Mart 29, 2021

Creative Writing and Short Skirts

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Selene was a high school senior, freshly turned eighteen, gorgeous as any Hollywood “It” girl, not quite a social outcast, but definitely not a member of the “in” crowd. Peter – Mr. Sohn – was the new English and creative writing teacher, just out of college, every girls ideal kind of man and smarter than a lot of his college professors. He considered the high school classroom to be his calling, but having been out of high school for at least six years, he also did not know quite what he was getting himself into.

The first day of class had been hectic for Peter. Since lunch he had been looking forward to his last class of the day, but it could not come soon enough. During the brief five minutes between classes, Peter stepped outside the door to his creative writing classroom to greet the students as they grudgingly walked in. Most of the students seemed to be nothing more than typical high school stereotypes. However, Selene caught his eye from the far end of the hallway. She did not quite fit in with the rest of the students around her. She looked like a college student, black purse over one shoulder, a couple of folders and notebooks in her arms, her hair was long and dark brown, her skin was pale white from spending her summers inside an animal shelter instead of at the beach like the rest of her peers, she was wearing a full knee-length skirt and a wide strapped tank top, her bare skin seemed to illuminate the entire hall.

As she walked closer and closer to where Peter was standing, he could feel his heart quicken in his chest. Surely this gorgeous girl was not going to be one of his students, for all he knew she could be a young looking teacher at the school! Selene walked right up to Peter, he towered over her 5’8″ frame, he must have been at least 6’5″.

“Mr. Sohn?” she asked, her doe-like blue/green eyes sparkling.

“Yes?” he asked, his heart beating quickly, hoping and praying deep inside that she was not a student.

Selene smiled brightly, Peter smiled nervously. “I hope that you’re better than the last creative writing teacher we had here,” Selene said as she walked past Peter, her skirt flirting upwards slightly as she skipped into the classroom and took a seat in the front row in the middle of the classroom.

“Oh god, I’m so fucked,” Peter thought to himself as the bell rang and the last few students in the hallways rushed into their respected classrooms. Peter turned into the doorway and closed the door shut behind him.

Peter did well hiding his affections for Selene for the first part of the semester. She made no indication that she had any feelings for him, though whenever she wore button-up shirts, Peter noticed her fidgeting with the top couple of buttons and every once in a while one or two would come undone giving Peter a prime view of her ample cleavage. There were other occasions that Selene would wear skimpy or sexy underwear that Peter would often be able to see from under her skirts. He was never sure if she was doing these things on purpose or if they were just coincidental, but he often liked to think that she had the same sort of feelings for him that he had for her.

Peter also began to notice that Selene’s grades in his class were starting to drop. At the beginning of the semester, her grades had been perfect, she had a gift with words and structurally, she was an amazing writer – college level without a doubt. Lately, her topics were weak, her writing was getting poorer, Peter did not know anything else that he could do except talk to her after class.

It was an October afternoon, it was cold and rainy outside and Peter had been nervous and in a bad mood all day. The last class of the day could not come soon enough. Peter sat in his desk as the students in his last class grumpily filed into the classroom. Selene was the one exception. She walked into the classroom, black skirt on, blue sweater, hair up in a ponytail and a permanent smile affixed on her face. She sat in her usual seat and folded her hands neatly on her desk in front of her and spread her legs apart slightly. Peter could easily see up her skirt and saw that she was wearing a pair of pure white underwear. He licked his lips, inadvertently. He had her most recent paper sitting on top of the stack to hand back, a thick red C right next to her name with a small “See me” written next to it.

The bell to commence class rang and Peter stood up with papers in his hand. He started going around the room passing back the papers. He gently let the C paper float down in front of Selene. She smiled sweetly at Peter as he passed by and looked down at the paper in front of her. She gasped sharply and the smile immediately disappeared from her face.

“Mr. Sohn,” she said quietly, under her breath as she quickly stuffed the paper into one of her folders so none of her classmates would see her bad grade.

After class, Selene lingered in her seat; she slowly packed her things away in a small shoulder bag until all of the students bakırköy masöz escort had left the room.

