Mart 4, 2021

Daddy’s Adventures with Emma

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It’s the night of my daughter Emma’s birthday. She just turned 18 and she’s beautiful. Her curly dark brown hair cascades down her back. Her delicate smile brightens up every room she walks in and she has the brightest green eyes that glisten in the sunlight. I always catch my self staring at her soft curves and her tight ass.

I’ve always been a devoted father. My little girl has always been my world but I’ve began to look at her in a different way. I know it’s wrong but, damn. You should see her.

My wife is going out of town tonight and it will just be me and Emma and I have big plans for me and my little girl.

I look over at Emma sitting on the couch her legs are so tan and smooth. She’s wearing a tank top and a tight pair of panties. Which is nothing out of the ordinary, she’s very comfortable around me.

I can see her pussy lips pressed tightly against her light blue panties. I scoot closer to her to share my popcorn we sit and laugh at the movie, an intense sex scene comes on and Emma is squirming next to me. She’s blushing and biting her lip. I can see her nipples harden under her tank top. My sweet little girl is getting turned on, and my plan is going perfectly so far.

After the sex scene goes off I pull Emma closer to me and put my hand on her thigh. Emma is still squirming as I rub my hand up and down her thigh inching closer and closer to her little pussy. She doesn’t protest. After all daddy knows best.

I move my hand and Emma whimpers. I hadn’t gotten to her pussy and I think she’s a little disappointed. I wrap her in my arms and she’s practically in my lap now. I wonder if she can feel my cock hardening against her.

I begin rubbing my fingers from her neck to her chest getting closer and closer to her hard nipples. I start circling her little nipple and finally give it a little pinch. Emma let’s out a squeal and jumps up and runs to her bedroom. I think for a moment I’ve fucked things up.

I knock on Emma’s door and she lets me in.

“Daddy I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened..”

Does she really think this is her fault?

“Sorry for what babygirl?” I replied.

“I freaked out, daddy. You were touching me, and it felt so good. escort bahçelievler But so different. I’ve never felt this way before. ”

I had never considered that Emma hasn’t experimented before. I have to approach this cautiously.

“Baby, do you not understand what happened?” I said to Emma.

“Like I know that when you like someone and they touch you, it makes you feel good. But you’re my daddy, isn’t that wrong. What would mommy think?” She replied.

“Sweetie, mommy doesn’t have to know everything. You’re growing up so fast and you’re just so perfect Emma. I always find myself looking at your beautiful body. I know it might not be right but didn’t it feel good when I was touching you baby?” I said to her.

“It did feel good daddy.”

“It only gets better baby, if you can promise not to tell anyone about this, especially not your mommy, I can make you feel even better.” I replied.

“Well, I promise to keep a secret but, daddy I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never done anything like this before. Never even a kiss.”

Her innocence is so sexy. And now I get to teach my little girl everything she needs to know.

“Well, that sounds like a perfect place to start” I say as I pull Emma in for her first kiss. It was long and intense our tongues swirl together and she lets out a moan as I grab a hand full of her hair and bite her lip. My left hand stays in her hair as my right hand trails down her body as we continue kissing. My hand slips up her shirt and I can feel her soft skin against my hands I finally reach her perfect nipples and pinch it again. She lets out that same squeal she had done before.

I break our kiss and remove her shirt. Her body is perfect. She’s left in nothing but her panties. I remove my shirt as well. And my heart starts to pound. I can feel my dick about to rip my shorts. Her eyes are automatically drawn to my dick once I stand up. You can see the hunger in her eyes. The pure sexual desire fills the room.

I resume kissing her and begin to trail kisses down her neck. I reach her nipple and suck on it lightly. Emma gasps. You continue down her stomach and reach her pussy. Her light blue panties now escort balgat have a large wet spot and are fitted to her pussy lips, you can see every detail ever her hard little clit pressing against them. She’s soaking wet for her daddy.

“Daddy?” Emma says nervously.

“Yes princess?” You reply.

