Şubat 27, 2021

Dad is an Idiot

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This story is a work of fiction, and all names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No characters are under the age of 18. This story involves incest, so if that’s not something that you enjoy, then move on to another story. This is a sequel to ‘Caught, Seduced and Caught Again.’


This is my story of an event that occurred with my adoptive Mom Elizabeth 3 years ago. I’m now 22 and almost finished with college. I grew up in southwest Tennessee and lived here all my life. I stand 5-9, 165 lbs, blue eyes and brown curly hair with an athletic build. My Dad pushed me growing up to play football, basketball, and lacrosse. I wasn’t good enough at sports to get a scholarship, but that really didn’t matter, since I injured my left knee in my senior year of high school.

My Dad, Harold Wilson, has worked in a auto manufacturing facility nearby for over 10 years before he moved up to be the midnight shift supervisor. He was 6-2 and 195 when I was entering my early teen years but put on nearly 50 lbs of soft belly in the last 3 years to weigh in now at almost 245. Dad played sports all through high school and he always encouraged me to do the same. He taught me that the best part of sports was how easily I would be able to score with the cheerleaders.

My Mom, Elizabeth Wilson, is a RN at the local hospital. Dad married her during the first year in college together, if only to keep from losing her to someone else. Mom is a real stunner, trim and petite standing 5-8, and weighing in at 124 lbs. She looks like a combination somewhat between Reese Witherspoon, Julie Bowen and Sienna Miller. She had a round, slightly oval shaped face with perfect white teeth and a perky little nose. I think that her best feature is her big brown angelic eyes that are so loving and caring. Her long blond hair covers her slender shoulders and she is perfectly proportioned, with nicely shaped 36C breasts and the nicest soft rounded little bubble ass I’ve ever seen. Her ass is like a slightly under inflated soccer ball with a soft gel coating over the tight muscles. The young cheerleaders in my high school could barely compete with my Mom when it comes to having that perfect of an ass.

A multitude of tests found that it had been impossible for her to get pregnant when she was only 20. They received me from foster care as a Christmas present being a 3-year-old toddler before she turned almost 21 and Dad was 30. They raised me with loads of love and caring for all my years since.

I never grew up with a pee-pee or thingy, because with Mom being a nurse, everything was technical, I had a penis and girls had a vagina. Plus I heard all that again from my Health classes in school.

My Mom and Dad’s relationship had already started to seriously deteriorate by the time I had turned 16 and entered high school. Both of them were on different time and work schedules with Dad going to work at Midnight and Mom leaving by 7AM. They were like 2 ships passing in the night, each one able to see the lighthouse on shore, but unable to see each other on the water.

I was the only 18-year old junior in my high school class since I was delayed getting into school. As a result I took an extra class and learned a lot about computers. I went home and to experiment on my Dad’s laptop and I found a number of hidden files that Dad hadn’t password protected. I opened them and found a bunch of pictures and video of Mom and Dad when they were younger. There were a couple pictures of her topless on a beach. One was a picture where her small perky breasts fell out of her bikini while bending over on his boat, and one of her breasts hanging down loosely while she played with me. There were several pictures of her nearly naked ass as she bent over to pick up her purse and her breasts trying to get loose from her v-neck tops. There was 3 videos of them having sex that were really quite graphic, and it appeared that she didn’t even know that he was video recording their sexual activity.

My adoptive Mom became the object of all my sexual fantasies after I found those pictures and videos of her. I masturbated almost daily looking at the pictures and videos Dad took of her at home and at the beach. I would feel dirty and then guilty for masturbating while looking at my Mom, but once my dick was hard and fully erect, that didn’t seem to matter as much. I had seen the way men turned to look at my Mom’s breasts and perfect ass when we walked downtown. I’d even caught a couple of the ‘Elders’ at our church discreetly trying to check out her trim petite ass as she walked up the stairs to the choir loft.

It was late spring of my junior year that my Mom walked into my bedroom after Dad left for work to mention the obvious stains in my tidy-whitey underwear, She told me that she realized that I had the need to relieve my stress casino şirketleri like any other teenage boy. She said that it would be a lot easier on her doing the laundry if I simply masturbated in the shower. I was totally and utterly humiliated in front of her when we talked, but then she gave me a huge hug to press her soft unrestrained breasts into my athletic chest. She said she thought it would be easier for me to hear it from her than having my Dad try to discuss it with me. I masturbated into a handful of tissues as soon as she walked out of the room, still remembering the feel of her soft braless breasts against my chest. I began to relieve my sexual frustrations in the shower on a regular basis after we had that little chat.

