Şubat 17, 2021

Creampies and More for the Holidays

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This story contains graphic depictions of male bi-sexuality. If this bothers you, don’t read this story.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was just before the holidays. My wife Brooke and I were supposed to have a party later that week.

She gave me a list of things she needed that were too heavy for her to lift.

“I’m leaving now sweetie,” I yelled into the living room. Apparently, it fell on deaf ears.

She had a few girlfriends over the house to help plan the event, as they called it and they were all getting pretty loose drinking some wine.

Finally, I heard her respond.

I went out the back door and got in the truck. Just then, I realized that I forgot the list on the counter. So I ran back inside. I was quiet so as not to bother them.

I grabbed the paper and turned to leave but I heard them giggling and laughing. I peaked in and saw Brooke blushing. I wondered what they had been talking about. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere now.

Brooke said, “You really like the way that stuff tastes?”

Her girlfriend, Linda, chuckled and then said, “I love it. I love the whole experience. Cum by itself is just hot, sticky glue. But when I lay Craig out on the bed and lick up the sides of his cock till he begs me to put him in my mouth. That makes me love the taste. It’s the taste of a man.”

I began to get a hard on that could rip my jeans. I wanted to hear some more and judging from the girl’s reactions, they wanted to hear some more too.

Her other friend Toni said, “Why did you stop? Keep going. I might just have to rape poor Steve when I get home”.

Steve was her husband and he was certainly a very lucky man if she intended to rape him later.

Toni was a tall statuesque brunette with long straight hair down to her waist. She worked out and ran to stay in shape and it certainly worked.

Brooke insisted that she continue on with her story.

“Well, since you all are so interested in my sex life, it’s the least I can do,” she said.

I knew I was out of sight, so I opened the zipper on my jeans and pulled out my stiff cock. I began to stroke it as Linda began to tell her tale again.

“Well, after I get him all wet with my tongue I begin to suck on just the head of his cock. I know he wants me take him in deeper, but that’s part of the fantasy for me. I know that I’m in complete control.

I suck and chew on just the head. I feel it pulsating with each beat of his heart. It’s so hot and rubbery. I wrap my hand around the shaft and begin to lightly stroke it now. That usually puts him into frenzy. I know this by the little shots of pre-cum he begins to shoot across my tongue.”

Brooke interrupted Linda and said, “That’s when I usually chicken out and tell him to fuck me. You know, when I begin to taste it.”

She was telling the truth. She was great at giving head, but she never would let me finish in her mouth. It was always just for foreplay.

Linda asked Brooke, “You mean you never let him cum in your mouth? That’s not fair. Doesn’t he take you across the finish line when he goes down on you?”

I was in luck. The girls were taking up for me.

Brooke replied, “I never thought of that. But he never complains about it. Besides, I think he likes eating my pussy as much as I like him doing it for me. Sometimes he begs to do it and says he wants nothing else.”

Now it was my turn to blush. She was right though. Eating her equisite pussy was always a favorite of mine.

“Send him my way,” Toni aid.

“Then mine,” Linda said too.

Brooke smirked and said, “Why don’t I just have him eat everyone’s pussy when he gets back?”

The girls said in unison, “Okay!”

I would have shot my load if it was true but I knew they were all just kidding.

“Well listen, if he loves eating you so much, make him eat you after you two have sex. If he can do that, then you don’t have an excuse not to swallow anymore, do you?” Linda said.

Toni piped up when she heard that. “Eww! Now that’s disgusting. I have to be clean when Steve eats me out. Besides, what guy would want to eat you after they just came inside you?”

Linda said, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Besides, guys like to get nasty. They don’t always want a pussy to be squeaky clean.”

Toni countered with, “Squeaky clean is one thing but with all that stuff dripping out of you? No way would he go for that.”

Brooke said, “Well, there’s no way he would do it knowingly; although there was this one time a long time ago…”

Toni said, “What happened?”

I was wondering the same thing.

Brooke continued, “Well, let’s just say that he surprised me a long time ago, before we were seriously dating.”

Toni said, “Don’t leave us hanging, what happened? How did he surprise you?”

“Well, my old boyfriend stopped by and said he was leaving for the West Coast and would be out of my life forever. One thing led to another and we did it one last time for old time’s sake, or maybe it was twice.”

