Ocak 29, 2021

Cowboy Up

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I got all ready for my evening jog after a hard day of work. I was out of town on business and the small southern town was one of my normal monthly visits. I took off my suit and put on my jock strap. Reached into my suitcase and brought out my skimpy white jogging shorts. They fit very tight and showed off every inch of my manhood. I put on my Nikes and headed to the nearby park.

The park was well hidden with lots of trees blocking its scenic view from the highway. The park had been empty on all of my previous visits. I didn’t expect today to be any different than the other times.

As I got to the parking lot of the park, I saw an old pickup Ford pick up truck. Built around 1940 and black. Looked like it was very well maintained. I was impressed and wanted a closer look. The only thing wrong , that I could see was that someone had defaced the windshield with the words Cowboy Up. It was a beautiful truck. I got closer and realized there was someone in the drivers seat. He was a young man about 25 years old his wavy blond hair cut short and very neat. His mustache casino şirketleri was blond and his face had been freshly shaved.

I had to compliment him on his truck, so I walked over to the drivers side door. I froze in my tracks as I got next to the window. The man in the truck was reading a Penthouse magazine. He also was stroking his hard cock. It was probably six and a half inches long. The foreskin had not been cut I noticed as he pulled it up and over the rounded head every couple of strokes.

My eyes could not believe what I had stumbled upon. In this southern town. I stood watching this man jacking off, Would he get out of his truck and beat the hell out of me for looking at him with such lust. He had his cowboy hat sitting in the seat next to him. It was also black. Only good guys wear white I was thinking.

I watched as he turned the pages looking at the young bodies fucking on each page. He stroked his ever hard cock as I felt mine rise within my tight shorts. Surely he had seen me come up to his truck. A minute later without skipping casino firmaları a beat on his meat and never looking up, he said ” Do you want to suck it.”

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I said yes faster than he could make another stroke. He closed the magazine and put it under his seat. When he opened the door I saw his boots they were snakeskin, dusty and worn. The whole situation was getting me so horny. Standing in this park with a total stranger, he turned so I had better access to his dick. I slid down that shaft, sucking furiously, the thrill of possibly getting caught by the police scared and excited me at the same time.

His cock continued to get harder with every thrust into my mouth. I finally had it all in, my throat opened up to let the head slide down. His balls felt good on my chin as I sucked. I could feel the pressure building in his balls. The same pressure was building in mine.

I was shocked once again as he stood up and dropped his pants. ” Fuck me,” he said. I couldn’t resist his white ass leaning against that beautiful güvenilir casino truck had me so hard. He leaned over his seat as I spit on my hands and lubed his tight hole. I dropped my shorts and aimed my hard cock at his waiting slit. I pushed into him gently but he had done this before, there was very little resistance. I started to fuck him slowly, but he begged me to go faster.

I pumped his ass with vigor and reached around to stroke his raging hard on but couldn’t he had his hand flying up and down that pulsating piece of flesh. I felt his balls bounce against mine as I plunged deeper and deeper inside him.

The excitement of the park was more than I could take. I shot long spurts of cum deep in his ass. I watched over his shoulder as a stream of cum shot from his dick onto his cowboy hat. I couldn’t resist. I reached over and grabbed his hat licking the cum off and placing the hat on his head.

He said ” I don’t usually do this kind of thing in the park but when I saw you coming toward me in those sexy shorts, I knew I had to have you.”

“Want to head back to my hotel room and have some more fun?” I asked him.

“Sure and maybe this time I can get a piece of your ass.” he said as we climbed into his truck. As we pulled out of the park a police cruiser pulled in.

I said out loud, ” Cowboy Up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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