Ocak 30, 2021

Curious No More Ch. 10

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Thank you for your patience! I really appreciate all your emails and support. But enough about me; let’s get to the stuff you men want.


“Are you looking forward to getting your ass used and filled?”

I pushed my crotch into him, my hard cock apparent. “Does that answer your question?”

“Let’s get dressed and get some food. Alex and Cory are going to call us when they are ready. They had a little errand to run.”

Sam grinned when he said ‘errand’ making me wonder what they were up to. This weekend was already turning into an unforgettable time, but I had no idea how incredible it would turn out.

Sam held out his hand after we finished clothing ourselves, “Let’s go, baby. Time to make this a weekend you never, ever forget.”


Sam and I met up with the guys after their errand but they wouldn’t tell me what it was. We went for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants in the hotel as like most of the hotels in Vegas, ours did not lack for food or entertainment. However, most of our entertainment would be self-provided. I grinned at Alex and Cory.

“You look like the cat that ate the canary?” Alex grinned back.

“I ate something, that’s for sure,” and smiled even bigger at them. “I also hear we are trying the raw diet this weekend?”

“Sam told you!”

“He did. You guys promise, its all clear, right?” We were in a busy restaurant of our hotel and people were all around us. I was still shy about this part of my life and talked in ‘code’.

“We are completely clear. I’m not sure that even Sam knows this, but the test results you saw are from the second set you get done after 6 weeks to make sure you have no virus or anything at all. We are clear and clean.”

My cock started to rise. I was going to have the time of my life this weekend.

Cory reached his hand over to my thigh and squeezed me causing me to let out a slight moan.

“I think he’s ready?” Cory laughed.

“I just had sex 30 minutes ago and my balls feel blue already. When do we start?”

Everyone laughed.

“Pretty sure if he’s not gay by now that he will be Liberace by the end of this trip!” Sam joked.

We finished our lunch and Cory detailed the day’s plan of events, “We’ll see you guys in a while at the pool. Alex and I are gonna get a quick workout in and then catch up to you guys. Maybe we’ll have some fun before dinner,” he slyly added.

“Please hurry!” I joked. “I am buzzing!”

After our late lunch, Alex and Cory left to go workout which left Sam and I to ourselves for a bit. We wanted to catch some sun at the pool and went up to our room to get changed. As soon as we entered, we again started to make out and I dropped to my knees. I didn’t just suck his cock, I rubbed it all over my face, trying to inhale his scent. He was rock hard and I licked and kissed every inch of his spike.

He flopped his dick on my face, looking down at me, “You love my cock?”

It was more statement than question.

“Yessss…I love your cock…feed me.”

“Let’s show the world how much you love my cock.” Sam put his hand under my chin and guided me up and walked me over to the window as we held hands. “Show the world you are a cock sucker, sweetie.”

Our room had floor to ceiling windows and a view of the pool area behind our hotel. From this vantage point, I could see how our hotel curved and allowed me to look into certain rooms.

I took hold of Sam’s cock, knelt and swallowed him to the root. Sam gently ran his hands through my hair, telling me to look down at all the people watching me suck cock like a good slut.

“Do it,” Sam said. “And don’t let that cock out of your mouth.”

I held his cock with one hand while the other held his ass and started to vigorously bob on his cock. Watching the people 30 floors below us made me even more turned on.

“Good boy, Matt. Look at all the people seeing what a fag you’ve turned into.”

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned.

“You can’t deny it, can you? You are all in now aren’t you?”

I slowed my sucking down, the last vestiges of my straight sexuality making me pause.

“Say it, Matt. Be a good boy.”

Something washed over me. Like the air being let out of the room, a sudden realization hit me – hard. I felt calm at the idea and I knew its certainty. I let Sam’s cock release from my mouth and looked up at Sam. His hand still holding my head gently, my ears almost ringing and my eyes solely focused on the man standing over me…my man.

“…I’m gay.”

I stared him in the eyes and as soon as I said it, my cock went as hard as I had ever felt it.

“Whoa…” Sam softly said.

Immediately he recognized that this wasn’t just part of our sex talk. This was an admission. An acceptance.

“Come here,” Sam said and helped me stand up. “Are you ok?”

“I’m gay, Sam. I am…gay.” I leaned into Sam and pulled him tight and we started to kiss, our tongues wrestling with passion. “Oh my, God…Sam…I want you so bad.”

I was almost shaking but it was a mixture of nervousness casino şirketleri and excitement. I now felt anxious of what might come but I also felt relief at truly letting go. Sam recognized it right away.

