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Crossdressed In Best Friend’s Mom’s Clothes 9

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Crossdressed In Best Friend’s Mom’s Clothes 9
I cleaned myself in my behind and there was still cum oozing out of my pussy. Wow, dad had cummed a lot inside of me. I soaped my whole body after I was done cleaning my hole.

It was a really nice shower my dad had – all glass walls, with a huge window view over the city, and as it was in the middle of the night, it was real pretty. Even peaceful.

I grabbed a towel and dried myself off, and just put the towel around over my tits, and it went down over my butt-cheeks. I walked out into the living room where my dad was sitting with a cup of coffee and just some jeans on. He was about to get up and make some for me.

“Don’t get up, dad. I can make my own coffee!”

“Ok. Hot water’s in the kettle and the coffee is on the table beside the sink!”

I made the coffee and sat down on the sofa next to him.

He gently coughed “Ehmm…so Caroline. I should call you that from now on, right?”

I smiled and looked at him. “Yeah…now it’s in the open like this, I would appreciate it!” I sipped from my coffee.

“Ok, cool. Just checking! So Caroline, did you find any of this to be weird or uncomfortable? Because, this is wrong! I didn’t know that it was you before! Well you know, like in there!”

I could see he felt ashamed about it. And of course I could understand him and what he meant. But for me it was one of the sexiest things I had ever experienced so far in my life!

“Dad, I actually didn’t find it weird at all! I really liked it! You were like getting all crazy over me in there. I liked the spanking, and the handcuffs was a really nice touch! I know that you think that it is wrong…but no one else in the world needs to know this!”

He felt a bit more relaxed now. “You’re right, Caroline! I know I raised you, and sometimes even more than your own mother! But seeing you lay in there in my bed…like the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen! You just had this magnetic power over me! You tapped into my every lust!”

Mmmm, it felt good hearing him say that! “Wow…thanks, dad! But don’t sell yourself short…I think mom butchered your masculinity. But seeing your strong body, nice firm six-pack, and the way you feel so confident now…Dad, you’re sexy as hell! And any woman would be lucky to have you!”

He blushed, and drank his cup of coffee. “Thanks, sweety! How did you become like this so fast? You seem so mature all of sudden! Like the whole meaning of your life was that you became Caroline! I’m really proud of you!”

It warmed me inside when he said that to me. I never had this from my mom. And my stepdad always seemed to be there for me! I put my cup down and hugged him.

“Thanks dad…I needed that! Sorry for not telling you sooner!”

He hugged me back. “It’s all good, sweety! Well let’s not share this with anyone! What went on here last night…and though you are sexy as hell…we can’t do this anymore! But from now on, I’ve got a daughter…and I’m really happy for you!”

“You have always been there for me…more than mom has ever been! Thanks, dad…I really appreciate it! Oh…and another thing. Thanks for the huge sum of money! But you shouldn’t really have spent your hard earned money on me! I know why mom did it…and I’m gonna take it. But you’re alone and could probably use the money yourself?”

“Ha-ha…forgot all about the money! Yeah, your mom tried to buy your love back in a sense. She called me up and we talked about it. I said that you were not stupid! But at least she tries…and I can’t blame her! Your mom is not all bad you know! And don’t worry about me…because right after your mom left us, I took a position at work that they wanted to offer me for a while. So yes, it’s hard, but great fun, and the pay is huge! And, I wanted to contribute to my pretty daughter growing up. And this is a good start for you…so please take it all! I’ve got no use for it!”

I went in for another hug, and as he hugged me back, he must have seen the time.

“Oh damn! Speaking of work…I really need to get going! Forgot all about it! Ehmm…in the closet in my room, there are clothes for the doll! See if you can find anything to wear! Take whatever you need!”

He went into his bedroom and came quickly back again all dressed – just jeans and a black shirt – he threw a jacket and his shoes on.

“I’m leaving a key on the table. Be sure to lock after you when you leave! Have a nice day, sweetie! We talk together soon again!”

He was so fast that as I stood there in my towel wrapped around my breasts, I was a bit baffled. “Yes, dad…have a nice day!”

And the door smacked behind him.