Toni said, casino şirketleri “You little tramp!”

Brooke blushed and giggled a little.

“We fucked for almost an hour and he came like a horse both times. I felt so warm and soupy inside. Then just about the time he left, you know who showed up. I’m surprised they didn’t bump into one another.”

“Then what happened?” Linda begged her to tell.

“When I answered the door, I was wearing just some lingerie. His jaw almost hit the ground and as we spoke, I caught him staring at my bare feet.

I invited him in and we sat on the couch. He asked if he could massage my feet. I wasn’t one to refuse a foot rub. So he began massaging them for me. I felt his cock getting hard in his jeans and then, before I had a chance to clean up, one thing led to another again.

He was so horny and I told you before, he loves to eat pussy. Well, he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I told him that I couldn’t have sex with him to try and put him off but he said all he wanted to do was eat me and make me feel good.”

My stomach got queasy. I remembered when she was talking about.

“He won me over with that. My ex never ate pussy very well and it’s always been my favorite.”

Both girls said, “Me too!”

“So he got down on the floor in front of me while I was still sitting on the couch and spread my legs,” Brooke said.

“You mean he couldn’t tell? Your panties must have been wet unless you used a condom?” Linda asked.

“No, we didn’t use a condom, my ex hated them. I was absolutely full of cum but he didn’t seem to mind or notice. I don’t know which. In fact, all he kept saying, over and over, was how wet and sweet I tasted,” Brooke said.

“Eww, weren’t you grossed out by what he was doing? And why did he like it so much? You realize that your husband thinks male sperm tastes sweet,” Toni said.

She was right. That was the best tasting her pussy has ever been.

“I was nervous about what he might say if he figured it out at first but what can I say. He was eating my pussy so well. How does a girl complain about that? As far as him liking the taste? I couldn’t tell you and I really didn’t care,” Brooke said.

Linda said, “You’d be surprised what men will do when they haven’t had sex for a while. He probably hadn’t had sex with you yet. Am I right? It also sounds like he has a foot fetish, too. There are a lot of guys that like feet. Put him off for a few days and get him really horny during the wait. He’ll do anything; even eat you after sex again.”

“You know, you’re right. We hadn’t done it yet. But that changed on our next date. I knew he was the one.”

“I would have felt weird having someone suck me out after sex. It wasn’t even his own cum he was sucking from you, it was a total stranger to him,” Toni said.

“No, he knew who he was,” Brooke replied.

“He knew him real well after that night. Probably as well as you. I doubt he ever intended to drink the guy’s sperm,” Toni said and began to laugh.

Linda and Brooke began to laugh too. I began to feel humiliated but then Brooke calmed down and said something almost spiritual.

“It felt kind of natural, not at all weird, just a natural progression of our relationship. He sucked him out of my life.

Ever since then I’ve always wanted him to suck me clean again, only with his cum in me this time. Although, it was kinky knowing he was sucking my ex’s spunk out of me. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out how to ask him.”

I thought to myself that the only way I was doing it again was if she was going to begin swallowing for me. I could take one for the team. How bad could it be? I unknowingly enjoyed it the last time.

So I had an idea. If Brooke was going to go along with Linda’s idea, I knew that I wouldn’t be getting any from her for at least a few days. I figured I could jack off and maybe taste a little on my finger to see if I could really do it.

“Well, tell me how to get him to do it?” Brooke asked.

Toni said, “Why don’t you just ask him to do it?”

“Yeah, sure,” Brooke said.

“No, just listen up.” Linda said

As Linda began to tell the girls about how to suck a guy till he’ll do anything, I began to stroke my meat again. I looked on the counter and there was a glass with soda in it. I figured I would cum in there when the time came.

“Well, back to the BJ. Soon, he’s begging me to suck him deep in my mouth. I remove my hand and begin sucking him as deep as I can. With my hand free, I can massage his balls. They are so swollen with cum by now that he begins moaning when I begin to caress them. A few minutes of this is usually all he can take. Then I feel his balls begin to tighten against his body.”

Brooke was licking her lips as well as Toni. They wanted to know if that’s when she swallows. “No, I hear him moaning to me that he’s going to cum and that’s when you have to make a decision. Are you going to let him cum and if yes, how?

