Şubat 24, 2021

Creative Juices Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: I write stories and post them here on lit for several reasons. I won’t go into each and everyone here, but you need to know two things before you start reading my stories. First off: I write about what excites me. My ideas for stories come from role-plays I’ve done, and sometimes just from the naughty part of my brain.

Secondly, I have fantasies that vary substantially in nature. What that means is you will find stories with quite varying themes. You might also notice that I won’t always write from one person’s perspective. Sometimes it will be a man as the “lead character”, sometimes a woman, and sometimes both. I hope this isn’t too confusing, but adds to the enjoyment for you reading it, as much as it did for me to write it.


Chapter 1:

George Hansen couldn’t help but smile, thinking his life was about as good as it’d ever get. His wife, Linda, was away for the weekend. What was it again? Oh, well. Some church activity or something. Georges primary concern was that it gave him an opportunity to host a BBQ for some friends and co-workers. The grill was heating up, and the guests were starting to drop by. Yup, George thought as he took a sip of beer, whoever said life ended when you turned 40, was way off. And what the wife don’t know, won’t hurt her. Hell, i might even get drunk tonight and head off to the strip joint afterwards, when Anna’s asleep, George thought and his smile became a grin.

Anna Hansen stood in front of the bathroom mirror and smiled. Daddy was hosting a party tonight and since mom wasn’t home, Anna felt she needed to make a good impression on the guests do daddy would be proud of her. She felt good about her choice of outfit, a mint green sarong and a matching green bikini top. Again, since mom wasn’t around she felt confident about showing so much skin. It was in the middle of summer after all. Yup, i’m sure god won’t mind, Anna thought with a smile as we went downstairs to meet up with daddy.

Steven Ericsen didn’t really know how to feel about this. A BBQ with people from work? It was sure to be filled with stiffs from accounting droning on with figures from last month, compared to figures from last year. The guy hosting the thing seemed like a nice guy though, and Steven didn’t wanna come off as a bore. So he had decided to at least show up and try to be sociable, before making an excuse to go to the town strip joint. Hey, what the wife don’t know, won’t hurt her right, Steven thought as he parked his car and headed on to the backyard where he saw George standing by the grill.

Suddenly Steven saw an incredibly hot young thing come join George at the grill. Oh, shit! That must be the daughter he’s been talking about, he thought as he studied her from afar. She was about 5’6, with long blonde hair and a slim body that made her breasts look almost ridiculous on her. They must be DD’s, easy, he thought and tried to take his mind out of the gutter and walk up to say hello.

George saw Steven walk up to him and smiled as he shook his hand and said hello. Steven was also introduced to Anna, and as he shook her hand he made a conscious casino şirketleri effort not to look down at the ample cleavage.

After their introduction, Anna turned to George with a sudden gleam in her eye and said “Daddy? Now that I’m 20, it’s legal for me to drink beer, right?” George looked at her for a moment and then relented. “Ok sweetie, but just one.. And don’t tell your mother,” he said handing her a bottle.

“I won’t say a word daddy. I promise,” Anna replied and took a small sip.

Steven stood silent and watched them talk for a moment, and the strain of not looking down at her amazing breasts was almost getting to him. He made 2 quick mental notes. This girl wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and second, he was definitely going to masturbate when he got home. He already had the mental image ready, and it was Anna on all fours taking his cock, deep in that no doubt virgin pussy.

Annas eyes suddenly widened and she turned to Steven as she had just realized something. “Daddy”, she said clearing her throat and her voice took on a more formal tone. “I don’t believe we’ve given our guest the grand tour.. After all we’ve had an interior decorator in our house. You want me to show him around, daddy?” George and Steven exchanged a look Steven gave him a slight shrug of the shoulder, telling him he didn’t mind and then turned to Anna saying “it’d be my pleasure to have the hostess showing me around”.

George felt a little relieved that Steven was so understanding with the fact that Anna wasn’t all that bright, and that he’d humor her with this. He gave Steven an appreciative nod as he and Anna started walking to the house. Annas face was split by a big grin, as she took Stevens hand and pulled him along inside, and eventually up the stairs towards her room. She was so excited to show the work that her boyfriend who worked as a interior decorator had done. Steven on the other hand was happy to walk behind this beautiful girl as it “let” him check out her sweet ass. Oh yes, he thought. There was definitely going to be some masturbating later.

Annas room was the epitome of a “girls room”. Pinks and stuffed animals were everywhere. As Anna led him in, Steven had to bite his lip and think for a moment before he could come up with an appropriate comment. After all, it was pretty obvious that this girl was proud of her room, even though it might have belonged to someone 5 or 10 years younger. Anna on the other hand beamed with pride and said “ta-da! what do you think? hasn’t my boyfriend done a fantastic job? He also works as an interior decorator, so he put in a lot of hours on this room. I had to help him and suck the creative juices out, but once he got started… well?”

“ta-da, indeed” Steven thought to himself as he tore his eyes from Annas body and looked around the room. “Wow, that girl is chatty” he thought as he pretended to be interested in inspecting the boyfriends work. “Wait, what was that she just said? Suck the juices? What did she… No… Really?” Steven turned back to Anna and said “I’m sorry, i lost myself in your boyfriends work, what was casino firmaları that you said about juices?”

