Mart 30, 2021

Cyndie’s Day at the Beach

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Cyndie was busy packing up her bag of things knowing she was going to spend the day at the beach. She had her sunscreen, towel and sunglasses to mention a few things. Cyndie already had her suit on underneath her clothes so she was prepared. Cyndie put the bag over her shoulder and headed out the door walking down the steps and out onto the sidewalk. As Cyndie walked she pulled out her cell phone and called up Joe. “I am on my way where are you at?”

“Almost there,” Joe replied. “Should be about 2 more minutes for me.”

“Great I will see you there luv.” Cyndie hung up the phone and picked up her pace heading to the park where Joe was going to pick her up. Cyndie rounded around the corner and there was Joe already parked ready to pick her up. Dang he beat me there Cyndie thought to herself and a grin begin to fill her face. Joe got out of the car as Cyndie walked up.

“All ready to go I see.” Joe said as he reached to take the bag from Cyndie. “Let’s put that in the back.”

“Ok,” replied Cyndie with a big smile as she let Joe take the bag and put into the back of the car. Joe tossed the bag in and closed the lid and moved over to Cyndie to open her door but he stopped in front of Cyndie putting his arm around her and pulling her to him. Cyndie felt Joe’s body press against her and she knew what was coming. Joe then planted a big kiss right onto Cyndie’s lips and Cyndie quickly returned the kiss and felt the passion between them. The kiss went on for a few minutes and Cyndie’s mind was reeling and her body already responding. Joe pulled back from the kiss and opened the door.

“Your ride awaits my lady.” Joe smiled at Cyndie. Cyndie snickered her lipstick was showing on Joe’s lips.

Cyndie reached up and wiped the excess lipstick from Joe lips. “There you look better.”

“Thank you again my Lady,” and Joe bowed.

Cyndie got into the car as Joe walked around and got in himself. Joe started the car and began the drive. The drive took a time and it gave Cyndie and Joe lots of time to talk. Cyndie and Joe laughed and talked as the drive progressed, heading over to the coast. The sun was shining and the day was warm as Joe drove along the coast looking for a place to stop. Joe had his hand on Cyndie’s thigh as they talked and drove along the coast when finally Joe pulled into a dirt driveway. Joe pulled down into parking area with only 2 other cars there. Joe got out of the car and went to the back as Cyndie got out. Joe pulled out a large wicker picnic basket and took Cyndie’s hand and walked out toward the cliff to find a path that stepped down to the beach.

Joe and Cyndie walked out onto the sand and looked around, not a single person was around. Joe walked with Cyndie still carrying the picnic basket and walked down the beach to a small cove where Joe set down the picnic basket and pulled out a large blanket. Joe spread it on the ground and helped Cyndie kneel down. Joe kneeled down as well and moved toward Cyndie. A light breeze was blowing keeping it just cool enough with the sun shining down. The surf was softly crashing just off a short distance as Joe moved up to Cyndie and took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Their bodies pressing together as Joe and Cynide wrapped their arms around each other pulling in tighter. Cyndie’s mouth opened slightly as Joe flicked his tongue across her lips and sliding in seductively. Cyndie moaned as Joe slide his tongue in deeper. Joe pulled away suddenly while Cyndie still had her eyes closed wanting the kiss to last.

“Come on help me get the stuff out of beylikdüzü otele gelen escort the basket,” Joe snickered.

“Ok,” Cyndie replied and helped by taking out the Sandwich fixings, small bottle of mustard, mayo and pickles. Joe meanwhile had pulled out the bread, turkey meat and various cheeses. Cyndie looked into the basket and giggled. “You didn’t!”

“Yep I sure did. We can have those later.” Cyndie pulled out a bag of candy corn. “Now put that back so we can take a quick swim before we have some lunch.” Joe stood up and pulled off his shirt and slid off his socks and tennis shoes. “Are you coming?”

Joe headed out into the waves running to the beach so Cyndie hurriedly pulled off her shirt, shorts and sandals to be in her bathing suit and ran after Joe. Joe was waist deep in the water as he watched Cynide run. Joe got a really big smile as he watched Cyndie run. Joe was staring at Cyndie’s breasts bouncing freely. Joe waited for Cyndie taking her into his arms and pulling her to him and kissing her deeply his hands kneeding her butt and pressing their bodies together. The two kissed now fully and passionately their mouths open and exploring each other. Joe’s moved one hand on Cyndie’s ass and the other sliding around the slide to cup her breast. Cyndie was running her hands over Joe’s ass and his back enjoying all the sensations feeling Joe’s excitement rising between them. The two were lost in their kiss when a large wave hit them pushing them both over and into the surf.

