Mart 30, 2021

Cutie’s Breakdown Turns Erotic

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Cutie is driving along. She’s already out of her depth. For starters, she’s Australian so she’s driving on the wrong side of the road. And, though these parts are not terribly mountainous yet, she is struggling to round the curves of the road in the snow. Even her long slim legs and expert gear shifting aren’t helping in these conditions.

Things get worse far too quickly. She hears that all too familiar popping sound as the tyre blows. She’s rugged enough that she can handle the vehicle to the side of the road without crashing but she knows what this means. An Australian girl broken down on the side of the road, in the middle of, well, nowhere, in Colorado.

She gets out of the car. It’s raining now. Great. Her hair is tucked up into her beanie which she pulls down over her ears. She can see a house about twenty metres away with its lights on. Thank God, someone is still awake and not far away. She doesn’t bother trying to get her jacket out of her suitcase in the back. Decides to make a run for it. Stupid really. She gets saturated even though it takes her hardly any time to make it onto the porch of the little house. Looks cosy, she thinks.


Chris is feeling on edge. He’s supposed to be working on his article for the local paper, he even asked to be left alone to do it. His girlfriend has gone out with her friends and seems to be making it a late one. He has everything he needs, a glass of wine and a trusty typewriter. Well, it’s a laptop with a picture on the desktop of a typewriter. Blank page and all. Just like his article, he thinks. He starts to finger the keyboard slowly key by key. q-w-e-r-t-y- when he is interrupted by a knock at the door.

He is surprised the see the tall slim girl in front of him. He’s taken aback by her sodden presence. She’s drenched from head to toe it seems. And those eyes…almond shaped pools of green that just sparkle. She catches her breath. ‘G’day,’ she says. She’s Australian, he thinks. Feels like he knows her in that instant. There is warmth there.

He realises he must be staring at her when he computes that she’s been talking about a broken down car and tyres and not having a map and not knowing anyone and using the phone and it’s when she says “And blah blah blah, are you ok?” that he snaps out of the mesmerised state and offers quite naturally for her to come on in out of the rain.


She likes him straight away. Tall, dark and handsome. Still holding his wine glass. Kind of quirky the way he paused before letting her in. She offers him a wide smile of appreciation. He’s cute. Deep brown eyes. Hair longer than most guys, just long enough to run your hands through, she thinks. She apologises for getting his floor all wet but he is so soft and kindly guides her into the living room where he appeared to be working in front of the fire. She is drawn into the warmth immediately.

“I’m Chris,” says Chris.

His name crackles just like the fire behind her. Hard K. Soft S.

She says it out loud. “Chr-is.” She feels her pussy get wet just saying his name.

She slides her all-Australian ugg boots off and wriggles her toes in the soft fur rug on the floor. Chris catches a glimpse of her slender calves. He wants to see more.

He offers to get her some dry clothes halkalı eve gelen escort and suggests they work out who to call and what to do once she dries off. She takes off her beanie, spilling her long shiraz coloured hair all around her shoulders. Pouring over her like a glass of red wine. He takes a sip of his wine but he wants to be drinking her hair.

He offers to make her a warm drink. Hot chocolate.

“With marshmallows?” she asks. Chris likes the way her accent dances on the ‘a’s. So cute.

“Yes with marshmallows,” he replies.

Finally a smile, she thinks. It’s warm and broad, just like his frame. She just wants to be swept up into his arms to drown in his eyes.

“I’m Cutie,” she says.

She sure is, Chris thinks.

She takes off her soaked jeans. Her jumper – Aussie for sweater — is tight across her big tits and long enough to cover her panties but offers no coverage for her long slim legs. Chris likes what he sees, spying from the kitchen as he fumbles making her drink. Cutie knows he’s watching her, wanting her. She’s wanting him too.