I had been playing sports since my freshman year and now I turned all my attention to blond cheerleaders. I purposely picked out girls that looked the most like my Mom, both in their facial features and their body size as the ones that I wanted to have sex with. I went out with Brenda who was a senior in school before her family moved away and then I went out with Jen after that when I became a senior. I tried to make sure that my parents didn’t know I was sexually active with either one of them, as they both wanted me to remain pure and chaste until marriage. Being part of the Southern Baptist Church meant that we weren’t really supposed to do anything that was enjoyable or fun.

The summer passed and I became a 19-years-old senior in high school. Dad was 43 and still working the midnight shift and Mom was 37 and always gone to work at the hospital before he got home in the morning. They grew apart and she told me that she thought he was chasing after some brunette at work named Kathy. She was a buxom little 20-something babe on the production line and he was always bringing her up at the dinner table, which I knew hurt my Mom’s feelings a lot more than she tried to let on.

The proverbial shit finally hit the fan on a Sunday evening in April 2010. Dad was being an insensitive lout going on and on talking about this buxom brunette Kathy at work. Mom tried to ignore it for a while before she finally exploded.

“You seem to have forgotten that I’ve met Kathy at your company Christmas parties, Harold,” she stated. “She seems to think that her huge fake breasts make up for her lack of brains, culture or etiquette.”

“She’s a fine young woman, Elizabeth, she just needs a little guidance,” he replied.

“Is that what they call it nowadays, guidance, Harold?” she inquired.

“You’re just being paranoid and maybe more than a little bit jealous, Elizabeth. You just wish you were half as attractive as Kathy is to all the guys,” he added unwittingly.

“Well, I’m sure you’re just what the poor girl needs, Harold,” she added sarcastically.

“I guess it’s different for you and your soft sagging breasts, which were never much to begin with,” he fired back.

“Excuse me, folks, but this really isn’t dinner table type of conversation,” I spoke up anxiously at both my parents as the intensity of their argument grew. They both ignored me like I hadn’t even opened my mouth.

“My breasts always seemed to be enough for you for the last 17 plus years, Harold, and they haven’t changed that much,” she shot out. “If you’re asking my permission to have an affair with that fake breasted bimbo, then I guess we have grown farther apart than I’d thought. You would have to be Kathy’s dream man, that is if she can even find your penis underneath that big beer belly you have hanging over top of it.”

“OUCH,” I thought, score a direct hit for Mom on that incendiary salvo to Dad.

“Well maybe I would have liked to have a family of my own,” he retorted angrily. “Instead I marry little Miss Infertility and end up with no kids of my own.”

“And what do you call Garrett, you miserable bastard?” she cried out as tears filled her eyes and started to roll down her cheeks. “It’s not my fault, I can’t have kids. I didn’t plan it this way, but I consider myself blessed every morning when I can look upon this wonderful child that we have raised from a toddler into a handsome and grateful 19-year-old young man.” She pushed herself away from the table as she started sobbing and headed down the hall to the bedroom.

“I didn’t mean for it to come out quite like that about you, Garrett,” he softly stated.

“Well, if you meant to crash and burn, Dad, then you did great,” I said as I headed to my room.

I could hear him stomp down the hall to pound on the master bedroom door trying to get her to open the door and let him recant what he had just said to her.

“Go away, Harold, get ready for work and go enjoy the company of your stupid brunette bimbo,” she yelled back through the closed door.

“Open the door, you stupid fucking cunt,” he finally yelled as he pounded against the master bedroom door one last time. I heard him raging around the kitchen like a bull in the china shop before he headed off to work.

I casino firmaları went to my room and surfed the Internet for a while after he went to work extra early, leaving well before 10PM. I walked down the hall and lightly tapped on my Mom’s bedroom door.

“Go away, Harold, I don’t want to see you or talk to you,” she softly whispered. “Just go to work.”