“It’s just a label, babe. You are what you are. I want to be with you. Take your time and sort this…”

I cut him off, “I want you.” We continued kissing, ripping our clothes off before falling to the floor, naked.

Sam had me pinned to the ground and my legs were wrapped around him, trying to coax his cock into my hole.

He nibbled on my neck, telling me how much he loved turning my ass.

“You really are one of us now, aren’t you?” Sam growled in my ear. I was reaching around him to try and line his cock up with my hole. I finally got it centered at my hole and Sam slowly started to work it into me. We were doing this without lube but my hole was certainly use to the position and still probably wet from our previous fuck.

It finally popped into me and as he slid his full member into me, I blurted out, “I want you, Sam. I love your cock…” I paused, “…I love you.”

I wasn’t sure where that came from, but I had no regrets saying it as I couldn’t deny it anymore. I felt another weight lift off of me.

Sam stopped, his cock impossibly hard, all the way in my pussy and he looked me in the eyes, “Seriously?”

I nodded, “Yessss.”

“Oh Matt! Fuck! Oh fuck, that’s so hot! I love you, too!” Sam bellowed.

I melted in his arms and felt the final resistance I had remaining, evaporate.

We clawed at each other now, truly no barriers between us.

“Say it again!” Sam ordered.

“I love you!” I breathlessly said.

“Fuck that’s hot! You are gay! Oh babe! I fucking love you!”

“Cum in me, daddy! Make me yours again! Put your babies in me!”

We couldn’t stop touching each other. It was if we simply couldn’t become one with each other enough.

“I’ll never forget my first fuck as a real man! Plow my guts daddy!”

I pulled at his ass, trying to draw him impossibly closer into me. Sam rocked me, faster and faster until I could feel his cock expand and empty his load into my guts.

“UNNHHHHHH! Yeah! Take my load!” Sam moaned. “I love you!”

His admission caused me to cum all over my stomach and chest. I felt the wave of pleasure roll through me and my cock pulsed without it being touched. Our mouths locked together, moaning and groaning. The most passionate fuck of my life, over as quickly as it began.

Sam’s weight pressed on me and I kept my arms wrapped around him, rubbing his back and his ass. Our heavy breathing the only noises now filling the room.

I finally grabbed his head and pulled his face out of my neck and turned him to me for a kiss. Sam grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head, his cock still hard inside my hole.

“What came over you? That was incredible…are you ok?” Sam smiled at me.

“I am. It caught me off guard a bit…but it felt right. And I don’t take it back – I know you’ve wanted to try and keep boundaries with us but…”

Sam kissed me again. “I had a feeling you were leaning that way. I’m completely OK with it.”

“Being gay or…?” I asked. We were still both catching our breaths.

“All of it, actually. I just didn’t think you’d admit it this quickly though,” Sam said as he pulsed his cock in me.

“Hmmmm,” I moaned, “It kind of just came out but I’m ok with it. I might not be ready to tell the world but I am definitely happy you feel the same way.”

“It’s safe with me.” Sam still had my arms pinned over my head and was now sitting up, using his weight to hold me down.

“I know. I think that’s why I told you. I didn’t see or think this could happen in a million years.” This intimate talk had a weird effect on me – my cock started to get hard again. My load was shining and sticking to both of us and the look in Sam’s eyes told me that we might be about to go for another round. Somehow, his cock never really deflated and was now getting harder.

“Are you going to tell Alex or Cory?” Sam asked as he looked at me.

The thought of sharing my conversion turned me on. “Yeah…as long as they understand, it’s still my ‘secret’. It might even be hot…” I paused, “Yeah. I’m ok with telling them. What do you think?” I looked into his eyes.

“I think you turn me on like mad,” he grinned. He rubbed and massaged my load onto my stomach and cock, bringing me back to hardness also.

“I do? Enough to have something left over for tonight?” I wrapped my legs around Sam again and he started to slowly grind at me.

“If I fuck you now, it just means I’ll be able to fuck you longer later.”

“Do it,” I said looking deeply into his eyes, my hands holding his head. “Give me another load of your babies.”

Sam started to slowly stroke in and out of my ass, his cock growing harder as he started to pick up the pace. My ass was wet with his load and the sounds of our fucking filled the room…only to be interrupted by the hotel rooms’ phone.

“Don’t stop fucking me! Ignore casino firmaları it!” I demanded and Sam started slamming into my ass.

“Come on, babe,” I told Sam, “Let’s get up and show Vegas how gay I really am.” I stood up and placed my hands against the desk next to the window and my ass up, primed and ready.