She slips her jumper over her head. He is captivated again by the silhouette revealed against the flames of the fireplace. Broad shoulders, slim waist, curvy hips. She’s the perfect hourglass shape. Her skin is glowing. She looks so soft, he thinks. His cock is hard. As she turns he glimpses the shape of her breasts. They’re just as he thought they’d be. Big, Round. Supple. That’s it, supple, he thinks and smiles.

She’s standing there in her black bra and panties running her hands down her sides to keep warm. He can’t believe his luck. His cock is throbbing at the sight of her, the wish to be with her. There’s an ache as he thinks his girlfriend might walk in at any second. Why me, he wonders.

He takes the drink to Cutie, covering his front with a towel. “Thanks Chris,” Cutie says taking the drink. And the towel. Chris coughs a little embarrassed to reveal how big his cock must look through his pants.

He offers to get her some clothes too but she says she’s comfortable and asks whether he’d be more comfortable taking his clothes of to join her.

“I can throw a bucket of water on you first if you like, to give you good reason,” Cutie jokes.

Chris doesn’t need a reason.

Cutie puts down her drink. She takes his shirt, half unbuttoned anyway, and slips it easily over his head. She runs her hands down the sides of his arms. He loves her touch. Chris slides his hand into the curve of her back and pulls her close. Her heart shaped lips part and he kisses her. Softly, feeling each others lips connect and the soft breath on skin. Cutie is so hungry for him. Her pussy aches for that hard cock that she can feel pressing against her. She slips her hand around the top of his pants and underwear and slides them down and off.

He’s obviously of European extraction, she thinks, as his skin glows in the ambient firelight. Cutie is in awe of his big cock. She kisses him deeply, searching his mouth with her tongue. She moans for him.

“Oh Chris.”

Chris wants her so badly. He unclips her bra and slips it off cleanly. Cutie’s breasts seem to spill out, these billowy, pillowy, fleshy curves of perfection. halkalı grup yapan escort Raspberry nipples, soft, supple breasts give as he squeezes them. He puts her tit in his mouth and she moans as she feels the pressure of his tongue, her pussy juices responding to his touch. She loves the way he runs his hands down her sides. They rest on the top of her panties and then swiftly he manoeuvres them down her long legs and whisks her panties off. Chris takes her hand and guides her down to the rug in front of the fireplace. He gently lays her back and parts her legs. Cutie sucks in a deep breath in anticipation.

Chris runs his tongue over her clit, circling it. Cutie’s clit is so super sensitive she can feel the sensation as his tongue presses against the skin around it. She knows he’s going to be able to make her cum. Chris licks her swollen pussy lips. Cutie is aching for him and juice is dripping out.

“Mmmmmm,” moans Chris. Her pussy juice tastes just like apples. Cutie knows he’s enjoying this and that makes her feel so much hotter. Chris reaches up and runs his hand over her breast, makes her hornier still and himself even harder.

He slips his tongue inside her wet pussy. She can feel the sensation of his tongue just inside, teasing and taunting, it’s enough to drive her wild. Chris’ fingers caress her clit and the skin all around and the nerve endings scream with ecstasy. He moves a little faster inside and out. Cutie shifts her legs and moves her hips. She gives herself over to him, to the pleasure.

“Chris. Oh Chris. I’m going to cum.”

Cutie’s legs go weak as the pulsing sensation sends shivers hot and cold all over her body. His tongue slowly licks all over her pussy lips, enhancing the feelings. She has had an orgasm but that just makes her want him more. Chris is so hard now, feels like such a man making her cum like that. She’s so appreciative, he thinks.

Cutie takes his shaft in her soft hands. She wants that cock all over her body. First, she rubs his cock on her tits, they are on fire. Then over her neck and up to her lips. Her lips part and she takes in the head of his cock. Chris thinks it’s so warm and soft in there. She wants him to fuck her mouth.

