Şubat 25, 2021

Daddy and Jenna

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Phil Josephs was a very successful lawyer and led a seemingly perfect life. He had a beautiful wife, a valuable mansion, and a very precious daughter. But recently, Phil was having troubles in his life. The other day, he got a call from his friend Al that there was suspicion of Betty (his wife) was cheating on him. After doing some investigation, Phil found out the sad and depressing truth: his wife was cheating on him with her boss. Phil immediately claimed for divorce as soon as he heard about the unfaithfulness, and has been living single ever since.

That was 5 years ago, when his daughter was 14 years old and now he had led a different life. He was a single parent now, as Betty had moved to France to advance her work, he was fired from his job and was forced to move into a small condo, and had to control a teenage daughter. It was tough, but Phil felt perfectly capable of managing home life, with such a wonderful cook and cleaning in Jenna, his daughter. Jenna was 19 years old, with 36 CC cups, and a gorgeous developed body. Of course, to Phil, all of this was unnoticed because he never looked at his daughter in the same respect. He had been a supportive and loving father, always attending to his daughters needs. Jenna had obviously been quite gracious of her father’s care for her, and always tried to make life best for him.

Jenna walked into her home after coming back from school, and shouted out for her daddy, “Daddy, I’m HOME!”

She waited for an answer, but there was no reply to come. She quietly went upstairs to see if he was home, but could not find him in the hallways or the bathroom. She quietly crept up to his room, and found him dozing away after a hard day’s work. But something interesting caught the corner of Jenna’s eye as she began to leave her daddy’s room. She saw a bulge in her father’s pants, but it wasn’t perfectly visible because her father was a large and somewhat obese man.

Jenna’s curiosity got the best of her. She went over to see what it was because she was greatly puzzled on what her daddy could be holding in his pants that was so big. Jenna slowly leaned over to investigate, and she just softly touched his pants. When she touched him softly, he slightly flinched. She quickly backed away, to see what had happened. Jenna realized that her daddy was sensitive in that area of his body. She didn’t move a muscle for a few minutes, just to make sure her dad wouldn’t be suspicious, but when she heard her father snoring deeply, she realized that he was off, and wouldn’t wake for a while.

Jenna leaned over to her father again, jittering with sheer nervousness. She bent over again to see what the bulge was, and put her hand on her daddy’s crotch area. She unzipped his zipper, and fumbled around his boxers. She felt his hairy warm balls in her hand, and she loved how they felt. She moved up a little further up, and there it was. Her father’s penis. This is what had caused such a bulge. It was HUGE! With amazing anticipation, Jenna had pulled out her father’s penis, fully so that it was exposed even better. Jenna never looked at her father in a lustful way, as she had always thought of him as a caring and loving father. As she proceeded to pull out her father’s penis, she could not control herself and felt a weird sensation down below where her cunt was. She felt her panties, and they were DRENCHED! She was so sloppily wet, and was going out of her mind from arousal. She was embarrassed at how she had become so aroused by her father, and that she only wanted to do more.

Phil’s penis was quite large, and Jenna had never seen anything like it. It was sized at a massive 6-7 inches LIMP, and Jenna loved every inch of it. At school, Jenna had always been approached by older boys, and they always wanted her to touch their penises, but she always said no. She was a pure and chaste virgin at age 19, and always waited for the right man to take her virginity.

Jenna continued to feel her father’s penis, continually enjoying how it felt in her hands. All of a sudden, Phil’s snoring no longer continued, but he began to moan in pure ecstasy. Jenna realized that her feeling and groping of her father’s penis had completely TURNED ON her father, and her father got rock hard at 12 inches of length and with 2 inches of thick girth. Jenna began to explore all of her father’s body, and she started to feel her father’s chest and pubic hairs all around. She put her face and nose within her father’s rotund chest, and loved every ounce of her father’s plump but stunningly arousing body.

After stroking her father for a long time, Jenna wanted more of her father. She wanted his penis in her mouth. She wanted to lick every fucking inch of his foot-long cock. He was just so hot, and his cock felt so good. She couldn’t only fantasize what it would taste like in her mouth. Jenna bent her head on over to succumb her father’s throbbing cock, but as she tried to do so, her father woke up with a look of confusion casino şirketleri on his face. Very slowly, her father began to wake from his slumber, with a full-on erection, to see what was going on. Before Phil had fully woken, Jenna had scrambled away and hid under her father’s bed. Phil looked around the room to see what had happened, and observed how rockhard he had become. Something obviously had happened, but Phil never knew. He didn’t necessarily care, and shrugged it off. Shortly after, Phil crept back into his slumber and Jenna came out from under the bed, and let out a sigh of relief.

