Ocak 22, 2021

College Roommates

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I laugh sometimes thinking about how Jacquie and I were such crazy roommates the four years that we were roommates in college. We both went to a relatively small college in the Midwest that is well known for its economic and business undergrad program. We were both very good students and were given the incentives of in state tuition and guaranteed dorm room in the academically separated campus structure. We had much in common including we were both seventeen when we started college as freshman. We were both fairly shelter growing up about boys and sex. We had both confessed about making out and letting boys touch our breasts and our thighs through clothes but both of us were still virgins.

Jacquie was one of the silliest girls I have ever known. She loved to have a good time and loved to laugh about almost anything. She would always light up a room when she came in and everyone knew her. We quickly became fast friends and began to share all our intimate thoughts about boyfriends and feelings about everything. We both went on birth control pills from the school doctor’s office and both found that our periods went away almost completely which was great by us. We had a shower and bathroom in our room but always changed clothes in the bathroom rather than in front of each other.

We frequently combined our clothes when we did laundry as it was ultimately quicker and easier. I noticed that she wore a 34C bra and I wore a 32B. I had always admired her light blond hair and blue eyes. I have deep brown hair and light brown eyes. Both of us weighed around 110lbs and were both around 5’4 inches tall. This allowed us to switch clothes sometimes which none of our friends ever seemed to notice.

It was after a couple months at school that we started a really silly game. One our teachers had timed problems in economics. So we bought a timer to help us practice problems in the allotted time period. The timer was like a pancake with 7 buttons on it. Each of the buttons represented 1 minute, 2 minutes, up to 7 minutes. The timer worked out great and we got very good at managing our time doing test problems. Well one day Jacquie wanted to call her boyfriend to see what time they were going to meet that evening and I was teasing her. She reached over and hit the 1 minute timer and said you have to freeze like a statue for 1 minute I literally froze giggling for one minute as she called her boyfriend and quickly tried to finish the conversation before the timer went off. When it buzzed, I started tickling her toes and she quickly quit the conversation with her boyfriend and hung up. Well that started a whole game of hitting the freeze button with some time period on it casino şirketleri when ever we wanted to be silly. At first it was always just a minute and we did it when we got home as we would race through the door and see who could hit it first. Who ever got to it first would freeze the other in a weird position. It was actually really funny.

Jacquie upped the anti one evening when I was lying on my bed talking to my boyfriend. She hit the 5 minute freeze and started giggling as she came over to the bed. I was lying frozen in our typical game when she reached over and undid the lowest button of my button up shirt. She went over and took a drink of her coke and then came back to me and undid another button on my shirt. She went back to her desk took another drink and then came back and undid another button on my shirt. I only had two buttons left. She made fake kisses making fun of me trying to continue my conversation. She undid one more button leaving only one button left. She went and took another drink and then came back and undid the last button as I stayed frozen. She then gently and slowly pulled my shirt back exposing by bra covered breasts and my hard nipples poking up against the thin material. She went back to her desk and just giggled as the timer went off. I ended my conversation as quick as I could and as I hung up the phone as Jacquie burst out laughing and I could not help but to laugh as well. I told her I could not believe that she had done that and she laughed and said she just could not help herself. I warned her she better look out the next time she was on the phone.

Well as luck would have it, that evening she was in pajamas with a button up top when her boyfriend called. As she sat on the bed I hit the 5 minute stop and her eyes got big. She continued to try to talk with him as I rolled my chair over right in front of her. I started to unbutton her shirt from the bottom the same as she had done to me. When I got to the last two buttons I suddenly realized she did not have a bra on. I paused for a minute before I slowed undid the other two and let her shirt just drape over her breasts. I could see much of her cleavage but the shirt covered her nipples. I rolled back to my desk and admired my handy work for a minute or so before the timer went off. She pulled her shirt back together and began to giggle before she got off the phone. Her boyfriend asked why she was laughing and she just said I was being silly.

We both laughed again at our new found game. Well over the next month we slowly moved to not only shirt buttons, but if frozen standing we would unbutton the shorts and pull them down to the ankles. Jacquie was first to casino firmaları completely expose my breasts when I was laying on my bed in PJs. At first she left the shirt just unbuttoned, but with 1 minute left she came back and pushed the shirt aside exposing my breasts. She complimented my breasts that night and told me how beautiful my body was. I exposed her breasts a night or two later.