“It’s me, Mom, Dad left for work over an hour ago,” I called out. I heard her small feet pitter-patter across the hardwood floor from the bed to the bedroom door.

“I’m sorry, Garrett, I thought it was your Dad again. It really burns me up with all the mean, hurtful statements that he made at the dinner table,” she said. “You shouldn’t have had to be a witness to our relationship falling apart like this, Garrett.”

“I’m sorry that Dad was so inconsiderate and so rotten to you, Mom,” I replied. “It was completely out of line for him to say something like that about your medical condition, it was very mean and totally uncalled for.”

“Thanks, baby,” she sobbed, “At least I’ll always have you.”

I hugged my petite Mom hard, holding her petite body tightly against mine as she gently shook with soft sobs. I softly stroked her long blond hair for several minutes while standing in her bedroom doorway. I gently stroked my hand across her tear stained cheek and she leaned her lovely head into my hand. I held her close to me and told her everything would be better in the morning.

“Will it really be any better tomorrow, Garrett?” she asked as she pulled away and stood there in front of me. “I think your Dad and I are almost through, Garrett. He has set his sights on that fake boob bimbo Kathy and at this point I really don’t care anymore.”

“We can only hope that he will come to his senses and apologize to you in the morning when he gets home,” I said. “Dad is an idiot. Kathy can’t begin to compare to you, Mom.” I looked at my gorgeous mom as I softly wiped away the tears still rolling down her cheeks. I kissed her on both cheeks but couldn’t help but notice that her small nipples were standing up rigidly on her soft hanging 36C breasts, making little tiny tents in the front of her old t-shirt.

“I better let you get to bed for some sleep, Mom, so you can be refreshed to go to work in the morning.” I excused myself and quickly headed towards my room. What I was really was trying to do was make sure that she couldn’t see the huge erection that was growing in my shorts from seeing her lovely soft 36C breasts with her nipples standing up in her old t-shirt.

I closed my bedroom door, climbed into bed and turned on my laptop. I quickly opened the file with all the pictures of her that Dad had taken. I opened the picture of my lovely Mom from the waist up with her angelic smile beaming for the camera first. Next I opened the pictures of her topless on the beach, the pictures where her breast slipped out of her bikini next to the boat and finally the one where she was playing miniature golf with me. I slid my shorts off and began to stroke my stiff wood as I looked at the pictures of her on my laptop.

I was slowly stroking my cock, well on my way to a mind-blowing orgasmic experience, when she opened the door and stepped partially into my room.

“Jesus, Mom, can’t you knock?” I mumbled as I slammed my laptop shut. My stiff wood was standing proudly erect but quickly began to soften as I fumbled to grab at the upper sheet to cover my naked dick.

“Sorry, Garrett, I’m so sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to intrude,” she stuttered with an unusual stammer. “I should have knocked, Garrett, instead of just barging right in here like that.”

“It’s okay, Mom, its probably nothing that you haven’t seen before,” I could barely croak out in total embarrassment as she stood rigidly inside my doorway. What really surprised me was that she was standing there and making no attempt to leave.

“Oh, I’ve seen your penis many times when you were younger, Garrett, but never standing up quite like that,” she whispered with an unusually husky tone. “I know guys call it jerking off at your age, Garrett, but it’s more about gently stroking your penis until you relieve yourself.”

I lay frozen in the middle of my bed as she walked over towards me. She slowly sat down on the edge of my bed, flipped back the sheet and reached out to wrap her tiny hand around my fully charged prick. Her tiny fingers couldn’t fully close around my stiffened cock. I gasped out loudly as she slowly and gently stroked my penis. My young cock instantly responded to her soft motherly touch, growing and hardening in her gentle grip. I moaned out loudly as she stroked my stiffened shaft with a tender smile.

“I know what you need, Garrett,” she whispered softly. “I’ve used to have to bleach some very obvious stains out of your white underwear before I washed them. Then we had our little talk and I assume you started to masturbate in the shower like I suggested, since less stains appeared. I’m not stupid, Garrett, I know what güvenilir casino boys need to do,” she continued.

“I was young too, Garrett, and I still masturbate occasionally to relieve the stress and anxiety of work and the disappointments here at home,” she added.

