Şubat 11, 2021

Contest Ch. 03

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Violet was tied over a kind of horse, just wide enough that her body was supported, but each of her tits hung down either side of it. It was just long enough for her to rest her cheek on it, and her pussy was at the other end, at the perfect height for the guy behind her to step in and start fucking her pussy as soon as he was ready.

In the meantime though, tears were streaming down her face as he spanked her glowing ass.

She was in the middle of the second task for her contest with her friend Danielle. After being humiliated, exposed and fucked in the middle of a club by an old security guard, she’d gone home and showered vigorously. Danielle had called just after she’d gotten out of the shower, and they both had related their first tasks to each other. Even though Violet was dying to find out what else her friend would have to do, both girls had been reticent when it came to sharing the rest of their list of tasks. Both were afraid that the other would take advantage of knowing which tasks each girl would find the hardest to do. Violet wanted to win badly though, she had a competitive streak that just wouldn’t quit, and she really didn’t want to spend a night in the control of Jared… not to mention she’d always been rather attracted to Danielle. If, when, Danielle lost she’d finally get to indulge in that attraction, whereas she might otherwise not get a chance since Danielle was so uptight about homosexuality being morally wrong.

But that had put her in her current position, tied over the horse of one of Jared’s friends, getting 100 spankings and 100 whip-strokes before he’d fuck her. The video camera was in front of her and a little to her right, catching every tear that fell from her slightly tilted brown eyes. She hated that she was tied, she hated that she was in pain, and most of all she hated that despite all of her feelings about the situation she was in, her pussy was wet.


The paddle hit her ass three casino şirketleri more times for the final count of 100. Her tear-stained face looked up into the smiling face of Victor, the very cute blonde dom that Jared had sent her to when she’d called him, wanting him to find someone to spank and beat her. There was no way she could submit to any of the guys she actually knew, it was potentially too embarrassing and revealing, especially when she would see them later in her usual much more dominant position. Victor’s short blonde hair and big blue eyes combined with his stunning smile were enough to make her wish that they were in very different positions. He was smiling at her right now as her tears were starting to slow even though her ass was still throbbing with pain, it felt twice as large as normal.

“That was very good,” he told her, stroking back the long strands of brown hair that were covering her face.

“Thank you,” she whispered, her voice was hoarse. At first she’d tried to hold back from making noise, and after awhile she couldn’t stop herself from crying out and moaning.

“It’s just the whippings left, and those will be easier, I’ll spread them out. Your ass is a magnificent red though, just gorgeous.” He winked at her as he pinked up the 16″ multi-strand rubber whip. Beginning slow strokes over her body, she moaned a little as he whipped down her back, straying near her ass a little. The impact was harder then when he’d been spanking her, but as he said, it would be spread out rather than all in the same general area. Still, maybe tomorrow she’d take a break from the tasks… give her body some time to recover.

Her breath hissed out as he whipped her breasts, catching her nipples with the ends of the whip. It hurt, because they were already pressed against the horse in an odd position. As the whipping went on, he hit her back, her breasts, her thighs, and finally her pussy. The ones to her pussy hurt the most, the casino firmaları rubber strands slapping into her wet flesh. It shamed her that she was still wet throughout all of this.

Slowly he increased the speed and the impact, and about halfway through he started to focus most of the whippings on her tits, thighs and pussy, with only occasional strokes to her back. Violet moaned as her skin slowly started turning pink where he was focusing the hits, her flesh was starting to tingle painfully as the whip slapped against it. Her body jerked every time he hit her nipple or clit squarely, and she whimpered, hating the vulnerable sound that came out of her mouth. Victor just kept smiling as he moved around her, steadily beating her body, always making sure not to get in the way of the camera.

With 25 strokes left, all of them became concentrated on her more tender body parts. Right boob, left boob, pussy, repeat. It was becoming hard to tell if she was in pain or aroused as her body moved and she moaned and whined, it hurt pleasurably. An oxymoron if there ever was one. Finally he focused the last five on her pussy, the heavy strokes hitting her inner labia and clit so that she screamed at the shocking pain that pulsed through her.

Untying her as her tears flowed, he carefully lifted her from the apparatus and laid her on the floor where the camera would still get a good view of what was happening.

“Good girl,” he breathed as she whimpered and panted, but didn’t complain, as her sore ass pressed against the carpet, and lowered his mouth to her bruised pussy flesh.

Definitely aroused, she thought in surprise, as the soft touch of his tongue on her beaten cunt made her gasp and arch her back in pleasure. It hurt, yes, but it hurt so good… she’d had no idea that this was how it could feel to not be in control. In some ways, it was more freeing than being in control; she didn’t have to do anything other than what he told her, güvenilir casino she just had to sit back and take whatever he gave… no decisions… no real effort on her part. She’d taken the beating, and now she was getting the reward.

Victor lifted his mouth from her pussy, satisfied with her reactions to his oral attentions. Violet spread her legs for him as he gently pushed into her abused pussy.

“Oooooooo…” she sucked in her breath as his 7″ dick slowly stretched her open, she was more turned on than she cared to admit as he slid home and his body bumped against her beaten lips. He began nibbling on her neck as he thrust in and out of her pussy, his chest pressing against her sore breasts, each thrust making her ass rub painfully against the floor. Violet was lost in a haze of pleasure as her pain and arousal wound around each other, interlinking in a heady mix. Unthinking, she pressed her sore pussy up against him, moaning as the pain burned through her, igniting more and more lust as his hard body moved against hers.

His arms wrapped around her shoulders and he buried his hands in her hair as he started to really pound away at her pussy, Violet was shocked at her pleasure at feeling delicate and feminine in his arms. Usually, she preferred to be on top with a guy; in fact, she’d never had an orgasm when she’d been on the bottom but she could feel one starting to build in the bottom of her pussy as moved against her splayed legs. Heaving her body underneath him, she hungered for that orgasm, and wrapped arms around his waist gasping as he began a circular motion with his hips, rubbing his groin against her clit while his dick made circles inside of her.

“Oh… Oh…. OH!” she felt completely vulnerable and open as he thrust into her hard, and she could feel his dick getting harder and longer inside her as he started to reach his climax, “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!” His dick was actually pulsing inside her as he came, and his last hard thrust against her clit made her cum as he released spurts of cum into her pussy.

When Violet left, she got his number, even though he warned her that he didn’t bottom. It might be nice to see him again sometime… shake things up in her sex life a little…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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