Joe and Cyndie came up laughing completely soaked their hair a mess. The two crawled up and helped each other up. “I guess we should do our kissing on land” Joe laughed.

“Yes,” Cyndie laughed, “and keep away from the waves.”

Joe said ,”Well since we are wet, let’s go in for a swim.”

“OK.” Cyndie shot back as she splashed some water at Joe.

Joe then walked out further and lifted his legs and began to swim out beyond the wave zone. Cyndie watched and swam out after Joe. Both of them had to tread water and swam around a bit. Joe came over and gave Cyndie a peck kiss on the cheek and said. “Let’s go back in and have some lunch now.”

“Sure.” Cyndie responded and started to swim in.

Joe and Cyndie swam in side by side using the waves to surf in till they stood up and walked out the rest of the way. The two walked up to the blanket where Joe grabbed a couple of towels and threw one to Cyndie. The two started to dry off but Cyndie walked up to Joe. “Here let me do that,” Cyndie purred.

“Sure if you want to Cyndie.” Joe stood there as Cyndie moved around him using her towel to dry off Joe’s face and shoulders. She then moved behind Joe and dried off his back and over his butt paying special attention there. Joe laughed. “Hey that tickles.”

“Sorry.” Cyndie replied and knelt down rubbing her towel over Joe’s legs drying them off then working up between Joe’s legs. Cyndie rubbed the towel saying, “We got to make sure you are all dry.”

“Oh yeah,” Joe moaned letting Cyndie work. Cyndie then stood up and moved around in front of Joe. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips as she took the towel and began to dry his chest and moving lower, drying his stomach and then even lower. Cyndie continued the kiss and she began to dry Joe’s shorts which were now tenting in front.

“Oh we have something that needs attention.” Cyndie winked.

“Oh yeah,” was the only thing Joe could say.

Cyndie looking up at Joe slowly knelt down keeping the beylikdüzü rus escort towel on Joe’s shorts. Cyndie let the towel fall as her hands moved up to pull down at Joe’s swim shorts. The shorts easily slide off Joe and Joe’s cock sprung free. Cyndie smiled and quickly took Joe’s cock into her mouth. Joe moaned and thrust slightly forward as Cyndie used her tongue and lips to work on Joe’s cock. Joe took Cyndie’s hair in his hands as Cyndie worked on his cock. Cyndie was sucking and licking and tasting Joe as Joe thrust into and out of her mouth. Joe kept thrusting his hips as Cyndie took more and more in going in as deep pushing her nose into Joe’s stomach. Joe groaned at feeling his cock fully in Cyndie’s mouth her sucking and tongue use just making him so excited. Joe then moaned out as his cock began to spurt into Cyndie’s mouth. Spurt after spurt went into Cyndie’s mouth as she hungrily sucked it down finally licking Joe’s cock clean. Cyndie let Joe’s softening cock out of her mouth.

Joe smiled down at Cyndie as she stood up hugging Joe tightly. “That was great,” Joe said.

“Yes I am the best.” Joe spankd Cynides butt lightly.

“And sincere too.”

Both Cyndie and Joe laughed. Joe looked down. Well I seem to be undone.

“Why don’t you just take them off?” Cyndie winked.

“Why don’t you?” Joe replied.

So Cyndie kneeled back down and helped Joe step out of his shorts. Cyndie gave a quick kiss to Joe’s cock as she stood up. Joe smiled back. “Well I am naked but you are not. Wonder if this is fair?”

“No it’s not.” Cyndie said as she began to undo her top.

“No STOP!” Joe quickly said. “It’s my job to take it off.” Joe moved over to Cyndie standing in front of her and put his arms around her holding him to her and began to kiss her. Cyndie melted into the kiss as Joe undid her top and kept kissing Cyndie. Joe pressed his mouth in firmer as he pulled each strap off her shoulder. Joe slowly stripped Cyndie pulling away from her only long enough to remove her top and let it fall onto the blanket. Joe kept kissing and probing in with his tongue into Cyndie’s mouth as Joe’s hand moved lower cupping each of Cyndie’s butt. Joe massaged and played with Cynide’s butt as he slipped his hands inside and began to kneel down.

Joe broke the kiss but kept his eyes on Cyndie as he moved lower giving a kiss at each nipple before kneeling before Cyndie. Joe then slid down Cyndie’s swim bottoms smiling at Cyndie. Joe then leaned in and kissed at Cynide’s pussy. Joe moved inbetween Cyndie’s legs lifting one so that he could lick at her now fully exposed pussy. Joe licked and kissed helping Cyndie to balance still standing up with one leg in the air. Cyndie held onto Joe’s head balancing as Joe licked her.

