Mart 29, 2021

Conference Play Time

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This story was suggested by a long time e-mail pen pal of mine. He always has such delicious fantasies. I want to publically thank him for entrusting his fantasy to my words. Since he prefers to remain animous I will just say thank you Rob. Offered for your enjoyment…….


Rob was pissed that his boss had forced him to go to this damn conference at the last minute. Not only was it going to mean working yet another weekend, but also he would miss Valentine’s day. He had hoped the general romantic mood created by all the hearts and flowers would get his new girl friend to open up her so far clamped shut legs. Four weeks and he had barely gotten passed a long goodnight kiss. Rob was so horny he was ready to fuck the bimbo in accounting that everyone knew was free for the asking.

As Rob tried to read some dumb article in the in-flight magazine, he just couldn’t get over what a wimp his boss was when it came to the female employees. This conference was supposed to have been covered by four women: Joan, a young tall skinny dark-haired woman who’s little perky tits made Rob salivate every time she wore a tight silk blouse; Denise, a 30-year-old knockout, who had a Korean grandfather from whom she got beautiful dark silky hair; Julie, the newest member of the office, who was a short little dynamo with a hot round ass and a perfect set of tits; and Melissa, the queen bitch office manager, who was now enjoying a long weekend at home due to some lame excuse she fed the boss.

On reflection Rob decided it wasn’t the worst thing in the world having to spend several days in close contact with a trio of sexy co-workers. He had no illusions of any extra curricular activities, but knew they would be in his nightly masturbation fantasies. Rob let his mind wander to an image of himself lying naked in the middle of a big luxurious bed. His three co-workers were also naked and attending to him. Julie was rubbing those beautiful orb-like tits all over his torso, while Denise alternated between sucking his cock and jerking it with her long silky black hair. Joan was straddling his face. Her long thin legs spread wide so that her pussy was wide open as she lowered it to his lips. The stewardess startled him when she tapped his shoulder.

“Sorry, Sir. Time to put your seat up,” she said sweetly as she reached over and pushed his tray table up toward the seat in front of him.

Rob blushed realizing his erection was clearly visible to the cute stewardess. She just smiled warmly at him and said that they would be on the ground in ten minutes. When she moved to the next row Rob adjusted himself and stowed his magazine in the seat pocket to be ready to deplane. His co-workers would be arriving on a different flight shortly. Because of the last minute change in plans Rob could not get on the same flight. He would have just enough time to get his luggage and arrange for the rental car they would all share before meeting them. The landing was uneventful and Rob made his way to the exit quickly.

Except for the looks Rob got from the stewardesses as he headed to the front of the plane, he would have been off quickly. It was clear that the cute blond and her coworkers had shared a laugh at Rob’s expense. For some reason, he decided to turn it around on them.

When the cute blond stewardess said a polite goodbye, Rob leaned forward and whispered in her ear that he had been dreaming about her hot pussy and wondered if she would be interested in reenacting it at his hotel. She politely declined like a true profession despite the bright red color of her cheeks. Rob smiled wickedly and headed down the jet way toward the terminal.

Rob quickly retrieved his luggage and made his way to the car rental counter. He was pleasantly surprised that instead of the usual airport hassle all went relatively easy. Since they had a budget of fifty dollars a piece per day for transportation, Rob choose a large luxury SUV. At $150.00 a day it was pricey for a car to leave mostly sitting in the hotel garage. However, he figured he was actually saving the company money and the SUV offered a comfortable ride for four and plenty of room for all the luggage he imagined the ladies would have.

Just as he was completing the transaction at the rental counter, Julie walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder. When he turned his arm brushed against her voluptuous breasts. Julie had to step back to look up at Rob because her face was practically buried in his chest. She explained that the other girls had gone to baggage claim and wanted to meet down there. As it was the closest exit to the rental car lot Rob was happy to accommodate. On the walk to the baggage claim area, Rob hung back a step so he could admire the way Julie’s ass swayed in the tight jeans she was wearing. Once again Rob’s fantasies were causing his cock to grow. He was so horny he would have screwed Julie right there in terminal if he thought she was game. However, it was well known in the office that Julie was engaged and very much not available.