That same night, Phil came downstairs to meet Jenna, and he found her watching the television. She was wearing nothing but a tight shirt on, and a pair of thin panties: nothing more, nothing less. His eyes kept on glaring at her, and noticed that his penis had twitched ever so slightly within his pants. Phil was clearly shocked at his daughter’s clothing but made no remark of her outfit.

“Hey Jen, how was school today?” he asked.

“It was fine. I’m just glad that the school year’s almost over. I’m getting sick of it.” She replied.

They both laughed and headed off to dinner. They discussed their days, and different issues, while eating dinner. After a plentiful dinner cooked by Jenna, Phil headed off to the shower, and Jenna headed to bed. While Phil was in the shower, Jenna had an undying need to go to the bathroom. She went over to the bathroom and turned the doorknob. It was locked because her dad was in the bathroom taking a shower. Unfortunately, there was only one bathroom in the condo, and her dad was using it.

She knocked on the door and said, “Dad, I REALLY need to use the bathroom right now, can I PLEASE get in?”

“Honey, I’m taking a shower right now. Can it wait like 10 minutes?” he replied.

“NO dad, it’s an emergency!” she exclaimed

“Alright sweetheart, hold on. Let me just open up the door, and then I’ll head back to the shower.” He responded.

He opened the door, and quickly headed back to the shower that was running. She went inside, and sat on the toilet, which was right next to the shower. She started to go, and while she was using the toilet, she noticed that there was an opening in the curtain to the shower. She quietly peeked through the curtain, and found her father’s naked body all soaked up in water. He was putting on his shampoo, so his eyes were closed, and Jenna caught a long glimpse of her father’s beautiful manhood. She was strongly tempted to just grab hold of it, but she resisted, and closed the curtain opening.

She finished using the bathroom, but still felt moist underneath after her trip and it certainly wasn’t because of her trip to the bathroom: it was her father’s penis that had aroused her so much. She quickly ran back to her bedroom, closed the door, and immediately pulled down her panties. She started rubbing her hot, wet virgin cunt in pure bliss. She imagined having her father’s penis in her mouth, cunt, and even ass, because she was just so amazed and yet obsessed with his prick. She couldn’t control her arousal of her father’s manhood and touched herself to the point where she had the most powerful and intense orgasm of her life, all because she imagined having her father’ hard, fulfilling dick inside of her. She screamed in her pillow with cries of ecstasy, “AHHHHHHHHHH OHHH… Daddy, PLEASE FUCK ME!!! AUGH! YOUR COCK IS SOOOOOOOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!! It tastes SO GOOD. SHOVE IT INSIDE MY HOT, WET CUNT!”

The following morning was a Saturday, and Phil was off of work and Jenna didn’t have school that day. Phil decided to sleep in that day until the early afternoon, while Jenna chose to take a swim in their backyard. Because it was such a hot day, she didn’t wear her usual bikini, and decided to sunbathe and swam stark naked.

Phil woke up from his sleep, and came outside looking for his daughter. Because Jenna was neck-down in the water, Phil wasn’t aware that his daughter was perfectly naked underneath the water until she sprang up from the water. Earlier, Phil had been extremely tired, but now his attention was to his daughter’s loveliness. Never had Phil looked to his daughter as a gorgeous young woman, but always pictured her as his little girl and he would always protect her. But these thoughts were quickly erased as he simply gazed at his daughter’s fully developed breasts, and her beautiful, curvy body. His eyes became immediately alert and he sprung up a massive erection. Luckily he was wearing a decently dense bathrobe, and his stiffness was covered up. Phil approached his daughter near the pool, trying not to act so turned on by her beauty.

“Good morning, darling. How was your sleep last night?” he said.

“Oh, it was great. I thought it’d be nice to take a swim out today, ’cause it was so damn hot today” she replied and giggled.

“I agree, but don’t you think you should put your clothes on, honey?” asked Phil

“I casino firmaları dunno, it was too hot today, and I just thought that it’d be nice to swim more freely and without a dumb bikini on.” She replied

“Well honey, I think I’m gonna go take a shower right now, so if you need me you know where I am” said Phil with a wink.