I walked into his bedroom and looked in the closet for something to wear. I only saw skimpy outfits – Like hooker style. ‘Bvadrrr…’ I hated such things. But then I found like a stewardess outfit – and I think it was real one too! There was a baby blue silk shirt and some matching opaque baby blue pantyhose. Then a black pencil skirt with a baby blue border. And also on the blazer jacket. And a black silk scarf – I put it all together – and found some black pumps. It fitted me perfectly. There was also a makeup bag in the bottom of the closet, and I did my makeup just like I used to – with a baby blue eyeshadow and nice red lipstick. At last, I put my red glasses on. I looked myself in the mirror while I combed my hair – I looked like a real stewardess and I felt very sexy. I grabbed my phone and put it in my leather jacket and locked the front door behind me. I put the key in my pocket, and went outside to call a cab.

It was early morning, so just wanted to go home and sleep at this point. Not long after, a cab came for me and drove me home.

As I got home, Margaret had already left for her shop. I threw myself into bed and flicked my black pumps off. And not even 3 minutes afterwards, I was sound asleep.


Later that day, I woke up to someone caressing my baby blue pantyhose leg. It what was a nice feeling and woke gently as my legs were stroked.

“Mmm…feels nice!”

“You look good today. You started a new job? He-he! How was it over by your father? Does he know you live as Caroline?”

I just said it; “Yes, he knows. And he took the news much better than I thought!”

“Oh…that’s nice to hear! Now you can move on a bit with your life as Caroline!” She tickled my pantyhose feet. “It’s just the cutest little hosed feet that you’ve got!”

I loved when she tickled them. It felt amazing, and there were wiggling and curling and rubbing together as she did. She laughed and I giggled a lot. Then my giggles became more of little moans.

“So, I’m pretty sure that, that is not your outfit! Where did your father get that?”

I became silent, and knew that she knew something.

“Ehmm…My father had some extra clothes laying around…because I spilled on myself as we ate Chinese food!”

“You are lying, aren’t you Caroline?”

“Eh…why would I lie?”

Then I got a huge smack right on my ass. My legs bent up and tried to protect my ass, as I let out a huge scream. I was still sore from my father’s spanking, and I knew this was gonna go wrong. I was wide-awake now. I turned around and saw her in a yellow dress with shiny tan pantyhose on, some black high heels boots, and a black cardigan.

“AARGHH! Why?? That fucking hurt, mom!”

“You better pull that skirt down right now! And take of the blazer too!”

I stood up and did what she’d said. I was now standing in front of her in baby blue opaque pantyhose with only a baby blue silk shirt on, and the black silk scarf around my neck. She was sitting on the edge of my bed. She then pulled up her dress to reveal her shiny tan pantyhose legs, and said I ‘should bend over her lap with my ass pointing up towards her’. And I did.

“Oh look at that red ass! Hmm…what did you and your father do? You are going to tell me, right?”

I really didn’t want to! So at first I said nothing. I got hit and I felt such a burning sensation.

“AARRGHH!! Oh my god, please stop. I’ll tell you, mother!”

“Good girl! Well go on then…I’m waiting!”

And I got smacked again. My pantyhose feet curled up.

“Argh! He fucked me, ok!? He fucked me in my pussy with his big cock!”

“I knew you would! Because you’re such a fucking pretty whore…and he couldn’t keep his hands off his little girl?”

“He got pretty surprised when he saw I had a dick. And I accidentally called him daddy! Then he figured it out! He was pissed. But you’re right, he couldn’t keep his hands of me! Mmmm!”

She smacked my ass like 5 times in a row. And now my screaming turned into moans of pain and pleasure.

“So he liked smacking his daughter’s booty I see!? To a nice rose red colour! MMmmm! What a naughty father you’ve got!”

My phone rang.

“Look…what a popular girl you are! I better leave you to it then!”

I got up and sat down; my red smacked ass was sore, and it hurt a little when I sat down. She got bahis siteleri up and left my room. I saw it on the display – it was Peter that had called me – and I answered it…

“Hi Peter! How are you?”

“Hi! What’s up? Wanna hang out? Just got this good weed!”

In reality, I could actually use that after all of this! I was getting tired of being treated as a k**.

“That sounds good! Can I crash at your place over the weekend?”

I could hear him thinking about it.

“Hmm…Yeah, I think it’s no problem! As long as you don’t mind my sister coming by on Sunday evening? She’s gonna be here all week!”

