Mayıs 21, 2021

Conference Call

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“Oh good, you’re here. I just dialed in,” Allison said.

“That coffee…”

“From last night, just got here myself.”

“Damn, who scheduled this call so early?” Harry asked, closing the door.

“Half our crew is overseas, so we’re here early,” she replied, shrugging her long dark hair off her shoulders.

“But we aren’t really involved on this project.”

“As soon as we check in we’ll put the phone on mute. Then you take a nap or play on your phone,” she replied.

“Or…” he said, resting his hand on her knee.

“In the conference room?”

“It’s four a.m. who’s gonna come in?”

“You’re right.”

She grabbed his thigh just centimeters from his cock. He gritted his teeth as it started to grow, working under her hand. When the meeting started they heard, “Okay, who’s on the call,” Harry quickly responded, “Harry and Allison in Houston,” immediately hitting the mute button.

As the phone began flashing he Allison to him ignoring the rest of chatter on the speaker. “I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time,” he whispered sliding his hands to cup her ass.

She smiled slyly, “And I’ve been wondering for the longest time why you haven’t.”

As she tilted her head and leaned forward to kiss him he reached up under her bursa escort dress. They kissed while Harry fought the elastic in her pantyhose.

“I want to feel you inside me,” she whispered running her fingers through his light hair.

“What are we whispering for? It’s on mute,” he replied as he slipped a finger into her.

“We need to hear what they are saying don’t we?”

“It’s just a status update, just like last week and the week before,” he said, slipping his hand out of her pantyhose and tuning down the speaker volume. “Besides that chatter was distracting me.”

She smiled wickedly kicking off her shoes and pulling down her pantyhose. He fumbled with his pants as Allison leaned over the table and hiked up her dress. “Harry,” she said loudly toward the phone, “I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

Stunned, he let his pants fall to the floor. “But what about…”

“There’s lube in my purse.”

“In your purse?” realizing the implication.

She merely shrugged and said, “I know what a waste of time these calls are. The lube’s in the side pocket”

Nearly tripping, he worked his way out of his pants, grabbed her purse and came back with the lube. Spreading some over his cock he went to put it down, but Allison grabbed it squeezed more on bursa escort bayan him. She then grabbed his thick cock working the lube all over it.

“There,” she said, satisfied he was amply coated. Bending back over the table she looked back and asked forcefully, “Harry, are you going to fuck me in the ass?”

He immediately moved behind her, guided his cock between her cheeks and began working the head in.

“Yes, just like that… keep it slow. Oh yeah, there you have it, keep working it in,” Allison directed him. “Yeah deeper now, slowly, but yeah. Now don’t move, let me back on to you.”

Harry arched his back and as his cock eased into her tight opening. After some initial resistance, he now slid easily until…

“Okay Harry, let me relax some. There now,” she groaned.

When he felt her open to him he grabbed her hips and leaned into her. His cock slid in to the hilt as he growled, “There it is, you feel it?”

“Yeah Harry, now give it to me, fuck me.”

Surprised at her wantonness he pulled back and then thrust hard into her.

“Again Harry. Faster,” she moaned.

Quickening his pace, he noticed she had her hands between her legs working her clit. Feeling the pressure building in his balls he tried to hold off for her.

“Harry, escort bursa I’m coming.”

He let himself go, enjoying the sensation of her tight pulsing ass, feeling her cheeks slap against him and finally, arching his back as he came, spurting his cum deep into her ass.

He wrapped his arms around her waist holding tight until his shrinking cock slipped out of her. Looking at the phone he reached out and hit the cancel button, “I guess the call is over.”

“We better get dressed,” Allison said grabbing her pantyhose. “You better get cleaned up.”

He grabbed his pants and headed to the restroom as Allison followed. After a few minutes Harry stepped into the corridor and waited. When Allison appeared he gently grabbed her ass and said, “Hey that was the best conference call ever.”

Allison reached back and slipped her hand over his. After a few moments she moved his hand from her ass and said, “Okay, people will soon be getting into work here.”

Almost immediately they heard a tapping on the glass door at the entrance to their offices. They stepped into the reception area and noticed a man wearing a tool belt. Harry unlocked and opened the door.

“I know I’m real early but was wondering if I could work on the phone.”

“Which phone?”

“Conference room, came to fix the mute button.”

“Mute button?”

“Yeah, flashes like it’s working but the sound just goes through. Where’s it at?”

Harry pointed to the conference room as Allison slumped down onto the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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