Mart 29, 2021

Controlling Greg

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I am so excited tonight is my night to be in control. I have been planning for weeks how I want to do this. I have had several ideas, all of which are very good ones. I just need to decide which one or two do I want to use tonight.

Greg looks down at his phone and sees that he has a message from Amy. He gets immediately excited when he sees the word “control” in the message. He knows he is in for a interesting night, especially after the last time. He smiles and blushes.

So after I send the message to Greg, I begin to set up my night of fun. The other day while I was cleaning house I noticed that a table we have is the perfect height for what I need. I pull it out to the center of the room and get it set up with the items I will be using tonight and then cover it with a sheet. I smile as I walk away, because I know Greg is going to love it.

Greg can’t stop reading that one word message from Amy. He knows the endless possibilities it can hold. He is glad that a few months back that they started to do this on a monthly bases. They each get one night a month when they control the situation completely with no questions asked. They have a safe word set up just in case, no one has ever used it. They also have their limits all set as well.

Amy was buzzing about the house going over her plans in her head. Greg would be home in just a little while and she wanted to make sure everything was perfect. She had everything all set up and decided to jump in the shower real quick to freshen up. She slipped on her teddy and waited for the fun to begin.

As Greg was walking up to the door, his mind was racing a million miles an hour. He felt his cock getting harder with every thought. It was getting hard to hide and control it at work. He was so glad he sits at a desk most the day. Greg walked in the door and saw the table in the middle of the floor covered in a sheet. Amy saw the bewildered look on his face and the bulge in his pants. She smiled at him and handed avcılar rus escort him an envelope. She walked past him to the kitchen as he read the card inside.

Dear Greg,

This is a night of complete control for me over you. I want you to go and take a shower and then put on the item you find on the bed. Then you are to come to me in the living room for further instructions.

Love Amy

Amy smiled at him as he looked back at her as he put the note away and did as it instructed. She walked over to the table she had all set up and removed the sheet. She had all the items laid out and ready to go. She picked up the blindfold and walked towards the couch and waited for Greg to come to her.

Greg walked into the bed room and saw the item on the bed and he chuckled when he saw that it was a silver g string. He undressed and showered as he was told. During his shower his mind was racing with the anticipation of what his lovely sweetheart had planned for him. He dries off and puts on the g string and heads towards the living room.

He finds Amy sitting on the couch waiting for him. He saw the items on the table and felt his body tingle. Greg turned towards Amy as she stood up and placed the blindfold over his eyes. She then led him to the table. She kissed him and ran her hands up and down his body. He was getting goose bumps all over his body. She whispered “do you trust me?” he nodded his head yes. She took him by his hand and led him to the end of the table and turned him so he was facing it. She told him to bend over and lay on the table, she then tied his ankles to the legs of the table and put the soft cuffs on his wrists with the chain running between them and under the table top so he couldn’t stand up. She ran her fingers down his spine and smacked his ass. He jumped from the unexpected smack on the ass.

She grabbed her feather and a small paddle, she ran the feather over his ass then gave it avcılar türbanlı escort a smack with the paddle on each cheek. She did this over and over several times. His ass had a nice red glow to it and she noticed his cock was rock hard and had made a wet spot in his g string. She walked over to the table and put on a latex glove and picked up the anal lube. He felt her move the g string to the side and the lube hit his hole. She rubbed the lube over his hole with her finger and then began sticking a finger inside him. He moaned and wiggled some, she smacked his ass and told him not to move. She moved in and out with one finger adding more lube as she did so. After a few minutes she added a second finger and he moaned louder. She moved in and out slowly. She moved away and pulled off the glove. She then walked over and removed his blindfold, she wanted him to see what she had in store for him.

Greg was bent over the table and couldn’t see anything that Amy was doing. He was so excited and ready for anything she had in mind. When she tied him to the table he couldn’t help but smile. Then when he felt the softness of the feather and the sting of the paddle, his cock immediately started dripping. He was so turned on by her naughtiness. He couldn’t believe how good her fingering his ass felt.

Amy grabbed her strap on harness and stepped into it and adjusted it. She looked at Greg and saw that he was smiling really big. She inserted her dildo into her harness and began walking towards Greg. His eyes followed her every step, he was so turned on he couldn’t stand it. Amy walked up behind him and he heard her pop open the lube. She squeezed some on the dildo and moved in closer to Greg. She moved his g string aside and pushed the head of the dildo against his hole and told him to relax. She pushed a little at a time and then the head of the dildo popped in as he moaned. She waited a little bit as he adjusted to it being in avcılar ucuz escort there. He began to push back on the dildo some, so she knew she could push in a little more. She pushed in a little at a time and waited for him to adjust. Then she started moving in and out slowly. She could feel him relaxing. He started moaning more and more and even was moving against her. She reached down and began stroking his cock as she moved in and out of his ass. He was moaning more and moving even more and faster against her dildo. He said “fuck yes, don’t stop”. His cock was dripping more and it was hitting the top of her feet. She stopped stroking and pulled out of his ass. All she heard at that point was “don’t stop”. She walked away and sat down on the couch.

Her pussy was soaking wet and she needed to get off. She removed the strap on and got out her vibe. She began rubbing it on her pussy getting it covered in her juices and then puts it on her clit and sets it on high. She rubs it against her clit until she cums and then sticks it inside her and fucks herself with it until she cums again. All he can do is watch as she gets herself off over and over.

Amy then stands up and puts the strap on back on and walks back over to Greg. She smacks his ass and asks him what he wants? He moans that he wants her to fuck his ass and make him cum. She puts more lube on the dildo and his hole. She slides back into his ass slowly, then moves in and out faster as his breath deepens and he moans louder. She reaches down and starts stroking him again as she fucks his ass. She can feel him getting close to cumming and keeps fucking him and stroking him. He tells her that he is going to cum. She tells him to cum for her. After a few more strokes his is exploding all over the towel she laid on the floor. She keeps fucking his ass until every last drop of cum has been milked from his cock. She pulls the dildo out and smacks his ass and tells him he is a good boy.

After his body quits twitching, she unties his ankles and uncuffs his wrists. He stands up slowly and walks over to her and gives her a long passionate kiss and big hug. He tells her how much he loves her and that she is the best thing ever. He leads her to the bedroom and takes his time getting her off over and over to show his appreciation for a wonderful night.

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