“Cool…thanks, man! Maybe I’ll be gone by the time she comes!?”

Then he asked me. “Hey, Brian. Remember what I said? Ehmm…that it is ok…you know…”

I knew what he was talking about. ‘The pantyhose’.

“You know…it’s cool if you wear pantyhose over here! Ehh…Like last time!?”

I remember last time he cummed all over my diamond pattern black opaque pantyhose. And I left them there for him. “Yeah…but you don’t have to ask for it! It’s just something I like doing!”

“Yes, of course not. Just checking…Hmmm…so you know it’s cool. That’s all!”

Inside, I laughed. I was happy that he wanted me to wear pantyhose! I loved feeling his warm cum over my pantyhose feet.

“I’m gonna be there later today, Ok? Just gonna pack some clothes!”

“Cool. Bye!” and he hung up the phone.

I was still in the baby blue pantyhose and silk shirt. I threw a black hoodie on over my shirt, and put on some of my skinny jeans. I found one of my sports bags. Because it was pretty big, I put the black pumps, pencil skirt, and blazer in the bag, And the scarf also! I took 6 brand new pantyhose from my drawer, 2 stockings – one pair red opaque ones, one black nylons stockings. One of them were ‘Wolford’ nylon pantyhose with ‘shapelift’ in black. One dark pink opaque pantyhose, and 2 black opaque. One with small white dots. The other with flowers down the back of the legs. I then found a couple of other outfits and 2 more pairs of heels, and my glasses, then some regular clothes above it all. I had a little makeup bag that I put my best stuff into, and some condoms. My pretty pink gem butt-plug was still inside of me, from when I left my dad’s place. I put my sneakers on, and walked past the bathroom and heard Margaret taking a shower.

Great timing! I could leave now before she knew I was gone, and were to!

I walked outside and closed the front door gently behind me, and I borrowed Margaret’s red bicycle and cycled over to Peter’s.


After 20 minutes, I was at Peter’s apartment, and decided I would just put the bicycle in his backyard. He had a huge fence, and I had to open a gate to enter the garden. It was already getting dark again. As I walked past a window with the bicycle, I got a glimpse of Peter standing in his bedroom. I put the bicycle up against the wall, and slowly and silently walked back to the window and peeked inside. There was Peter, standing with only a t-shirt on, and what appeared to be black opaque pantyhose. One legs of the hose was rolled up and over his cock, and the other pantyhose leg was in his hand – he was smelling and sniffing the feet part.

‘Wow, he must really love pantyhose!’

There were white dried stains on them – it was the pair I had on the night he and I cummed all over them. I couldn’t believe what I’d seen! I didn’t wanted him to cum – I wanted that cum! I then picked up my phone and rang him up. I heard the phone go off in the room. It shocked him a bit. He picked it up.

“Hi Peter…I’m there in like 2 minutes! Can you make a joint ready?”

Then he fumbled with the pantyhose and tried to get it off his cock and hand.

“Sure I can! Eh…just go inside!”

He took the pantyhose off, and his cock looked big and erect. Mmmm, what a cock!

“The front door is open. Cya Brian!” And he hung up.

Quickly the black hose were put under his pillow and he just put some jeans on – no boxers. He left the room. I walked and closed the garden gate behind me. Then with my bag over my shoulder, I walked in the front door.

“Hi, I’m here!”

“Hey. Please lock the front door behind you!”

I locked it and put my bag in the hallway, then I took my sneakers off before entering his living room. He saw me, and his eyes instantly looked down at my baby blue pantyhose feet – still with black nail polish. His whole face was smiling. I gave him a little smile, and sat down in the sofa.

“Pretty colour…I like it!”

I looked down at my feet wiggling in those nice opaque pantyhose. It was still exciting being at my friend’s apartment in pantyhose – and he knows it! I got turned on, and I really wanted to tell him that I was Caroline! Maybe he wouldn’t remember me? It’d been a while since then, and I had changed my hair colour on my own shoulder length hair to all black.

“Thanks! Ehmm, so did you have joint?”

He stopped staring down my hosed feet and picked up a joint from the table. “Yeah, let’s smoke. It’s good you’re here…been missing my smoking buddy!”