“Can I help you with anything?” Peter asked, standing in front of Selene’s desk. She shook her head, ‘no’. “I apologize about your latest grade, but there really isn’t a whole lot that I can do. I’m a bit disappointed by your recent drop in your usual immaculate performance.” Selene shrugged. “Is something going on?”

“Not really,” she said. Peter wanted to reach out and touch her hand or shoulder in reassurance, but decided against it immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Peter asked, instead.

“I’m trying to get into Brown,” Selene replied quietly. “I keep getting letters from them saying that they need to think it over and they’re not sure…” She sighed. “I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t get in.”

“That’s all?” Peter asked. She shrugged. “Well, if you need any help with any of your papers, I have no problem with helping you out some. After all, that is what I’m here for.”

Selene nodded and sifted through the few papers that were still left on her desk. Peter walked back to his desk and started to put his things away in his briefcase as Selene sat despondent in her desk chair.

Peter was thankful that his creative writing class was a year long class. This meant that he would be able to teach Selene both semesters instead of just the fall. The first day back from the holiday break, Peter was nervous, he was not actually sure if Selene would still be in his class, she could have very well dropped the class, she could have gotten accepted to college early – she had been accepted into Brown – or something that he had not even thought of yet.

He stood outside his classroom door and watched far fewer students filing in – he guessed that the class had been a bit too difficult for some of the students. His heart skipped a beat though when he saw Selene round the corner, she was even prettier than she had been the previous semester. He wished so hard that she was not a student.

Selene sat in her usual seat and pulled out her notebook and a couple of pens. Peter walked into the room, smiled at Selene and turned a sudden, bright color of red as he realized that he had a sudden, growing erection in his pants. Selene looked up and smiled at him, that smile could stop a million men in their tracks. He wanted her like he had never wanted another woman before in his life. Little did he know, she felt the same way about him.

As Selene sat in her seat, she stared deep in Peter’s eyes. He had deep blue eyes that she could get lost in just while watching him lecture during class. She leaned over her desk; her low-cut blue sweater hugged her cleavage just right. She propped her head up forward from her elbow and fluttered her eyelashes seductively. She brought her pen to her mouth and started to chew on the end, rolling her tongue over it from time to time. She noticed the growing erection in Peter’s pants and she could only assume that it was from her.

Selene brought her long fingers to the front of her desk and began to brush her fingertips along the edge. Peter stared right at her, captivated by this small, yet extremely seductive gesture. Selene did not notice his stare. However, she and the rest of the class noticed a minute later when Peter made a slight whimpering noise and completely stopped mid-lecture.

“Mr. Sohn?” two students asked simultaneously. Everyone in the class looked around at one another curiously.

“Mr. Sohn?” Selene asked, stopping the brushing of her fingers. Peter blinked a couple of times, gulped the hard knot in his throat and coughed nervously.

“Sorry, what?” Peter asked looking around nervously at the rest of the class.

“Dude, what’s your deal?” one of the guys in the corner of the class asked, tapping his pen impatiently on his desk.

“Sorry everyone,” Peter said rubbing his left temple slightly. “Uh…I think that I’m done lecturing for the day, write a one-page paper about your winter break and turn it in at the end of class.”

All of the students tore out sheets of paper and began furiously writing about their winter breaks as there were only twenty more minutes left in the class period. Peter went and sat down at his desk, trying to ignore the raging boner between his legs, but kept looking over in the direction of Selene. Strips of loose hair kept falling over her eyes, just this small little incident made Peter all the more distracted. Peter looked down at the work laid out in front of him, trying to concentrate on that instead of his attractive student.

Twenty minutes later, the bell rang, all of the students – except Selene – jumped from their seats, papers in hand and dropped them off on Peter’s desk as they filed out of the room. Selene sat finishing her page of writing – Peter noticed.

“Selene,” Peter said, Selene did not acknowledge him immediately, “Selene, are you almost finished?” bakırköy otele gelen escort Selene looked up this time.

“What did you say?” she asked.

“Are you almost finished with your paper?” Peter asked. Selene looked around at the empty room.

