Mart 1, 2021

Daddy Takes Over Ch. 05

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After a long year of training my little girl Suzy into Daddy’s perfect eighteen year old slut, it was finally the holidays – a time for sharing. Luckily Suzy was now completely mine and would do pretty much whatever I asked of her. She wore her short skirts and low-cut tops everywhere and would usually forgo underwear when she was at home so that I could take advantage of her sweet tight pussy whenever I wanted. Her mother had mostly stopped caring, and just spent even more time at work and out of the house so she just didn’t have to deal with Suzy’s new sexy look.

Our mall, like most, sets up a Santa’s Village in December complete with the big red chair, fake reindeer, a little house, and the man himself. I got my Suzy all dressed up in a perfect little pink dress (short and tight in the chest), with white over the knee socks, black Mary Jane shoes, and her hair done up in pigtails to go get her photo taken with Santa. We went right at the end of the day when there weren’t many people around, and although the bored teenage “elves” gave us a bit of a strange look, Suzy played her part perfectly and bounded up into Santa’s lap to have her picture taken.

“Hohoho little girl, what do you want for Christmas this year?” the mall Santa chuckled while staring down my Suzy’s dress, his white gloved hand on her waist. Suzy leaned in and whispered into his ear exactly what I told her to say:

“I only want one thing Santa, and I’ve been a real good girl all year long, especially for my Daddy.”

“Oho is that so my dear? Well, tell me what it is you want.”

“I want you to fuck me, Santa. Please, I’ve been real good and I’m not wearing panties and it would make me so happy.” Suzy whispered as I watched from a distance as the Santa’s cheeks turned even brighter red than his velvet suit. Suzy shifted in his lap and smiled for her picture, her hand on Santa’s crotch.

The mall Santa cleared his throat and told his elves that this was the last one for today and that they could go home. The elves shrugged, and not wanting to argue with going home a bit early for the day, they put up the closed signs and wandered off while Santa ushered Suzy into the little house he used for his breaks and I followed.

Santa made himself comfortable bahis firmaları in a big chair inside the house while I got out my video camera. “So what’s the deal?” Santa asked from behind his big fake beard.

“Nothing really,” I replied, “this is my little girl and like she said she just really wants to fuck Santa Claus, and I would like to make a little holiday movie. Just keep your costume on, play the part, and you can do whatever you like.”

Suzy got down on her knees in front of Santa and looked up at him past his big fat belly, “Please Santa? Pleaaassee?” she begged as she started to rub his cock through his costume.

“Oh fuck yes!” the Santa groaned.

“Alright, let’s get started then. Suzy honey, why don’t you sit on Santa’s lap to start with and we’ll go from there. And you,” I said pointing at the fat man, “stay in character for my little girl.” I turned on the camera as Suzy climbed up on Santa’s lap, being sure to flash her bare little pussy toward the camera as she did.

“Hohoho sweetheart, what a pretty girl you are.” Santa chuckled as he started to feel up her ass with one hand, his other squeezing one of her tits. “And so grown up too.”

“Heehee Santa,” Suzy giggled, squirming in his lap.

“Hoho You’ve been such a good girl this year that Santa wants to give you a special present, so why don’t you get down on your knees, close your eyes, and open your mouth for a special treat from Santa?”

“Okay Santa!” Suzy grinned as she did as she was told. Santa pulled down the elastic waist of his costume, parted his fur-trimmed coat, and guided Suzy’s mouth to his hard pink cock. Suzy latched on to his dick with her lips, sucking him off like a pro.

“Ho ooohh little girl, that’s it. Oohh suck Santa’s special candy cane.” He groaned, pumping his hips towards her mouth.

“Mmm Santa it’s real yummy!” Suzy said, reaching up to stroke his shaft with one hand as she fondled his balls with the other. I zoomed in close with the camera as she bobbed her head back and forth on the hard cock sticking out of Santa’s big red suit.

“Do it faster for Santa little girl and you’ll get a nice warm treat from my candy cane.”

Suzy picked up the pace, sucking harder and stroking kaçak iddaa his cock up and down. I zoomed back out to get a nice shot of my little girl on her knees with her head in Santa’s lap, and Santa sprawled out, his white gloved hand on the back of her head, making her take “Santa’s special candy cane” deeper. Santa groaned and held Suzy’s head on his cock as he came into her throat. Suzy swallowed every drop and used her tongue to clean off all of Santa’s cream. “Oh Santa that was tasty!” Suzy said as she licked her lips.