Hmm, I’m pretty sure that’s not all he missed, but I wanted him too! I just didn’t know how I should tell him! It felt the same as when I needed to tell my father about my girly side. But he liked it! And the Peter I know already likes my pantyhose feet!

We sat there and watched some documentary on Discovery Channel. I had my feet on the sofa table and I sensed his eyes on them at most times. We finished the joint, and then he asked me “Hey Brian. Now that I give weed and all…Ehmm…can I touch your pretty girly feet?”

I blushed a little. It even felt sexy that he wanted my hosed feet as some sort of payment for the weed. I couldn’t say no to that! I smiled and gave a gentle nod, and I then placed my baby blue pantyhose feet on his lap. I felt so good, and relaxed from the joint. I could feel his warm hands caressing all over my hosed feet. I already felt my tiny dick erecting. His fingers went in-between my toes – they tickled me. Oh, I really love it when it tickled! I pointed my feet real nice for him, and then he was massaging my hosed toes and soles. And the weed intensified the whole feeling. I was getting pretty horny already.

I looked at my phone to see the time – it was 21.52. I thought about how I would bring it up, but the great sensation I had, and my lust, I wanted to show him instead. Show yourself as Caroline before him. Yes, that’s what I’m gonna do!

“Hey Peter…you don’t think anyone is coming by, right?”

He looked at me a bit funny. “Ehmm…not that I know of! Why?”

I blushed and looked shyly down. “Just checking! Ehmm…going to the bathroom!”

“Ok. You don’t have to tell me…just go!”

He lit another joint as I walked into the hallway. I quickly took my gym bag with me, and locked the door to the bathroom. I got the stewardess skirt, blazer, scarf, and the black pumps. Took my jeans and hoodie off. I felt the baby blue silk shirt gliding over my hard nipples. I was really gonna show myself to Peter! I put the black pencil skirt on, then I got my makeup bag out. Nice rose red cheeks and smoky eyes makeup with a hint of baby blue. I brushed my eyelashes with mascara – that really made my eyes pop. And then I applied a dark red lipstick and put on my black glasses. I undid my ponytail, and let my hair go loose. I grabbed a little spray bottle with foam, and put some in my hair. I brushed it nice smooth. I looked at myself in the mirror as I put on the black silk scarf. I look so sexy, and felt so alive that my whole body shook. I had this crazy idea…

I sprayed myself with perfume at my pantyhose feet and tiny dick, and some by my neck and wrists. Mmmm! I picked up my pumps, slowly unlocked the bathroom door, and then I tippy toed into the hallway. I gently unlocked the front door. I took 2 steps and was outside now. I closed the front door gently. I put black pumps down, and stepped into them. Then a car drove past as I was about to knock on the front door. And I could hear it slow down as it passed me. But it drove on, and I knocked on the door. I heard Peter stumble. He came out and opened the door.

“Yes, Hello?”

As his eyes made contact with mine and he looked me up and down, his jaw dropped instantly. I gave him a very flirty smile.

“Hi Peter! He-he, remember me?”

He thought about it for 2 seconds and he remembered. “Caroline! Wow…how good to see you!”

He smiled a lot. I smiled back and I giggled.

“Can I come in, Peter?”

He instantly opened the door for me. “Yes, come in. How silly of me! Just go in…don’t need to take your shoes off!”

“Oh ok. Thanks!”

He quickly walked ahead and tried to hide some of the weed.

“Hey Peter, it’s ok. I don’t mind!”

“What, really? That’s cool! Ehmm, hold on a sec…”

I saw him walking into the hallway. I heard a knock on the bathroom door, and even heard him say bahis şirketleri “Hey Brian…we’ve got company. Hurry up!”

I laughed to myself. He really didn’t know it was me! He came back and sat down.

“So how come you know where I live?”

“Ehh…Nico told me. You know my brother!”

“Gotta admit…didn’t think you would call me, let alone come by! I like the black hair. You look really stunning!”