“Fuck me, daddy.” I could feel his load leaking out of me, down my leg.

Sam spread my cheeks, applied some lube (thank god) and sank his cock into me until his balls rested against mine. He grabbed my hips and started fucking me hard.

The sounds of our hips and our wetness filled the room along with my moaning and encouragement.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Fuck me like the fag I am! Unh unh unh!”

Sam’s hard cock kept pounding me and I could feel him get harder and harder. His hands gripping me stronger and firmer. He didn’t stop and his load got worked deeper into me.

“Fuck your load deeper into me, babe. Plow my pussy! Give me your DNA!”

I could feel Sam’s intensity as he kept fucking me, only occasionally stopping to reset his angle.

“Give me your cum! Show everyone that I’m yours!” I bellowed.

Our man sex display on full view in the window turned us both on. His slamming into me made my cock swing and get hard as his balls slammed against me. I was leaking from the pounding he was giving my prostate.

I knew he was close even though he had just cum and tried to trigger him. “Cum in me baby! I love you! Do it for me babe!”

Sam growled at me, “Say it again!”

“I fucking love you! I do! Cum in me! You made me gay and I love it! I love you!” It was true.

“YESSS!” Sam roared. I could feel his cock expand and start to spasm in me. He pulled me close to him and I felt his cock flex, his hands on my hips, not letting me go, shooting his baby seed into my guts. “Unh unh unh!”

“Unnnnhhhhh yes, daddy…seed my gay ass. I love it!” I said, trying to sound gay as I pushed back into Sam and squeezed my ass, milking his cock with my ass. Sam’s cock was rubbing my magic spot in my hole and it felt so good but I wasn’t able to cum and I didn’t care – I was his to use.

Sam collapsed on my back before wrapping his arm around me and pulling ourselves up to a standing position. We turned to face out the window, his one hand now holding my cock while his other hand turned my head to him for a kiss.

I moaned into his mouth as we kissed and started to feel his cock start to slip out of my very wet ass. I tried to squeeze him back into me but all it did was push him out. Both of us exhausted from the intensity of the past moments, he sat down in the chair next to the desk while I slowly fell and lay on the floor at his feet. I started to feel his load leak out of me and the feeling of total submission came over me, giving me the most incredible feeling of contentment. I rubbed his leg and he looked down at me and smiled.

“I have no idea how I just fucked you back-to-back like that…You turn me on that much.”

“Thank you, daddy.”

Our moment was interrupted though when we heard our door knocked at.

“If you guys are done, we’d love to join in?” we heard a voice say from behind the door. It was Alex.

Sam and I both laughed and he got up to let them in as I slipped into the bathroom to get a towel and clean up. I came out and the boys grinned at me.

“What?” I grinned back.

“We knew you guys were fucking!” Alex laughed.

“We went to the pool and you guys weren’t there, so we texted and called the room and still no answer… we had a feeling that you guys might be starting the party without us,” Cory added.

“Could you guys hear us out there?” I asked, a bit shocked as I was thinking the rooms of Vegas might have better sound proofing.

Cory grinned, “We could definitely hear a few moans…it sounded hot.”

“Speaking of ‘party’…who wants to start really partying?” Alex held up a 12 pack of beer… and a bag of coke. It was a huge sized rock and more than enough to keep us fueled for the weekend.

“Jesus! Where did you guys get that?” I asked.

“This is what our errand was about earlier,” Cory explained. “We also got some molly.”

“Wow! Looks like we won’t be sleeping at all this weekend?” I excitedly added. Sam and I had done a bit of cocaine together and we had a lot of fun skiing and fucking. We had both done molly, but never with each other.

Alex looked at us and asked what we wanted to hit first, “You guys want to ski or roll?”

“Birthday boy, it’s your weekend; what would you like?” Sam motioned to me.

“That looks like a lot of scale,” I said, “Are we even going to be able to finish it? We should probably start with that?”

“You never know how long the party will go or who might join,” Cory smiled. “I’ll chop some up.”

I dropped my towel and started to get into my swim shorts. I was losing any reservations about being naked around them now but Sam took it one step further by stopping me.

“I think you should be naked whenever we are in this room from now on.” He smiled slyly at güvenilir casino me.

I cocked my head at him, “Really?”


Alex agreed, “I think that’s a great idea. It is your birthday weekend – you should wear your birthday suit.”

I stood there a bit slack jawed and unsure what to say when it hit me, “It’s my birthday weekend. I should get what I want. Don’t you think we should all be celebrating by all of us wearing our birthday suits?”

