Şubat 15, 2021

Cowgirl Ch. 05

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That was hot last night, Marie IM’ed to me the next day.

Yeah, it was, I agreed. I always tried to keep my IM’s very neutral. I was certain they were constantly monitored by the company, but Marie didn’t seem to care.

I was so full of your milk that I couldn’t even eat breakfast this morning.

This made my face turn red. Now I was positive that we were being spied on. Not here, not now, I replied to her.

We’ve got to do it again, she sent me. My boyfriend wants to sample you as well. Would that be okay?

This left me wondering how I get myself into these situations. Uh, maybe. Not right away. I’d like to get with you again. Maybe that would help put him off.

That sounds great! I could hear her enthusiasm through the messenger. Tonight?

No, not tonight. I have a headache. Ha! My jokes always came off flat on IM.

We negotiated back and forth through the day. I was alternately hot and bothered by the idea of what we were planning, and then nervous and scared that we’d be caught—by whom I don’t know—and even that made it more exciting to me. Who would have known my breasts were such a source of excitement to others.

And don’t forget to have Michael there, she sent me right at the end of the day before she walked out the door.

Michael? I hadn’t known he’d be part of this too. Not that it mattered; if she wanted him there, I was more than willing to share.

I insisted on having an evening snack for Marie when she came over; we were meeting too late for dinner, but as a good hostess I couldn’t just expect Marie to hop into bed with us without at least offering something to eat or drink.

“It’s completely unnecessary,” he pointed out to me. “You’re the snack. Or drinks, at least.”

“Ha ha,” I commented, laying out a platter of crackers and cheese. “I’m more than that.”

“I’ll say,” he whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around me from behind and cupping my breasts. I tried to push him away, I was very full and didn’t want to start leaking, but his hands on my tits felt so very good. If the doorbell didn’t ring just then I probably would have hiked up my skirt and pulled off my panties, but as it was we were interrupted by Marie’s appearance.

I invited her in, offered her cheese and crackers—she took just a few to be polite—but she didn’t let us chat idly, Marie went right to the heart of the matter.

“I’m glad Michael’s going to be with us tonight,” she said. “It’ll be nice to have a partner for this.”

“A partner?” I asked confused and glanced at my husband. Michael looked away, either embarrassed or guilty, maybe both. “What’s going on?” I asked both of them.

Michael still couldn’t meet my gaze, but Marie was calm and cool as always. She smiled and raised her chin a tiny bit. Her long black hair fell away from her face. “I’ve been…talking with Michael. We have something special for you tonight.”

I’ve always been a little slow when confronted with strange, unexpected situations and this was no exception. I finally figured out that she must have been talking to each other behind my back. Before I could do or say anything to protest, Michael suddenly found his voice.

“Take off your shirt,” he ordered me.

I blinked at him, it was a blunt approach, but my hand almost automatically went to the buttons on my blouse. Only when Marie spoke did I hesitate.

“Might as well take off the rest of your clothes as well,” she said. “It’s not like you’re going to need them.”

And again I didn’t know what to say. Marie took the initiative and started unbuttoning her own shirt while Michael looked on, a boy happily caught between two candy stores.

“Why don’t we go to the bedroom first,” I suggested.

Marie eagerly led the way, her shirt unbuttoned, exposing her padded bra but little else. As she ascended the staircase I followed her, watching her shapely ass as it swung back and forth in front of my eyes.

Once in the bedroom, she dropped her bright red shirt from her shoulders, keeping her back to me. Her inked wings were only partly hidden by her tight black pants and the thin bra strap that cut across her back just under her shoulder blades. “Undo me,” she asked, pulling her hair aside and looking over her shoulder at me. My hands were fairly trembling when I reached for her black bra and tried to slip free the hooks. After a few attempts I finally managed to work it and the strap came free. She turned around, smiling proudly, and presented me with her bare tits sporting casino şirketleri a pair of bright gold rings. I stood there mute, excited but not knowing what to do.