“No fucking way, Mom,” I stupidly blurted out, not actually knowing how to respond to her upon hearing this unsolicited revelation.

“GARRETT!! The Mouth??? You can open the laptop and look at your pictures if you want, Garrett, I don’t mind,” she softly purred. “You’ve probably copied some of the pictures of your Dad’s fantasy big boob bimbos off his computer hard drive that he wastes his time looking at. He forgets to erase the history of where he has been on the Internet. He seems to like ‘Big Tits at Work’ mostly. I don’t get what guys find so attractive about such big, obviously fake boobs. I’m glad for what I was blessed with, even if they have begun to sag because those implants of saline or fat would absolutely kill my back.”

“Your breasts are absolutely perfect, Mom, they’re not too little and not too big,” I somehow managed to stammer out.

“Thanks for saying that, Baby,” she replied as she leaned over to give me a gentle kiss on the forehead. “I notice the way you try to discreetly look down the front of my tops when you hug and kiss me, Garrett. I really don’t mind, at least I can gain the attention of one man in this house. That’s why I’ve started wearing some looser v-neck tops after work, to give you a better view of my soft breasts if you want to look. You may have also noticed the little lacy half-cup demi-bras that I now wear, entirely for your viewing pleasure. The thin lace barely covers my nipples and areoles. Your Dad hasn’t noticed or paid any attention to me in ages. And you must have noticed that now I go totally loose and braless in my t-shirts at bedtime while I’m waiting for my goodnight hug from you. So you’re not a big tit fan like your Dad yet?” she asked while she continued to stroke my hardened prick while she spoke to me.

“No, and I probably never will be, Mom,” I softly replied. I reached over and opened my laptop and clicked open the pictures I had been viewing.

She leaned forward to look at the pictures on my laptop before a huge toothy smile appeared, making her lovely angelic face beam brightly when the pictures of her topless on the beach and her perky young breasts falling out of a bikini appeared on the screen. “I forgot that your Dad had taken those pictures of me years ago when we first got you from foster care, Garrett. It appears that you’ve been looking in his computer too.”

“Like I said Mom, I think your breasts are perfect,” I stated honestly.

“My breasts are certainly not as perky as they were when he took these pictures quite a few years ago, Garrett,” she complained. “Age and gravity has caught up with them, and even though they were never that big to begin with, now they sag and flatten out on my chest,” she added.

“They still look perfect to me, Mom,” I said as I slid my hand around her slim waist. I slowly eased the front of her t-shirt upwards while watching her gorgeous face. I fully expected her to reach down and slap away my hand away at any second. I was really surprised when she lifted her perfect butt off the edge of my bed to let me slip her long t-shirt up over her slender hips. A moment later, both of her soft fully natural 36C breasts came fully into my view without a word of protest from her.

“Like I said, Garrett, they’re softer and less perky now, plus they really sag,” she said softly as she rubbed her thumb across the mushroom shaped tip of my teenage cock.

“I don’t know how firm they once were, Mom, but they still look absolutely perfect to me,” I stated. Her 36C breasts sagged down on her chest to flatten out on her ribs almost like a half filled water balloon. They seemed fuller and heavier near her nipples with a slightly upturned angle, so that her small pink nipples stood up like spice drops atop her silver dollar sized areole. I ran my hand behind her back to push her t-shirt up towards her neck. I tenderly lifted her full left breast and watched it settle back down when I released it. I sat up in my bed and pulled her chest towards my face.

She lifted her left arm over my head as my lips closed in on her left breast. She moaned softly as I began to suck on her erect pink nipple before I took her nipple in my teeth and gently tugged. A few moments later I sucked on her right breast, teasing her nipple before taking a full mouthful of her lovely milk gland into my teenage mouth.

Her fingers closed around the back of my head, grabbing my short curly brown hair as I continued to suck on her soft but more than ample 36C breasts. I felt her right hand tighten around my rigid cock as she alternately squeezed and then stroked my rigid 8″ shaft.

“You’re way more than a good mouthful, Mom,” I whispered when I pulled away. “Who needs more than this?” I asked.

“Obviously, your Dad does,” she purred back. “He hasn’t touched me or shown any interest in sex with me for over a year, Garrett. That’s why I think he’s having an affair with that big tit bimbo Kathy that he’s always talking about.”

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