Anna looked back surprised at first, but then felt a little pride. Perhaps Steven didn’t know about having to get interior decorators “inspired” for them to do their best work. She relayed what her boyfriend had told her that interior decorators could only do about 50 % of their best, unless their clients helped wake up the “inspirational juices” in them. This was done by getting down on their knees and opening their mouths. The decorator would them have to stick their wee-wee in the clients mouth, and the client would suck on it, until the decorators inspirational juice came spurting from the wee-wee.

As Anna spoke Steven just stood in stunned silence. Her boyfriend had said this to Anna, and she had believed it? This guy was the luckiest guy in the world, Steven thought jealously, but he realized he was also getting turned on by the mental image of Anna on her knees and a cock in her mouth.

“And it doesn’t count as sex too”, Anna continued oblivious to the slight buldge that was forming on Stevens pants. “It only counts as sex if the wee-wee goes in the cootchie. Because mommy says only bad girls have sex before marriage, and I wanna be a good girl.. So I wanna remain a virgin, so I can go to heaven”.

“Oh, your boyfriend sure has been to heaven” Steven thought with a smile as he walked around the room, pretending to inspect the room, but mostly to help him keep calm. This story was beyond belief, and Steven had to give himself some credit for not bursting out laughing.

Anna looked at Steven with surprise. She kind of expected him to say something like “oh yeah.. sure.. that’s absolutely how it is”. Or maybe he didn’t know about the creative juices? Or was he just amazed at how pretty her room looked? The last thought made her smile with pride. She was a curious person though, so she asked Steven “You didn’t know about how you could help an interior decorator get better work done? My boyfriend said it was a trade secret, and that I really wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.. Not even daddy” hoping he didn’t so she could be the one teaching someone something. She felt like it was always the other way around.

“So THAT’s how you got away with it, huh? Good thinking..” Steven thought to himself, as he realized this boyfriend really had a good thing going. He turned to Anna and smiled as he told her “No, i do know sweetie.. I was just admiring his handiwork”. Annas eyes widened in surprise “oh! You’re an interior decorator too?” Steven heard himself say “yes” before he even realized it.

Anna was absolutely giddy. Here was another professional to judge her boyfriends work, and hopefully tell her that her room was absolutely perfect in every way. She looked at him expectantly. “Well?” Again, Steven found himself talking before thinking, and he didn’t know what came over him as he said “well… It’s hard to say.”

He looked at her with a face as if he was saying the most natural thing in the world as he continued. “You see, Anna, I’ve been on vacation a few weeks, güvenilir casino so my creative juices haven’t been stimulated in a long time..” As his brain caught up with his mouth he thought “Well, what do you know, I can bullshit with the rest of them”.

Anna instantly felt sorry for Steven. Here she was, asking him to evaluate another mans job, and he hadn’t been inspired. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know”, she said with a sad look on her face. “It wasn’t fair of me to ask you for an evaluation just like that..” Steven was just about to tell her it was ok, when Annas eyes shone up again. “Well, what if I were to help your juices?” she said in a rush. “You know.. The trade secret?”

Steven swallowed hard. Was she really asking him to suck his cock? Albeit in the twisted way that somehow made it ok? Steven could no more deny himself this than he could stop the rotation of the earth. “Y-yes” he managed, and Anna simply nodded and went down on her knees in front of him and starting working on unbuckling his pants. It took her a moment, but Steven didn’t mind. He used the time to openly stare at her breasts. “You know what sweetie”, Steven said feeling his confidence grow. “That’s a really pretty bikini top you got on there, and I’d hate to stain it with my creative juices. Why don’t you take it off?”

Annas smile widened. This guy was so consicerate. She looked up at Steven and said “oh yeah… that’s a great idea” as she reached behind and unclasped her top. As she did Steven helped her by yanking his pants and boxers halfway down his tighs and his cock sprang out. Just like every time with her boyfriend, she felt something stir between her legs. She couldn’t explain it, but at least it was pleasant. Maybe she liked looking at mens wee-wees. But this one was so much bigger than her boyfriends. Was she going to be able to take it all in her mouth? All this went through Annas mind as she looked at Stevens cock, and gently wrapped her hand around the shaft.

Steven couldn’t believe his luck. When he felt Annas tiny hand wrapped around his hard cock he thought he’d died and gone to heaven. The tip of the shaft was mere inches from Annas face. He looked past that pretty face and looked at her huge, beautiful breasts. He now felt confident enough to place a hand on Annas head, holding it in place as he every so slowly moved his cock closer to her mouth. Anna dutyfully opened her mouth and she was barely able to open it wide enough to

accomodate the tip of his cock. He couldn’t help himself but moan as he looked down and saw that vision of beauty and his cock disappearing in her mouth.


George looked at his clock and looked around the backyard. Hadn’t Steven and Anna been away for quite some time now? He knew Anna could be as chatty as the worst of them. Surely Steven was just humouring her, and maybe George should take her off Stevens hands for a while, and let Steven drink beer and talk to the other guests. With that in mind, George walked inside. Well, there was no sign of neither Anna nor Steven downstairs. As he came upstairs he thought he heard a moaning sound and stopped. Surely he had misheard, he thought as he continued down the hall.

There it was again.. Another moan.. This time George was sure he had heard correct. It had been a man moaning. And the sound came from Annas room…

End of Chapter 1.

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