Cutie slides her tongue down and around his shaft, licking under his balls and right under the fleshy part near his anus. She loves everything about his cock, from its base to its tip and shows it by licking it all the way back up again. She slides the head in again, lashing at the shaft with her tongue. His cock hits her palette, a sensitive place and she repeats fucking his cock with her mouth over and over.

It’s so frustrating for Chris, his cock hitting her palette, driving him over the edge wanting to be in deeper. Cutie takes his cock in further. Right into her throat. Breathlessly, she sucks and lashes and slides him back out again. All the way in and then all the way out. Over and over. She is worshipping his cock with her mouth. She looks up unto his deep brown eyes and feels the passion as the stares deeply into hers. He gently places his hand on the back of her head for some resistance as Cuties sucks his cock faster and faster and deeper and deeper, taking him all the way into her hot halkalı masöz escort mouth.

Cutie’s pussy is aching so much now. She loves Chris in her mouth but she wants him in her pussy too. So much juice is coming out of her pussy now. Chris has precum leaking out of his cock. He wants to cum in her mouth but he wants to be fucking that awesome pussy too.

Cutie sucks long and hard and slips him out of her mouth, pushing him backwards at the same time. She straddles him with her long slender legs, lifting up and onto his big cock. She wants his cock like nothing else. The head of his big penis parts her swollen pussy lips. The tightness gives and he enters the moist paradise. Cutie tightens the grip on his body using her inner thigh muscles. All that training for trekking in the mountains has not gone to waste, she thinks.

She moves her hips to take him into her. Feeling his whole penis inside. As it slides against her inner walls, all new sensations are felt.

Chris looks up at his curvaceous goddess. Big tits, long hair, slim waist, flat stomach. He rests his hands on her hips, towards the back. He wants to brace his queen when she starts riding him.

She looks down at Chris. His muscular build, not a gym-junkie thank god, just a natural, manly physique that makes a girl feel safe. Kind of like Clark Kent and Superman rolled into one. She circles her hips and takes him deeper into her again. Grinding down on him. If she moves a certain way, his cock hits her special spot deep inside. She likes his hands holding her hips and ass.

They fuck. Deep, passionate, man and woman lovin’. Cutie bounces on Chris’ cock, her tits bounce too, her hair swings. Bounces and flounces, moans and groans. This is where god lives, Cutie thinks, right in these moments. She fucks him harder. All her juices are spilling over Chris’ cock. He is lifting his hips to take the force of hers with each slam, bam, thank you ma’m fucking motion. It’s glorious. He throbs harder as she moans. Even harder when she starts to scream. He’s hit her special spot deep inside and made her cum. A long, deep orgasm that electrifies Cutie’s body and keeps her fucking him harder.

Cutie grips his inner upper arm muscles pushing against them. Harder and faster. Wet and soft. Hard and throbbing. Chris moans as he starts to cum too. Cutie pushes even harder, gripping with her pulsing cunt so that she can feel every throb of cum spill into her.

“Oh Chris,” she sighs.

“Oh Cutie. You’re hot,” Chris moans.

Cutie takes his cock out and feels the last throbs against the outside of her pussy. She leans forward and lets her long shiraz hair spill over him, resting her tits on his chest. He softly strokes her back. Two sexy people giving generously to each other sexually. They bathe in the glow of the fire. Lust can feel like love sometimes too.


They sip hot chocolates, laugh at each others accents, talk about their hopes and dreams for life, as you do. Chris has called the right people to fix Cutie’s car in the rain and her clothes are all dry. Cutie knows it’s time to go. She hasn’t even reached the mountain’s climax yet, well, in a way.

She gives Chris a long, deep kiss goodbye and, beanie in place, heads out into the cold again, a thirst for more adventure.

Chris is feeling less edgy now. He can get back to that article with a bit more zeal. Yeah right, as if writing about the local dairy industry compares with what he just did, he jokes. The page stares back at him. q-w-e-r-t-y is all that’s there. His fingers roll over the letters c-u-t-i-e. He smiles as his girlfriend walks in the door.

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