His face went red and he shyly looked away. I put my hand gently to his cheek and turned his head towards me. Our eyes locked together, and slowly we both leaned in for a kiss. My lipstick lips touches his lips. Mmmm, the warmth from them felt nice. Just a gentle little kiss. I could feel his breath against my lips as our lips slowly moved apart. He put one hand on the back of my head and slid his fingers through my hair – it gave my goose bumps all over. He then gently forced my head towards his mouth, and as they touched, he slid his tongue inside of my pretty mouth. He twirled with it, and with his fingers sliding through my hair, the other hand grabbed my tit, and squeezed it gently. He pulled his face away from my mouth, and continued kissing my neck – even more goose bumps!

“My god, Caroline. Your scent is amazing! You are so smoking hot…Mmmm! I can’t believe this…I’ve dreamed about touching you!”

What? He has? Mmmm.

“Oh really? Like how dreaming?”

We stopped kissing, and sat back properly in the sofa again.

His face blushed, and I said “You mean like jerking off and thinking about me?”

He was caught and made a little jump, but tried to explain otherwise. “Ehh…Noo…Ha-ha…Ehm, I think that you are very sweet and a pleasant person to be around. I enjoyed our last time together!”

I gave him a little smile, “Yeah, I did too!”

He then smiled back. “And I can’t resist those pretty pantyhose legs! You always dress so nicely. Then with your glasses on, makes you cute as fuck! Sorry, I mean cute as hell!”

I giggled. “He-he. Thanks. Mmmm…and you think of me when you play with that cock, don’t ya?”

His face turned instantly red.

“It’s ok. I think that’s kinda hot knowing! You got something to drink?”

He was stunned for like 10 seconds, just staring at me. I smiled.

“Yes! Sorry for…I…Yes!”

He got up, went to the fridge and got me a beer and a coke. He walked up to me, holding a beer in one hand and the coke in the other. He placed a can on each side of his cock, and my eyes looked at what to choose. Then I saw a big erect cock poking his jeans. He looked down and I looked up at his eyes with a flirty smile as I bit my lips.

“Wow…choices! I like that! But I’ll take the beer thanks!” and gave him a little wink.

He put the coke back in the fridge and sat back down. “Is it ok…if I smoke a joint?”

I took a sip of my beer. “Sure, go ahead!”

He quickly lit one up and smoked some. He passed it to me. I took it and smoked like I usually do. He was smiling from ear to ear. “I didn’t know you smoked weed?”

I gave him another little wink. “There is a lot you don’t know about me. He-he!”

I passed the joint back to him, and he puffed some more and then placed it in the ashtray. I saw him staring at my legs. I crossed them for him, and flopped my heel out of my pumps, and started dangling with my foot. He licked himself around the lips.

“That’s some nice black shoes you got on with those pretty light blue pantyhose!”

Without even realising, I glided my hands up and down my hosed legs. “Oh, thanks so much, Peter. Hehe! I do love to wear pantyhose!”

Without any warning at all, he grabbed my ankles on both my legs and swung them up onto his lap. My one shoe even fell off in the process, revealing my hosed feet with black nail polish.

“Ohh, those pantyhose toes are cute…Mmmm!”

“What are you doing, Peter?”

He took my one hosed foot up to his face, put his nose in-between my toes and sniffed my pantyhose foot.

“Argh…Peter. Stop smelling my dirty pantyhose feet…Mmm!”

It was the first time I’d seen Peter so eager at my feet. It turned me on seeing him almost worship my pretty pantyhose feet!

“Holly fuck…Ahhh. Your pantyhose feet smell amazing! Mmmm…Caroline, your sweaty hosed feet!” He took off the other shoe and sniffed my other hosed foot too.

“Ahh…Peter…feels so nice…MMmmm!” My tiny dick was starting to erect.

Peter looked down at my feet and was smiling. I pointed my feet and wiggled my toes for him. His jaw dropped and he stared into my eyes. I blushed, and there became an awkward moment between us. My god, he knew it! The next thing I know was that he put one of my hosed feet in his mouth, and he sucked my pantyhose toes so good.

“AHH! Ahh, Peter! Mmmm, yes…suck them good!”

He kept on talking in between the sucking of my wet pantyhose feet.

“Wow, Brian…Mmmm! You’re absolutely gorgeous as a girl! Ahhh…those cute little pantyhose toes! Oh god, yes!”

Mmm, it felt so good! I blushed and started gently with little moans. He stopped sucking my toes, and put them down on the sofa. He lit the joint up again.