Jenna thought to herself because she could just imagine her father’s throbbing cock in the shower, after he saw her. She only guessed that she turned on her dad, but it was only a guess.

Jenna got a towel from her chair, and dried herself off. She went into the house, and changed into her usual clothes: a tight tank top and some tight panties. Today, she decided to where a thong “because it was SO hot.” Jenna came to find her dad, because she wanted to go out to get some lunch so she looked into the bathroom. That was funny, the shower wasn’t turned on, and the floor of the shower wasn’t even wet. Jenna realized that Phil hadn’t even taken a shower. So where was he?

Jenna crept down the hallway, until she reached her father’s room. It was sealed shut, and Jenna wondered what her dad could possibly be doing. She silently opened the door, and found her father turned the other way, watching a television show. She was shocked to find her dad butt naked lying on the bed, watching an intense pornography through his satellite TV. The young woman on the screen was getting penetrated by an extremely large member, and was having the orgasm of her life. She was moaning and you could tell that she was about to have the orgasm of her life. The TV was turned just loud enough for Phil to hear, and so that the rest of the house couldn’t. Phil was laid back, with lube on the desk to his right, and he was fiercely jerking off to the porno on the screen. He was groaning and moaning almost in perfect unison to the couple on the screen, and finally it hit him. He screamed, “OHHH… YOUR PUSSY IS SO TIGHT. LET ME FUCK YOU… AHHH… AHHH… YOUR SO TIGHT… AHHHH… GOD, YOU FEEL SOOOOOO GOOD…. AHH.. AHHH… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” At the same time the guy on the screen erupted into the girl, Phil erupted all over his chest. His cum spewed all across his body, and he moaned in ecstasy as it all poured out like a volcano onto his body. He let out a sigh of relief, cleaned himself up, and changed into his clothes.

Jenna could not believe what she had just seen. She just watched her daddy whack himself off so hard to a porno, that he practically exploded himself to ecstasy. Jenna was turned on, simply put. She was going out of her mind. These past few days were making Jenna crazy with lust for her father. She wanted his cock in every single possible way. She craved it. It was almost as if she was possessed with an obsession for it. And now, seeing how much her dad was capable of spewing, she went out of her mind.

Phil headed on to his way to the bathroom to throw away his mess and to take a short bathroom trip. Quickly, Jenna went into Phil’s room and checked to see what was on the TV screen. She found the porno that her daddy was watching and it was called “Internal Combustions: Everything Happens Inside” The caption read, “Watch as these stiff guys fuck the living daylights out of these precious young teens. At the end, the guys shoot their hot, sticky loads into the girls, and the guys go at the girls without rubber.” It hit her. Her daddy got off on guys shooting their loads into girls, without any pills or condoms or any of that crap. He wanted it all natural. He wanted to fuck a girl, and fucking pour his hot, creamy seed into a young girl. Jenna went mad with undeniable desire for her father’s cock in her pussy, and him to shoot his warm, and sticky seed deep into her womb.

That night, Jenna and her father decided to watch a movie on TV while eating their casual dinners. They chose an extremely horrific scare movie, which happened to scare Jenna out of her mind, but not Phil. After watching the movie for a few hours, Phil and Jenna decided to head off to bed.

“Good night honey, I’ll see you in the morning” said Phil.

“Daddy! Please, I’m so scared. That movie was so scary, and I just can’t sleep in my room all by myself. Can I please sleep in your room today? I just can’t sleep right now, without you daddy” asked Jenna.

“Whatever you want, Honey but I really need to get my rest to play golf tomorrow and I’m just so exhausted. Be careful though, I snore pretty loud” joked Phil.

“Haha. Thank you SO much daddy. You’re the best!!!” exclaimed Jenna. She knew that her daddy would be ALL hers today.

That night, Phil brought out his spare mattress for Jenna to use, and he set up all of her blankets to sleep in. Jenna came into the room with a confused look on her face. She expected to sleep in the same bed as her daddy, because he slept in a king-sized bed.

“Daddy, can I please sleep in your bed tonight? I’m really scared from that movie, and I just don’t güvenilir casino like that mattress” lied Jenna.

With a tired but accepting look on his face, Phil replied, “Yeah sure Jenna. Wherever you’re the most comfortable to sleep in.”

“Thanks daddy, you’re amazing” said Jenna.