I usually choose to tease him some more. I casino firmaları stop and squeeze his cock real hard. He usually objects and begs me to let him cum. Depending on how desperate he sounds, I might do this two more times. This will build up the volume of his semen.”

Toni said to her, “That’s mean. Not only are you a cum-sucker but a cock tease as well.”

Brooke said, “I think i’ll tease him more than that.”

My nuts began churning when I heard that. That was a fantasy of mine.

“Then finally, after teasing him some more I finally relent and begin sucking him as hard as possible. I feel him begin to shake and then his cock swells to the biggest it can be. My mouth is watering now. I can’t wait to taste him.

He begins to shake and claw the sheets. I can feel the veins on his cock pounding. Then he yells that he’s cumming”.

I was at my breaking point and reached for glass. I put it in front of my cock and began to jerk myself off as fast as I could. My sperm welled up into my cock. I was staring at Linda as my cum shot into the cup.

It felt like I filled it up. When I looked down, I could see how much I had shot into it.The whole top was covered.

I could still hear Linda talking about how she would save it all in her mouth and show it to him before she swallowed t all. I put the glass down and zipped myself up.

When I heard one of them say they needed a drink from the kitchen. I made a hasty exit. When I got to the truck, I realized that the keys were on the counter. So I went around to the front door this time.

When I walked in they all looked a little flushed. Toni was handing Brooke a glass and Linda was smiling.

Brooke said, “Good you’re back.”

I replied, “No I left the keys on the counter. I was talking to the neighbor outside.”

Then I told them that they all look buzzed.

“What are you guys drinking?” I asked.

I wondered if they were picturing me sucking their friends used pussy and drinking some guys cum from it. My mouth got dry so I instinctively grabbed Brookes wine glass and downed it. As soon as I swallowed it, I knew something was wrong because it was warm and thick.

“You ass-hole, that was all the soda that was left. Could you at least pick up some more when you’re out now? We finished it all up and I was so thirsty that I had to pour what was left from that glass in the kitchen into my wine glass.”

It dawned on me what glass she was talking about. I looked in the bottom of the wine glass and saw some milky colored residue in there. I realized that I just swallowed my own cum.

“What’s wrong? You have a funny look on your face?”

I realized that just made two loads of cum that I’ve swallowed now in my life (mine and her ex’s). That’s probably more cum than her friend Toni’s ever swallowed but being a guy, it didn’t seem like anything to be proud of.

Brooke said, “Never mind, just give me a kiss and then hurry back.”

She must have been still excited from Linda’s tale and a little tipsy too. I say this because she kissed me and thrust her tongue in my mouth.

It was a really hot kiss and when she broke it off, she was the one wearing the funny look now.

I said goodbye and could see her trying to figure out what the taste in her mouth was. I hurriedly shut the door.

As I ran my errands, I wondered how many guys had ever done what I did, either by accident or on purpose. All I knew was my prick felt good and to tell you the truth, the cum wasn’t all that bad.

When I got home, the girls were gone. I used this to my advantage. I asked her if she wanted to fool around, knowing full well the plan she for me.

She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. She lied me down and began to undress me. Although I had cum an hour or so ago, I was already getting hard again.

When she removed my boxers, my cock was finally free. I could tell she was really horny by the way she examined it. The same way a starving person would look at a piece of meat. In this case, Tube steak.

“I’m going to suck you like never before.”

She said this to me and then began licking the sides of my cock. This felt so good but then she switched to sucking just the head and lightly stroking me.

I realized that she was doing what Linda had told them to do.

When she began sucking and massaging my balls, I was thankful that I had cum earlier. I was able to show some staying power. Even she noticed this and as if it was now a challenge, she began to suck me even harder.

I began to breathe harder and tremble; so much for my staying power. This is where Brooke usually stops and climbs on top but she kept on going.

I was past the point of no return. She was sucking the very life out of me and apparently was finally going to let me cum in her wondrous mouth.

I began to thrust my hips when suddenly she removed her mouth and squeezed my cock very hard. I was in a state of shock and disbelief. I had forgotten about her plan.

“No, let me cum!” güvenilir casino I yelled.