“Will you kiss it?” She says with a quiver in her voice.

I instantly peel her panties off. And kiss her wet pussy. My tongue licks firmly on her clit as she screams “daddy”.

My tongue darts in and out of her tight pussy. I can feel her little cherry stopping my tongue from fully entering her pussy.

I take my shorts off and her eyes widen. I’m a muscular built man. Standing at 6’2 I’m huge compared to her slender 5’3 body. My cock is about 8 and a half inches long and it’s thick. Emma seems surprised at my size and extremely nervous to have my big dick in her tiny little pussy.

I resume kissing her sweet lips. I’m on top of her now. We are both naked and we are both still so nervous for what’s soon to come. I try to prepare my daughter for the pain that is soon to come, when my cock finally breaks her cherry. I promise Emma that I will take it slow and she tells me trusts me. I put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She is fucking soaked. I slide the head of my dick up and down her clit and she moans. I begin to slip my dick into her pussy. I feel the resistance of her hymen and I push though.

Emma screams in pain but I’m shaking in pleasure because goddamn her pussy is amazing.

“It’s okay baby. It will feel better now.” I say to Emma. I can see the expression on her face changing Emma is no longer hurting, she’s beginning to love having her daddy’s cock inside of her. I go faster and deeper inside of Emma, my daughter is screaming beneath me. Her perfect tits are bouncing as I suck her nipple into my mouth and begin to tease her. I begin to fuck Emma slowly. To tease her tight pussy.

“Please daddy, fuck me harder.” Emma moans.

I do just that, pounding my daughter. I can feel her getting wetter and wetter and I can feel she’s about to cum and so am I. I can’t cum in my little girl, can I? Right at that moment there’s escort batıkent no other option, I can feel her pussy tighten around my dick. Emma screams “daddy don’t stop” as loudly as she can.

I fuck her harder and begin to cum.

I fall onto the bed. Breathing hard. Did I just cum in my daughter? Shit.

I look over at my daughter and she looks confused toward the door.

“umm, mommy..?” Emma says quietly.

My eyes shoot toward the bedroom door and there is my wife, Emma’s mother. Staring at us. With her hand in her pants, playing with her own pussy.

“Listen Meredith, it’s not what it looks like” I plead to my wife.

“Really Luke? It looks like you’re fucking our 18 year old daughter to me!” She replies.

Emma’s why voice cuts her mother off. “But mommy, you’re touching your self too. You could have yelled at us once you saw.. but instead we caught you playing with your pussy watching daddy fuck me. Do you like it mommy?”

Meredith gasps at what Emma just said to her. But she doesn’t deny it, instead she says “You’re just so sexy babygirl. I’ve been thinking about you in these ways for so long. I’m just jealous your daddy got you first.”

Emma and I are both surprised at her mother’s response.

Before anyone can say another word Meredith kisses our daughter. My cock is instantly hard. Watching my beautiful wife kiss my little girl is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. Meredith kisses down Emma’s body right down to her pussy still sticky from me cumming inside of her. She begins to lick my cum out of our daughters pussy and Emma is squealing “mommy”. She darts her tongue in and out of Emma’s tight pussy fucking her with her mouth. My wife puts her fingers inside of Emma’s pussy and fucks her roughly curling her fingers toward her daughters g spot. Emma cries out in pleasure while you watch.

Meredith slips her fingers out of Emma’s pussy and slides them down to her ass. She circles her daughter ass hole and spit rolls down from Emma’s pussy to her ass. Emma is moaning uncontrollably now. Her eyes rolling back and her back arched. She’s ready for her mommy to fuck her ass. Meredith slips her fingers in Emma’s completely virgin ass. While she’s still sucking on her tiny little clit and licking her baby’s smooth little cunt.

Emma’s legs tighten around her mothers head as she cums hard, squirting all over Meredith’s face.

I’m still laying here in shock as Meredith kisses me, sharing our daughter cum as our tongues swirl together.

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