“Why didn’t you just tell me? Holy damn, Caroline…you look so fucking hot! I can’t believe it’s you! Wow!”

He puffed and passed it to me, and then I smoked some.

“Stop saying things like that, Peter…He-he! You’re making me blush!”

“Mmmm…such a cute little girl you are, Caroline! Sexy nerd with those glasses on! You’re making my cock go wild!”

I looked down as I passed the joint back. He had a huge bulge in his jeans.

“Let me help you with that, Peter…Mmmm!”

I pushed the sofa table a bit to the side, and got down on my knees right in front of his cock. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them off him.

“Wow! Hey…Are you sure you wanna do this? It’s cool and all…but you’re a guy?!”

I looked down at his fine big cock and was all shaved smooth. Oh, his cockhead was big! I opened my mouth wide and took his big cock. Nice and warm with a hint of pre-cum already leaking.

“OHH!! Shit! That is so hot! Mmmm, Caroline…AHH!”

I kept on sucking his stiff cock, twirling my tongue around his cock head. And then I pushed further down. I felt slowly going deeper and deeper down my throat.

‘Ahh yess, I’m sucking my new best friend’s cock. Ahh yes, he knows I’m a little sissy girl!’

I gagged on his cock. His big cock was getting nice wet from all my saliva.

“Mmmm, Fuck Yeah…Wow, Caroline…AHH! Now I can cross out having a blowjob while smoking a joint off the list! Mmmmm, yess…keep sucking it!”

I did, and he smoked that joint while I gave him his blowjob. Oh god, his cock felt amazing going down, and was leaking a lot! I pushed myself down all the way.

“AAHHH!!! FUCK!!! Caroline…MMMM! Yes, my little slut!”

He threw the joint into the ashtray, and held his hands on my head and started fucking my throat. And I wanted him to so bad – he looked so hot fucking my mouth with his fine body and smooth cock. He looked into my eyes – I could see he was about to cum! Then his cock started spraying my throat with his hot cum. Ahh yess, it felt amazing, but he cummed so much that I gagged and spilled it over his big sloppy cock and balls. I pulled back off his cock to catch some much needed air, but his cock was not done cumming, and shot more cum in my face. I almost couldn’t see out of my glasses!

“AAHH!! Yes…Wuuhhww! That was just the best BJ ever! Mmmm…look at that cute cummed up face. So sexy, Mmm!”

I started licking all the cum off his sloppy cock like a lollipop. “Mmmm…I love the taste of your hot cum, Peter…AHh!” I licked and sucked his cock so good, it got pretty clean.

“Mmm yess, good girl, Caroline. Now stand up and take your jacket and skirt off…I wanna see how a sissy girl looks underneath! Mmmm, right?”

He put on some music and turned off the TV. I got up and stood in front of him. I took my glasses off and started moving my body to the music. I gave him flirting looks as I gently removed my blazer.

“Damn, girl…keep going…Mmmm! Look at that fine body!”

I threw the blazer onto the floor. The baby blue silk shirt revealed how hard my nipples were poking at the smooth fabric. Mmmm, I loved being watched like this! I’d practiced so many times in front of the mirror perfecting my girly dance moves and flirting looks. Just to be a pantyhose girl craving that cock. Oh god yes, I love being Caroline. MMmmm. I then slowly unzipped my skirt down – his eyes followed the zipper down. The skirt dropped onto the floor. I turned around, leaning with my arms and elbows down onto the sofa table. I spread my opaque legs apart, and my baby blue pantyhose ass was now right in his face.

“AAHH! Fuck yes! Even real girls aren’t this slutty! Mmmm…but you sure are one dirty pantyhose slut!” and laid his hands on my hosed ass. He was now groping it real good. “Mmm…you’re so fine, Caroline. Such a nice girly booty you have!”

I felt my ass cheeks illegal bahis spreading apart.

“Ohh yess! Wow, Caroline. You had that pretty diamond butt-plug in you all the time you were here?”

“Mmmm…yes I have, Peter! The whole time I’ve been here!”

He smiled “I can’t believe this is really you…Brian, my smoking buddy! Hiding such a cute little horny girl needing my cock for her tight pussy!”

I glided my hands over my own pantyhose ass, feeling the excitement of Peter’s words.

“My god, yess! Mmmm…I want your cock inside me!”