They both went to bed pretty late into the night. Phil was only wearing his boxers, and was pretty much naked otherwise. His large, hairy chest was exposed, and he slept with ease. Jenna was wearing nothing underneath her nightgown, which a white see-through that exposed both her breasts and her finely shaven cunt. Phil began to sleep, but Jenna pretended to begin sleeping. From previous experiences, Jenna knew when her daddy was fully asleep. His snoring became much louder, and he wasn’t moving a muscle. Phil was turned on his side, facing Jenna while he was sleeping, and to Jenna’s great liking, his huge cock was accessible. She quietly took his boxers with two hands, and slowly pulled his underwear off of the bed. He was stark and perfectly naked. She was getting over-excited and SO aroused.

Without a trace of hesitation, she grasped her daddy’s cock with both hands, and started to stroke it. She went back and forth, up and down, and just relished in every moment of her stroking. She loved how if felt. It was her daddy’s prized possession. And now it was her prized possession. She could do whatever she wanted to it. It was hers. And she would make the best of it.

Jenna bent over with her head, and put her wet lips on his beautiful purple-head. It was magnificent. It tasted so good in Jenna’s mouth, and she took in the whole cock, all the way down to her throat. All 7-8 inches were in her mouth, and the best part was: there was more to come. Once Phil got hard, his 12-inched erection sprang up and Jenna was going crazy. She put his whole pole inside of her mouth, and licked it with pure grace. She savored the juicy taste of his cock, and the throbbing stiffness of his cock. She licked him completely around, and made sure she got every last inch of it. She was going all out for her daddy’s rock-hard throbbing cock and she wanted what she came for: him inside of her.

She slowly positioned her self to face away from her daddy. She rubbed her tight, wet cunt hard from sheer arousal. She got his penis, closed her eyes, and let him enter her. It was the most thrilling and fulfilling experience of her life. She never felt anything so beautiful and HOT to be inside of her. It took a little time for Jenna to get used to something so big inside of her, but once she got used to it, she was in sheer ecstasy. Jenna was so proud that her father had taken her virginity, and she realized that he was the perfect man to do it. She understood that from this moment on, her dad would awake, so she pretended to sleep again, with her father’s throbbing cock inside of her juicy cunt.

Almost immediately upon touching his daughter’s pussy with his cock, Phil woke up with undeniable confusion. He had the biggest erection of his life, and he was penetrating his daughter with it. To his knowledge, she was fast asleep and wouldn’t wake up to almost anything. Phil couldn’t back down now. This was the tightest and most perfect cunt he had felt in his lifetime, and he was fucking it. Phil hesitated for a few moments, and then COMPLETELY let loose. He started fucking his daughter out of her brains. “OH OH OH OH OH…. AHHH… God, Jenna, you’re SO tight. AHH OH OH OH” he exclaimed under his breath. Her cunt was on fire, and her daddy was having the time of his life. He fucked her harder and harder with deeper and deeper thrusts than could be imaginable. He couldn’t resist the perfect and immaculate cunt that his girl had, and wanted to be the first to fuck it.

Quietly in her “sleep”, Jenna was having the hardest orgasm of her life. She wanted to just wake up and tell her daddy that she loved him, but knew that that would be too risky to try. She just closed her eyes, even started to “snore”, but she just was getting pounded away by her daddy. She loved it. She loved every fucking, sloppy moment of it. She wanted more. She wanted her daddy to fill her up, and she knew that he WOULD.

Phil just kept on fucking away at his daughter’ sloppy, juicy, wet cunt and was in pure bliss. He fucked her into the ground, and drilled her brains out. She fucked everything that was holy of his girl, and knew he got EVERYTHING. He was so far inside of her, and loved every moment of it. Him and his daughter were now ONE. They were united. They were a single unit. Phil finally could not hold back any longer and it happened. Phil spewed all of his man-seed into his little girl, and he filled her to the brim of her pussy. He erupted like no other, and shot everything in his balls into his girl. Her pussy was filled with Phil’s warm, sticky cum and she knew that this is what both she and her father wanted. They both wanted this to happen: they wanted to have Phil’s hot, sticky cum to absolutely flood Jenna’s pussy. Jenna’s hot daddy-fucked cunt was sopping with sticky, salty, Phil-man-juice. They both got it, and they both loved it.

Phil went back to his sleep, when he heard his daughter’s voice from the bed.

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