“Let me help you,” she said, reaching for my shirt and starting to undo the buttons. I noticed Michael sitting on the corner of the bed, happily watching the two of us. Before I knew it my blouse was on the floor, Marie had moved in close to me, slipping her arms around me to unhook my bra. She kissed me lightly on the neck as she pulled the bra away, exposing my milk-full tits. “Ready?” she asked Michael.

He nodded and she led me to the bed. Before I could mount the mattress, Michael fell to his knees in front of me, unzipped my skirt and pulled it off, leaving me in just my panties. Or rather my thong; I only owned two thongs, and since this was a special occasion, I decided to go with it to show off my tattoo.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Marie ordered me.

“On the bed?” I asked, confused. Usually I only did that with the milker.

When she said yes, I simply followed orders. Marie laid next to me on one side, Michael on the other. It was obvious what they were planning on doing. My boobs were hanging down, full and ready to be emptied. They worked their heads under my chest, while Marie and I giggled, until their mouths found my nipples and they started suckling.

It was heavenly.

I could feel my milk flowing into their mouths, each one nursing at their own pace. Michael tended to suck harder and take bigger gulps, he was eager to drain me. Marie took her time, enjoying both the experience and time with me, she was gentle compared to him, but just as insistent.

They made me hold that position for a good fifteen minutes while the suckled me. It started off being novel and sensual and more than a bit erotic, but toward the end my arms were getting tired. I wasn’t used to being stuck in the same position for so long. “You two had better finish up,” I told them. “I’m getting to tired and I don’t care how much you like this. I can’t go all night.”

Reluctantly Michael let go of my tit, gently kissed the side of my breast and rolled off to the side. Marie, however, didn’t heed my request and kept on draining me, though by this time I could feel there was nothing left to feed her. “Let go,” I prompted, tugging my breast away slightly. She grinned around my nipple and refused to let do, keeping a strong latch on me. I pulled back a little harder, just to the point of pain, but she still refused to let go. Michael laughed at my predicament.

“This isn’t funny,” I told him.

“Then just pull away,” he said.

“It’ll hurt!” I complained; secretly I was sort of enjoying the slight torture she was putting me through.

“I think that’s what she wants,” he said.

I let Marie nurse a moment longer, then pulled back in earnest. She resisted, looping an arm around my waist to keep me close. In retaliation, I put one hand on the side of her face and forced her away from me. It was a struggle, but I was bigger and eventually prevailed, though at great cost. It felt like she was ripping my tit off when I finally broke the suction.

She immediately pouted. “I wasn’t done,” she all but whined.

“You’re done,” I told her, gently holding my breast. “See, there’s nothing left.” I squeezed to extract any remaining milk. There was none, of course, not even enough to form a pearly drop on the tip of my nipple.

“I’m still thirsty,” she said playfully. I knew she was lying, but played along anyway.

“Then why don’t you give Michael a blowjob and drink his spunk,” I suggested.

Marie immediately brightened. “That sounds great! I love man-cum.” She turned to him. “Take off your pants,” she ordered.

He looked at me, helpless and confused. His eyes were wide with shock and excitement. I could see the outline of his cock under the denim of his jeans. “Should I?” he mouthed to me.

My chest was tight and I could feel a gush of wetness in my panties. Whatever else I wanted or knew about our relationship, I was eager to see Michael receive a blowjob from Marie. It certainly wasn’t cheating, not if he was doing it right in front of me. Was it?

“Yes,” I whispered to the two of them.

Marie didn’t need to be told twice. She moved over to his side of the bed, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. Together they pushed off his pants and she, without a hint of hesitation or shyness, reached into his underwear, pulled out his already casino firmaları stiff cock, and put it in her mouth.

