Şubat 25, 2021

Daddy Finally Does Step Daughter Ch. 02

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Thank you for the comments on my last story I have taken the constructive ones on board and tried to use them in chapter two. I dedicate the second chapter to Becca UK, thank you for the kind email.

So I had just given my step daughter a good tonguing and in return she had sucked my cock and I had shot my load down her throat. She had left me for a couple of hours with just her panties for me to wank into while she had gone.

(That Evening)

There was a knock on the door, I stepped out of the shower and put my robe on, I could see my stepdaughter’s silhouette through the glass partition and felt my cock starting to rise already. I opened the door to see her standing there with a big smile on her face.

“Hello Daddy.” she said

She moved forward and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“Are you ready to have the fuck of your life?” she whispered in my ear.

She came into the house and I closed and locked the door behind her. Tonight she was mine and nothing would disturb us.

“Well daddy where are my panties?, I hope they are wet from your cum?” She said.

I took the panties from my robe pocket and tossed them to her.

” I wanked twice into them.” I said.

“Good. That means you wont come too quickly.” She replied

She was a clever young lady, she must have knew I would blow my top straight away as soon as she came near me as I had done earlier in the day. She moved towards me and kissed me on the lips, I opened my mouth as her tongue snaked across mine, the kiss was passionate, I placed my hands on her back and stroked her as we embraced.

” I want you so much, I want to feel your cock in my juicy cunt.” She said

We manoeuvred into the lounge, she undid the belt on my robe and pulled it over my shoulders, it fell to the floor, I was standing there naked in front of my 18-year-old stepdaughter.

She knelt in front of me and started to plant little kisses along the side of my cock, she tenderly stroked my arse as she did this. She started to nibble on my stiff cock working her way down to my heavy balls, she then opened her mouth wide and took both my balls in her mouth, she sucked on them and electric shocks shot through my body.

“Lie down on your back and spread your legs.” She said.

I did as I was told, she stood over me and placed one leg either side of my shoulders so I could see straight up her skirt, I could see her hairless pussy, and her lips were glistening with juice.

“See anything you like daddy?” She said

I nodded and smiled up at her. That’s when she squatted down her pussy just inches casino şirketleri from my mouth.

“What about now?” She said.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, in front of me was her tight wet pussy and just behind was her arse which had a butt plug firmly inserted in it.

“Take it out.” She said

I moved my hands to remove it.

“No not with your hands, with your mouth.” She whispered

I pushed my head forward and managed to get the end between my teeth, I started to remove it and she gasped. So instead of pulling it out I pushed it back in with all the force I could muster,

“Again Again.” She cried.

I did the same three or for times, she squirmed above me, she moved her hand down to her pussy and started to rub her clit, I watched and of course stroked my own cock at the same time.

” I’m gonna cum you fucker. Drink my juice daddy. Drink my cunt juice. Taste me, yes, yesssssss.” She cried

I watched as her pussy hole contracted, she started to drip juice into my mouth, I swallowed the honey nectar coming from her. I moved my head forward to lick her but she instinctively moved away.

“No not yet. We have all night for you to do that.” She said

She moved her hand down to the butt plug and removed it, she groaned as she did then shuffled forward and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Her wide open puckered hole was directly above my eyes, I watched as it slowly closed.

She moved down my body and stared kissing me all over, tiny little kisses. She got to my cock but completely ignored it insraed kissing my thighs, my knees, my shins, my feet. She stopped kissing at my toes and started to suck on them. At aged 44 I had never had this done and the feeling was unbelievable. Again I rubbed my now aching cock.

“That’s it daddy rub your cock, make it big and hard for me. ” She said.

I wanked my cock slowly whilst feeling the pleasure of being licked and sucked, she then started to lick up the inside of my legs, really slowly snaking her tongue to my aching balls.

“Bend your legs daddy and lift them up.” She whispered

I pulled my legs up and supported my knees with my hands, she started to lick and suck my balls making them wet with her saliva, she then snaked her tongue towards my asshole. Her tongue made contact with my tight puckered hole, I felt her push her tongue into me, I jumped. Again this was a first for me but I cannot deny the pleasure it was giving me. She replaced her tongue with a finger and pushed it in, up to her knuckle, she raised her head and took my manhood in her mouth.