“Oh,” Selene replied. “Yeah, can I have a couple more minutes?” She fluttered her eyelashes. Peter sighed and nodded. He walked over to the door and closed it, then closed the door window shade as well in order to say that he would not be willing to see any more people for the rest of the afternoon. Selene furiously wrote the rest of her paper and leaned back in her seat once she was finished and waited for Peter to acknowledge her.

“How was your break, Mr. Sohn?” she asked quietly, he looked up from his desk.

“It was pretty good,” he said, “I spent time with the family, ate a lot of good food, rest a bit. Nothing too exciting.”

“No girlfriend?” Selene asked, realizing how obvious the question was. Peter shook his head.

“Nope,” he said. Selene stood up with her paper in hand and set it on Peter’s desk and as she stood back up she made sure that he noticed her full breasts next to his face and very softly brushed her fingers across the top of Peter’s hand. Peter breathed in sharply, taking immediate notice of her very light spraying of Calvin Klein perfume and the soft touch of her skin. His raging erection returned immediately.

“How was your break, Selene?” he asked, trying to ignore the distraction.

“Decent,” she replied. “Pretty much the same as you. I went to Brown for a weekend though, scoped out the campus, I’m really excited to go.” The bright smile returned and Peter could feel himself melting from the inside out.

“I’m sure that you’ll love it,” he said, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“So what do you have lined up for our small class this semester?” Selene asked.

“Lots of fun stuff,” Peter replied with a weak smile on his face. Selene smiled earnestly and Peter wanted to jump up out of his seat and pin her against the window or blackboard and cover her in head to toe with kisses. Selene shrugged and went back to her desk where her book bag and books were. She bent over, ass facing Peter; the longer skirt that she was wearing wasn’t long enough to give Peter just the slightly fleeting glimpse of lacey pink underwear. He coughed loudly and looked down at the sheet of paper that Selene had just handed him – she was a daring girl. In her paper she had mentioned that during her winter break she had missed seeing Mr. Sohn on a daily basis. This sent Peter over the edge. He looked over at Selene, still bending over slightly, putting things away in her bag. He stood straight up, walked briskly over to where Selene was bent, lifted her skirt in a quick sweep, raised his right hand in the air and thrust it downwards against her ass – hard. Selene bolted straight up and jumped around, looked up at Peter straight in the eye. Her face was aghast, her mouth dropped open and she looked like she might actually cry. Peter gasped – what had he just done?

“Sel…” was all that he could manage to say before Selene picked her bag up in a quick swoop and ran out of the room.

“Selene!” he called at her as she ran down the hall. Peter dropped his head. She could be doing any number of things – tell the principal of the school, she could tell her parents, hell, he could go to jail for what he just did! He was worried, really, really worried.

Selene did not show up in class the next two days. Peter had not heard from any of the higher up people at the school about the incident either, so he was very unsure about what was going on – it was literally plaguing his mind.

Finally, that Friday, Selene arrived back in the classroom. She was wearing an even shorter skirt than she had the day of the “incident”, she had plans to get Peter to repeat what had taken place the previous day. She had hoped that her absence would have riled Peter up into a state of mind where he needed to relieve his tension out on her. The initial spanking had been extremely surprising, a bit humiliating, but it had worked Selene up in a sense that she had never been before. She had never thought of herself as a person who would like spankings or anything of the sort, but she had and she truly wanted more.

Selene took her usual seat in the front center of the room. Once she sat down and settled in, she began to slowly and gradually spread her legs apart. Her multi-colored thigh-high stockings were held up by a red garter – clearly visible once her legs were spread apart – and she was wearing a pair of silky red underwear.

Peter took his lecturing spot in the front of the room; Selene popped the end of her pen into her mouth and looked up at Peter, her eyes twinkling devilishly. He looked down at her, smiled nonchalantly and began lecturing. He looked at every student in the room, but avoided eye-contact bakırköy rus escort with Selene. When he finally did look in Selene’s direction, he stopped mid-sentence. He had a clear, full view of Selene’s crotch and it was at this moment that he knew his spanking had not been entirely detrimental to his career. He tried to ignore Selene’s obvious call for attention and continued to lecture, ignoring his arousal, but Selene did not give up.

