our orgasms ride through our bodies for what seems like an eternity. His hands holding me up as I finish my orgasm and almost pass it. Daddy leans in and kisses my shoulder gently and carefully. “I love you babygirl. I always will. But things around her are going to change.”

I look back at him only slightly and go to speak but he quickly stops me. “Shhh…Shhh. Don’t fret. We will talk about that in the morning. For now, let me carefully pull out of you so we can go to sleep.”

I nod and when he slowly pulls his cock back I gasp loudly and wince gently. Already the pain setting in as my swollen lips try to release the hold on my daddy’s cock. He lifts me up gently and lays me in bed properly, covering me gently with a blanket as my eyes flutter shut almost instantly. He walks to the lamp turns off the light and kisses my forehead gently. “Sleep tight babygirl, for as of tonight, your world will never be the same.” And wrapped in daddies arms, we both drifted quickly off to sleep.

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