The pleasure was stomach casino firmaları churning, she pushed her finger right into my ass and started to finger fuck me, she held my cock still in her mouth just sucking on it as if it were a lolly. I felt the unmistakable feeling I was about to cum, I grabbed her hair and pushed her face down further onto my cock.

“Suck Bitch, Suck Daddy’s cock.” I yelled

She immediately clamped her young mouth around my exploding cock. I came like I never had before, my orgasm was the most intense I had ever had. I spurted stream after stream of cum into her mouth. She swallowed all she could but some was dripping down her chin, hanging like an icicle in a winters frost.

We lay there for a few minutes recovering; my heart was beating so fast I had to take deep breaths to calm myself down. She looked up at me beaming like a cat that had got the cream or in this case the lover who had got the man juice.

“I hope you enjoyed that daddy? but now its my turn to cum. I want you to lick my pussy like you have never done before.” She purred

Up to this point she was still dressed, we walked through to the bedroom hand in hand.

“Lie down on the bed, I’m gonna do a strip for you.” She said

At that she left the room, I could here her rummaging in a bag she had brought and then go into the bathroom, what now I thought to myself. After about ten minutes she came into the bedroom wearing a white see through negligee white bra and panties and white stockings the look completed with white stilettos.

“You like? there all new I bought them especially for you.” She said.

She placed a disc into the CD player. The unmistakable sound of move closer by Phyllis Nelson filled the room, and she started to dance slowly, staring into my eyes.

“Watch, wank and enjoy.” She whispered

The site before me was unbelievable my 18 year old stepdaughter, dressed in virginal white lingerie slowly and sexily dancing in front of me. She started to remove her negligee by slipping the straps off her shoulder, it fell to the floor, I could hear the static electricity on her body as the clothing gently and smoothly rubbed over her body.

My cock was twitching as I gently caressed it. She kept looking into my eyes as she pinched her nipples making them stand out. Up to this point I had not actually seen her naked, but I knew within a few minutes I would. I stared at her pointy nipples, she turned round, still dancing and I could see her beautiful firm buttocks with a strip of white material disappearing into the crevice of her womanhood. She unclasped güvenilir casino her bra and let it fall to the floor; she turned with her hands covering her tits.

“Show me, please.” I said

She let her hands fall from her tits revealing small but perfectly formed globes, her nipples were erect and pointed upwards slightly. God I wanted to suck on them, pinch them, bite them. She must have read my mind, she lifted her hands back up to her nipples and pinched slightly, closing her eyes has she did. She let out a low moan.

“I want to see you naked.” I almost begged.

She lowered her hands to the sides of her panties and ever so slowly started to pull them down. She stood as the panties fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. Because of the stilettos her legs looked perfect she stood in front of with her hands on her hips.

“This is all for you. For tonight and any other night you want it. It’s all yours.” She said

“Come here.” I demanded

She walked to the bed and got on. I asked her to straddle me. I needed to have my cock in her pussy. She knelt above me her pussy lips against my throbbing member and started to move backwards and forwards so my cock rubbed up and down her slit, I instinctively raised my hips, to push my cock in.

“No, let me do it.” She whispered

She held my cock with her hand and placed it at the entrance to her wet cunt, she lowered down about two inches, my cock entered her, she was tight but very wet and I slid in easily. She let out a gasp, she then started to lower herself down until my cock was deep inside her. She stared into my eyes not moving, the both of us feeling the sensations of our joining.

” I love you.” She whispered

” I love you too.” I replied

She smiled and leant forward to kiss me, our tongues danced the dance of lovers. She started to rock back and forth, I could feel the friction on my cock, the tightness of her pussy pulling me into her, I wanted to cum but I wanted to cum at the same time as her. She started to push down with more force; we stopped kissing as she moaned with pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum daddy, God I’m Cumming, oh yes, oh yes, oh daddy cum in me, fill me up with your juice.” She screamed

At that I released my load, the fireworks in my stomach started, I pushed against her as I filled her tight hole with my seed, she bucked on top of me shaking and swearing, and kissing.

After we had finished we lay there, with her still laying on top of me. My softening cock still in her wet cum filled hole,

“Get some rest Daddy, the night has just begun. I have another surprise for you later, and I also want you to fuck my arse.” She whispered

We fell asleep, our bodies entwined, I felt relaxed, and yes in love, but wondered what surprise she had in store for me

To be continued………..

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