Peter doled out the day’s assignment to the students in the classroom and then retreated to his desk, where he still had a perfectly clear view of Selene. Selene broke down and went to work on her daily paper, her skirt hiked up to about the top of her thigh, the straps of her garter in clear view. Peter could visualize himself bending Selene over the edge of his desk – her face pressed up against the window looking outside – drilling her from behind like he did to that one kinky girl that he had hooked up with for a night back his junior year of college. He visualized himself wrapping his fingers around in her dark brown hair and pulling her head towards and away from him as she earnestly sucked his cock. He could only imagine what her mouth and her pussy would feel like wrapped around him. Peter wanted to hear her cry out in pleasure and pain, to have to cover her mouth so that others would not be able to hear their cries of passion.

Peter’s thoughts were disrupted by the final bell of the day. The students of his classroom jumped out of their seats and scurried out of the door, throwing their papers onto Peter’s desk in front of him. Selene remained in her seat; she was not done writing yet. Peter stood up and went to close the door and the window shade once all of the students – except Selene – had left the room and returned to his desk and started to go through the student’s papers. Selene stayed still.

Ten minutes passed. Selene was still sitting in her seat writing.

Fifteen then twenty minutes passed. Selene remained in her seat.

After a half hour, Peter realized that she was still writing, and she was well beyond her page and a half for the day.

“Selene,” Peter said. Selene did not look up. “Selene, are you about done?” She shook her head. “I’m going to have to ask you to turn in your paper soon, I really need to leave.” She nodded, did not look up, continued to write. Peter shrugged and immersed himself back in the student’s papers.

“Mr. Sohn,” Selene said, Peter jumped and looked up at Selene standing in front of his desk – multicolored stockings, short, short skirt, and a low-cut sweater top that proudly displayed Selene’s ample cleavage. “I’m finished.” She let the papers float down in front of Peter. Peter stapled the papers together and started to flip through them.

“Thank you,” he said. She nodded and went back to her desk, bent over, and slowly began putting her things away.

Peter ignored her at first, he had promised himself after her absence in class that he would not repeat what he had done just a couple of days earlier. He read through her paper and was immediately taken aback. Though the assignment for the day had been to write about desires, he certainly was not expecting to read five pages from Selene about how much she wanted to be tied up and fucked by him.

“Selene,” he said, with a hint of reservation in his voice, “I can not accept this.” She stood up and faced him.

“Why not?” she asked.

“It’s inappropriate,” Peter replied.

“But it’s my desire,” she said and Peter sighed. A few long seconds passed and Selene smiled sweetly. “Isn’t it yours?” Peter coughed nervously and turned back to his papers. Selene smiled, turned around again, bent over and continued to put things away.

Peter looked back over towards Selene and immediately, seeing the silky red panties barely covering her ass made his dick stand up in immediate attention. He had to have a part of her.

“Selene, come here,” he said firmly. Selene stood up and walked over to Peter’s desk and stood next to him.

“Yes?” she asked, innocently, her eyes big and doe-like.

“Why do you say these things?” he asked. “You know that entertaining these ideas could get me fired. I love teaching high school; I would like to continue doing so.”

“Do you like students like me?” she asked.

“If you mean students that are very smart and do their work the way they are supposed to, then yes,” he replied. He looked back down at her paper. “What does this say right here?”

Selene leaned over in order to have a better look at what he was pointing out to her. Selene cleared her throat and propped herself up on Peter’s desk with her elbows and read, “I would most desire for Mr. Sohn to tie my arms up with the pull-string that raises and lowers the blinds to the windows in the classroom. While in this position I would most desire for Mr. Sohn to pleasure me with his long fingers and tell me how much he desires to fuck me.”

Peter rolled back in his chair so that he was directly behind Selene. He stared her right in her silk-clad behind, raised his hand up behind him and directed it right into Selene’s left ass cheek. Selene lurched forward slightly and made a slight whimpering noise. Peter could clearly see the mark that his hand had left behind and he noticed Selene shaking a bit on her elbows.

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