“Hohoho I’m glad you liked Santa’s treat, now Santa needs you to sit in his lap again.” Suzy got up and straightened out her dress, smiling at me and the camera as she went to sit on Santa’s knee. “No no sweetheart, not like that. Here, spread your legs for Santa so he can see what a good girl you are.” Santa grabbed one of Suzy’s legs and spread it over his lap to rest on the chair. Suzy’s glistening pussy was bare to the camera and Santa tugged her dress down to reveal her perky tits. “Hoho that’s more like it” Santa chuckled as he fondled my baby’s sweet breasts, flicking her nipples and making her squirm.

Santa tugged one of his gloves off and reached down to play with Suzy’s wet pussy. He rubbed his finger up and down her slit as she moaned and wiggled against him. He pinched her nipple as he started to squeeze and flick her hard little clit, making her wetter and making his hardening cock throb. “Hoho sweetie, you better sit on Santa’s candy cane so he can fill you up with holiday cheer.”

Santa grabbed Suzy by the waist and lowered her onto his hard cock, still peeking out of his parted red coat. They both moaned as Santa’s dick slowly filled Suzy’s pussy until she was sitting all the way down on his lap, her tits bare and her skirt lifted up to show off her full little snatch. “Ohh fuck that’s good,” the Santa moaned and I cleared my throat and shot him a glare. “I mean … Hohoho that’s a good girl for Santa, you’re so wet and tight for him too.”

“Mmm Santa, it feels so good inside me.” Suzy moaned, starting to bounce up and down on his hard cock.

“Just you wait sweetie, Santa will make it feel real nice for you.” Santa fondled Suzy’s tits as she bounced in his lap, her wet pussy making kaçak bahis squelching sounds. “Oohhh that’s it little girl, now let’s go a bit faster.” Santa quickly grabbed Suzy and stood up, bending Suzy over and taking her from behind. Santa grabbed Suzy’s pigtails and pulled her head back as he pounded her pussy hard, making her tits jiggle.

“Ohhh Santa! Yes, yes!” Suzy practically screamed as Santa’s cock pistoned in and out of her.

“That’s a good girl for Santa, cum on Santa’s fat candy cane and he’ll spray his holiday cheer inside you.” Santa groaned as he fucked my little girl, clearly sweating under his hat and fake beard.

“Ohhh ohhh Santa!” Suzy moaned out as she came hard on his cock, making him moan too as her pussy squeezed his thick cock.

“Ohh little girl!” Santa moaned, reaching down to cup Suzy’s breasts and pull her up into him, rapidly grinding his cock into her sweet pussy. “Oh hoho oh yes,” he moaned as his cock pumped cum into Suzy’s tight hole.

The Santa collapsed back into his chair, his spent cock leaking cum onto his costume and Suzy got back up on his knee. “Thank you Santa, I got my Christmas wish!” Suzy smiled into the camera then gave the Santa a kiss on the cheek.

I turned off the camera and my little girl came bounding over to me. “Did I do alright Daddy? Was that good?” Suzy questioned, desperately seeking my approval.

I gave her a long, deep kiss on the mouth, fondling one of her sweet tits, “it was perfect sweetheart. You made Daddy real proud. When we get home Daddy will give you a nice bath and we can watch our little movie together before Mommy gets home, alright?”

“Oh yes please Daddy, I want to see it so bad and I really need you fuck me Daddy. Santa was okay but only Daddy’s cock can make me really happy.”

“Ohh baby, you just made me the happiest Daddy in the world to hear you say that.” I pulled up her dress and fixed her pigtails for her, giving her another kiss before opening the door and leaving Santa still panting in his chair.

“Merry Christmas Santa!” Suzy chimed as we left.

“Merry Christmas you hot little slut.” I heard the Santa mumble as we left. I smiled to myself knowing that even though my little Suzy was happy to do whoever I asked her to, she would always be mine and only mine. My perfect little girl – a hot eighteen year old slut made just for her Daddy and now we had the perfect Christmas video to watch every year after. Merry Christmas to me!

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