Cyndie moaned and moved and wiggled as Joe sucked on Cyndie’s clit and pussy lips pulling and pinching them. Cyndie began to get very wet and her breathing faster. Cyndie rode Joe’s head as Joe licked and sucked pushing his tongue into Cyndie causing her to shiver and finally moan out in a large orgasm. Cyndie came so hard she could not balance any more but luckily Joe caught her and helped her collapse onto the blanket.

Cyndie laid on the blanket still cumming in waves as Joe moved between Cyndie’s legs. Cyndie easily opened her legs and looked up to see Joe grinning as he slid between Cyndie’s legs and his hard cock slide right into Cyndie’s wet and quivering pussy. “Oh god yes.” Cyndie moaned as Joe entered into Cyndie causing another orgasm to take beylikdüzü türbanlı escort over her body. Joe and Cyndie now fucked on the beach not taking time to enjoy the scenery but all wrapped in each other. Cyndie wrapped her legs around Joe helping him push into Cyndie. Joe moaned and grunted and played with Cyndie’s nipples as he kept the pounding going. Cyndie then came again spreading her legs wider. Joe sat up his cock still inside Cyndie so he could look down. Joe then moved a little to the right and then to the left teasing Cyndie a she was lost in orgasm.

Cyndie moaned. “Come on.” Begging Joe.

“Oh is this what you want?” Joe said as he would push in extra deep.

“Yes.” Cyndie moaned throwing her head back. Then Joe would stop again. “Oh please.” Cyndie moaned louder.

Joe snickered as he pushed in deep again hearing Cyndie moan. “Now beg me to fuck you.”

“Please fuck me,” Cyndie moaned.

“Yeah that’s it beg me to do it.”

“Fuck me Joe. That’s right fuck my pussy Joe.”

“Yeah baby here it comes.” Joe pushed in hard one last time and grunted out spewing his cum inside Cyndie as she too came again feeling Joe’s cock cumming in her. The two then rolled onto their sides Joe’s cock sliding out as they kissed slowly and sensuously. Their bodies laid next to each other their hands slowly and softly rubbing over each other’s skin with the kisses coming soft and fast. Joe kissed all around Cyndie’s neck and face. “Your amazing,” Joe whispered to Cyndie.

“So are you Love.”

“Want to have some lunch now?”

Cyndie giggled. “Sure I have already had dessert.”

“Yes you have.” Joe kissed Cyndie on the nose and turned over and sat up and started to lay out the lunch fixings. Cyndie sat up too and helped out. Joe and Cyndie made their sandwiches staying naked as they sat on the blanket. Joe took a bite of his lunch and looked at Cyndie. “This has a great taste and I have a wonderful view.” Joe said staring at Cyndie’s tits.

“Glad you like it.” Cyndie replied as she shook her tits knowing Joe loved it snickering as she saw Joe’s cock twitch.

Joe and Cyndie finished up their lunch and took some tea and drank it to cool off. “That was nice.” Joe said as he stared at Cyndie looking her up and down.

“Yeah it was a nice lunch.”

“Yeah and it’s not even over yet.” Joe reached into the picnic basket and pulled out the small bag of candy corn. Joe opened it up and held out one. “Here you go my sweet.” Joe held out the candy corn to place it into Cyndie’s mouth. Cyndie closed her lips around Joe’s finger and the candy corn as Joe pulled his fingers back Cyndie softly sucked. Joe smiled as Cyndie chewed on her candy.

“Now it’s my turn.” Cyndie exclaimed as she took the bag of candy corn from Joe. Pulling out one piece she held it up to Joe who leaned in and took it from her hand his tongue moving around her finger as he closed his mouth on the candy corn and pulled it into his mouth. Joe chewed on his piece and smiled staring at Cyndie’s tits. Cyndie pulled out another piece and slowly rubbed it around her nipples smiling at Joe. Cyndie’s nipple responded getting harder as Cyndie kept rubbing and flicking the candy corn over her nipple. Joe’s cock began to stir and Cyndie noticed.

Cyndie held up the candy to Joe who hungrily took it into his mouth and said, “That’s wonderful.”

Joe then took the candy and pulled out a piece and rubbed it up and down his now hardening cock. Cyndie licked her lips as Joe then took the candy and rubbed it over Cyndie’s lips before pushing it into her mouth. “Yes wonderful.” Cyndie moaned as she ate the candy. Joe and Cyndie then spent the rest of the afternoon either lazing at the beach on the blanket or taking dips in the water to cool off. They also played a bit more in the water or on the beach till it was time to go back. Cyndie arrived home later that day, well tanned and very happy.

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