I was never a bit watcher of porn. It always seemed a bit artificial and contrived to me. The complete opposite is true of a live sex show. Marie didn’t cheat to the camera or perform actions that might look interesting on screen, but added nothing to Michael’s pleasure. She simply took his cock into her mouth, sucked long and hard trying to make him cum. One hand she wrapped around his balls, the other held firm the base of his long prick; I laid on my side, my hand inside my thong, just barely playing with my clit as Michael received what was certainly an expert blowjob. I almost wished I was a man just so that Marie could give one to me.

So talented was my friend that she could even take all of Michael’s length into her mouth and down her throat. While he wasn’t ridiculously endowed like a freak from an adult film, I myself couldn’t get more than half of Michael’s cock into my mouth, so I was duly impressed. Because she was a much better cocksucker than I was, I was disappointed for Michael when she suddenly backed off, freeing his wet cock from her mouth and said. “I don’t want to swallow his cum,” she announced. “I want to see him fuck you.”

She didn’t have to suggest that to me twice. Although Michael was eager to get off in her mouth, I was worked up enough that I wanted a cock inside of me. I yanked off my thong—I was happy to be rid of it—laid back on the bed and spread my legs. I could smell the scent of my eager pussy waiting to be satisfied. Apparently my perfume was enough to pull Michael away from Marie’s mouth—along with a slight push of encouragement from her. He fell on me and slipped easily into my cunt. I immediately tilted my hips to accept his hard, eager thrusts and wrapped my legs around his waist, crossing my ankles so he couldn’t escape—not that he wanted to.

“Oh, fuck her hard,” Marie whispered from her spot on the bed. I was barely aware she was still in the room; when you’ve debauched yourself this much, it hardly matters if another person watches you and your husband fuck. It was just another thrill I was marking off some unknown checklist of kinks, erotic acts and fantasies I never knew I had.

Michael was already worked up by his oral treat from Marie, and I had been playing with myself that entire time as well, so it didn’t take him long to grunt twice—like he always did—then shoot his cum inside my pussy. I locked up my limbs and let him slam into me harder and harder until he was done. Not that I minded in the least, each time his pubic bone hit the top of my pussy, he squished my clit and that was all I needed to cum myself. Once we were both done, he rolled off me and sighed in relief.

“That was wonderful.” It wasn’t Michael complimenting me; it was Marie applauding us both.

“Thanks,” Michael said, happy to accept her compliment.

I snorted. He was too eager to be the center of any lauds.

“May I?” Marie asked. She made some gesture, I barely saw what she did since I was still coming down from my orgasm high and my eyes were half closed, so I went along with it.

“Sure. Why not.”

A moment later I felt fingers probing in my cunt. At first I thought it was Michael, seeking to bring me off again, but then I realized something was amiss. It didn’t feel like Michael’s fingers. I opened my eyes to witness Marie probing my cunt while Michael happily watched her. She didn’t notice me watching her at first, not that I pushed her away or tried to stop her. Plunging her fingers deeply into me, she scooped up Michael’s sticky white leavings and brought them to her mouth. My eyes went wide in surprise; while I’d certainly swallowed my share of cum over the years, I’d never seen it eaten like that before.

“Delicious,” she told me. “I was lying before. I did want to taste his cum, but I wanted to see him fuck you too.”

I shrugged. What did it matter. Everything felt so good and wonderful, did it really matter if she wanted to eat my husband’s spunk from my cunt?

“I’ve got a request,” Michael spoke up. “I want to fuck Marie.”

This announcement caused me to giggle. “Do you think I’ll say no?” I asked him.

“Maybe,” he hedged.

I was certain that something had gone on behind my back when the two were talking, planning this evening. I decided to surprise him. “Go ahead,” I offered. “I doubt you can get it up for her.”

It’s not that I didn’t want Michael güvenilir casino to have a good time, it’s that I was feeling a twinge of jealousy to see how eager he was to fuck her. I wanted to be the center of attention; it was one thing for Michael to get a blowjob from her before he laid me, it was another entirely to see him fuck her. I had to hand it to him, though, just the idea was enough to make his cock stir, and then when she reached for him, he had a rampant erection in no time.