Then one night when my breasts were exposed she placed a shot glass over each nipple being silly. Then we moved to taking lipstick and gently painting the nipples of the other person every once in a while. This all seems so silly now but it was a fun diversion away from the stress of school. Jacquie was first to pull my panties halfway down and exposed the top part of my bush. She seemed fascinated by my brown pussy hair. A few nights later and I pulled her panties down and exposed the very light blond hair on her pussy. It was very thin and light compared to me. Well it was not long before panties were being pulled completely off. Both of us looked at each other bodies with much fascination. We could both see a little of each other pussy lips. Jacquie was first to gently touch my nipples and then my breasts. Her soft hands felt great. I soon returned the physical contact. Then one time close to Thanksgiving, Jacquie took her hand and put it on my thigh, pulled my right leg outward exposing my pussy. I fully trusted her now and let her do it a little at first and then more. She then moved around the bed and did the other leg so my knees were spread fairly wide apart. Jacquie shyly told me that I had such a beautiful body. That same night I did the same to her and it was the first time I had seen another girl up close like that. Her labia were light pink and swollen. As I spread her legs her labia opened up exposing her pussy and the wetness of her vagina. Girl’s bodies really are beautiful, I remember thinking. We continued to giggle and play this silly game. I remember the first time she took a finger and moved it around in the moisture of my vagina. She was so timid, like she expected me to freak out but for some reason it felt good and natural with her doing it. I was rapidly becoming excited as she bumped into my clitoris.

A couple of days later I touched her vagina for the first time and it was an awesome experience. It was fun to touch a pussy and really get to see it as you touched it unlike when I masturbated. Just after Spring Break, I remember Jacquie touching my labia making a little circle and I was becoming wetter and wetter. I felt a climax coming and suddenly panicked right before feeling the rush of an orgasm take over my body. She noticed my breathing güvenilir casino and tightening muscles. I collapsed and then Jacquie giggled and asked if she did what she thought she had. I just said yes and she said that is so cool giggling and gave me a hug even though I was naked. Later that night, Jacquie was doing things to annoying me, so I got up and trigger the freeze button. I touched her vagina in the same circle motion and she soon spread her legs wide and I accidentally slipped the tip of my finger into her vagina. She exploded into an intense orgasm. When she caught her breath, she made the comment that it felt so much stronger than when she touched herself. That was the first time I knew for sure she masturbated.

Soon after that Jacquie started taking the tip of her finger and moving it just ever so slightly in and out of me which always brought me to orgasm quickly and I began to do the same to her. Jacquie also liked to tease me by running her finger through my pubic hair and over my outer vaginal lips. By the end of our freshman year we had learned that after the first orgasm we could just slow down and keep moving the tip of ones finger in and out as a second orgasm would come even stronger than the first one.

Well I have to confess that this continued into our sophomore year and progressed to where we would kiss each others nipples. The beginning of our junior year we both lost our virginity within a couple weeks of each other but did not know it until a couple months later. Middle of our junior year Jacquie told me one evening that Thomas had kissed her vagina and made her orgasm. She said it felt unbelievable. That night she told me to cover my face with a pillow. She spread my legs and touched me with her finger as usual, but then she paused and suddenly I felt her place warm kisses right on my vagina. I did not know how to react but it felt so good I wanted to feel her kiss me that way. As her tongue ran over my labia and clitoris I came very strong. She kissed around my thighs and then kissed my vagina again making me come again. She moved to my side and pulled the pillow away. She had this huge grin on her face and said “I knew you would love it”.

We both laughed. Soon I had kissed her vagina and made her come as well, again with the pillow over her face. After a while we got comfortable enough to not cover our faces with the pillow. Eventually Jacquie talked me into having her lie on the bed and for me to put my vagina over her face so she could kiss me that way. It was a favorite of Thomas as well and now I knew why. It opens up the vagina and makes it easy to kiss all the fun parts. Both of us like that position as one of the best. Eventually we even did the 69 position regularly.

We always loved the feeling of a boy’s penis inside of us and have both married great guys and have kids. I guess college is just a great time to experiment with ones sexuality.

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