The other women had ataşehir escort already retrieved the luggage and were waiting by the exit when Rob and Julie got downstairs. The four of them exchanged greetings and quickly headed for the rental car. After the long flight they were anxious to get to the hotel and unwind. All were happy they had a free night tonight to relax before the conference began. The thirty-minute drive to the hotel was very pleasant in the comfortable rental vehicle. Rob drove and listened to the sexy voices of his co-workers talking about what they wanted to do with their free night. Rob was just happy he was going to get to have a fun evening with three hot chicks.

The hotel was bustling when they arrived. The conference they were attending was one of the biggest events in their field and all the area hotels were packed. The group was staying at the Grand Hyatt, which was the conference headquarters. The doorman had a bellmen take their luggage and the car was whisked away by the valet. The quartet waited patiently for their turn at the front desk. Unfortunately when they got to the desk they encountered their first problem. The hotel had only one room reserved for them and nothing else was available at the Hyatt or any other hotel within ten miles.

It seems when Melissa cancelled her reservation; the hotel gave their second room to someone else. The original plan had called for the women to share two to a room. Melissa was supposed to get another room or just change it so that the three remaining women could be in one room and Rob would be in the other. The manager explained that the best he could do was to give them a deluxe room that had two queen beds and a pullout sofa. With little choice, the group decided that they would be able to work out enough privacy to make the unusual sleeping arrangement work out.

Rob actually didn’t mind the idea of maybe getting a peek at his hot co-worker’s more intimate apparel, but was concerned about how he would manage to relieve the sexual frustration generated by being in such close quarters. The group was pleasantly surprised when the bellman showed them into their room. It was fairly large and the sofa was situated with the back toward the bed area. There was a large dressing area that would give them a place the change with at least a bit of privacy. While showering schedules would no doubt pose a problem for the four of them the luxurious bathroom mitigated the inconvenience somewhat. It had a large shower with adjustable shower massage, a separate toilet area, two sink/vanity areas and a large Jacuzzi. Rob’s mind began to wander, he thought about the four of them nude in the swirling heated waters of the fancy tub.

Denise tapped Rob on the shoulder, bringing him back to reality. “Come on big boy, enough daydreaming, let’s figure out the arrangements,” she said in a sexy giggly voice.

Rob quickly moved to the main room where the other two were already staking their claims to dresser drawers. He hoped his cheeks weren’t as flushed as he felt they might be. For the second time that day, he was embarrassed in the in middle of a sexual fantasy by a sexy lady. His pants were still bulging a bit too, despite his best efforts to think of anything that would drive his sexual thoughts away. He was simply too damn horny to get control over his body. He couldn’t be sure if he was imagining it or if it was real, but he felt certain the girls were exchanging wicked looks.

Joan, who was well aware of Rob’s condition, decided to break the obvious tension. She said that the first thing they need to do was figure out how they could all get showered and changed. They had all been looking forward to a nice shower or hot bath and then a relaxing evening. Rob sheepishly offered to take walk. Denise remarked that they were all adults and said that she thought it would be unfair to make Rob roam the halls for long periods while the ladies bathed. The other women agreed and told Rob that they would be comfortable if he turned a chair away from the dressing area and watched TV or something while they took their turns in the bath. Rob, for his part told them that he was not really the modest type so whatever arrangement worked for them worked for him. The girls almost in unison said that as long as he didn’t walk around with his willy hanging out and turned his back when asked that they would be fine. Rob decided that it was going to be a very interesting few days.

“So who is first in the shower?” Joan asked in what seemed to Rob to be a taunting tone.

“Ladies, first,” Rob replied with a gleam in his eye.

Rob sat on the sofa with his back to the dressing area watching some stupid movie while the women got their showers. He found it difficult concentrating on the movie knowing three very sexy women were in various states of undress only a few feet behind him. As he sat listening to the shower go on and off and the ladies move about the room, talking and giggling, Rob once again fell into fantasy. In his head he heard avcılar anal yapan escort Denise tell him that the three women had decided to get in the Jacuzzi and he was welcome to join them. In his fantasy he of course immediately went to the dressing area.