“I can’t right now…I’ve just cummed your mouth! But get me in the mood…play with yourself for me!”

He sat naked in the sofa at one end and I sat down at the other. He picked up his phone and started recording me.

“Peter, please don’t!”

He gave me a serious look and said “Shhh…it’s for myself! I want something beautiful to jerk off to later!”

I really hoped it was for himself! I really didn’t want that video on the net! But he wouldn’t do that to me! I actually became excited knowing he wanted to record me – I got so fucking horny! I posed my light blue pantyhose legs up in the air as I sat over from him. Pointing my hosed toes nicely for him. I gently started moving my hips with a sexy thrusting motion from side to side.

“Fuck, Caroline! Mmmm…those pantyhose legs and cute little toes are getting me hard!”

I gave him a flirty smile. “Ahh…Ahh…thanks Peter. I’m so glad you like them! Showing them off for you makes me feel so horny and special! Mmmm, Uhh…Ahh! I love being a girl, Peter!”

“Ohh, you are one special girl! You’re sexy and cute! You’ve got the best pantyhose outfits of all the girls I’ve seen. Horny as hell and craving my cock! You are gonna be my girlfriend!”

I lay on my back on the sofa with my legs in the air. Then I spread my legs to each side, showing my pussy for Peter. He got real close with his phone. Getting a close-up shot of the pink gem butt-plug showing through the light blue opaque pantyhose. He put the phone on the table and was still recording the sofa. Peter grabbed my pantyhose ass and ripped a hole for my pussy.

“Argh! Wow, Peter…you’re so strong. Mmmm!”

He sat down and started playing with himself. It was somewhat erect – still a fucking nice-looking cock. Mmmm, that cock got me horny! As I laid on my back, my legs were almost at my head, held back with my arms wrapped around the knees. If I had a real cock, I could have sucked myself off, but I only had my tiny girly excuse of a dick! But my tiny dick made better access for my needy pussy. So often, when I masturbated, I would lay like this so I could see my pussy. I gently pulled my butt-plug back and forth, Spreading my pussy slowly. Mmmm, it felt so lovely.

“Holy fuck, that’s hot. Mmmm…and those cute little pantyhose feet curling and wiggling as you play with your tight pussy…Arrghh Yess! Keep going!”

His words got me so horny. The butt-plug felt good going in and out my tight pussy. He picked his phone up again and filmed some close-up shots. I gently moaned “AH…Mmmm…Feels so fucking…Ahh, good!”

“Hell yeah, baby! Mmmm…I’ve thought about fucking you a lot, Caroline. Such a pretty pantyhose slut doll you are! And to think it was my friend all along!”

He jerked his cock faster and put the phone back down. He pulled the butt-plug out of my hand and started sucking the plug.

“MMMM YES! What a sweet pussy taste…Ahh! You drive me crazy!”

He got down on the sofa, sticking his head in between my ripped pantyhose ass. He was full-on rimming me so good. I felt his tongue go inside me.

“ARGHH! MMM! God yes, Peter…suck me, AHH!!”

I was holding my legs close to my head, and saw Peter look intensely at me while he sucked me. My legs started shaking a lot, and even my hosed feet curled, as he was eating my pussy. No one had ever sucked my pussy like this before! I felt his tongue go deep inside of me and then he twirled it around my hole.

He got up and went to the bedroom, and came back with the black opaque diamond patterned pantyhose from my last visit, and some baby oil. He got onto his knees on the sofa and had his big cock close to my pussy. I looked at his pretty cock as he got it ready. I didn’t know what he wanted to do! Then he rolled one leg of the black pantyhose up and rolled it over his big cock. He stroked it a couple of times, then he soaked his pantyhose cock with the baby oil, and put some on my pussy. He put 2 fingers inside of me and went back and forth.

“Mmmm…Are you ready? Caroline, baby…I wanna fuck your sweet tasty pussy. Ahh!”

‘Ohh god, yes. Peter is gonna fuck me!’ His big cock head poked my hole. I looked at him and bit my lips. “Mmmm…yes, Peter…AHH! I wanna feel your cock inside of me!” My pussy slowly opened for his pantyhose cock.

“Wow…you’re so tight, Caroline! Mmmm…let me hold your pretty pantyhose feet!”