She just looked at me and said, “In good time.”

When she was sure the moment had passed and my orgasm had subsided, she began sucking me again. She did this three more times until I was nearly insane.

After the last time, she explained her actions to me. I had thought how smart I was for cumming earlier but I was wrong. Women understand these things better. We men cannot resist them. That is the natural order of things.

“I want to try something. I thought that we could hold off on screwing for a few days. If you can last, I’ll swallow your cum.”

I was desperate to cum but wanted her to swallow it too. I knew if I refused her request, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

“I agree but what do I have to do,” I said weakly.

“All in good time, now use your tongue on me, I want to cum,” she said.

“But I thought you said we would hold off for a few days?” I said.

“Not me, you were going to hold off for a few days. Now suck me if you want too. You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she said in a deep and sexy voice.

She got out of her clothes and lay back on the bed. She must have thought how weak I was. She had me agree to go without intercourse for a few days. This even came after she sucked me into oblivion and denied my orgasm three times.

There was no way I was going to make her cum after the way she just teased me.

She gave me a come hither look and crooked her finger to beckon me. Her pussy was glistening. I tried to stay strong and resist her but then she slipped a finger in her pussy and started to move it around. Then she withdrew her finger. It was shimmering with her juices. She brought it to her mouth and sucked it clean.

Then she said, “Well, if you don’t want to…” and started to get up.

“No! Stay there. Please let me eat you,” I yelled. I betrayed even myself.

I dove between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet and she smelled intoxicating. I drove my tongue into her folds and she thrust her hips upward. Finally, she reached behind my head with one hand and drove my mouth to her clit.

She began laughing and I heard her mumble something unintelligible. I sucked her pussy the way I wished she would suck me right now.

“Put your finger in me now,” she cooed.

Her pussy was so warm and wet. My finger penetrated her effortlessly. Slowly she snaked her other hand down to hold her pussy lips open for me.

She got wetter and wetter with each thrust of my finger. Now there was a constant flow of her juices running into my waiting mouth. Her breathing became ragged and I knew she was getting real close. I increased the action of my tongue and then she cried out.

“That’s it, I’m cumming!!! Oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t……oh……fuckkkkkk!!!!!”

She grabbed my head with both hands and held my mouth tight to her pussy. I couldn’t breathe but I would never complain. Her pussy was like air for me. Both were essential for my survival.

I drank the cum that came from her beautiful cunt and then switched back to her clit. The walls of her pussy gripped my finger with each contraction. Moments later she was still.

“Oh fuck you do that so good and I was so horny, thank you sweetie.”

Then she bounced out of the bed and put her clothes back on.

“I’ll meet you downstairs,” she said giggling as she left.

My cock was throbbing and I contemplated jerking off and calling it quits to her idea. But I thought better of it and somehow got up and got dressed too.

We went on with the rest of our day. I was horny as hell and I thought that this week was going to be hell. My plan was to avoid her in the bedroom. You know, “out of sight and out of mind”. She had other ideas.

Her teasing was relentless. Each night she would go to bed naked and freshly showered. Then she would snuggle close to me and begin to lick my earlobe and rub my chest.

Then finally, when she knew I was unable to resist her charms, she would ask me to eat her pussy.

“Please do it for me. You always complain I never let you do it enough and that’s changing today,” she said.

She decides to make her pussy an all you can eat banquet after I agree to not having sex for a few days. I felt like an idiot.

Still, being a guy, I couldn’t resist her request. “Okay,” I said weakly. I knew I was a broken man. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

“Say it. Beg me to do it,” she said, taking control of the situation.

“I beg of you, let me eat your pussy and make you cum,” I said, feeling humiliated.

“Well, that’s more like it. But first you have to prove to me you really want to eat me. Why don’t you kiss my feet first. The girls said that some guys are into feet. I hope you are too because I painted my toes for you this morning,” she said with a silly grin on her face.

She lay back on the bed and lifted her legs up in the air. She was a thing to behold; her long legs, her breasts, her flat stomach was a work of art.

I scooted on my knees towards her and between her legs. I sat up and she gently rested her legs against my chest.

“Here you go,” she said as she bent her left leg at the knee and put the sole of her foot against my face.

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