By the time he got there Joan and Denise were already happily submerged in the bubbling water. Julie was just climbing the tile stairs to join them. Her beautiful round ass was practically screaming for Rob to grab it. She turned as she slid into the water and flashed her perfect breasts for a moment before she too was neck deep in the bubbling tub. The room smelled of lilacs. The girls had put bath oil in the tub. Rob hesitated, standing motionless, not knowing what he should do. His cock was rock hard in his jeans after seeing Julie’s little show.

“Come on peel off those britches! We have all seen cocks before,” one of the girls teased.

Rob quickly stripped and slid into the tub. All three of the ladies giggled at his condition. He stammered something about being sorry, but it was not possible to avoid arousal when three hot babes invite you into their bath. Denise slid over next to him and took a hold of his shaft under the water and told him that was exactly the way they wanted him. Just as he was about to cum in his pants, Rob was startled by Julie calling his name. He quickly came back to reality and realized he had been rubbing his cock through his pants and desperately hoped the girls had not noticed.

“Hey, Rob, showers free!”

Rob acknowledged her, but made no move to get up. He needed a minute to compose himself so he said that he would wait a few if that was ok. He was informed that they would appreciate it if he got in the shower so they could have the room. When Rob turned around he saw the three of them freshly showered with towels wrapped around their bodies.

“Damn, now I know why I miss living in the dorm!” Rob exclaimed “Nothing like sexing gals running around half-naked after a shower to brighten a guys day.”

The ladies all flashed him sexy smiles and told him to get moving so that they could check out the nightlife. Rob awkwardly made his way to the dressing area, hoping he had concealed his condition well enough. When he started to unbutton his shirt, he realized the girls had made no effort to avert their eyes. Though he had half a notion to just strip while they watched he decided against it and made a motion for them to turn around. As soon as they complied he stripped and dashed into the bathroom. Julie called after him to remind him to warn them before coming back in the room.

Rob shaved and showered, then called out for permission to come in the room before wrapping a towel round his waist. The girls asked him to wait another minute. Rob had to run baseball stats through his head to keep from thinking about what was happening in the room. When finally they allowed him access, he was surprised to find the ladies had not finished dressing. Julie, wore a rather shear black slip which hardly concealed her sexy matching bra and panties. Denise, was already in her jean skirt but only had a bra and camisole on top. She sat on the bed rolling her sheer nylon up her long sexy leg. Joan was standing by the dresser in a tight tee-shirt and pair of panties.

“Um sorry, I er thought you said come in,” Rob stammered.

Denise explained that they had decided that it was silly to act like kids and that as long as they were at least as covered-up as they would be at the beach, they were comfortable if he was. Rob wasn’t about to object considering the show he was getting. He went to his suitcase and retrieved a pair of knit boxer briefs. The girls turned for a second so that he could remove his towel and put on the shorts. Rob somehow managed to get through the rest of the dressing process with the ladies without sporting another erection.

Walking through the lobby Rob was feeling very proud to be escorting the three sexy ladies. All three of them had gone out of their way to put on sexy outfits. Joan had added a tight leather skirt to her tight tee shirt. Her sheer nylons ran down her legs into a pair of open-toed spiked heals that screamed come fuck me. Denise’s top was cut low enough that the lacey top of her camisole was exposed and her jean skirt was so short if she bent over her pussy lips would be clearly visible hugging the thin strip of her thong. Julie had chosen a slinky black cocktail dress with a very high hemline and low neckline. The dress clung to her thin waist and accentuated the curves of her ass and her perky tits. Rob noticed several men’s heads turn as they passed by. He even thought he saw one wink and another give him a thumbs up. The idea that he was on a date with three hot ladies and would be sleeping in the same hotel room with them began to give Rob ideas. He still had no illusions that anything serious would come of this night, but he decided to see if the girls would enjoy making it a fake date. Rob moved between Julie and Denise avcılar bdsm escort and slid one arm around each of their waists.

“Hey, you three up for making this evening a real hoot?”

Joan who was feeling left out not having an arm around her waist asked, “What you have in mind?”