Marie smiled triumphantly, quickly stripped off her pants and oh-so-tiny panties to display her denuded pussy, then got on her hands and knees to present him with her skinny ass. She looked over her shoulder at us. “Well?” she asked, wiggling her hips to entice him forward.

He didn’t need the encouragement. His cock was in his hand ready to guide himself into her sex, when he suddenly stopped himself. My heart skipped a beat; I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to change his mind, or just go forward so I could see what he looked like when he was fucking another woman. “Do I need a condom?” he asked.

That’s Michael, ever practical.

“No,” she said, “I’m safe; I won’t get pregnant.”

He hesitated just a little bit again. Was she lying? Did she want to get pregnant? Uncertain what to do, he looked at me and I nodded my head giving him my permission. I needed to see him fuck her. What woman wouldn’t want her man to prove his masculinity by fucking someone else while his partner looked on.

He plunged his hard cock into her sloppy-wet cunt with a grunt. She replied with a slightly surprised yelp, then settled into a steady moaning and groaning as he pistoned his hips back and forth, slapping his pelvis into her taut ass.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh,” she groaned, trying to encourage him.

“Make her cum,” Michael said, looking at me.

“What?” I was confused. He was the one fucking her, not me.

“Put your hand between her legs, find her clit, and get her off,” he ordered me. Now it was my turn to hesitate. Was this something they had planned? Was he seeing how far he could get me to go? Or was it that he wanted to include me in the most intimate act two—or three—people could have.

What did it matter? Marie’s finger’s had already been in my cunt. I knelt down next to their coupled bodies, slipped my hand underneath Marie’s body, slid my fingers down along her tummy until I encountered her sloppy pussy. It wasn’t hard to find her clit, it was hot and bulging out. She felt familiar and strange at the same time, as if I were touching myself, masturbating, but through an odd veil. It was obvious she liked having her clit roughly rubbed. Just a couple of strokes made her cry out in pleasure.

“No,” she half-whispered. “Too much.”

I found my sadistic streak. Michael held her firm and I rubbed for all I was worth. This brought her off again and I laughed at her helplessness. It sounds crueler than it was for Marie’s orgasms were hot and fierce. A minute later Michael, overexcited by two women performing all manner of sexual acts on each other, came hard inside Marie’s cunt. He grunted several times, once with each thrust as he deposited more and more of his semen deep within her.

When I saw the bliss on Marie’s face when Michael came inside her, my heart melted. She looked so cute and happy, there was no way I could be jealous or upset with her because it was just so beautiful.

Michael was all but spent after that and though we tried to encourage him, he slowly drifted off to sleep. Marie and I cuddled up together, soft skin on soft flesh. I couldn’t resist slipping my hand between her thighs and feeling Michael’s spunk slowly leak out of her.

“That was nice,” I said to her as I slipped my middle finger up inside her shaved pussy.

She sighed slightly as I fingered her, then ducked down her head to latch onto my nipple. I didn’t expect her to express any milk from me, but I was pleasantly surprised when I felt a bit of milk start to flow and looking down at my exposed breast, a few pearly beads of milk appeared on my nipple. I wiped the excess milk away and licked my finger clean as Marie continued to nurse. After a few minutes she pulled away unexpectedly and looked up at me with a mischievous grin. She scooted up to my face and kissed me; I could taste a bit of my milk on her lips. I was delighted when she didn’t immediately break the kiss, but slipped her tongue inside my mouth. She fed me back my milk; it was sweet and delicious, especially after she had warmed it for me.

“Tasty?” she asked.

I didn’t answer her and just kissed her back. We fell asleep while gently kissing each other. I never would have thought I would be sharing a bed with my husband and a female lover, but it seemed so right.

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