Ocak 27, 2021


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You dozed off. Not a good idea when I want you so bad. You snarl as strong hands pin you down. Fighting for dominance, you struggle to flip me over. Soft lips capture yours and our tongues war. You lose, but you don’t mind. Tonight you might enjoy being the bottom. You moan as a knee is thrust between your thighs and teeth start nibbling your earlobe. You strain but only have a deep chuckle sound in your ears as a return. You gasp and clutch at the coverlet when my knee rubs against your center.

“Please,” you whisper.

“Patience,” I reply. My hands move from your wrists to your sports bra, tracing the edge, making you wiggle a bit. You tug and realize your hands weren’t just pinned, they’re tied..no.. handcuffed to the bed frame. My voice is light and you can hear the smile. “Are you smiling?”

You chuckle, “You cuffed me to the fucking bed.”


You bite your lip, your heart beating just a little faster when you feel my fingernails scratch over your nipples, “Fuck!”

Kisses start at your ear, and travel down your jawbone, neck, and lower. You involuntarily buck at the small nips along the waist of your shorts. You moan as they are removed slowly. When I straddle you, you take advantage of the situation, kneeing me in my ass. My hands land on either side of you and I whisper a little more harshly, “Patience.” I tug bahis firmaları a nipple with my teeth and growl, “Don’t make me tie your feet up, too.”

You arch as my fingers move down your body from your face…tracing down your cheeks, neck…and over your hardened nipples. You sigh and give me a challenging look when I bite my bottom lip and pinch one. My fingers dance down your stomach and you whimper, “Don’t stop.” My fingers slide down and press against your slit, disappearing to rub against your clit as my tongue invades your mouth. You bite my lip and can feel your own pulse pound between your legs.

I feel you shiver and flick a nipple with my tongue, teasing it as I dip my fingers into your wet and willing body, “Mmm baby.” I pump softly but deeply, feeling your body open and close as I enter and retreat. Then, without warning or reason, I stop and withdraw.

You close your eyes now, “Damn you.” I bite your nipple hard and you hiss, “Shit!”

“Is that what you want, baby?” I bite again and you grunt. “You want it hard don’t you?” I kiss you hard, pushing your bra up and out of the way. Sucking hard, leaving slight marks behind, I lavish attention on your nipples. I make a show of flicking my tongue over a hard tip while you watch, helpless and wet. I pause a moment, looking into your eyes and smile, “You’re beautiful.”

Breathless, kaçak iddaa your eyes dip in a gesture, “I want to see you.” I’m still clothed. When I hesitate, you whisper, “Please?”

I slide my shirt over my head, revealing my white lace with a shy smile and slight blush. When you don’t reply, I whisper, “I know, white on white…”

“You’re beautiful,” you cut me off. “You’re absolutely beautiful.” You nod with your chin, “More. Can I see more?”

Still a bit unsure, “Really?” When you nod, I slide my shorts off, revealing a matching pair of panties. You can see how turned on I am in spite of the darkness and I watch you, blushing furiously, as you bite your lip and scan my body.

“Oh God, when you let me go, woman…” your voice trails off and I can’t help the shy smile.

I lean over and kiss you, “You assume, my love, that I’m going to let you up.” My fingers slide against your wetness again and I gasp, “Oh my, you’re so much wetter than before! What’s got you so worked up?” My fingers enter you slowly but easily and you pull against the cuffs to get more friction.

Stuttering, “Y-you.”

“M-me?” I mock you and suckle a nipple. My fingers tease you closer and closer to the peak.

“I am so fucking close,” you gasp, your hips moving in time with my pumping fingers. Nerves are on fire, liquid heat running kaçak bahis through your body, and you can’t hold out much longer. The problem is, you know I can. You’re just praying I don’t.

I remove my fingers only long enough to slide down your body. When my tongue slides against you, touching you for the first time, we moan together. You taste just as good as I dreamed you would. And when you spread your legs wider, I slide my tongue into you, and then flick your clit.

You pull hard against your restraints and arch your hips into me, grinding. I welcome your enthusiasm with two fingers buried deep inside you in a single thrust. “Fuck yes,” you gasp loudly. You get wetter and groan, “Harder. Baby, please.” Accommodating your request, I push harder and suck just as hard on your clit. When your legs begin to shake, you gasp, “Just like that. Please don’t stop that.”

I don’t plan on it. Not for all the money in the world or anything else, for that matter. Flicking my tongue quickly over your clit, I curl my fingers inside you and make a “come here” motion. This move makes you arch hard and shiver.

“Yes!” You scream, “Yes!” When you cum, you grunt my name and tremble all over. My fingers are sucked hard inside you and your body clamps down on me like a vice. I kiss you softly as you come down off your climax and your body releases my fingers. Moving my way up your body, I smile as I release your hands. Softly, I ask, “How do you feel?”

With a devastatingly sexy smile, you press my back to the bed as you reply, “You’re about to see for yourself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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