Rob began to explain nervously that he had noticed several guys looking at them jealously as if the four of them were a group date. He suggested that as they partied they put on a little show to help foster that idea. He added that he meant just for show to see what kind of reaction they could get. To his surprise the girls eagerly agreed and agreed that it would be a hoot. What Rob didn’t know was the ladies had already had a plan of their own. They had planned to tease and torment Rob a bit. Having seen the physical reaction being in close quarters with them was causing they decided it would be fun to see how much Rob could take. The other two women convinced Julie it would be a fun bachelorette night for her. They had no intention of it going beyond a little innocent flirting and maybe a bit of kissing. Basically, they planned to send him off to the bathroom to take care of himself if it got too intense for him. Joan leaned forward and gave him a big wet kiss while the others caressed his ass, before they stepped into a cab. The dumbfounded look on the doorman’s face as the cab pulled off caused the four of them to double over laughing.

They had decided to try a club the hotel’s front desk recommended. Denise and Joan sat on either side of Rob in the back seat and Julie rode shotgun on the ride to the club. Denise who was excited about the little plan thought a show for the cab driver would be fun and also wanted to see if she could be the first to make Rob’s cock hard. She giggled as she leaned close to Rob and began to trace the lines of his ear with the tip of her tongue. Rob gasped out loud when Joan began to do the same thing with his other ear. This got the driver’s attention just as Denise moved her lips to Rob’s lips and ran her hand up his thigh. Rob eagerly sucked on Denise’s warm wet tongue as she slid it into his mouth, making sure it was obvious to the driver that she was tongue fucking Rob’s mouth. The driver was now watching his rear view mirror as much as he was watching the road

Denise squeezed Rob’s bulge to confirm she had achieved her goal and broke the kiss. Joan turned Rob’s face to her and licked his lips with the tip of her tongue. Rob was in heaven but also was beginning to regret initiating this game. He still had no hope of this resulting in anything other than a quick jerk-off in the shower. Something he knew would be far less than satisfying after a night of teasing with the three hot ladies. The driver’s quick jerking of the car to avoid an accident convinced the three-backseat riders to stop the show. The driver winked at Rob when he accepted the fare. Rob just smiled and told him that the change was his. It was a large tip but Rob figured the driver more than deserved it. After all, they did nearly cause him to destroy his cab.

There was a short line waiting to get into the club. Fortunately, the hotel concierge had given Rob a card to get them in the VIP door. The bouncer looked the card over carefully. He was the largest man Rob could recall seeing that was not a football player. The bouncer was easily six-foot-six and certainly weighed well over 300 pounds. His barrel chest and biceps were enough to convince most any man, drunk or sober to do as he was told. Rob doubted this guy had to use his fists much to keep order. The girls giggled and whispered to each other when the big man checked out the sexy trio. The ladies wondered if the handsome mountain of a man’s equipment matched the rest of his large body. Denise blushed noticeably when she realized she had been caught checking out the bouncer’s obviously large package.

The big man unhooked the velvet rope and winked at Rob as he spoke, “You are a lucky man. Ladies, enjoy the club and if you have a mind to, save a dance for me. My turn inside comes around ten and the boss encourages me to stay visible on the dance floor. I would love to shake it with you hot ladies.”

All three of the women rubbed against the big man as they passed by smiling. Rob grabbed Denise and Joan’s asses, attempting to reassert his dominion over his territory. The bouncer just grinned at him as if to say that they were his if he choose to take them. Joan leaned over and kissed Rob’s cheek and Denise turned and winked at the big man. She had already decided she wanted to she what was in his pants and hoped there was a back room and he got a break that would give her that opportunity.

The group passed through a short dark hall before emerging into what turned out to be the first of many rooms inside the club. This room was an intimate bar with a few tables and no dance floor. It was just a place to grab a drink and a breather. A current popular hip hop tune could be heard coming from one of the other rooms. But in this room the sound was muted and conversation was still possible. There were about 20 people in the room drinking and talking. Except for the multihued neon lights that served as molding along the tops of the walls, the room would have been very relaxing. Rob noticed the flashing of strobes in one doorway and could see an undulating sea of bodies through another.

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