Cory who was still chopping the coke up at our desk turned and smiled at all of us, “He has a point.”

Within seconds, we were all naked and beers were cracked. We raised a toast again to my birthday and took a big gulp of our beers.

Alex grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss, “Happy birthday, big boy.”

My cock started to get hard when I felt hands on my hips. Cory turned me around and deep kissed me deeply also.

“Happy birthday,” he grinned. “You get the first rail.”

Cory had laid out 8 nice sized lines on the desk with a straw. I bent over and snorted one into each nostril.

I stood up and had a wicked smile on my face, handing the straw to Cory. Sam stepped to me and kissed me deeply when I felt the wave of coke go through me.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned and grabbed him tighter to me. I felt electric. Whomever Alex and Cory’s connection for coke was, he had great stuff. Alex took his turn and then Sam did his lines. The energy and sexual tension ramped up immediately.

As soon as Sam turned back to me, we kissed and fell back onto the bed while Cory and Alex were making out standing up.

Sam was biting and nibbling my neck as I watched them kiss. Sam whispered in my ear, “Why don’t you go take care of them?”

I turned to look him in the eyes and smiled. I crawled off the bed and knelt before Cory and Alex, grabbing their cocks. I could feel their warmth in each hand and licked Alex’s and then Cory’s before swallowing Alex’s cock to the root. I heard Alex moan and his cock grew in my mouth. I released it and immediately put Cory’s cock in my mouth and felt it too grow in my mouth. Cory let out a moan and then I let him out of my mouth and looked up at them and smiled. I had two hard cocks in my hands and I felt complete. They looked down at me and smiled.

“I love cock,” I said as a matter of fact.

Alex grabbed my hair and gently pulled, “You’re an amazing cock sucker. You do it so naturally.”

I swallowed his cock and pulled back before swapping to Cory for a few deep throats. “Thank you,” I smiled up at them.

Cory and Alex started to make out again as I worked their cocks, licking and sucking one as I stroked the other.

Alex grabbed my head and face fucked me hard for several thrusts. “Get up on the bed and suck your boyfriend. Get your ass up, slut.”

I climbed back on the bed where Sam was waiting for me. He had been stroking his cock and had it ready for me.

I took his beautiful dick in my mouth and slobbered all over it. As I did, I felt Alex get behind me and pull my ass apart and start rimming me.

“Mmmmmm I remember how much you liked this last time. I can taste Sam’s loads in here, can’t I?”

I gasped, “Ahhhh yessss!”

Alex continued to rim my hole, making me open up even more and moan on Sam’s cock.

He slapped my ass, “You want another load in there?”

“HmmmMmmmm!” I moaned without taking Sam’s dick out of my mouth. I couldn’t wait to feel another load in my ass again. It had been so long since I felt a different raw cock. My inner slut was coming out and it felt so natural to let myself go again.

Alex kept eating my hole until I heard the lube bottle get snapped open. I was still heavily focused on Sam’s cock but the sound of the lube being opened and closed was like a trigger in my head now. Only good things waited for me when I heard that snap and click.

I felt Alex shift on the bed and pull my hips up. Finally, the heat of his cock touched my hole and I instantly pressed back into him.

“Look at you,” Alex mocked. “You need it so bad now. Give in…Admit you are a real fag.”

I tilted my head up and looked at Sam, his cock still in my mouth, smiling as much as possible when your mouth is full of your lover’s dick. At that same moment, I felt Alex enter me.

“Mmmmmmmnhhh,” I moaned.

“Oh, fuck!” Alex groaned, “It’s so warm and wet!”

I then felt Cory climb up on the bed next to me and present his flesh stick to me. He grabbed my head and turned me towards him where I then eagerly took his cock in my mouth. I was in heaven.

Alex went into a nice rhythm on my ass and I sucked both Sam and Cory as they occasionally kissed.

“Fuck me, Alex! I want your babies in me. Mix them in with my boyfriends,” I said in between sucking cocks.

Alex slapped my ass, “Fuck yeah! You should see how creamy your hole looks!”

Cory and Sam started to get more into it and Cory straddled Sam. I used Cory for balance as they adjusted to start fucking and I was able to feel Cory’s cock and help it stay hard as they put lube on Sam’s cock. This would be my first time watching Sam fuck someone else. I had no sense of jealousy as I watched his cock enter Cory’s ass. It looked so inviting and turned me on seeing my man being pleased. It was another step in being turned into an even more submissive little boyfriend.

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