He grabbed my hosed feet and spread my legs apart as he gently kept on pushing. As my hands now were free, I could help him steer his cock inside me. It felt so hard and even felt better going in. The hosed cock head went in me.

“ARGHH!!! YES! Keep going! Please keep going!”

He was slowly starting to thrust his cock back and forth. I was going crazy and felt pure lust! My pantyhose legs and feet were shaking violently. I was moaning so much. He was now in a rhythm and fucked me good. My light blue pantyhose feet curled up in his hands.

“Ahh Caroline…I love when your cute pantyhose feet do that! They reveal that you really like my big cock fucking you in that girly pussy! Mmmm, Caroline!”

He put one of my hosed feet up to his face And smelled them with big sniffs.

“Nooo, Peter…AHH!! MM, Ahh! Please don’t…UHh! Gonna make me…AHH! Cum!”

Now I was fucked even harder. I could feel the pantyhose get stuck sometimes as he fucked me. Just making him push the pantyhose deeper inside of me, but it felt amazing.

“Mmmm, ARGHH! I love your fucking cute pantyhose feet…Ahh. MMMM…I can’t get enough!”

He put my hosed toes in his mouth and sucked them so fucking good, making me scream with pure pleasure.

“AHH! AH! Peter…you’re amazing with that cock! Arghh UHH!! Fuck me…Ahhh!”

He kept on fucking my pussy and sucking my hosed foot, and ripped another hole in my pantyhose to reveal my tiny dick. It was swaying around as I was fucked by Peter. He grabbed my tiny dick with only 2 fingers and started stroking me.

“Mmmm, Caroline…such a fine girl clit you have…already soaked in pre-cum from me fucking you! AHH! Mmm!”

“Arghh! Ahh…Peter, stop stroking…AH! I’m gonna cum! Mmmm…AHH! AHH! Owhh MMmmm…”

The cum oozed out of my tiny dick and all over my pantyhosed thighs.

“Ohh, you looked so hot Caroline while cumming…Ahh! Mmmm…I’m gonna fuck you good! Argh yes…my pretty little sissy slut!”

He lifted my whole body and held me in his arms under my pantyhose ass and with my cum-covered hosed legs going up his body. He had such a firm grip on me, I couldn’t do anything else other than just hold my arms around his neck, and he lifted me up and down like nothing over his big cock.

“Ohh, you are just the sexiest thing when you get fucked! Mmmm…feeling your pretty pantyhose legs shaking up against my body as I pound your tight pussy!”

With every thrust he gave me, I screamed out loudly. It felt fucking amazing! My eyes rolled back in my head with the sheer pleasure of all of this. He was now thrusting to his lifting of my pussy, and it went in deeper than I’d ever felt before. It felt so good, but I almost fainted. I couldn’t even moan anymore! He pushed me up against the wall, still with my hosed legs up his body. My arms just fell down to my side, all of my energy was lost. He looked deeply in my lifeless eyes.

“Ohh I’m sorry! Did you get tired of fucking me? Little slut!” Then he just went off again, pounding my pussy so hard, I woke up and screamed!

“OHH!! Arghh!! ARGHHH!!” and my tiny dick sprayed cum up his chest and my hosed legs.

“Mmmm. Good girl, Caroline…I’m gonna cum in your pretty pink pussy…AHH!! You want my cum in you, my pretty whore!”

He forcefully started kissing me while he pounded my pussy. He tensed up, and with 3 last hard strokes, he pushed it all inside me. Then there was a massive pressure of cum spraying the inside of my pussy, filling up the pantyhose condom. His kissing became more gentle. My hands grabbed the back of his head and I kissed him back. We enjoyed our kiss for a while, still standing up against the wall with his big cock still inside me.

We stopped kissing and he looked at me and said. “Damn, Caroline…you are the best girl I have ever fucked! Mmmmm…my own pantyhose sissy slut!”

I nodded while I bit my lip gently while smiling. I felt his cock slide out of my pussy, but the black pantyhose was stuck inside my pussy, and still filled with his warm cum. I pulled it out, and his sperm was running down my hosed legs. I threw the cum-covered hose onto the table and sat down on the sofa. Peter had already lit a joint, and there we sat together in silence, just enjoying the joint.

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